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  1. Best post of the month award certainly goes to you.
  2. Why is it always LCFC players!! being eyed up, Jesus christ. They cant beat there competition on the pitch theyl just buy the competition instead.
  3. Yes, i also think its a stepping stone for him with his track record but ultimately, he loves to coach young and hungry potentials and right now, LCFC is the best club in the world for that. I can see him full-filling his contract unless something bad happens.
  4. I will flog you in a minute.. harsh bastard.
  5. Absolute auto afterlife ban.
  6. Thankyou for that percentage insight. so useful.......
  7. Please someone remove this thread.. i feel sick to the stomach.
  8. I'm quite sure, when we were going through a difficult phase with Puel, people were complaining that they are smiling and enjoying themselves too much.. fickle creatures i swear.
  9. You clearly underestimate SUTD... wake up
  10. Reading plenty of harsh criticism towards Perez, Yes these past two games have been lack luster and not showing any promise as of yet... But Hes still new to the team and mechanics and to compete with a long standing Vardy is a extreme tough ask this early.. I say give him till half the season before making a solid opinion.
  11. wow.... I wasn't expecting captain doom and gloom to arrive just yet but... **** me people need to lighten up. I guarantee a #rogersout comment will appear if we lose or draw come Sunday. fml
  12. I think you are being way overly critical. I don't think they are completely up-to the appropriate fitness levels just yet, hence Chillwell lacking energy you say. The first game is always a strange one for all teams since its the first real high paced 90min and not as relaxed and reserved in pre-season games. I would take the first game as a signal for whats to come. I'm going to ignore the mistakes or weaknesses at this stage on this for now and concentrate what we did well and improve for the next game away at Chelsea. If you are following the players on Instagram, they give a very honest opinion about their own performances, Perez seemed very honest as-well as Vardy so they realise the game plan didn't work and the performances were not the best. I think patience is need for the next for games. we continue..
  13. Just watched a youtube vid on him.... holy fck how the hell did lee congerton get him for 18m!! At his prime age. He screams maddison-esk. Going to make a killing on him. Fingers crossed he adapts to the PL.
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