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  1. Suspect many of us were flat last night and maybe a few miserable hours followed but this morning some perspective is more than reasonable. We have some great players and an excellent manager
  2. Fair point. However, Rogers seems aware of this and the team are young so I think they can learn. Last year they were very predictable, this year less so and next year hopefully we’ll be better still. They seem a little lost at the moment, maybe a combination of fatigue and distractions in the transfer window. They need to be revitalised and perhaps reorganised but there is nothing here that a good manager like Rogers can’t address.
  3. The reason crowds appear for larger stadiums is that people who couldn’t get a ticket normally and have stopped trying find they can tickets again. A lot of people either can’t afford a season ticket or can’t justify it because of other commitments but they still want to go to some matches. No one knows how many of these there are but the club will have have a pretty good idea based on their market research. Btw Leicester itself is a bigger city than Nottingham but greater Nottingham is still a bigger area. However Leicester has been growing more quickly for some time and with only one club in the city has no competition, unlike Forest. My instinct is we could fill 42,000 in time and straight away for some games, but not for all. That takes time to build up because going to matches is habit forming.
  4. I suppose they should ban Christmas lights and Blackpool illuminations? Or maybe protect the ‘integrity of the game’ by stopping all innovation and development? This slippery slope argument is typical of fans who complain of loud music and clappers. For goodness sake, lighten up,accept it’s a game and find something important to complain about.
  5. I’d take Fodon as a backup. He’s clearly a great prospect and can score goals either from the wing or through the middle. He wouldn’t come I suppose but if he did.
  6. I think he will, even if he starts with the same line-up. Rogers is pragmatic and not wedded to one system or tactic, which is the sign of a really good manager. Villa will be hugely up for this one and we will need to play better than in either of our last two games to beat them but with the uncertainty about Rogers put to rest I sense a new impetus and a stronger performance.
  7. Puel would make a good director of football but he wasn’t a good manager, not in English football at least. He had a long term vision but couldn’t effectively communicate with, or motivate, the fans or players. He promoted youth youth and moved on some of the old guard which was useful, but it is evident his training methods were poor for this league but he was too stubborn to compromise. Ultimately he didn’t have the wits and awareness to make us a great team.
  8. I assume Rogers realises: Grey was poor Vardy needed more and quicker service Soyuncu is still learning Two CDMs don't suit us If he does, we’re ok if he doesn’t, we will struggle at times
  9. No one is saying people don’t have a right to criticise Southgate. What they are saying is that it’s a bit much to focus on the negatives when he’s had so much success. Taken overall, he’s been a big success for England. It’s true, he was unconvincing at club level but the job is different and requires some skills that are not as relevant at club level. Tactically, we all like to offer our own version of the team, and some of these points may be right, but for whatever reason we have had the best international results since the late 1960s so to harp on about the criticisms suggests a level of personal animosity. Most England football fans agree that the mood around our national team has changed and where there was little interest there’s now quite a lot. If we start losing or have a bad Euros it’ll change again but to hear a constant stream of negativity in the face of good results is both boring and wearing. Enjoy the ride.
  10. Still plenty of pessimism here but maybe that’s good for dampening expectations at such an early stage. In truth though, we’ve got to be fairly happy, as it isn’t often a Leicester team starts as well as we have. Some people seem to revel in their pessimism, no doubt casting themselves in the role of realists, but to be overly critical at this point is really unnecessary. We could get beaten in every game from now on for all I know, but so far, so good.
  11. This could go on for some time. You believe whatever you want to believe.
  12. Anyone complaining about our performance tonight is being just plain ridiculous. The most criticism you can give is that at times we were a bit Puelesque in that we passed backwards when we didn’t need to but we’re gradually getting that out of our system. Man City have won 13 in a row and have an absolutely wonderful team, possibly the best the Premier League have ever seen. We matched them for most of the game and had at least one golden chance to draw it. Huge credit to us and shame on the handful of critics who are being completely unreasonable.
  13. Proud of us. Heroic. Great potential for the future. To go to possibly the best side in the world, hold them for longer than any other team this season, actually play some lovely football ourselves and only be beaten by a wonder goal is incredible. Our team is young, our manager is strong and our owners are fantastic. Now that’s worth getting excited about.
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