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  1. Im signing out, see you in April!!
  2. only one clear winner, SOYUNCU!!!
  3. I cannot believe the negativity over a promising statement from Rodgers and the club, wanting to invest in new players over the summer, bare in mind Congerton had little money to invest in his previous spells so lets give him a chance with money/new recruitment team on his hands at LCFC. k thanks #idiots
  4. How Reina replaced that absolute beast of a goalkeeper who saved some worldys from us in the cup....
  5. The club have made great investment for the future, dont worry. If you were to see no infrastructure/facilitiy/recruitments/on-field improvements and a slopping revenue then thats a concern but its not. See profit margins to increase in the next years. #lookinggood
  6. Can we please lock this thread till something official comes out. Im fed up of seeing this at the top of the forum, making me feel theres actually something worth seeing!, and then bitterly disappointed reading crap all.
  7. What a surprise, a fabricated story made from thin air. #media #crooks
  8. Cant say i was impressed with him, He has a face you want to slap. #Getrid
  9. Livarpool Forum has nothing buy high praise for the guy. on a free, its well worth it and could be a real decent personality to have in the changing room with his experience, in CL and the international stage.
  10. This thread should be about fans performance on FT.
  11. Great news!, the guys got a huge engine and great experience for our midfield youngsters.
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