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  1. Whatttt !!! ,,, Surely you're not wrong here Peaky on a grammatical matter !! ... I'm off out for the day but when I get back I want this pudding issue resolved ! High brow stuff ...
  2. Sounds like you're nearly there MC ... another GSD would be good ... one is a force to be reckoned with but two are unstoppable ... and a 'if all else fails' 12 bore under the bed ... sorted.
  3. ... You make me smile Matt !
  4. Have you been to many matches at the KP Matt ?
  5. Never had you down as looking like that ....
  6. Who ?? What ?? ... We're talking about the star of the show here not one of the backing singers!! Go over to the 'Supporting cast' thread if you want to talk about him ...
  7. Quote "I'm looking forward to next season with Leicester" Quote " Shakey has always been there for me at Leicester ... I am happy with him getting the job and hopefully I will get more of an opportunity. " Give the the lad a break ... He just wants to play.
  8. No offers received.
  9. Unfortunately he's the most affected by anything !! If we are good he is good but when things aren't so good and we need to fight he just can't do it. He should have been benched a lot more last season which would have benefitted everyone including him. Weak management imo.
  10. You can say that about anyone ...
  11. Oh dear .... Good start to the day ... Not.
  12. Yep ... I even got that wrong ! ... They are good , like a bloody machine, but I thought we might have done a bit better ... Too many errors ...
  13. Best I can do at the mo .... Wrapped up in it ....
  14. Lets hope you get it completely wrong ...
  15. Thats you out of it then ... this is is going to be closer than you think ....