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  1. 2 tickets together have become available on the official website.
  2. 50 left on the website.
  3. That was poor, why do we never come out fired up it's so frustrating.
  4. Fulham have sent back there tickets for Blocks M1 and M2 so theirs another 400 tickets available.
  5. Didn't see Vardy in the training clips today, hopefully he's not injured and just in the gym.
  6. This is Lcfc mate nothing would surprise me.
  7. Not much reaction from the players, you normally get some messages on Facebook or Twitter thanking the gaffer and wishing him good luck. The silence says it all really
  8. Lads just admit it you'll miss puels interviews.
  9. Never any danger of a resignation is the
  10. Will they release any more blocks for this ?
  11. RIP Gordon Banks a true legend of our club and our only world cup winner. Really hope the club do something special at the King Power to celebrate his life. 💙🦊🙏
  12. 1x adult and 1x under 8 ticket in the family stand for sale £27
  13. Really want puel gone personally, however these next two games are very big for us. So let's try and have a positive atmosphere in the ground and see how things go. However lose both these games and the club has to expect some heavy criticism.
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