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  1. Evans

    Too injury prone for me.
  2. Southampton 19th April

    1 senior season ticket for block B2 row H £20
  3. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    Agree with the first part the players can' have been very inspired by the appointment either.
  4. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    We can only hope
  5. Burnley away match thread

    Puel has to go for me this set of players are not motivated at all. I can' remember the last game we played really well in the first half.
  6. Burnley away match thread

    Blame puel for this Morgan shouldn't be playing in any premier league teams starting line up.
  7. Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Along with the new training ground this is great news.
  8. Fireworks Display And Free Chocolate

    you'd get comments like he could have made £100 we won the league two seasons ago
  9. Fireworks Display And Free Chocolate

    Cheer up guys we could have someone like Mike Ashley as chairman.
  10. There is one Ticket available on the website in B2 now
  11. New shirt sponsor.

    Where did you hear this ?
  12. FA Cup 2018

    Well done mate she'll just have to deal with it.
  13. WBA away - 3pm Sat 10th March

    Do West Brom keep the away fans in after the final whistle for any length of time ?
  14. City away shirt sale

    Wonder if they'll do this with the blue and black shirts ?