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  1. Plenty without badges in the shop - would imagine it is run as with premier league badges - take to the till and add on for free if you want the SCB patch.
  2. Welcome Only way to guarantee a ticket for yourself is to pick up someone who can't go on here or on facebook. There are threads that crop up on each game as we get closer to it. Alternatively pick up a membership but then you'd be entering a ballot for each game!
  3. General sale from tomorrow.
  4. Luton Town vs. Leicester City Wednesday 26 July Kick-off 7:45pm Allocation: 1,032 (unreserved seating) Prices: Adults - £15 Seniors 65+ - £6 Under 22s - £6 Under 10s - FREE* *When accompanied by Adult/Senior/Under 22. Under 10s tickets not currently available online. Ambulant Disability Supporters will pay £6 plus a FREE companion. Wheelchair users will need to contact Luton Town's ticket office on 01582 416976.
  5. Saw loads in Yarmouth last week! I understood the Norwich links but there must have been an influx of Leicester and Luton town fans!
  6. Fixed it for you
  7. Because we'd be paying for it... if he's brilliant then we make a profit and if he's not then we sell him on anyway.
  8. Interesting read. Only new piece of information I found was that the resale platform can only be used a maximum of four times over the course of season.
  9. Why does that sound familiar...
  10. Will never forget the moment you lived up to your dragon slayer reputation in a Leicester shirt.
  11. He champions league games can't be included as these aren't included for anyone else either. If you can evidence to the club that you paid for the other tickets I don't see why they can't credit the point to your account - doesn't matter how you bought them. STH also had to pay for champions league games remember, yes I understand that over the course of a season it can be more expensive but you surely weren't expecting the club to base membership on how much money you pay when this was the biggest cause of complaints last year. Theyve listened to supporters and have came up with a way of calculating who goes to games the most to reward them with the chance to go to more games.
  12. 100% true, however, has Mooy ever caused an earthquake by scoring? #LeoQuake
  13. No. I can see them wanting to get as many parting with £60 as possible and not wanting to put people off by knowing they are well down in the pecking order. If you have away points you are likely to have been a supporter attending regularly as a member of STH for years.