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  1. Yep .. I think I’m going to have a problem with this one !! ... mainly cus I think it sounds better the other way round ... although I’ve never really been a fan of those sort of sexual names ... like Justin and Tintin ....
  2. What if they are not wearing any leather or other obviously visible 'animal' products ... but !!! ... the pie manufacturing operator has a wig made of animal hair and he doesn't tell anyone cus he's so embarrassed about it ... so it goes unnoticed !! ... the unsuspecting vegan who eats the pie would be in a very difficult position and would be potentially risking not being allowed into Vegan heaven (similar to our heaven but with absolutely NO animal products of any description) ... Unlikely I'll grant you but nevertheless possible and someone needs to highlight it.
  3. Spot the deliberate error ! ...
  4. Mercury running the 'We've got Justin James' story this morning and also mention we are quietly confident of getting Youri too.
  5. What if the man making the pie is wearing a leather belt ? ......
  6. Wasn't that a old black and white film ?? ...
  7. Sorry just don't see that ... if he doesn't want to leave why can't he just say so ..... quite happy to say Maddison and some of the other younger players should stay at the club .... why not him ? Or does he mean stay here lads and if you get a bit better then come and join me ..
  8. Be nice if he just said "I don't want to leave" ...
  9. Bit harsh on poor Holly ...
  10. They say that the British are world leaders for invention ... and here's the proof !! What a clever chap !! ... not only has he got a fantastic sex toy for the princely sum of £21.46 ... but it also doubles as a hoover !! ... fantastic ! Personally I'd have paid the extra and upgraded to Amanda Holden.
  11. Not if it’s at the 11th hour and we can’t get a replacement ...
  12. Had to watch the remaining 4 episodes in one go last night ..... had to know what happened next ... always a good endorsement for a series and it wasn’t a let down. Never quite know about following series but on your strong recommendation prof we’re giving it a go ! ... P.S. Enjoyed spotting some of the actors too ... the one who played Ashley was a dead ringer for Alun Armstrong .. it was his son ... the main baddie was the star of McMafia ... Pemberton and his wife from Benidorm.. but not married to each other in this one ... the wife of Ashley played a trainee hairdresser in the salon with Audrey in Corro .... and an excellent spot from Mrs CF ... the woman who played the horrible drunken druggy mum of the baddie was Fred Thursdays wife out of Endeavour ...
  13. Perhaps some Cuban heeled football boots will help !! ...
  14. Blimey ... what we bought him for ...
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