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  1. Everybody really wants Chelsea to win this? It would mean one more game for them, after the season is over - its not like it would add to “fixture congestion” as far as I can tell? I do know them winning dramatically increases the chance 4th place isn’t good enough for CL.
  2. I've never ever thought this watching a game before, but #2 for Burnley may be compromised.
  3. a) There is a difference between protesting and getting a game called off by breaking into a ground. And I stress, I’m not clutching my pearls over what they did. Fair play. But you have to be ready and willing to accept some consequences. b) sure deduct them points for the Super League too. Should happen. Won’t. People want to talk about setting precedent. Seems to be a pretty shitty precedent to set that within a space of a week a clubs owners can try to ruin the sport and their fans can get a game canceled and nothing happens. super league - “you can’t punish fans for s
  4. Even if you agree with the methods the Man United fans took - which to be fair seems to be the consensus - I don’t see how fans purposefully and successfully taking action that gets a game called off can go unpunished. I mean - isn’t this exactly what point deductions are for? I’m more than happy to be corrected.
  5. You can’t deduct points for something the fans had nothing to do w... oh wait hell of a weekend for a social media blackout
  6. Fans on the pitch - doubt the game happens today
  7. I’m usually on top of this - but, are we really that bothered about this Chelsea game? Besides obv wanting to finish as high as possible, It doesn’t matter too much if they overtake us in the league as far as CL goes and the doomsday scenario - its the rest of the chasing pack. In fact to go 4D chess - you could make argument it suits us for them to do well in the league until our game against them because if they are guaranteed top 4 at that point we may have a better chance to beat them ourselves - resting players etc - would CL final be before or after our game with them?
  8. So why is he on the bench?
  9. A bit intimidated to take on the great Ric Flair, but I strongly disagree with that. Imagine getting to the end of the season, having gotten past the line of CL - an incredible achievement for the club with our fixtures and injuries this year, knowing that our pull for new players will be greater, our ability to keep our important players is greater, and we'll have tens of millions of dollars to play with, oh and maybe with an FA Cup title in hand - and thinking "I'm alarmed". Anyway about the game - obviously it's disappointing. Any time you don't win you can pick reasons why. H
  10. the dichotomy between your post and your signature made me chuckle - I needed that, thanks
  11. wow - Perez the only reason we got a point for me
  12. If this happens I'll donate $20 to a charity of your choice.
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