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  1. Fair play for getting this deal done he’s quality no wonder they were pushing for him. Strong, calm, fast, and can pick a pass out looking forward to seeing him in a back 3.
  2. Since he got sent off for us then England he’s never been the same his tackling was good before that. Looks like he thinks about it too much, even if he takes him out for the goal it’s only a yellow though. Bad from him really.
  3. Not looking forward to this one for the first time in a while villa look a decent side. Can’t see Maddison starting if he’s fit. Be nice to get all 3 points though 👌🏻
  4. Any clubs struggling for money will say yes like I would and most others. Personally this can’t happen it will be terrible for football why can’t they ask for a donation off the prem clubs and drip feed the lower club that? The massive issue here is what there putting forward is we don’t want the top 6 controlling anything and what happens when the 250m runs out?
  5. Not good enough needs to be sold
  6. I don’t think they give up it’s simply there’s not fans there to support them, they feed off the crowd massively. They’ll be some strange results this season anything could happen.
  7. Never liked him since he kicked a ball for us. Technically he’s good but gets caught in possession nearly ever time. How he cost 30m I bet Newcastle couldn’t believe it!
  8. I don’t think he’d ever go back and the only way he would be tempted anyway would be if Kane and a few others were injured. It a shame he’s getting old because for me he’s getting better his all round game is brilliant he’s turned in to a proper player. England mistake not playing him more.
  9. Over the course of the season I’d say top 8 it’s going to be a strange season without fans and some results won’t be what we think they’ll be. Get everyone fit be nice to get European football again.
  10. Holy shit it’s a great feeling to beat one of the best teams 😎
  11. Be struggling to show up we can’t even get in the ground and him going on strike and throwing a strop gives every fan the right to boo him if they wish.
  12. Dave Rennie will sort this 😕
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