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  1. We could show Mahrez we want him to stay

    SK3...perhaps I'm deaf, or you don't sing loud enough.
  2. According to the Daily Mail Watford match report Mahrez is 'a jellied bundle of insecurity'. Well that may or may not be the case...he is often the last out of the tunnel and often the first back in...but we could show him we love his football and we want him to stay. Scmeichel knows, we sing his name at every opportunity, Huth and Fuchs know, even if it sounds to others that we're booing. Albrighton knows for sure, Kingy only has to run around for us to start, Vardy loves it...even Okazaki get a chant. As far as I can remember Mahrez only got a regular chant when we shared it with Kante last season. We could resurrect that chant (without the Kante bit). He got a few bars of it against Watford but no more. We have two home matches to show one of the most gifted players we've seen in a long time that we at least, do not want him to move and if he does...we tried.
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