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  1. LOL!!!!!!! I can get you some counseling booked in if you want.
  2. Mooy?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? whats with us link pinching relegation fodder.
  3. NO CHANCE. lets just stick to realistic Transfers like Newcastles Rondon
  4. Brave.. very brave. The anti-Puel trumpet brigade may pounce on you for saying that
  5. We compare our sports 'science' to a Holy Grail that can heal anyone prone to injury.
  6. Yeah... hes an injury prone glass statue but he is such a class footballer. Be hard to not turn him down and if hes not been injured this season, Worth a season long loan deal at least.
  7. consistent top6 caliber? too much of a big step? wait until LCFC have cemented top6 for the next 3 seasons then you will have a point..
  8. Stop shrouding him with past achievements and look at him today.
  9. I think King is an absolute legend and should be considered as a footballer all young stars should look up to considering how loyal he is, which is a rarity nowadays. But... He is ****ing sh!t end of really. We move on.
  10. Simoken


    my only feeling glimmer of hope was his debut goal. He was so pumped for it, I thought this could be the next big thing.. Oh how i was wrong!!! never again will believe an ice skater could convert into a pro footballer.
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