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  1. Sorry was it top 6 or bottom 6 we were going for ..
  2. Chilwell has had some massive TV commitments this week .. seems to be on all the time ... so obviously not had much time for training. Oh .. and last week he was sh1t .. deserved to be dropped.
  3. I’ve actually heard from a Conservative party ITK that Boris is NOT going to go ahead with a No Deal brexit ... and this week he’s going to shut all the doors at Parliament and, in a very quiet voice tell all the other MP’s ... he will of course ask them not to tell anyone as it will weaken his bargaining position with Europe .. And please ... don’t any of you tell anyone else either !! as we don’t want the secret to get out !!! ...
  4. I like the Rodney Kingston artwork MC ... reminds me of Henderson Cisz ... I had 4 of his when I lived in my previous house. The largest one, which was of New York cabs, was at the top of the stairs and had a small spot on it that brought it to life .. stunning.
  5. Countryfox


    She's really on the mend now and has to have 3 x 35 minute walks on her own, on the lead, every day, to build the muscle up ... 2 more weeks and we should be nearly there ... relief !! You can see she doesn't quite bend the leg in properly yet ...
  6. This reminds me of that programme Embarrassing Bodies ... when someone comes on and tells the doctor about this really horrible big embarrassing 'thing' they have ... and they don't like anyone seeing it ... then they pull their clothes off so that all 6 million of us can have a look ! ...
  7. I'd ride it out Swanny ... unless you urgently need money from it in the near future ...
  8. Human error wasn’t the problem for me ... I’ve played football most of my life and that was never an issue ... the problem for me is blatant cheating ... if VAR stops that and penalises those cheating cvnts then brilliant ! The game has improved..
  9. It’s a goal .. celebrate !! .... VAR ... gives it ... celebrate again !!! Brilliant !! .... VAR doesn’t give it .. other team celebrates !! .... sounds much more fun to me ! ... and eliminates bad decisions and fookin cheating !! ... good by me ! ..
  10. Why ?? ... it wasn’t a goal ... if they got it wrong I could understand the problem ... but they didn’t ?!?
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