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  1. Mr Weller

    Match of the Day 2018/19

    Staggered Worst football tragedy for years and we’re fourth Can't believe it Very disrespectful
  2. Mr Weller

    Players talking to BBC/Stringer - Its Time!

    The anodyne interviews with players are rather pointless and have become a ritual. Managers can sometimes betray their feelings more but equally they can just clam up and be rude like Pearson did. RL is there to serve listeners not the club. Players receive high wages because of media money-albeit mostly from sky-so they have to pander to their demands. The moment clubs try to dictate to the media is the moment the bubble busts and everyone knows it. I really couldn’t care less what the players think of Stringer. I’d rather he said it as he saw it-warts and all. Tbh it’s easier to criticise a player you never talk to as it’s less personal. RL and the BBC are entirely right to stick by their reporter.
  3. Mr Weller

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    People rightly say the result didn’t matter today but they made us proud.
  4. Mr Weller

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Cowardly decision from the referee to book Grey. The FA wouldn’t discipline him for not applying the letter of the law in these circumstances and he had a chance to win the respect of fans everywhere as well as the media but he took the cowards way out. More concerned about his own personal interest than doing the right thing. He should be ashamed and apologise.
  5. Mr Weller

    Helicopter crash

    Thank you from all Leicester fans to the wonderful football community who have sent their sympathies. We stand as one with you.
  6. Mr Weller

    Helicopter crash

    This is a tragedy for the family and the club. We owe so much to this man and his family and we want to express our deepest sympathies to them. A black day for Leicester.
  7. Mr Weller

    West Ham H Match Thread

    Not a happy camp. Happy campers don’t make 4 changes of this sort.
  8. Mr Weller

    What is it that we're missing?

    If we do well for the rest of this season we’d would look back to now and say we were close but not quite there. If we do badly we will look back and say the warning signs were there. What this tells me is that our inconsistency could go both ways and it’s too early to know for sure. However, I’d say the strong financial backing of our owners will pay dividends eventually so even if the season goes badly they’ll keep investing until it comes right.
  9. So is the argument that every time a player gets a yellow card they should be subbed or does that rule only apply to Morgan? I don’t think big Wes should be playing but if he is surely you can’t just sub him every time he gets booked.
  10. Everton were far from comfortable until the sending off. Don’t let your disappointment cloud your judgement,
  11. A lot of overreaction on here. It was really disappointing but the main weakness is clear as daylight. We always score goals so it’s not about going forwards. If we can sort the defence out we’d win most games. Clearly Morgan is not up to it anymore and gets caught our due to a lack of pace. Our slow starts happen because early on th midfield haven’t had time to gain control of the game and when teams with pace run at us we look vulnerable. Its not about Maddison, Ihanacho or Mendy or our style of play. It’s about our defence and Morgan in particular. Vardy wasn’t great today but we know he can score goals. It’s not about Puel either. In other respects we looked good and were the better team until the sending off. Why did we spend £19m on a CB that is never picked? Was it against Puel’s wishes or did someone not do their homework?
  12. Mr Weller

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    Easy parallels with Forest under Clough make the mistake of overlooking the major differences. Forest owed their success entirely to having a genius manager. Leicester owed their success to new owners and great recruitment. This means Forest could only be good while Clough was at the helm but Leicester are capable of success under any number of managers. I have never bought into the ‘freak season’ explanation of our success although it’s clear we benefited from the relative weakness of some of the big clubs. I don’t think it’s impossible we could get in to the top 4 and certainly not the top 6. We are a rich well supported club which is well led and organised-that’s a pretty strong combination.
  13. Mr Weller

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    I’m sure many Everton fans are lovely people but we want to beat them and that’s not disrespectful
  14. Mr Weller

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    Not unless it’s for the very top clubs and Everton aren’t that. Most foreign players have little knowledge of the distant past and care even less so the fact Everton won the title in the 80s is not going to be important. Anyway I sense some excitement, not to mention momentum building, so our fans will create a good atmosphere next week and I’d say we we’re in with a good shout.
  15. Mr Weller

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    They weren’t booing the team, they were booing the officials as they went off at half time