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  1. Stoke post match 1-1

    I must have been at a different game.
  2. Stoke post match 1-1

    Rubbish, he played it to chilwell 3 times and it went out of play then rolled it out to him when there was a player on him straight away. He did it to someone else down the right I think it was Ndidi.
  3. Stoke post match 1-1

    Rubbish and one thing that starting to annoy me is with a little more quality we could be very close to Arsenal. Anyway Puel got it wrong from the start today should of had 3 in the middle with no gray the lads a winger play him there if not don’t bother. Iborra needs to be in there or Silva and as for kasper beaten again on the side hes stood on is not good enough, and his distribution has been well below par in the last 3/4 games.
  4. Adidas

    Happy days hopefully they’ll last long than the current shite!
  5. Ndidi to Liverpool

    60M and they can have him.
  6. Daniel Amartey

    I’d like him to play again he gets better with games. Young, strong and fast you’d think Puel come make something out of that. Danny is a decent defender but offers little going forward where as Amarty is has more to offer.
  7. Chilwell is amazing

    I hope your spelling gets better for when your at big school.
  8. Chilwell is amazing

    All poor yesterday. He’s learning still and I’m sure he will get better, everyone quick to pull him down but when he has a decent game nobody says anything.
  9. FFP Champions 5 - 1

    Trying to play the ball at the back when there nearly sat on top of us was a terrible idea. Poor all round. Shef Utd and stoke must win games.
  10. I really want him to play he’s the difference but he needs to be taught a lesson for how he’s behaved. With Okazaki not fit I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the pitch at some point.
  11. Possibly 15 games left including the cup. It’s looking like he won’t be playing again this weekend, One of the best players we’ve ever had and he’s going to be remembered for this. If I had my way I’d tell him be there in the morning or you will never play for this club again. I’d make an example of him and not play him as a future message to anyone who try’s this trick again. Can’t believe how I’ve gone from loving him to hating him in a few days, get shut the little ****.
  12. Not really read through some of the rubbish on here but this is my opinion. If he’s not starting or on that bench against City then all his hard work for the last few seasons is over for me. The last two games he could of been the difference and he’s letting everyone at the club down now and things will start to get nasty between players etc. If he just needed a week to get over it then l’m ok with that but anymore and that’s taking the piss out of everyone including the fans. His football will be forgotten if he keeps acting like his life is over and the fans will be telling him when he’s on the pitch. He could go from hero to zero in two weeks.
  13. Swansea City (H) Pre Match Thread

    I didn’t realise chilwell came on here a read the comments, I rate him but he’s still learning. I think he’s better when Fuchs is playing behind him.
  14. Swansea City (H) Pre Match Thread

    A bit like chilwell the other night, had a shocker that lad.
  15. Swansea City (H) Pre Match Thread

    Can’t believe what a big game this has turned in to over the last few days, I’m sure the players will be up for it but it won’t be easy. Mahrez need to get back for the city game a prove what’s he’s worth.