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  1. Mr Weller

    Realistic Expectations

    Nothing is as fixed as people think. In the current top 6 we have two clubs who were put there by ambitious billionaires (Chelsea and Man City), three who have been there a long time of which two haven’t won the league for a long time, and Spurs who are in there after a few good years but could easily fall into the best of the rest section. A few years before people mostly spoke of the top 4 and before that the top 2. We we need consistent gates of 40k, a few more trophies and another 3-5 years of growth to get into that group but population and owners wise it’s not illogical.
  2. Mr Weller

    Realistic Expectations

    I agree that we have some really good players and our squad has more talent now than when we won the league. The problem is they don’t play together as a team, they seem to lack the esprit de courts as it were. With these players and owners I’d say top 6 wasn’t out of the question at all; possibly higher. Puel seems to struggle to get the best out of them though. They need leading and he doesn’t strike me as a leader; he’s more of a director of football I’d say. We might lose our way altogether at this rate, and a golden generation could end up underachieving. I wouldn’t sack him, I’d kick him upstairs. We have a right to be ambitious and expectations should be high which is why we don’t want to settle for the current state of affairs.
  3. Mr Weller

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Well at least resting all those players for the Newport game was worth it. Since Newport defeat Ply 2 Pts 0
  4. Mr Weller

    Is this team even that good?

    People on here are claiming insider knowledge of the wealth of our owners versus other clubs without any evidence. They’re just guessing or have a perception. I do know Vichai was a billionaire so while we’re not Man City we’re fairly rich. I also know the owners aspire to be in the top 4 so they seem to have more ambition than many of our fans. I suspect some fans will simply retort that they’re just being realistic but I honestly believe it’s not out of the question to enter the ranks of the big clubs, at least for a few seasons.
  5. There seems to be an emerging consensus about Puel; that he has a good long term vision but little tactical guile. In other words, he is successfully building a club for the future but not so successfully managing the present team. Could it be that he is cast in the wrong role? It happens to many managers when they get older. Their acquired wisdom is great for establishing an overall strategy and even culture, but their energy and ability to work directly with the players wanes. He seems slow to react, stubborn and rather stuck in the tactical past, preferring a very deliberate build-up to the faster counterattacking style currently in vogue but he is also calm, experienced and keen on growing young players. This begs the question as to whether both the Puel out and in camps are wrong. What if he were given a different role-perhaps albeit at the end of the season-as a long term strategist, but left the day to day tactics and management to a younger man? I’m not certain this would work by any means but it might. What do people think?
  6. Mr Weller

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    As I said because I think he’s a natural Director of Football rather than a manager,
  7. Mr Weller

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Puel is humourless and long winded in his interviews so people can’t warm to him. He stands and falls on results and losing at home to Cardiff is always going to make him unpopular. He does seem to have a good long term vision but lacks the guile of a master tactician. Too often the fans correctly predict the failings of his approach, yet he doesn’t appear to have the imagination required to help us learn from these mistakes. My suspicion is that he’s more of a Director of Football than a manager. I wouldn’t sack him yet but I think he needs someone with the ability to manage the players and the press more effectively; in other words play to his strengths and address his weaknesses.
  8. Mr Weller

    Chelsea 0 - 1 Leicester Post Match

    Some great posts here but what a difference one result makes; especially when it’s away at Chelsea. It seems we need to adapt our approach to the team we’re playing rather more than we have. Playing one way is not the answer for us. Teams can only do that when they’re much better than the opposition but we’re not. If Puel can become more pragmatic he has a chance of survival.
  9. Mr Weller

    Snow is falling.......

    Snow is falling All around us Leicester’s not playing (well) Or having fun Tis the season for love and understanding But for Puel There is none We’re gonna have A run of tough fixtures The chances are We’ll get zero points Like Santa, Claude Puel’s time is coming The sack is near Or so we believe It might be Top’s First big decision Unless we tank, Chelskie today, and then it’s all okay....continues until page 94
  10. Mr Weller

    Goose that laid the Golden Egg.

    A narrative about Pearson has emerged which claims that the Premier League win was the direct result of his work to lay the foundations in the previous year. Evidence that this is too simplistic of not rather romanticised is ignored because it doesn’t fit this narrative but there’s plenty of it Kante was bought after Pearson was sacked Neither Vardy or Maher really flourished under Pearson The great escape was founded on us stumbling on a tactic in the last quarter of the season. The big question about that season is not why we survived but why the team played so badly for so long despite having such good players. Pearson’s stubborn refusal to change tactics is quite probably a major reason. It is true that a long term strategy is necessary to get long term success but having such a strategy doesn’t automatically bring success. If the long term strategy is wrong it will just result in long term decline.
  11. Mr Weller

    Match of the Day 2018/19

    Staggered Worst football tragedy for years and we’re fourth Can't believe it Very disrespectful
  12. Mr Weller

    Players talking to BBC/Stringer - Its Time!

    The anodyne interviews with players are rather pointless and have become a ritual. Managers can sometimes betray their feelings more but equally they can just clam up and be rude like Pearson did. RL is there to serve listeners not the club. Players receive high wages because of media money-albeit mostly from sky-so they have to pander to their demands. The moment clubs try to dictate to the media is the moment the bubble busts and everyone knows it. I really couldn’t care less what the players think of Stringer. I’d rather he said it as he saw it-warts and all. Tbh it’s easier to criticise a player you never talk to as it’s less personal. RL and the BBC are entirely right to stick by their reporter.
  13. Mr Weller

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    People rightly say the result didn’t matter today but they made us proud.
  14. Mr Weller

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Cowardly decision from the referee to book Grey. The FA wouldn’t discipline him for not applying the letter of the law in these circumstances and he had a chance to win the respect of fans everywhere as well as the media but he took the cowards way out. More concerned about his own personal interest than doing the right thing. He should be ashamed and apologise.
  15. Mr Weller

    Helicopter crash

    Thank you from all Leicester fans to the wonderful football community who have sent their sympathies. We stand as one with you.