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  1. Countryfox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Hmmmm .... maybe I was a bit hasty ...
  2. Leave her out of it !!!
  3. Countryfox

    Questions Thread

    No, you sound very confident Llama ... in which case ... its case closed ! Thanks ...
  4. Countryfox

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    I've got Amazon prime !! .. yipeeeee !!! Several episodes of Vikings here I come !!!! ...
  5. Countryfox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Yep ... I know its an unpopular opinion cus I can't actually find anyone that really agrees with me ... But considering all the rapists, murderers, terrorists, child groomers and assorted other sh1te we allow in ... and then when we find out what they are like can't sling them back out !!! ... she seems like a very very small fish and probably too young to fully know her actions.
  6. Countryfox

    Questions Thread

    Re the cups thing... this argument raged all night in the pub and then carried on into the next day ... money was involved and things got slightly heated ... This was the best answer, I think, but I still think its not absolutely right .. Take 100 goes. Player 1 has a 1 in 4 chance of losing, thats 25 chances of losing on his first pick. (Remember you can only lose on your go not win until there are only 2 left). Player 2 has a 1 in 3 chance of losing, so after 75 goes that 25 chances of losing. The final go is 50 50. So, both players have an equal chance of losing (75) ... so the chances of losing (and therefore winning) are the same if you go first or second. Sounds right but I still think there is something being missed which would very slightly tilt the odds one way or the other ..... @potter3 @The Bear @the fox @Strokes @Carl the Llama @Kopfkino ... thanks for you help so far ...
  7. Offset by the free car he picked up a few seasons ago ...
  8. Countryfox

    Questions Thread

    Yes. So you have a 7 times better chance of winning if you go second ?? ... sounds a bit too high ... especially when Potts says its 50/50 ... sorry still sounds like we haven't got the right answer yet .. but Potts is close ..
  9. Countryfox

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Hope you get 4 or 5 ... No sour grapes of course ...
  10. Countryfox

    Questions Thread

    This debate can’t be resolved ... 4 cups in front of you ... 3 have beans in and 1 doesn’t ... if you pick the empty cup you lose ... 2 players ... if one goes first and if he doesn’t lose the other goes next .. and so on till one loses ... what are the odds of winning if you compare going first to going second ... help !!
  11. Countryfox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    If Miss Begum wants to come back I’d let her .. she was 15 and probably didn’t know her arse from her elbow.
  12. Countryfox

    Also in the news

  13. Countryfox

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    These are our make or break games now ... if we don’t put in some good performances and get a few points on the board things could turn a bit ugly and Clods vision for the future could go straight out the window ... fingers crossed.
  14. Countryfox

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    Tbh the fact we didn’t score from all these chances would suggest we didn’t have the clinical edge he’s on about. It s great having them but at the end of the day you have to put a few away .. some of our misses were pathetic imo ..