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  1. FraserSorensen

    Safe standing - time to act

    Cheers - fixed!
  2. FraserSorensen

    Safe standing - time to act

    I have just sent the below email to Tracey Crouch, Secretary of State for Sport, and I would urge everyone who is in support of safe standing to send the same email with your contact information, so that she can see that simply rejecting this proposal without any discussion is ignoring the problem. Please send all emails to tracey.crouch.mp@parliament.uk. ' Hi Tracey, I have recently been reading about the governments response to West Bromwich Albion's rejected proposal to introduce safe-standing at the Hawthorns. I have read your comments regarding the governments position that there are no plans to change the all seater policy at football stadiums. It is inherently clear that persistent standing is still common throughout the football league, with many sections of supporters choosing to stand throughout the game. In England and Wales, standing is permitted at rugby union and league venues, as well as at speedway and horse-racing. It is also permitted at football grounds outside the Premier League and Football League Championship. Can you please explain why it deemed safe to stand in safe standing fixtures to be installed at Shrewsbury town, but not at West Bromwich Albion? A recent statment from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport stated that 'before any change in the legislation, there would have to be a very clear demand, as well as very clear evidence that any such change meets stringent safety standards, presented from all the relevant authorities responsible for stadium safety, including the police, as well as it being clear that this is something that all parties want'. Polls of football supporters repeatedly show a clear majority favouring the choice to stand, with an average of around 80% supporting the introduction of standing areas in the top divisions (source: Stand Up Sit Down - A Choice to Watch Football by Peter Caton (published 2012) (ISBN 978-1-780788-177-5) (Chapter 15)). Similarly, 92% of over 2,000 respondants voted that fans should be given the choice to stand in safe standing areas (source: The Football Fans Census (January 2009)). The most recent conclusive and thorough survey from 2015 shows that 96% of football fans in the UK backed a safe standing pilot to trial modern stadium technology. It is clear that 'clear demand' is not an issue. Safe standing has been in place across Europe and even as close as Scotland (Celtic) for several years now, providing very clear evidence that safe standing meets stringent safety standards, however, it appears as though the mindset of the government is to simply turn a blind eye and point to legislation put in place over 25 years ago based on a tragic event which had more to do with overcrowding than standing. Clearly this is an emotive issue, but it is clear that demand is higher than ever, and simply rejecting a proposal without discussion is something which disappoints a lot of people. I would like to be contacted further to discuss this issue so that I can better understand the governments rejection of a reasonable proposal which is purely designed to increase the safety of a section of supporters who will already be standing for the duration of a football match. Please contact me on BLANK or BLANK to discuss this further. I look forward to your response. Kind regards, Fraser
  3. FraserSorensen

    Have we become a team of divers?

    No - put simply you have to have succeeded in deceiving the match official (getting a player sent off or winning a penalty) to be charged with this. A yellow card or no action taken at all mean that no charge can be bought. I'm surprised Izquierdo didn't get a charge after last week.
  4. FraserSorensen

    Brighton away

    2x spare in Enderby
  5. FraserSorensen

    Pre match video

    As the club seem unwilling/unable to release this, I have (somewhat painstakingly) been able to re-create to an extent. I don't have any of the older goals but have essentially created a montage of the champions season moments and some from last season. Not perfect but should get the goosebumps up still.
  6. FraserSorensen

    Teams breaking their “ducks” against us?

    They also only have one away win all season... Palace at home 12:30 anyone remember?
  7. FraserSorensen

    Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    Semi, yes. Final would most likely be 28,000 tickets, of which I would imagine all (or nearly all) 23,000 STH would take. I would imagine up to another 500-750 to be distributed amongst corportate, family of players and other guests (including mates of the ticket office). The rest would be a priority based members whittle down.
  8. FraserSorensen

    The Race for 7th - Stats Galore

    Leicester remaining PL fixtures: Stoke H - Win Bournemouth H - Win West Brom A - Draw Arsenal H (Postponed) - Lose Brighton A - Draw Newcastle H - Win Burnley A - Draw Southampton H - Win Palace A - Draw West Ham H - Win Spurs A - Lose Projected: 19 Points Comments: Slightly pessimistic outcome potentially drawing games away where we may expect to win (WBA - won on last three visits but they are in desperate need of points and tail end of the season, just a bad feeling, Brighton away - not easy to beat - massively improved since last played them and at their patch, Palace away where they have improved under Roy). Also predicted wins in all remaining home games except Arsenal - expect one of these may slip to a draw. Burnley Fixtures Southampton H - Win Everton H (MASSIVE GAME) - Draw West Ham A - Draw Chelsea H (Postponed) - Lose West Brom A - Draw Watford A - Win Leicester H - Draw Stoke A - Win Brighton H - Win Arsenal A - Lose Bournemouth H - Win Projected: 19 Points Comments: Lots of winnable games at home against Brighton, Bournemouth, Southampton etc, it really depends on THAT Everton game at home and how the away form copes against the likes of Stoke, Watford and WBA. Everton Fixtures Watford A - Draw Burnley A - Draw Brighton H - Win Stoke A - Draw Man City H - Lose Liverpool H - Lose Swansea A - Draw Newcastle H - Draw Huddersfield A - Win Southampton H - Win West Ham A - Draw Projected: 15 points Comments: Can only see them losing to Man City and Liverpool, lots will swing on lots of away games against the bottom half of the table - can't see them winning them all but equally could swing either way here. Personally think we need to win our next 5 games before the massive Burnley away game (Stoke, Bournemouth, West Brom, Brighton and Newcastle) to go to Burnley with something to scrap for and then I think we have a much better chance of holding for remainder of the season. Also have to remember that our two final games could be Arsenal H and Spurs A with the FA cup postponement so I would love to be 6 points clear by that stage! For all those saying how poor this season has been and mediocre, I've loved it - the chase to Europe is on! We're on our way, we're on our way! To Europe, we're on our way! How did we get there, we can't tell. Follow the boys and Claude Puel. Pack your bags cause Leicester's on our way!
  9. FraserSorensen

    FA Cup 2018

    YESSSSSSSSS!!!! Justice.
  10. FraserSorensen

    FA Cup 2018

    Diving cheat.
  11. FraserSorensen

    FA Cup 2018

    Who called it?
  12. FraserSorensen

    FA Cup 2018

    No impact on City? If they get through instead of Spurs then a potential SF opponent would be one from Sheff Weds/Swansea/Rochdale clearing the route to the final! We'd probably lose to Chelsea though...
  13. FraserSorensen

    Bournemouth at home on Saturday 3 March

    There are 685 seats left for this fixture, which has seen all members have a chance to buy tickets. It is back on sale to all STH and members to buy additional tickets. If the club can sell as many as possible of these they will try and avoid General Sale. Most of the remaining seats are single seats so would expect to see this dawdle for another week or two and then be released to GS. You will most likely not get two seats together on general sale unless Bournemouth hand back one of the away blocks.
  14. FraserSorensen

    Find Riyad

    Found him, he's just done an interview...
  15. FraserSorensen

    Should have sold Mahrez

    Let's do something different instead, how about a Kante vs N'didi thread?