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  1. Clearly so you don't so have much so going on so in life.. to correct my so mistakes...
  2. I still think theirs life in this deal yet tbh. Eriksen is in desperate need of a career boost, he aint scored in 14 games for inter so if he is in it for the sport (i hope) and not the money then taking a 50% cut temporarily for half a season to get his career back on track in a loan deal in the PL will be very good for him, going forward if he performs. LCFC is hot right now its a no brainer.. unfortunately agents swan over like fly's on shit soo hmmm well see!
  3. Do people forget that hes currently playing in a league compared to lower end Championship/League 1.. lets wait to see how he does in PL first cause Benkovic is a good example of not being able to produce the same level performance.
  4. 100% much worse considering the price tag.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJo166zAA6v/?igshid=ulu7d6czp3dp
  6. You say that but if he was linked to LCFC next summer ud be eating up those words and licking up his sweating ballsack. end of.
  7. Ice Skating Tortoise Slayer
  8. I think Mattys biggest strength is his intelligence of the game, i can see him being a coach/manager in the future. BR has mentioned this before, when Kolo leaves i can see him stepping up.
  9. I don't see any reason for BR to leave LCFC in the near future. - We have a worlds best training facility - We have quality/talent and ambition he is after - He can nurture young talents and coach which he loves to do - Club is run exactly how he likes it, no complications - Hes the 3rd highest paid PL manager (£10m) - club can afford to pay him more. -The challenge to compete for top 4 without the £££ is the type of challenge BR relishes in tune with his coaching style, its perfect for him. the list can go on. and im sorry but this so called
  10. Simoken


    .. he doesn't provide much and we have two similar players much better than him at it.
  11. Why.. its the only interesting thread about atm.
  12. his recent comments on lcfc.
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