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  1. Well done peeps a few good ideas coming ... glad it’s not just turned into a ‘what is your daily routine’ thread .. routine is just one tip to help cope ... although if listing what you do is therapeutic and helps you .. list away !! This thread is more to help people that are really struggling with isolation with ideas from those of us that are easily coping. Another thing I do is regularly ring up people who are on their own or who are struggling .. I’ve got a list .. I’m fairly sure it helps cus some have told me so ! I ring them at least twice a week. If I drop anything off round the village I always make a point of talking (at a distance) to those that seem down for a few minutes... I let them decide when to end the conversation. Pass on newspapers when read, they seem to be full of puzzles and I’ve read somewhere the chance of catching the infection from touching them is infinitesimal. Older people might not know their way round a computer so I’m playing chess over the phone with one old soldier ... although I draw the line at letting him win ! I’m sure you lot have have hundreds of ideas and if someone who is struggling reads it and benefits ... then that’s your good deed for the day completed !
  2. Routine is very important for some .. me included ... but try and vary things at the weekend and do something different ... I’ll be getting up at dawn on Saturday and going out on my own to watch the sun come up and see what wildlife is around at that time .. deer, foxes ... ram raiders
  3. It’s a bit scary how it can affect you but there was an article the other day by J K Rowling that described how a breathing exercise she used helped her to get through it .. and she says, kept her out of hospital ... it’s on YouTube and sounds quite simple .. worth looking at.
  4. I do my exercising about 3 to 3.30 if I can so that when I’m done I can sit down and have a beer as a sort of treat and reward for doing it ...
  5. Cheers Stan ... thanks for that ... I’m thinking more about people that are staying at home .. maybe on their own .. maybe fragile people that are struggling with it and getting very down .. very depressed maybe ... ideas and thoughts to help them ...
  6. Something we’ve never confronted before ... plenty of threads covering it and things it is affecting ... but what about tips .. your personal tips on how to cope and get through it. Things that might just be a good idea and things you want to pass on ... if it helps just one person it’s got to be worth it. Personally I’m trying to keep a routine .. keep fit .. keep smiling... and keep in touch with family and friends. Here’s a quote from a captain of a submarine ... he’s knows a bit about being stuck in one place ...
  7. Do pikeys have licenses ?? ....
  8. As soon as the questions from the press bit comes on during the daily update I have to turn it off .. first question from Laura Cvntsberg of the BBC ... “Do you accept there is a trade off between protecting people’s health and protecting people’s jobs ? ..... “ ... course there is you stupid bint !!!!!
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