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  1. But what if they are very very small doubts ...
  2. Tbf when I left the bar where I was watching It on holiday it was packed .. prior to that when Leicester was on there was just me and a young foreign boy of about 11 who watched it for 20 minutes before he realised it was the wrong match ... and a sparrow ... mind you I think the sparrow was only there in case I dropped one of my peanuts ...
  3. Do you know how fookin long it’s took me to read that jiggling about in the back of a taxi from the airport .. anyway, if you think England will win it looks like Muzzett is the only one who will be buying me a pint ... 😊
  4. Feel free to join in Taff ....
  5. I’ll take a pint on it Muzzett ... and if you win it’s 6 for you ! .... FREE DRINK FOR CF ! Get in !!
  6. But if resting him now or at least not starting him gets him back to his old form then it’s certainly worth doing .. in Brendan I trust.
  7. Nice try Brucey !! ... don’t be put off though ... why not have another try and go for that old fella that plays up front .. you know the one that looks like old man Steptoe ... give him a bit of a run out before his knees go ...
  8. Apparently ... now that Mr and Mrs Windsor are having to tighten their belts, Harry was seen at a local post office buying a second class stamp so that young Archie has a picture of his great gran to stick on the wall ...
  9. Well done Stripey .. I admire your willpower and you should be proud of that ... cus when it comes to beer, I have none ..
  10. Sounds just like the mini bar in my hotel ... disgusting ! ... where’s the beer !!
  11. What about the money from Charlie boys Cornish pot ??
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