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  1. West Ham Away

    after two tickets for this if anybody is selling
  2. East London

    I'm not one to venture north of the river much these days. In my experience thought, can't really go wrong with Old Street/Angel way. If drugged up hipsters and a certain rough around the edges atmosphere is your thing, Bethnal Green and Mile End are not bad at all.
  3. Best holiday beer.

    For a more sophisticated Serbian feast, I prefer a 2 litre plastic bottle of Zaječarsko and Ćevapi.
  4. General Election, June 8th

    More money should be given if it's spent correctly, but it never is. Any talk of reform is shot down by the left. This is a mistake in my opinion. It's broke and needs fixing.
  5. General Election, June 8th

    It needs reform. European health care is far superior to the NHS. Using the NHS as a political tool is a disservice to us all.
  6. General Election, June 8th

    Yep May is terrible, no arguments from me. However, I was addressing the lefts sycophantic attitude towards the NHS. So I am not really sure what you're getting at.
  7. General Election, June 8th

    The lefts obsession with the NHS is an illness. It's like they've nothing else to say...
  8. Terrorist attack in Stockholm

    Nothing to see here, religion of peace IMO
  9. Millwall Away

    After 2 tickets if anybody is selling
  10. Spurs Away 29th October

    Long shot, but has anybody got 2 spares?
  11. #Fearless to #Clueless

    Some of our fans are pathetic
  12. Odds on kante scoring a toe poke against us next season?
  13. Very sad. However to a person of his age, Chelsea are a huge club. Add in an easy journey back to France and the fact that a millionaire lifestyle in London is fantastic, you can't hardly blame the guy. People who think footballers should be loyal forget that a better life may be a bigger priority than staying loyal to LCFC. A great player, but we move on. After all wasn't messy our first choice? This guy might be even better and may be the reason the deal has gone through so quickly. We may not be concerned about the void his departure has left.
  14. have they got any shorts at the store?