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  1. That presented City with an opportunity to bring the Belgium international to the King Power Stadium and Tielemans is relishing the challenge to prove he can be a hit in England. “Yes, why not? We will see in the summer,” said Tielemans when asked if he was up for staying in England. “I think for me now the most important thing is to keep on playing. I missed only a couple of games in the first part of the season, but I want to play and I am not a guy who will go to a big club and sit on the bench.
  2. You are still having a laugh.
  3. our worst player????! you are having a laugh. Inheanacho/Okazaki have been useless all season.
  4. Simoken

    Maguire to hand in a transfer request ?

    After seeing this vitally accurate chart on our Puelin/Out fans.. im not too sure a majority do know best :/ About the "Puel in/Puel out" crowds : - Best manager in the world - One of the best manager in the world - Very good manager, one of the best we can get <- My opinion - Decent manager, doing ok given the context <- Average opinion of the "Puel in" people - Average manager - Bad manager - Terrible manager, sack him immediately <- Average opinion of the "Puel out " crowd - Tony Pullis
  5. Simoken

    Vardy - 100 club.

  6. I noticed many are quite surprised or ready to judge his actions for not starting JV. Yes hes our main striker but we really do need to find a solution/planB for when the time comes when he retires and try a diffierent approach to attack. I cant really give Gray a bad mark on Sunday, he had a few solid chances and getting into positions to perform, On a different day he could of scored two. Considering hes a winger i was quite impressed with his adaption to being a striker, with all the pressure on his shoulders too. I admire his workrate and confidence in being the lone striker, good on him! I did also love JV egging him on and giving him praise for that turn and shot in the game. Tells me JV is playing for the team and will help in any way and not ' how the media put it' going against the manager and them having a mass arguement/disagreement, i think its all fabricated bs cause i didnt see any of that on Sunday, only a professional doing his job. Yes its taking 16 months but he told us!! that this will be a long transitioning 'pain phase' to change the style of play and yesterday, we got a true glimpse of what hes been aiming for and im truly excited! Careful what you wish for because id be very sad to se him sacked after all the work hes put in and finally we are seeing something he spoke of wanting. Every team has a bad run a season and this is ours. #Puelin
  7. Simoken

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Hes unbelievably good considering his age + how he took his PL debut like hes been at it for years.. His vision for a pass and and learning how his team mates play is quite remarkable in such a short space of time. Shows how average Mendy is.. im afraid.
  8. Simoken

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Ultimately it is the players choice, and LCFC has the money if hes deemed worth it. It felt he was really enjoying himself lastnight and fit into perfectly. Fingers crossed, but ultimately we have the upper hand.. Silva swap or if not, hes within the club and they have face to face discussions rather than agent to club conversations to make things difficult.
  9. Simoken

    Barnes coming back

    I think these mistakes will be a blessing in disguise, Hes highly intelligent and i love the positions he gets himself into for a cutthroat pass. the potential is massive aslong as the fans do NOT boo him or crush his confidence. ffs
  10. Simoken

    James Maddison Confirmed

    I put myself through it because of my general love towards the club and i will defend it if i feel someone is wrong or being negative. Its not keeping me up at night, i enjoy a debate.
  11. Simoken

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Im generalizing the entire fanbase and my comments were not just on the maddison case but numerous subjects and if you read my comment correctly you would of realised that. Interesting that you think i have a mental health issue with the internet and this forum, great observational skills by the way.. The last comment well.. im just going to ignore you said that.
  12. Simoken

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Yes but they are 'legitimate' reasons for fans to blow about, Chelsea should be fighting for the PL and they are not... fans should expect nothing less. Spurs not winning a cup again fans should be moaning about that... and comparing that to us.. which is rather embarrasing, we complain we aint in the top 6 (we are midtable fodder) / We complain about Puel whos kept us safe and a near 7 spot place / We complain about Maddison whos had his first ever PL season and write him off for a few bad spells.. I can hardly feel that these are legitimate enough to bitch and moan about. so i will repeat myself.. we have the worst fanbase.
  13. Simoken

    James Maddison Confirmed

    I hate this forum.. seriously. I scout other team forums for a quick read and i swear compared we have got to be the worst fanbase full of bitching and moaning. The stupidity of comments on here is beyond laughable.