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  1. ugh - that's the only thing they needed to avoid. this'll be 4-2 Man City at the end now.
  2. this is one of those perfect storms of a game being particularly frustrating: - tactics and selection all wrong from the start - immature performance (poster before absolutely spot on) - we weren't focused and it showed - pen against for only goal of game that was both completely unnecessary from player's perspective and softish from ref's (I'd say it's a 50/50 - certainly not a particularly horrible decision). - the opposition was awful (see above) - we had some good chances - you wonder what would have happened had Maddison scored - atkinson sucked (I'm putting this last because blaming refs is a fool's game 100% of the time - but still a fact and a necessary ingredient of any top tier annoying game) If any one of these weren't the case, we come out with a draw at worst. Ricardo was noticeably poor today, which could be partly due to the setup. I actually thought Perez did well when he came on. Maddison was great 2nd half. The first point is the most troublesome - because this isn't the first time. I can deal with a less than poised performance at OT in a big hyped up game. I can deal with a young player making a mistake that everybody knows is going to happen every now and then (still - particularly bad timing for it). I can deal with not taking chances. And the ref seems to go against you sometimes. But the tactics and personnel is completely on us... we beat ourselves. It's so weird when a professional, well regarded manager doesn't see something that seems so obvious - specifically that a 4141 with Tielemans & Maddison central and actual wingers is consistently our best looking setup. I'm very curious to see what happens moving forward.
  3. Anywhere to watch highlights or clips- esp pens? Somebody linked to sky sports highlights but can’t watch where i am.
  4. is there going to be a way to watch highlights (specifically pens)
  5. Yep gotta make a mention that there are those who can take it. Makes me smile.
  6. There’s gotta be more photos of this then just this one right?!? On the video you can see like hundreds stand up. This photo is like a Hubble space telescope shot - maybe 1% of the observable universe. Need more.
  7. So - what exactly did we change at half time?
  8. Tielemans has been the worst player on the pitch - and he’s got competition. Not ideal
  9. Any reddit streams for the 10 games? The one that was linked last week seems to have been banned
  10. was very impressed with wilf considering no pre-season. around 65-70 min he intercepted 4 throw ins in like a 20 second span. barnes needs to start.
  11. Am I the only one who hates the diamond with a passion? I’d rather line up in pretty much any other formation given our players.
  12. Article def said 85+5 from the start. I just looked and the article is still live and still says 85+5. The thing is that kev guy from sky everybody hates then tweeted crediting Percy for breaking 80 (see comments on his tweet where everybody was saying “85 bro”) . So then everybody else said 80. I guess my point is I wouldn’t be surprised if the the “mainstream” media picked up on 80 to somehow downplay the pants downing of Man U. Everybody here seems to trust Percy above all else. He’s either right or wrong... don’t see any new articles or corrections backing it down to 80
  13. No - telegraph article (Friday I think) when it broke clearly says 85 + 5. It’s article that both Percy and telegraph tweeted
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