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  1. Bats8711

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

    get Darren Moore in
  2. Bats8711

    Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    I can honestly understand those who want him gone - these last couple months have been extremely frustrating on a game to game basis - but I think you have to give him a summer transfer window and offseason to implement his plan.
  3. Bats8711


    Whatever makes people think a drastic decline is imminent, or has even already started, I’m not seeing it.
  4. Bats8711

    Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    ya - I think people are taking it for granted that Puel will stick with Iborra. I'd prefer it, but could easily see James starting.
  5. Bats8711

    West Brom post match thread 4-1

    What did West Brom fans do to piss Vardy off? I love it. if anybody has vid / gif of last years I’d be much obliged
  6. Bats8711

    Stoke (H) Match Thread

    shocking that we haven't made any changes I know I'm late compared to others - but starting to have doubts about Puel
  7. Bats8711

    Stoke (H) Match Thread

    link to the one forward pass? can't recall it
  8. Bats8711

    Stoke (H) Match Thread

    listless? lackluster?
  9. Bats8711

    Stoke (H) Match Thread

    We've gone too far towards possession and lost the directness that has made us difficult to defend when we're on Mahrez has been great (don't know if there's a better first touch in the Premier League) - that's it I don't get James... not blaming him for the first half or anything, but - I really don't get it Gray in the middle is not working
  10. Bats8711

    FFP Champions 5 - 1

    Frustrating... Puel was smart enough to see initial formation wasn't working and switched to 4 at the back. But that resulted in Albrighton at RB which they weren't comfortable with. Even if that's the case, when you're 1-1 at halftime away against maybe the best team on the planet, you don't change things (this is assuming Silva wasn't injured). You can't go into that game expecting a point, but they still manage to make a loss seem particularly crappy even though it was expected. Both because a result was there to be had, and they ended up getting routed anyway due to lots of sloppiness. It's hard to ignore the relatively consistent pattern of falling off a cliff in the 2nd half under Puel - but he deserves time to work out the kinks. If this is still happening this time next season, it'll be a different story. And yes - it's Man City. Still - very frustrating from our end. Because it's not like today is the first time we've seen games play out this way this season. I also have to say, I ****ing love Vardy. He is ALWAYS in it. It would be so easy for him to get pissed at that second half and check out... but he just never quits and never gives off any kind of negative vibes. Giving thumbs up at crappy service in the 91st min down 5-1. ****ing legend. FA Cup or bust
  11. Bats8711

    Westley Nathan Morgan

    Dude CAPTAINED AND PLAYED EVERY MINUTE on a PREMIER LEAGUE WINNING LEICESTER CITY known for its togetherness and defensive strength. Can’t think of a better season by a captain in soccer history.
  12. Bats8711

    Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    42?? How is he not 75+ in this market? I’m trying to come to terms with potentially losing him but I’ll be pretty upset if it’s 42
  13. Mahrez was amazing from the jump. He’s my MOTM even with going off early and even without the goal. Only player making things happen first half. First half was really poor but in retrospect it makes sense with all the changes. Vardy not playing changes everything. If anything it makes the turnaround a good sign - has there been another game since Puel where we played better second half? I do think that the goal changed things. We were looking better after halftime, but not good. Don’t sleep on Albrighton chasing a lost cause to turn a goal kick into a deep throw in. From there we press and they never get the ball out. Wes has been nothing but great the whole year for me. Don’t get the “he’s done” talk. Hope he’s not too long out. Silva was on briefly but he was very noticeable end to end. He’ll score 2 in the cup next weekend.
  14. Bats8711

    Man United Post Match 2-2!!!

    Both goals against were frustrating. First goal - in the minute prior we gave the ball away like 3 times in our own half under no pressure. And an added bonus of being unlucky as Mata's shot found it's way through Maguire & Morgan in front of goal. Second goal - I'm still not convinced it's a foul at all, and there's certainly no danger in the play. Once the free kick is rewarded there was never a doubt. Iborra had his worst game of the year so far. He'll bounce back. Okazaki... what can you say. Guy is an unbelievable player. Moss can go **** himself. another poster said it best - he's so stubborn. he doesn't give a foul, players and fans get upset, he convinces himself he was right, and somehow feels the need to continue the pattern on future decisions because he doesn't want to "give in". I see it all the time with him. Man U - they can generate all the chances they want... they didn't play smart the last 20 minutes. All they need to do is keep possession and make us chase the game, instead they tried to force plays (or just made bad plays) resulting in giveaways. As the game died down I thought they would change, but they never did - even in last 5 minutes. They did a poor job of seeing it through. At the end just about a fair result, considering their missed chances. But- we had missed chances too. That's a game we have the capability to win and is the level we should be striving for.
  15. Bats8711

    Man City League Cup 1-1 - lost 4-3 on pens

    this board's changed a lot in a week