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  1. Villa at home lineup I hope Kasper Justin Cags Evan's Fuchs Ndidi Tielemans Madders Ricardo Albrighton Vardy Lose this game and questions will be being asked.
  2. Kasper Ricardo Bennett Evan's Cags Chilly Ndidi Youri Madders Nacho Vardy
  3. The comparison with lingard is spot on.
  4. He's just not good enough. He doesn't score and he doesnt create. Time to sell.
  5. Kasper Justin Cags Evans Fuchs Hamza Tielemans Maddison Albrighton Ricardo Vardy 4-1-4-1 with ricardo on the right and albrighton on the left.
  6. Just sent an email to the club reiterating what you've said. I'll post what response I get.
  7. Only £6 to park at the stadium for the wigan and villa game.
  8. In that case why go to any game that's on tv ? Imagine if every fan thought like that 😒
  9. Absolutely love are owners but we are now going to find out how ambitious they are.
  10. Wake up everyone if we want to do anything long term £ is needed. I dont like saying that either.
  11. Young old doesnt matter absolutely terrible
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