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  1. Formation changes this season.
  2. Not sure if this has already been posted or not but just shows VAR favours certain teams...
  3. Found this stat out of when Ndidi and Perez have started together in the premier league. The game we lost was against Man City.
  4. I think Brendan doesn’t know his best team anymore and is changing the team too frequently. I’ve got an analytical background so during furlough I’ve looked at the stats and created an article on where we could be going wrong. If anyone is interested it is here: https://www.foxesfancast.com/post/has-brendan-rodgers-lost-his-magic-touch
  5. Thanks man!! You are a hero! Been looking for this for so long to give to my Dad. Will make his day.
  6. They also told me to check on YouTube for the footage...
  7. Yeah seems that way. Bit mental that the club only had one copy and somehow misplaced that and the digital copy.
  8. I was wondering if anyone could help. I've been looking for the fearless dvd (season review 14/15) for about 3 to 4years. I've just emailed the club to see if they have a digital copy and seems like they have lost all their copies, physical and digital (see screenshot). Does anyone have a copy they are willing to sell or a digital version they can share? I'd be willing to pay for a copy. Also might be worth giving the club a copy!
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