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  1. “I’d like to begin by giving our thanks to Brendan Rodgers and Jon Rudkin at Leicester City for making Andy’s loan possible. They’ve gone out of their way to help a player who has done brilliantly for them, which says a lot both about their Club and the player. Tells you a lot about player respect from those above. arnt we lucky
  2. A disaster waiting to happen this, comparing him to Vardy.. never ends well with our fans when performances and expectation fails to satisfy after his first 3 games.. 'Lets forget about replacing Vardy with a vardy-esk player, (HEECHANHWANG) because its impossible' Vardy is unique.
  3. Chilwell wtf is going on with him recently.
  4. Tielemans dropped, a bold move considering his form is dropping, lets hope he uses this as a sign to push on and improve. Praet must be pleased and happy t be given his chance to start.
  5. Lastnight, was the worst performance from YT. He frustrated me so much and was a mile off with regards to tracking the ball and being aggressive, I would of taken him off instead of Praet, thought that was the wrong decision from BR. I have been harsh on Perez recently but holy cow he played some brilliant football last-night, really impressed and i hope hes finally found his feet in that new position. Back to YT though, something is going on and fitness concerns seems to show with the weight hes put. (neck) o_o. It happens hes human so confidence can drop off, just like Iheanacho. Best be patient with the lad, he knows himself that he can do better, his reactions to some shots at goal is enough for me to see that he cares. BTW Maddison clapping at the fans when he takes corners, love it.
  6. What in the lord did i just read... Great tactics that, really benefits our possession based style. #overthemoon #thefuture
  7. I cant quite identify what else this guy brings to the strike force.. 30m... eh
  8. hmmmmmm, I cant really criticise him on this one tbh or feel disrespected... Hes putting himself in Lingards shoes and thinking, would i be happy to go from Man Utd > LCFC? If you were a boyhood Man Utd player with dreams of finishing with the big '6' and then told at 27 (prime age) to move on and not the likes of PSG/JUVE/RM/MC/ARS then in his mind set yes he would think less of LCFC. In my own opinion hes wrong and feel LCFC is on the verge of breaking into it, but i do understood his points.
  9. Shadow of a player, lured by fame and money. shambles #worldsmostexpensiveplayer
  10. Chelsea joined in Chilwell chase, Spurs ready £30m bid - Latest Premier League transfer rumours...
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