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  1. Is it too early to restart the teams that can’t catch us yet thread?
  2. Hi looking for 2 tickets for Sunday. Preferably 1 adult 1 child but would take 2 adults. PM me. Thanks.
  3. IMO madders is the better player tho. Maybe biased I don’t know
  4. Was planning on taking him to the shrink until he said he’d take Rodgers over ole. I think Rodgers is top 3 managers in PL atm. Would anyone out of top 4 not take Brendan?
  5. Just asked my mate who supports Utd for his combined 11. No surprise he only put 3 city players in his squad. What are these delusional people drinking? Rashford over vardy? Lindelof over cags?
  6. Looking for 2 tickets. Hoping to take my daughter to her first city game this year. 1x adult 1x child. Will also take 2x adult if that’s what it takes. PM Me
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