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  1. Not a problem here you go. This is the Nigeria and Turkey shirts I brought. I also got the Nigeria socks you can see in the photo. I'll post the maroon ones side by side once the fa cup one arrives.
  2. No worries. If you want I can send a picture of one of the ones I have brought if that helps. I've ordered this shirt last night and when it arrives will compare to the one I brought at the club shop.
  3. From the ones I have brought they seem genuine as best can be. As I compared them to my other shirts and couldn't see where the difference was. Size wise I'd say the same as well as I ordered medium for all my 4 shirts and that was a good fit.
  4. This shirt has just dropped on soccerlord. Used this site loads the shirts are very good quality. Got my tielemans Belgium shirt, niddi Nigeria shirt, cags turkey shirt and cambiasso inter Milan shirt. All came with Nike/adidas tags on. Would highly recommend. Link is here: https://www.soccerlord.se/product/leicester-city-fa-cup-final-football-shirt-20-21/
  5. My grandad, DCI David Baker, was one of the people responsible for catching pitchfork and pushed for DNA testing to be used for the first time in the police force. So this case gets talked a lot within my family. As people have stated. Not sure how he is allowed to be released as already shown that he can be deceitful (getting someone else to take his DNA test for him) and for committing two brutal murders of teenagers 3 years apart should automatically mean he never even steps a foot outside of a prison.
  6. https://www.lcfc.com/news/2153821/leicester-city-202122-adidas-home-kit-revealed
  7. Just signing up to EE Wembley (https://wembley.ee.co.uk/signup/) to see if I can enter as I'll take any chance I can get to get a ticket and they have Leicester down as being in the championship... But I agree, we should have some ticket info before the sponsors start sorting themselves out!
  9. https://www.lcfc.com/tv/954625/sheila-kent-celebrates-40-years-at-lcfc
  10. I've created a petition on change.org. We need to fight against this PPV as if we just sit back and take this before we know it this will become the norm. I know it might not change anything overnight but we need a way to send a message to the premier League. http://chng.it/N9XyDGzqFf Does anyone know if foxes trust or anyone else are planning any action to combat this?
  11. There’s a really good article on the Athletic about the PPV and about how Susan Whelan spoke “passionately” against the plan. Chief executives from other clubs spoke out against the move as well but once they saw the figures they decided to vote in favour...
  12. Premier League pay-per-view plan will 'drive fans towards illegal streams' https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54491180
  13. I thought this and nearly brought it but it says “There will be more than 175 exclusive Premier League games on Peacock during the 2020-21 season, out of 380, with the rest of the games on NBCSN and across the NBC family of channels.” so just about as good as sky.
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