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  1. Personally I don’t see why Dave couldn’t work along side a full time doctor, maybe the position wasn’t available it’s a shame because he was a big part of the team.
  2. Dave was offered the doctors job full time and he didn’t want it as he works for a practice in his spare time. Leicester wanted a full time club doctor so they went there separate ways, he was great at his job but most top clubs have a full time club doctor and I guess that’s where we want to be. Don’t see the issue with it really 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Really need to just keep plugging away and picking up the points now I’d happily take 6points out the next 3. Get praet and fofona back and Maddison shouldn’t be far away either
  4. Snap your hand off for 6th now, so bloody unlucky with injuries though. Another things is when your doing well do your best to bring in 1/2 in January this is again going to cost us this season.
  5. Play the best available 11 ffs can’t stand managers that do this
  6. Thomas for me today, with maybe Hamza doubling up on salah like he did with Justin on against wolves. Unsure on if he’ll just play Ndidi on his own though to protect the back 4.
  7. Never have a better chance of beating these tossers. In to em 👊🏻
  8. if we can only win two games between now and the end of the season it’s Liverpool at the weekend and utd in the cup. Hate both of them.
  9. Take it you didn’t watch Fuchs against them earlier in the season?
  10. Losing a toe nail then carrying on, he’ll do for me an absolute warrior and plays likes he’s 21 👌🏻
  11. I don’t see how Rodgers rates him he’s been poor and hardly ever scores, gave possession away 6 times in the first half today. Our weak link in my opinion
  12. I think he might be better playing in a two but I don’t rate either of them to be fair. Under is good but he’s not a defensive as Albrighton that’s why he doesn’t start.
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