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  1. If there's no subs at half time I give up.
  2. I could be wrong mate just what I've heard. Probably BS
  3. Have heard a whisper that Maddison, Praet and Fuchs are starting.
  4. Kasper Justin Evans Soyuncu Chillwell Tielemans Ndidi Praet Perez Vardy Nacho Perez if Maddison isn't fit.
  5. Said it for a long time we have no plan B and are wingers provide nothing.
  6. I was thinking exactly the same the other day. He will be much better after this long break. However it is a concern how quickly he runs out of steam.
  7. That defenate mate or just guessing ?
  8. I no people will role there eyes because I've put albrighton and fuchs in my team, but I just think we will need experienced heads tomorrow. I also think we need two up front because vardy gets isolated in these games.
  9. Team news / formation should be very interesting tomorrow. This where Brendan earns his money. I'd go Kasper Ricky Evan's cags fuchs Ndidi Albrighton praet madders Vardy nacho
  10. We will need our fans behind us big time tomorrow. The performance doesnt matter as long as we get the three points 🤞
  11. 7 tickets available on general sale on the website.
  12. We have got away with it again this week results wise. Villa next week is huge for us now.
  13. Villa at home lineup I hope Kasper Justin Cags Evan's Fuchs Ndidi Tielemans Madders Ricardo Albrighton Vardy Lose this game and questions will be being asked.
  14. Kasper Ricardo Bennett Evan's Cags Chilly Ndidi Youri Madders Nacho Vardy
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