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  1. Im loving the Maguire thread thats trying hard to convince themselves that £80m was money well spent..
  2. I'd say Leicester did something... the game was quite fair, no controversial decisions. And City were nowhere near good enough to win the game. They conceded 5 for ****s sake. What's the opposite of hitting the nail on the head? Caressing the screw on the dick? best comment. hahgaiuYSUJAUJhHhHhHHAHAHAHAHA
  3. What a joke our fans have become. a few bad results and well be back to #BROUT. we moan about that theirs no loyalty in players / managers..need to look at ourselves i think
  4. desperate stalker fans going strong here... jesus
  5. solid as a CB and the spot he should of been playing since day 1 at LCFC
  6. Took a little while but the formation is working.
  7. ****sake justin, how much time and space did you have with that cross ffs.
  8. If he thinks he will get a start at Spurs every-week... goodluck haha
  9. This has to be the least exciting transfer gossip news in history... Zzzzz
  10. Look at the new LCFC instagram post on Maddison and keep and eye on Gray.. his movement is dreadful. Ball watching rather than getting into the best possible position for a madders cross. His awareness off the ball is just not good enough at this level. Inheanacho btw is looking into the box for a run at the right moment, complete polar opposite.
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