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  1. What leave or get slated for not putting a shift in?
  2. If he stays he's going to get proper slated week in week out for not putting a shift in. Deadline day buy for someone 40M+ in a panic buy.
  3. This is doing 225 pages!
  4. He'll go on the last day of the window when someone can't get who they really want.
  5. I don't think we'll get Evans he's been made captain today.
  6. People have forgotten how good james was before his injury, if he wants to stay and fight that's good, what if Drinkwater s injury doesn't hold up? Everyone would be crying again saying why can't we get james back off loan like last season.
  7. Anything over 40M isn't worth it I'd prefer to buy Gibson at 20M and get our defence sorted.
  8. Big mistake if we sell him now if he doesn't get played this season then fine let him go next year. Also in the market he has to be worth 14M+
  9. Won't get as many games at Spurs, betting now suspended.
  10. Like City would sell him to them it's a rival they'll both be near the top this season. He will start every week for us he won't start for Spurs.
  11. Apart from the one I've just read in the mercury! If there is one it needs to be double what we pay for him.
  12. Doesn't sound like there's any buy back clause in it now everything I've read over the last few days it's not been mentioned.
  13. Don't talk rubbish. He consistently performs in the league every week his goals/freekicks/corners are worth a fortune. There's not many who's all round game is as good has is in the division.
  14. I'd say 40m is about right in the market, right on the limit though. If it's more then no thanks.
  15. He's never said anything about moving. You can't go on thinking like that any player could do that.