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  1. yes joeker, i suppose to some, my views are a bit weird
  2. how dare you assume my gender, bigot
  3. excellent BBC coverage last night the host self-flagilating about being a 'white man', aswell as reminding us that its 'two white men' was really insightful stuff trans, queer and purple hair #2024
  4. the debates are going to be a disaster for sleepy Joe - he is confused and barely coherent
  5. It's a Union Jack. Might as well be a swastika when it comes to "progressives".
  6. vardy will absolutely be playing in to his late 30's - Totti, quagliarella esq...
  7. cedric was decent . may have been abit harsh..
  8. for me, does not even figure in top 3 portugease right backs in the PL
  9. denunciation seems to be a passion for many on here, worrying times ahead
  10. 37m for Semedo makes 80m for maguire seem reasonable.. guy is shocking
  11. Estimated survival rates based on European data.
  12. 3 months Barnier has said "No progress", then in the space of time it took the FT to leak the Trade Bill, you can't move for politicians in the EU talking about Brexit again. Well played the government for bypassing Barnier.
  13. 13/14 transfer window was quiet, following a disappointing end to the previous season...
  14. I will be at Trafalgar Square on Saturday. Disgusted by the deliberate scaremongering and falsified death tolls. Saddened by the cuckish behaviour of many in the UK.
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