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  1. Sounds like a good way to put a putter thru a TV The pics in this thread make it look smaller than a normal pitch. Specifically I’m looking at the distance from the edge of the 18 yd boxes to the sidelines. Seems like it’s a lot less than normal
  2. This looks sick obviously, but if you are going to have an indoor pitch, why do it at like 80% of full size? Seems weird.
  3. Was that anywhere close to their first 11?
  4. All I have heard for the past 3 years is that it's poor to still have Morgan on the squad. I can't really remember him letting us down any time he's played. I'm sure he's had a mistake here and there, but there are so so many teams that would LOVE to be able to call on players like Albrighton / Fuchs / Morgan to fill in.
  5. somebody asked before - but is this their first 11 or close to it? I'm pretty taken aback by how easy this is for us
  6. this game is a good advert for VAR they had that one chance that went just wide that was offside but not called and would have counted nacho obv red card and barnes right there - not sure I've ever seen a worse offside call to be fair all 3 of those are easily and correctly overturned with VAR
  7. How does Under not play Nacho in there? Yes Nacho could have laid off to Maddison but Under had like 8 seconds to play Nacho in - there was acres of space
  8. I don't know if the square was really there - can't be too mad at him taking that on and the shot quality. Very good save.
  9. that tells you everything you need to know about how ridic that goal was
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