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  1. VAR against VARdy what a ****ing joke decision
  2. Pep sweet talking Chilwell at the end ?
  3. I used to like Aguero until I realised he was a time wasting ****
  4. Nacho needs to sit down and serious think about another career
  5. It is what it is. After only 10 mins it was clear how the game was going to pan out. I don't think we looked too bad and you have to give credit to Newcastle. Surely people realise that we can't win every game and to want MAGuire, Chilwell and Gray out has to be a joke
  6. Problem is our defence get a high proportion of the possession because the midfield don't have the confidence to go forward. They play it back time after time and it's inevitable that they're going to make mistakes with this constant pressure.
  7. Ghezzal not good enough and doesn't give me the impression he ever will be. Barnes has potential but he's being dropped in at the deep end. Gray is frustrating. Team feels disjointed. Vardy through no fault of his own is isolated and this new style of play is not complementing his style. No, we can't shape our team around 1 man but we're Leicester and that's how we won the league. Adapting out style to a possession type team is not going to work with the players we have. We won't go down but fml it's shambles atm
  8. Everyone out except Schmeichel, Maguire, Barnes, Vardy
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