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  1. Im no way a miserable negative nancy im very positive and optimisitic usually on here but i just think we have blew it. Last weeks performance to me i think will set up the remaining season for us and missing out on a final if we lose to an average Southampton will just be the last kick in the nuts. Truth is when pressure mounts on the top teams to finish in top4, they pull out performances it happened last season with Man Utd and i can see the same happening with Chelsea/Liverpool. I can see the table finishing like this. K thanks 1 -Man City 2 - Man Utd 3 - Liverpool
  2. Always looking towards the doom n gloom and easily manipulated by the bs of the media. Put this depressong perspective into the eyes of the LCFC directors, do you really think they are scouting a replacement?! after having two great years under BR and i still dont see why he would jump ship, all because the Celtic story was blown out of context he has this mark on him as a selfish minded individual so the media capitalise on this for a story when they ' feel' a big6 club 'could' sack a manager. Same shit happened with Arsenal. Fickle minded fanbase of LCFC at its finest
  3. His biggest trait that BR likes in a player is versatility. Guarantee he has a future here.
  4. Let all chill till we get an ';official' announcement ffs.
  5. I love him, its weird because when he was manager of Liverpool i always said that id love him if he managed LCFC one day and i said the same thing with Jonny Evans when he was at West Brom, so weird that my wishes have come true haha. So.. who should i wish for next!?!?
  6. Giving them way too much respect, midfield is shocking.
  7. Need to be quicker on the front foot, Liverpool fall back so fast.
  8. Give the man a break, its his first season. The problem i believe is Perez atm, Hes had plenty more experience in the PL and hasn't provided anything...
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