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  1. Just don't tell @fox92 about the flying lizzards
  2. Spain's obviously worried about Brexit. trying to recoup money from anywhere
  3. Not real ale as such more of a craft beer thing but Tiny Rebel are doing a "Tap takeover" on the 30th of this month at the west end brewery. Hopefully they'll bring their Stay Puft marshmallow porter with them.
  4. So long as you all survive, I'd imagine nothing else would matter
  5. Wonder how much my 15/16 season ticket is worth?
  6. I once had Ketchup on my rice pudding as we had no jam. I strongly advise against it.
  7. Looks more like Jon with no hat to me
  8. Arsenal becoming a very decent cup side.
  9. Has to be offside what a joke
  10. Play offs
  11. Not a big Audioslave/Soungarden fan. But did a tremendous effort for the casino royal theme tune. What a voice RIP
  12. What's more worrying is that I can't remember the Chelsea game
  13. Plus for GSYBE (not Springteeen)
  14. Lance is my hero
  15. What size are you after? Unless you want it stencil like you'd best look into laser etching. Give these a try, they may do a one off