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  1. Any fool can deliberately put the most negative interpretation possible on everything and reach a conclusion but the vast majority of people think Rodgers has done a fantastic job, and clearly so do the owners.
  2. Exactly, Kante rose above it and Chilwell didn’t
  3. Can’t (that isn’t a spelling mistake)
  4. It is the Spurs song and that makes it more ironic. And we’ll do it again as in win at Wembley, which for the younger ones amongst you, we have in fact done many times...
  5. Leicester’s on the way to Wembley Foxes gonna do it again They can stop us, the super foxes The boys from Leicestershire Leicester’s on the Wembley Foxes gonna do it again Everybody will be singing When the blues come marching home Everybody will be singing When the blues...come...marching...hooome Oh Leicester, oh Leicester All together now...
  6. Football was certainly declining in the 80s, just look at the attendances. Anyone who regrets the invention of the Premier League forgets this. Having said that this can be overstated, football still had a huge following and was very much the national game. Having seen both eras I have to say the Premier League has been a great success and revitalised football but to say it saved it is perhaps too much. The communal experience has always appealed but TV helps people to connect when they can’t be there which actually increases interest so it can’t be a bad thing. However, for me, go
  7. You are very wrong, this is way bigger than you are thinking
  8. Not really. I doubt fate has anything to do with whether we beat Southampton. Let’s face it, it’s more likely than not as we’re the better team on most days. Of course we could lose but that’s true of any match.
  9. To be clear I was talking about my chances of going to the final but new hope beckons because it seems testing negative close to the game would also count!
  10. I listened to our semi final replay against Liverpool in 74 on the radio as a child because I was too young to go. It was heartbreaking. I was at Villa Park in 82 as a teenager when we lost to Spurs. It was awful. Now we face Southampton in the best semi final chance of my life with the very real prospect of a Wembley final. But I won’t be going if we get there because it’s a test event for vaccinated people and although I have had my first jab my son will have not. He was upset he would be effectively barred from this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity becau
  11. Excellent news and very proud of the women’s team.
  12. We have some impressive statisticians on here and it’s great fun to speculate but all we can say is we’re in a good position and if we keep playing like we have the future is bright. Exciting times
  13. Got tickets for the 82 semi in the Spurs end and had the indignity of having to watch us lose amongst an elated crowd. I was 17 then and have seen us get so close so many times since and then fall at the last hurdle. Like many I wondered if we would ever return so those who can’t remember that day, please forgive us our emotional reaction to this result. Somehow it means so much, we have finally got there again. Make no mistake though. This is a far better team with a much better chance to reach the final. I don’t remember the 69 final but we lost to Man Ci
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