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  1. Is Maguire the best signing of the summer so far?

    Well tbh I thought it was meant to be the best signing we had made ...
  2. Is Maguire the best signing of the summer so far?

    Pound for pound i think Neymar might just top that .... .... Bet the accountant at Barcelona had a fookin orgasm !
  3. Game of Thrones - hide spoilers please.

    Wow what another belting episode ! ... is it just me or are they getting better and ramping things up a gear... Well, Jon has 'bent his knee' (albeit whilst he was laying down) and has opened the way to 'get his leg over' ... lucky lad ..
  4. Mahrez to .......................?

    Yep .. or just honour is contract. Who knows mate ...
  5. Mahrez to .......................?

    Couldn't agree more ...
  6. The joke thread

    Eso es tres veces esta broma ha aparecido en las últimas cuatro páginas Si no te conocía mejor, diría que lo estás haciendo a propósito ahora
  7. Bet they have a good few replys when a job vacancy comes up ...
  8. How Was Your Day?

    You're not looking hard enough ... and probably in the wrong places ... city boy !! ...
  9. Wildlife and Gardens Thread

    No Bucey ... and I didn't make the biscuits either ! ...
  10. Dogs

    You can see it in the eyes ... dog one here may be a big boy and rip burglars arms off but look at those eyes ... loving and loyal. Dog two however ... well would you trust her ?? ... she may be 8kgs lighter and a smaller build but boy does she boss him around ... bit through his tail the other day and I only realised when i saw him standing in a pool of blood. Little thug ! .. but we still love her ...
  11. Wildlife and Gardens Thread

    Figs now ready and a bumper crop this year ... sliced on a cheese biscuit, with some goats cheese and a dribble of honey ... yum yum ..
  12. How Was Your Day?

  13. How Was Your Day?

    Postman Pat finds new supply of Puff Balls to replenish our stock whilst walking across the fields to the pub yesterday .. note the rather clever use of his smelly vest to carry them home with ...
  14. Drinkwater

    And if its a magpie, fly off with your watch ... DD's as good as gone !
  15. Brighton Post Match 2-0

    Bladder problem Finners ?