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  1. Didn't Evans play for Manure when Vidic was there ... and didn't Evans say that Maguire was the most complete centre back he has ever played alongside ...
  2. True Peaky but what compounds it for us is that we have an excellent keeper but unfortunately his middle name is Flapper ... lack of height in defence and a keeper with the traits of a vampire does make us more susceptible to crosses than most teams. Somebody needs to boss it in our back five.
  3. I know ... thats why i said seriously challenging.
  4. Good points Ric and we could debate it all day as its totally subjective ... I suppose it boils down to what the net difference between the two players would mean in terms of league position. I so want your view to be right but after watching them both play for 90 mins this weekend I still err slightly towards my original thoughts ... and at the end of the day the difference between 4th and 6th is only two places and fine margins. (And I did say lets keep the price out of it as I still think we could have got more, or at least as much, the following season).
  5. Sorry ... who stated ??? Oh ... the man who was tripped ...
  6. Caglar played well and is one of my favourite players. He has a bright and long future with our club and has plenty of room for improvement. But .. on Saturday we saw one of his weaknesses clearly exposed. He struggles to handle a strong aerial threat. This, his long range passing and his leadership qualities are the main difference between him and Maguire. And being good in the air is important for corners at both ends of the pitch. If we had engineered it so that we kept Maguire for one more season (lets not bring the fee into it) then I believe we would be seriously challenging for top 4 and not top 6. (Puts tin hat on and pisses off) ...
  7. It's another day and today i think ... the Clarets goal should have stood ... VAR did show he caught Evans heel ... in isolation a 'foul' maybe ... but it clearly wasn't intentional and therefore was an accidental clash ... furthermore (and I think for VAR to work you have to consider everything) ... I don't think Evans would have stopped the ball going in ... yes thats subjective but to me a very important point and one the ref is there to call.
  8. Explains everything to me ... the ref had obviously been given a right big wedge of cash to send that poor frog off ... me and my mate Sean Dyche both thought it was incredibly harsh ... the frog was clearly just reaching up to scratch his ear. I call FOUL and demand a rematch ! ...
  9. Its our old mate Mossy ! ... yo .. Mossy !!! ....
  10. About 5 minutes ago posted “I wonder when VAR will rear his head” and an mage of the grim reaper ... on the wrong thread ! ...
  11. My feeling is a bit more sneaky than yours ... I reckon the spawny fookers will get a win ...
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