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  1. Also your new home kit is terrible! Three different shades of blue? How well is it received down their? Does it not matter so long as it has premier league badges on?
  2. Can't wait for Brighton away! Riyad, Riyad Riyad, Riyad Riyad, Riyad Riyad Mahrez! Tony, Tony Tony, Tony Tony, Tony Tony Knockaert!
  3. Ah, but the tickets don't belong to you, they are the property of the club. You pay the money for you and your dad to go to games and not anyone else. I'm not saying people don't take other people, I'm just saying how the t&cs work. The club have every right to say if your dad no longer wishes to use it then it should first be offered to a paying gold member rather than whomever you wish to take with you. The best advice would be to let your wife use it whilst there is no concession and then sign up as a member in the hope of jointing the queue and purchasing one at the start of the following season.
  4. Ticket for today £20 east stand if anyone wants it please message ASAP collect at ground.
  5. 1x Bournemouth ticket available in G2 - FV £40 - please let me know ASAP.
  6. Could always revert back to the original and go for 'Champions League' again and be overly optimistic at the start of the season! In all seriousness it only works when there's a driving force behind a destination which is achieveable (Brighton and Newcastle had the premier league this year) so might be best so see where we are after 6 games
  8. I hope you realise no Leicester fan sung this after Kane blazed over in the opening 15 minutes, every rendition after the first goal was sung by the Spurs fans in jest...
  9. 'We're sh*t but we won the league' was my personal favourite. Seemed like a good bit of banter between both sides, 'Champions League, never again!' and 'Who came third' seeming to be most popular, but it quietened after their third goal.
  10. No worries! Hope it get's an airing
  11. It's actually been taken from here!
  12. 'We're all having a party, when Tottenham f* cked it up!'
  13. He's not, it's a parody account set up to mimic Jim's account. Used an I (i) instead of an l (L).
  14. I would imagine fairly slim. If we work of the assumption that the renewal rate is significantly lower than last year then I would imagine just over 2000 season tickets will become available. Offered first to golds (6000 members) I would imagine around 1500 would be snapped up. Probably the rest would go to silver. Chances are lots of members would fancy a ST, so you'd have to hope the several thousand on the membership schemes don't want a ST and you're lucky in a general sale.