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  1. Soooooo ... how do we pronounce his name ?? ... (First in !! ... )
  2. Mine is a 2005 plate and was recalled for the same thing ... apparently if it had gone off it could have been fatal ! ... death by airbag .. that’s a new one !
  3. My mate eats a lot of Turkish delight and he says it’s pronounced coggle-eee ... personally though I think we should just call him Dave .. Never had this problem with Hairy Mageer ...
  4. That’s something I noticed ... everyone thinks he’s short .. he’s actually 6’2” ... Very deceptive ...
  5. Yeah, but although you’re no weakling I’ve heard you can’t kick a ball very far Babs ...
  6. Blimey ... this happened quite near to me and has made the nationals (this was in the Telegraph this morning). Drones seem to be used more for bad/illegal purposes than good. If one appears near your house be suspicious and try and work out where it’s come from. Personally I’d grab my shotgun and give it both barrels. This could also go in the cvnts thread ... stealing a support dog ffs !! ... the dog is quite distinctive so keep em peeled ... Lottie is distraught. The local word is caravan dwellers may have had something to do with it ...
  7. Aha !!! ... and there’s the answer .. don’t go to bed in silk pyjamas !!!
  8. https://forvo.com/word/çağlar/ Sound like Char-lar to me ...
  9. Might you by any chance be one of those people that doesn't read all the posts before replying ...
  10. Can't argue with that Pabs and not trying to get the last word in here, but, I think he was ever so slightly disrespectful ... thought he should have put some effort in for the fight as opposed to none ... for many reasons not least to the fans that support him in his own country and to whom he is an idol.
  11. Useless fookin journos ! ....
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