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  1. This could go on for some time. You believe whatever you want to believe.
  2. Anyone complaining about our performance tonight is being just plain ridiculous. The most criticism you can give is that at times we were a bit Puelesque in that we passed backwards when we didn’t need to but we’re gradually getting that out of our system. Man City have won 13 in a row and have an absolutely wonderful team, possibly the best the Premier League have ever seen. We matched them for most of the game and had at least one golden chance to draw it. Huge credit to us and shame on the handful of critics who are being completely unreasonable.
  3. Proud of us. Heroic. Great potential for the future. To go to possibly the best side in the world, hold them for longer than any other team this season, actually play some lovely football ourselves and only be beaten by a wonder goal is incredible. Our team is young, our manager is strong and our owners are fantastic. Now that’s worth getting excited about.
  4. It could go one of three ways; win, lose or draw
  5. True. Every one is a spanner except Linekar, Wright and Shearer
  6. Carragher is deeply unpleasant. Sees everything as about the big clubs.
  7. So you are equating height and flat out speed with being genetically gifted.
  8. We’ve had some wonderful atmospheres in recent years but a combination of Puel and mid table nothingness hasn’t helped this year. I do think we need to expand the stadium because most fans are now season ticket holders and season tickets are expensive and out of reach for many young men. Another 10k would ensure more younger fans and a better atmosphere. Most of the sterile atmospheres at premier league grounds like Arsenal or Man Utd are for this reason.
  9. Maradona was the most genetically gifted player of all time. He was a deeply flawed man with a foul attitude but he had the balance and dribbling ability of a demigod. Do you mean football is a game where you don’t need to be talk?
  10. I agree we probably needed to beat Newcastle and West Ham to get 7th but it’s still not completely impossible. However, the idea that we wouldn’t want European football because ‘we’re not ready’ is very odd. When would we be ready and ready for what precisely? I assume being ready means able to do well in the competition while not letting it affect our league form but there’s always a danger of that-just look at Man Utd today after being beaten by Barcelona. Were they ‘not ready’? The example of Burnley is trotted out but it’s a poor comparison as we’ve far more resources than they have. They’re doing brilliantly to just stay in the premier league but we’re aiming for Europe every year. Perhaps some people need to realise this is a golden era for our club and it may not last forever. In the meantime if we did qualify for Europe that’d be only the fifth time in our history and I for one would not turn it down.
  11. It’s easy to draw this conclusion but it isn’t true. Tielemans is good but as Friday showed we don’t know how to break down opposition that sit back and let us have the ball. Every time this was put to Puel he simply said the players needed to learn the new style but he failed/refused to see what Rodgers saw in one game; players need to move the ball forward quickly so the opposition can’t get into a defensive shape. All too often on Friday, as so often this season, players checked, passed backwards or in neat triangles which is fine to keep possession but hopeless for scoring goals. Puel’s tactical thinking was stuck in a time warp much like Arsene Wenger’s had been. Unless you have Messi in your team it’s too easy to defend against and the Premier League has too many good teams who will do so. In France or Spain there is a huge gap between the top 2-3 teams and everyone else and the best players are used to this problem but over here 10-15 teams can happily sit deep and defend all day if needed. Rodgers clearly understands this and so did Martin O Neil for that matter. In the title winning year we moved the ball really quickly but relied heavily on Kante and Vardy so when the former went we had no replacement. Puel would make make a good director of football somewhere but in the Premier League he doesn’t have the guile or communication skills to be a great success.
  12. Puel would have you believe it was a long term project and if he only had enough time it would’ve come good but there is no evidence this was going to happen. The truth is he’s lost his way, the plan wasn’t evolving and in fact he was going backwards. Yes he had brought young players on but they weren’t any happier playing for him than the older players. I am sure he is a decent manner and showed promise as a director of football but I think his career at the top level is probably over. He is wedded to a style that’s outdated and he doesn’t seem to recognise it.
  13. It is a lack of ambition or at least a lack of vision. We have some great young players, an excellent manager and superb owners. The squad is not bloated with dross as you put it, there are a few who will move on but that’s normal. Players who leave us tend not to do so well-Kante was the exception-so they’ll think twice about moving on in the future. If we’re not ready for the Europa league who on earth is? How would we attract or keep players if we’re content with mid-table? Your plan would simply take us backwards. There’s only 2 gears in football, forward and reverse. If you’re not in one you’re definitely in the other.
  14. Don’t have a lack of ambition. To complete in Europe, the cup and the league current wisdom says you need an entire reserve team of top quality so 4 great centre backs are needed. Morgan is back up these days so discount him in the planning.
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