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  1. Come Home Nigel

    So you'd want a tactically retarded nutter back as DoF ! ... (So would I).
  2. Appleton says

    Timmy Taylors Landlord .... dats a good point to be sure to be sure ...
  3. Marriage Advice

    1. Are they good in the sack. 2. Are you proud to have them on your arm when you are out. 3. Can they cook and are happy to do it. 4. When the footy is on do they say "Thats ok darling you watch that and I'll do something else". 5. Are they your best friend and you love spending time with them. Mrs CF ... take a bow! ...
  4. Rudkin

    Personally I'd get Pearson back as DOF and be done with it. The guys immense.
  5. Rudkin

    Theres lots of conjecture of course Col ... but isn't that what forums are all about. No one really knows what Rudkin gets up to but from piecing together evidence what can we strongly assume ... 1. There is a problem at the moment that is more than just 'we need a new manager'. 2. Our recruitment has gone from very good to very poor. 3. The players appear to have more influence than they should (Ranieri out Shakey in). 4. Shakey was probably dismissed too early ? ... why ?? .. someone thought he could do the job (FACT .. or they wouldn't have offered him the job) ?? ... why did that person(s) change their mind so quickly when it was patently obvious that he had an incredibly unlucky start ... only towards the end did he really started to mess up and maybe, just maybe, enormous pressure built up and no one gave him any assurances (maybe they could see what was happening and were already sharpening their knives to stab the scapegoat and thus cover their own failings ???). Remember Shakey didn't want DD to be allowed to go and the one new recruit he busted his balls to get on board (having meetings with him and his parents) was Maguire ... he played absolutely no part in the Silva fvck up. Would things have been different with DD and Silva .. of course they fookin would ! I'm not saying that Shakey was the right man but SOMEONE thought he was ! 5. Walsh wanted some recognition/promotion for what he did ... he found that at Everton .. why couldn't he find it here ??? How is Macia coming along ??? Couldn't we call him DOF (Recruitment) and put him on the same level as Rudkin ?? I'd say there was enough there to AT LEAST conclude that there MAY be a problem with the person that has overall control ... imo the owners (BOTH of them) need to spend time here (not in Thailand) and get to the bottom of it ... asap !
  6. Forum upgrade

    Member .. plus ... obvious really ... Me and Wymes have an extra large member ...
  7. Marriage Advice

    Wise words Muzzett ...
  8. Come Home Nigel

    New suit ? ...
  9. Marriage Advice

    Nah ... Jattdoggs pornhub, lotion and tissues was all the advice he needed ....
  10. Come Home Nigel

    I can't wrap my head round the fact that they reemployed him Muzzett ... So never say never. Not for a bit though ... When Shakey and Walshy join him and they sign Kante and DD ... Then ok, bring the lot back.
  11. Come Home Nigel

    New haircut and different trainers perhaps ? ...
  12. A much needed light hearted thread!

    I said give her a bit longer !! ... But no .. Top and his dad very hasty as usual ...
  13. Marriage Advice

    Sound FT marriage advice ... Dear Deidre eat your heart out ...
  14. The Great Universe Debate

    Galaxy, Fruit and nut, Kit Kat, the universe ... They're all the same ...
  15. Marriage Advice

    I dunno .. You look pretty well suited to me ...