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  1. Come on Nodders ... whatever your politics borderline cvnts are just borderline cvnts ... and they don’t need any excuse to be that.
  2. You can’t beat a pint of Robinsons Trooper ‘Day of the dead’ ale after a days work .. Something to do with the charge of the light brigade and Iron Maiden apparently .. But anyway .. it tastes good !! ..
  3. Not in the least .. can’t stand it ! ..
  4. Just had my pulled pork sarnie with English mustard on .. slow cook the ham joint in Coca Cola (and a few other secret ingredients) for about 4 hours . then rip into shreds .. fookin magic !!!
  5. Was discussing these over breakfast with Mrs CF this morning ... if it wasn’t for Tuskugee I doubt Hilary would have reached the peak tbh ..
  6. Obviously not an age thing so you must have an underlying condition .. is it telling crap jokes ? ...
  7. Found this old picture of me and the dogs .. lovely day .. people used to say I looked a bit like Englebert .. utter rubbish !! .. I was far better looking .. and I could sing !!
  8. Because we have a wealth of riches at FB/WB he is often forgotten ... I was extremely impressed by his displays, his stamina, his football brain belying his years .. and his interaction with Barnes ... what a prospect. Yes ... they've been more than kind ! ...
  9. Because the season is so open probably works against us .. I can’t see us winning it either tbh but if we get Champions league qualification I’ll be over the moon.
  10. That’s tragic ... I know the vaccine takes some time to be effective but wonder if it might help in some way ... just one life saved is a bonus. Keep safe.
  11. Yes he’s made no secret of the fact that he wants to play in Europe whilst he is at his peak. Man U, Citeh, and Liverpool are all being linked ... Spuds were interested in the summer but instead chose Vinicius as back to Kane instead. And there lies the rub ... he might be of interest to the top teams but only as back up ... whilst we all know that JV is the main starter his ability to play in every match is diminishing ... perhaps we could promise Ings at leat 50% of the total matches ... giving him regular football and much needed rest time for JV. Ings has sometimes been called i
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