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  1. If i hear this abomination mid-game im going to leave 25 minutes early.
  2. Maybe we should change the thread title ' So many "puel in" calls from fans, so who replaces no one now?
  3. Simoken

    Arsenal away next😳

    People so sold on the idea that we'll get smashed senseless... makes me sad really. Well to make you all feel better, we tend to play well against good teams, dont you think? I dont know why it is, but big stadiums/big teams/big games tend to bring the best out of a players performance, im not sure if its to do with pressure on the big stage and they want to try harder./impress the masses cause a majority watch these games. i dont know, but I think you are going to be surprised with how we respond to this game, Something to prove? lots of motivational reasons to give it an extra 50% more workrate. I can see a close game with plenty of Goals, 2-2. Yes we expect this all the time no matter what game, but its human nature i suppose...
  4. Usually im very pro Puel on here but i think you are right, as much as its great behind the scenes with young talent getting there chances i think for Puel to succeed longterm there has to be consistent performances and clearcut improvement with how they play/gel together. I see exactly what hes trying to do and i really like it, but deepdown its how the players respond and improve towards the 2nd half of the season. Unfortunately if his coaching n philopsphy doesnt inject quick enough then i cant say hes right for our players to take them forward. He has set some real impressive foundations and if he does go soon rather than later, he wont be forgotten! and will remain a success in my eyes.
  5. please tell me thats sarcasm...
  6. Maddison? hasnt improved the team........
  7. Simoken

    Nathaniel Clyne - Reported January target

    Yeah but we have 'sports science' that can heal bones. all will be fine!!! everyone talks about it like its some big thing so dont worry.
  8. Simoken

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    FT comment of the day awards must go to you.
  9. Simoken

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    i met someone too, that im clearly making up and that we are planning an arch in the shape of a vagina.
  10. Current 7th in the goals scored tally with 14, while struggling with the change of direction at times, Yes its not perfect right now and we seem so inconsistent and 'reveled'. To me this shows 'fight' and trying to work this new format the manager has implemented. I admire hardwork and change and hes made more ambitious moves at the club than any manager for a long time and risking his own neck by giving the youngsters a crack at 1st team football. Respect the man. You are blind morelike. See the bigger picture behind the results and performances. You need to fail first before you can see how to succeed it.
  11. Simoken

    Arsenal away next😳

    If it ends up being 5-2 im leaving 25 min early.
  12. Im sorry to say this but your personal observation is unbelievable, not in the good sort of unbelievable either... You dont like the guy but dont come up with any solid reason to where it becomes any problem to the football. Why is his football crap?
  13. Simoken

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    Cant please anyone nowadays..
  14. Simoken

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    I hope we win just to keep the Puel-out brigade at bay for another week.