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  1. JamesAnderson

    City v spuds

    After 2 for this, if anyone has any, DM me!
  2. After 2 for Spurs game, let me know if you have any available!
  3. JamesAnderson

    Arsenal Away Sat 11th March 17:30

    Coaches now leaving at 2pm!!
  4. JamesAnderson

    Sunderland & Stoke

    PM'd you
  5. After 2 for Sunderland at home. PM me if you have any please.
  6. JamesAnderson

    Sunderland & Stoke

    After 2 together for Sunderland, PM me if you have any going please.
  7. Still after 2 for this Saturday against Hull? If anybody has some for sale PM me?
  8. Any tickets for hull. After 2 adults or 1 u22 and A adult
  9. JamesAnderson

    Mike Jones (Ref)

    Unfortunately, if you chase after a referee for 20/30 yards you are always going to get booked, you just simply cannot do it. The problem is, refereeing is so inconsisent due to how every perceives the Laws of the game, but I'd imagine every referee that was chased after would give a yellow card in the same situation
  10. JamesAnderson

    Mike Jones (Ref)

    You can't expect a player to chase after a referee shouting at him and not get booked I'm afraid! What example does that set to kids at grassroots level?
  11. JamesAnderson

    Mike Jones (Ref)

    Makes me laugh, whenever we win, lose or draw there always seems to be a problem with a referee. At the end of the day, these guys are all humans and as humans we all make mistakes. I am sure you all go into work and make mistakes, you just don't have the disadvantage of having TV camera's everywhere to show you that you had made a mistake. Yes I am a Leicester fan and was rightly aggrieved by the handball on Wednesday night, however calling someone a cheat/c*nt because he's made a mistake is totally unacceptable. It'd be nice to know how many of you have actually go onto the referee course and passed it yourself, and are now actively refereeing at some sort of level
  12. After 3 references for tickets for the derby match @ home if anyone can help. Thanks
  13. JamesAnderson

    Southampton AWAY Pre Match

    Pubs that away fans are going too??