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  1. After 2 tickets if anybody is looking to sell
  2. Praise to our NHS, best in the world.
  3. Not beating 2 of the best teams in Europe? Squads and manager in place for 3+ years. Millions spent on the world's best talent. Us, a manger here for less than a year. Buying talent on potential and balancing the books in accordance to FFP. Some of you need to give your heads a wobble.
  4. Great win for us. It is a squad game after all. Nothing to be ashamed of losing to man City and Liverpool. I really worry for some on here. Embarrassing, petulant and possibly unwell.
  5. If labour do win, surely we have another election in the new year. The thick anti-semites surely did not know what they were voting for.
  6. Unfortunately, it's a sad reflection on British society and our education system that the MP is spot on.
  7. Unsurprisingly, anti-Serb rhetoric has caused some to be livid about the nobel prize in literature being awarded to Mr Handke....
  8. iniesta


    I would happily reverse article 50 if promised these tedious remainer metaphors would stop.
  9. iniesta


    Elaborate with regards to what exactly? Im interested in evidence which suggests that ethnic strife is caused by hard borders and that civilisation has progressed due to fluid borders.
  10. iniesta


    Do you have any evidence to back up these wild claims? Your claim regarding Serbia and the UN is nonsense.
  11. iniesta


    olly robins leaving for goldman sachs, verhofstadt offering bercow a job on the eu commission, clinking wine glasses to the sound of raucous laughter at the idea of years worth of extensions. at what point do remainers realise it's just a gravy train at our expense?
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