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  1. Simoken

    Adam Lallana

    Its a yes from me! a brilliant squad player, experienced, skillful and coming from a PL win he must have bags of energy and confidence working in a winning environment. Brendan knows him and how he would like him to fit into the current squad, Not much coaching needed. Lastly hes on a free transfer ffs.. How can anyone complain!!! k thanks
  2. We should accept the point i reckon, against a very confident and difficult team atm. Shows the big6 what we are capable of and it further establishes us as a threat to the league. A vital +1 point and our goal difference is miles ahead, could mean loads at the end.
  3. I ****ing hate that quote 'MUST WIN' Every game is a must win!!!!
  4. Love seeing BR giving them a shouting at!!!
  5. No way to blame BR, the playere are gutless.. wow handball!!
  6. I hope we get a win tonight! if you gonna take any positives, we could of scored 3 goals in the first 20 minutes in the last game, sadly we couldn't get it in the net.
  7. The fact is Perez has under-performed and Nacho is currently 2nd best with Vardy... thats why.
  8. The same team that beat Liverpool 3-0 the only game Liverpool lost this season and are PL champions.... ........
  9. This screams 'familiar' Ranieri transfer of a certain Defender called Wogue...
  10. We are a bunch of fickle willy pullers, lets be honest here.
  11. Utter rubbish. sparked from speculation and no facts, you make me wanna throw up with this blueprint b.s I think we can all (except you obviously) can quite understand why confidence and belief is off this time. Look whats happening in the world and we almost beat a team 1-0 the other day don't forget..
  12. This is the premier league, the hardest league in the world. We are in 3rd position currently and have had 2 decent cup runs. We have just come out of a pandemic where football was postponed for months, we dont know what these players have lost in that time so keep an open mind in that regard. We have only had 3 games without a decent result and a majority is already coming out with the blame game and stupid pointless shit about Ben Chilwell smiling after a cup game. Maybe he smiled because he hasn't seen his friend for a long time or maybe he needed cheering up because he lost (you don't know!) This is a local lad and breaths LCFC his whole life, give him a break. We assume and speculate over a reaction and let the media tell you how it happened. Why do you always take the bait. Yes we are disappointing and playing poorly compared to previous months but thats football nothing goes perfectly all season, just got to accept the current situ and hope we get CL football next season. Trust in BR
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