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  1. There was a really interesting documentary on BBC4 a couple of years ago, Not on the i-player though sadly. Jonny Trunk re-released this a few years ago at Gilles Petersons request.
  2. https://www.cymbiosis.com/ Think there's also some bloke from littlethorpe that repairs them also, but have to get back to you on that one.
  3. We were exactly the same under McGhee. This in nothing new
  4. To be fair you'd have struggled to get most music as a record during the mid / late 90's onwards. Don't get me wrong there was still stuff out there, but most shops only supplied cd's and online shopping was near non existent. Get the reissues and enjoy the music don't worry how much they are worth.
  5. You know neither your password or how much you actually havein there, smooth
  6. MF DOOM Goodnight guvnor
  7. He gets criticism because some people can't see past top corner free kicks, one touch killer passes or stupid winks to the camera. Wasn't great today but did his job like everyone else.
  8. You can yes. And how it works is that your wife recieves a notification every other month to say she has won £25, whilst you haven't had a penny since you were given them.
  9. Soundmagics ridiculously cheap at the moment https://soundmagicheadphones.com/collections/black-friday/products/soundmagic-e10c-in-ear-isolating-earphones-with-mic?utm_campaign=20200901-soundmagic-BlackFriday-sale&utm_source=sendy&utm_medium=email
  10. I bought records and tapes from there
  11. It was either Bar Code or Bar Coda. Used to know the lad who owned it, fancied himself far to much.
  12. I know the one he means, it wasn't V14 It was on King St WEAVERS
  13. You may not like The things we do Only idiots Ignore the truth Dog eat dog, Adam and the ants
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