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  1. No issue with the penalty if we get the ones we should of had. The longer it goes on the longer it’s becoming a fix. Some terrible decisions.
  2. 6th or 7th we don’t really deserve 6th either been shite since Xmas
  3. I get that but we need to be better at it and if it means paying more so be it. The money we’ll lose falling out the top 4 will be very costly now. Plus its very embarrassing for the club to be there all season and since January let’s face it we’ve looked bottom half at best. No strength in depth.
  4. When your doing well you need to keep adding to the squad over time. Instead we loaned Bennett who hasn’t kicked a ball yet. We was only going one way after Xmas.
  5. Nothing illegal about it most worked throughout!
  6. Need a couple of early goals something has to change even if it’s our luck. Don’t win tonight say bye bye top 4 we’ll be struggling for 6th then. Should of added in January simple.
  7. I’ve just said this to my old man, honestly can see us finishing 7th we desperately need two wins on the spin just can’t see it happening unless we somehow get lucky and score a couple before half time or something.
  8. I don’t think Vardy is the issue he missed a tricky one yesterday but it’s not like he’s missing loads of chances. Needed more help if anything I’d play 3-5-2 for this about time Rodgers changed it.
  9. 1m 30secs into the first halve he lost possession twice. Problem is we don’t really have competition for places.
  10. Honestly don’t think we’ll win a game in the next few games. Terrible this is why we needed buy in January. Also this 5 subs is playing in to the big boys hands keep it at 3 and barkley isn’t even on the pitch to score. Can’t wait for the season to be over it’s embarrassing 2nd half of the season we’d be 16th in the table.
  11. Not convinced about Perez technically he’s very good but he just need too much time on the ball and always gets caught. A also think a central role would be better anyway behind Vardy but then you have the problem with Maddison there playing him out on the right isn’t working though.
  12. Well at the minute there’s 3 suspected cases so we’ll have 3 missing in my book that’s enough evidence.
  13. Gutted about this but we’re lucky to have Justin got a proper footballing brain as well. He’s so switched on in the games hes played in he’ll be a proper player for us in the future and I’m sure he’ll be rubbing his hands together at this opportunity.
  14. Not really bothered who it is the fact is we’ve got a small squad and it’s not fair for the game to be played.
  15. Can’t believe the games will go ahead to be honest surely if it’s 3 of our starting line up the game will be cancelled? Not really fair is it. If it was Liverpool’s front 3 100% the game would be changed.
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