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  1. Of course, everyone is blindly accepting the argument that England don’t play with a no. 10 without asking why. Leicester play with a no. 10 and they’re doing pretty well. What they mean is Southgate doesn’t play with a no.10 but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t
  2. Ricardo is just coming back to fitness so he’ll probably get better each game. I wouldn’t read too much into the last match as this is a very different proposition. Slightly irritated at how BT are rattling on about Liverpool’s injuries when we’ve had about 20 this season.
  3. I think we might be surprised by this one. They’ve beaten us in recent fixtures but that means we’ll be more wary and determined. Psychologically and deep down they probably think they’ve lost the league and that’s dispiriting for a team that has been so successful. Of course, anything could happen but I reckon we’ve got a better chance than some might think.
  4. You can spin this if you want but they’ll be very disappointed. It was a lacklustre display and we hadn’t got the guile to break them down. Those who say they’d have taken a point at the start are trying to make themselves feel better because it really wasn’t great.
  5. We can’t score without Vardy so we become frustrated, lose our shape and make mistakes
  6. I think a possible difference with last year is that we’ve a long injury list in the first half of the season this whereas las year we had several key injuries in the second half. If we avoid another injury crisis there’s a good chance we will maintain or even improve on our form in the second half of the season. We have greater strength in depth and at least two outstanding additions to the squad and the experience of last year may help the players, though only time will tell. Overall, we’re in our 7th straight season in the top flight and the best 5 years in the club’
  7. Low block, schlow block, we need to stop conceding early goals from set pieces, which means having two strong central defenders. Our players are not suited to unlocking packed defences whatever we do, so the fewer times we’re chasing the game the better. Of course we will have to do it sometimes and need to find a better way but the main focus should be on not getting in that situation in the first place.
  8. This is a silly debate. Of course we’re not playing as well as we’d like for a top 4 team; losing to one bottom 3 team and stealing a last minute win against another isn’t Champions League form and we’re not little Leicester anymore. On the other hand, taken as a whole it’s been a very good first third of the season. It’s natural our mood is informed by the last few weeks but when all said and done we’ve won and that’s always a good thing.
  9. Evans was awful and a liability today. This shows he’s our third best centre back when everyone’s fit
  10. I hope you’re right but I’m not convinced
  11. Put a brave face on it if you like but that defeat shows we’re not as good as we hoped we were. We looked beaten at half time and psychologically that will take some getting over. I fear a similar reaction to last year.
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