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  1. Thank god we havent got to put up with Tyler, Neville and Carragher for the next game 💩
  2. Well that's totally cocked up@SkySportsPL for tomorrow. I bet they had the 1st vs 2nd montage ready to go. #biased #LCFC #PremierLeague
  3. Have you heard anything about Cags contract, I thought they had started talks ages ago ?
  4. Not are best performance but it's 3 points so we'll take that. God knows what Newcastle fans are thinking 💩
  5. Rodgers needs to get the subs on quickly in this game because if we don't watch out I can see them sneaking a goal.
  6. Is Rodgers doing a press conference for the Newcastle game today ?
  7. This is a game that Under could really come of age in.
  8. Good point, but Brendan is a lucky man. Too slow with subs.
  9. Fingers crossed can't wait to get back. 🤞🙏
  10. Kasper Ricardo Evan's Fofana Castagne /Justin Ndidi Tielemans Maddison Under Barnes Vardy
  11. He really struggled tonight, worry for him when Wilf comes back because I don't think he'll even be on the bench.
  12. We weren't on it tonight, fair play to Liverpool. Let's dust ourselves off and move onto the next one.
  13. And me cracking performance, Rodgers out and Southgate in I say
  14. He's got alot more in his locker than Perez that's for sure, I'm really excited to see how he progresses.
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