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  1. The family stand in particular, seems to empty and that’s bad for the team.
  2. But if qualifying means we sign Tieleman,for example, then it could be quite significant.
  3. Which is perfectly possible, especially if we can get a result against Burnley although that be tough. Huddersfield are there for the taking the week after which would mean 6 points from our next 2 matches
  4. We can’t know for sure but it’d have to be a very good offer from a top 4 club to tempt him away. If he likes the team, has settled and has a good offer with a guaranteed place in the team I can see that being very attractive to a 21 year old. Remember he has time to go to a bigger club when older and more likely to play. Depends on his agent and family to be honest.
  5. Two questions Do you still think we can qualify for the Europa League in 7th? Do you want to? Wolves are currently in 7th and if they won today they would be 8 points clear. However they are more likely to lose. The Europa League curse effected Burnley this year but we have a larger squad. It means more Sunday games but also more revenue and the chance to qualify for the Champions League. It also may help us attract or retain some of our best players.
  6. I don’t agree. A good manager could bring out the best in them but they’re too good and too experienced to suffer fools gladly. It’s not player power, it’s human nature. Get a leader they respect and there’d be no moaning.
  7. But this is nonsense. He only said Puel and Shakespeare weren’t the right appointments, which has surely proven to be correct. It’s not up to him to say who should’ve been appointed instead, that’s the board’s choice. No one has a crystal ball, some appointments turn out to be better than others but they’ll be hoping for someone better. We’ll be flooded with applicants, it’s a very well paid job with a good, young squad and rich owners.
  8. But with respect they did their best but it wasn’t enough-the vision want communicated effectively
  9. Well are you suggesting they came up with the idea of a patient passing game themselves?
  10. No it isn’t. A good manager doesn’t just impose their own views on everyone. They listen to others and get the best out of their workers by treating them with respect and inspiring them. The model of management you suggest is very old fashioned and doesn’t motivate anyone.
  11. I never get the argument that the players let him down. It just about works with a new manager who hasn’t brought in his own players but otherwise the manager chooses the players and it’s his job to organise and motivate them. If he doesn’t it’s his fault, unless you take the line that players can organise and motivate themselves, in which case why have a manager at all? If a manager doesn’t like the players he can always change them, certainly after a year in the job. Puel chose some good players but didn’t bond them into a team. It’s all very well some people saying he should have ‘two poor seasons’ to build a team but if it was their millions invested in the club I doubt they’d be so generous with time. The players need a manager they respect who will inspire them.
  12. Doesn’t really matter because they don’t follow us. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be the best and nothing wrong with sacking a manager who is doing badly. That’s all there is to it really. If they want to keep failing managers that’s up to them and their club.
  13. It’s true he lacked a connection and fans never sang his name. I still maintain he would’ve made a good director of football. He’s a planner and administrator not a leader and motivator. Hence, he’s helped develop many great young players (Pearson did not) but couldn’t mould or inspire them or indeed, the rest of us. Once again he made the classic mistake of playing a weakened team in the cups. It doesn’t rest the players as they don’t come back fresher, but a defeat, especially against lower ranked opposition, can severely damage confidence. Newport was the real turning point for him as we’d had a good Christmas and we’re on the up only for him to consign is to an ignominious defeat unnecessarily.
  14. I’d go Lennon as interim and Rodgers in the summer, with Lennon as assistant unless he did brilliantly, in which case he’d get the permanent job. Forget the the likes of Allydyce and Redknapp as they’re not looking to the future.
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