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  1. Has there ever been a better player at staying onside than Vardy? It's incredible
  2. I’m sorry but a precedent has been set where we need to see the lines on any offside check that close. Makes it seem like one wasn’t done. I’m sure that happens all the time. Like something in the box happens and the commentator will say “VAR will be checking that”... not necessarily. They need to announce any plays that they are checking officially.
  3. Wait. How is dier eligible to play??? that is staggering. Would’ve figured he’d be suspended indefinitely
  4. It’s annoyingly because the ball still goes in if sigurdsson isn’t there. At the same time I can see why it’s ruled out. He should have just buried his chance 10 seconds earlier
  5. Mourinho talking to the kids is hilarious and awesome
  6. Absolutely no problem with the VAR call as it wasn’t really that tight in relative terms. Offside is offside. What I hate is the overrule where you can’t really tell. I thought that was pretty clear
  7. I'm having hard time finding stream if somebody has anything. thanks!
  8. 3 points gained on Spurs + Wolves, 2 on Chelsea. Let's go Gunners!
  9. Ref has been good. Not falling for the dives or crowd
  10. That’s also true. Hi frame rate cameras both pitch level and elevated either side of the field - both stationary and moving on tracks. Do that properly and you could actually do it to that degree in theory
  11. If you gave that still image to 10 educated football fans - hell, 10 premier league linesman - and asked them to draw lines to mark attacker and defender, there would be 10 variations. That’s the problem.
  12. I’m fine with offsides is offsides no matter by how much. The problem is when you are dealing with thin margins, there are way too many variables as far as what we are presented with on TV. Mainly: - variance in where where the lines are marked on both attacker and defender. when they showed the freeze frame of the decision on that goal the image was literally pixelated and blurry. How can lines be accurately marked? when they draw the lines on the “armpit” (shoulder) how in the world do they determine where the shoulder begins on an off angle pixelated image? - thickness of the line. Like - it’s way too thick.
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