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  1. Great news he's a fantastic role model for the young players, and on his day still a good player.
  2. Spot on he's shown absolutely nothing in regards to effort or quality since the day he joined.
  3. Don't take things so seriously, this is a player who's done absolutely nothing for us and even his national team manager has criticised his effort and dropped him. Racist remarks are wrong I agree but when your efforts are being questioned by your own countries manager and your own fans you have to expect some criticism and playful banter like above.
  4. Can we get relegated or is it the bottom two ?
  5. Would love Barnes to get the winner
  6. There's still a few on the website mate. Cheapest being £30 in block m1.
  7. A few more tickets are available again now on the website.
  8. 2 tickets together have become available on the official website.
  9. 50 left on the website.
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