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  1. The list https://leicester.camra.org.uk/data/documents/Leicester-Beer-Festival-2020-Full-Listing_Rev_1.pdf
  2. I'll be there Friday choosing the worst tasting beers ever. Do enjoy the cider section though.
  3. My friend who decided not to renew his season ticket after 20 odd years in the 2014/15 season. he says he regrets nothing
  4. Anyone who thinks the club are going to move a couple of hundred season ticket holders to accommodate you are going to be very disappointed .
  5. Can anyone tell me how long the FA cup tickets have been on sale, and how many we have sold?
  6. And Nirwich game moved to friday if we don't make it
  7. Not if we make the league cup final it wont.
  8. Calvors in Suffolk do a lovely Dunkel.
  9. They used to have a woman at highbury near the microphone that used to scream every time the opposition got the ball. think they either moved the mic or her towards the end.
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