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  1. Sorry - that was a thoroughly enjoyable game of football and Palace entertained me with their cohesion and determination. They were always the team more likely to score and should have walked away with 3 points. What do Palace (or Burnley, Newcastle, etc) owe any neutral, or crazier yet - opposition fan - as far as their style of play? Palace specifically may be the only team that are in a worse place than us with injuries relatively speaking. They supposed to come out and go 4 2 4 and take it to Utd so you're not "bored" or offended by their "disgusting" football? Lol - what a
  2. He def got us the point tonight - not the first time it's happened. Also I could be imagining things but seemed to have less bridge jump inducing passes today than normal
  3. Maybe the most annoying thing about the game - why are the names and numbers on the back of our white kits not the same royal blue as the rest of the kit?
  4. Those wanting the changes at HT were always going to be disappointed - Brendan just doesn't do that. But it really did feel like he was waiting to go down a goal to do something. His sub decisions are something I have to say is a legit general / ongoing criticism. I don't get waiting so long (even if you start the 2nd half unchanged) and I don't get taking Nacho off. I also wanted Under to come on but I can't be too surprised or disappointed that Albrighton was the choice instead. Mendy instead of Hamza - I can actually see that because it looked like Mendy was gassed the last
  5. Lol what about our history makes people hear "at least 6 weeks" directly after a game and turn that into "at least he'll be back for WBA". I've found out the formula for injury time out conversion: [(Amount of time Brenden says post game) * (Importance of player ^ amount of time played on after being injured)] + (# of times Brenden says "precautionary") * π = Actual time Out
  6. I think we just have to close our eyes and swallow the medicine. Vardy Ndidi Tielemans Evans all need rested. Leaves us with very little options Kasper Ricardo Amartey Soyuncu Castagne Mendy Hamza Under Tavares Albrighton Nacho Yes you could put Thomas in and move Ric back to RW but I'm not really seeing that work very well - I just think from a team perspective we'd be better off with them playing their natural positions. I also think that this as good a game for Under as any. W
  7. Honestly can't believe anybody is writing him off. He's obviously not fit. He was holding his groin from like the 5th minute today. And has been doing it early most games recently, even if people aren't talking about it or picking up on it. It absolutely sucks of course. But he shouldn't be playing.
  8. that’s embarrassing - let alone 2 up in extra time
  9. Not saying it would make a difference in result but it is very odd that they have Ricardo on left and Timmy on right
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