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  1. Is this a must win game?
  2. Bought a silver membership yesterday. Where do I find my membership no? Thanks.
  3. Anyone know if under 2s need a ticket or can they get in on my ticket? Anyone know if under 2s need a ticket or can they get in on my ticket?
  4. Looking for 2 tickets if someone can help? No messing around will pay and pick up from anywhere! Thanks
  5. Can we please have a song to sing back to the Spurs fans on Sunday. Was a little intimidated by the "Leicester city, we're coming for you" chant.
  6. Was just saying Bentley he had potential a lot like a few of the players in our squad now
  7. Just read an article on David Bentley and thought he could have done a job in our team this season if he was still playing. Simpson, Huth, albrighton and drinky were all thrown out. What other players that have been thrown out could be revived under Claudio??
  8. Need 2 tickets for tomorrow's game. Help. Can be u22 tickets.
  9. When do we start a thread for the teams that can't catch us? :-)
  10. What 3 players from the starting 11 would you actually sell then? For me gotta be Simpson, Wes and okazaki
  11. Walcott will be on before vardy. May as well turn off now.
  12. anyone got a good link for this game? please help
  13. I think our best business of the summer will be not letting anyone leave
  14. That's a nice turn around on mahrez in a year an half. How much did we Pay for him? But would have to triple that price for me to sell
  15. We are fairly quiet with our work but I've literally heard no rumours.