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  1. josh_baskin

    Season tickets

    Lower the membership fee??
  2. Genuinely think sterling believes he’s got the ability of messi and ronaldo
  3. josh_baskin

    England v Panama - Match Thread

    As happy anyone for Kane getting the hat trick but let’s be real, two penalties and one fortuitous deflection against piss poor opposition
  4. Biggest away win in that shirt? West Ham maybe? ?
  5. josh_baskin

    The Nineties

    no nineties playlist can ever be complete without this moment hit
  6. josh_baskin

    Who from our 10 at the World Cup will make the biggest impact

    Maybe this could be the chance for Kasper to shine and finally get his big or abroad.
  7. josh_baskin


    Hate it personally, not a fan of Adidas, now we look exactly the same As all the other clubs in generic looking 3 stripe kits, would have taken Umbro myself.
  8. Got 1 adult and 1 under 8 for the WEST HAM game in the family stand if anyone is interested, postage and PayPal. Thanks.
  9. josh_baskin

    West Ham-Saturday 5th May

    Got 1 adult and 1 under 8 for the family stand if anyone is interested in this, postage and PayPal. Thanks.
  10. josh_baskin

    New Statue

    Can’t for the life of me understand why this has never been suggested
  11. josh_baskin

    What did we learn today?

    Not trying to single him out but I feel also he’s one of the main reasons we struggle to shrug of some of this long ball culture in the team with his distribution of the ball most of the time
  12. josh_baskin

    Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    But can you really blame the manager for Diabate giving away that dire throwing leading to Newcastle’s second or even the stonewall penalty shout in the first half?
  13. 1 x Adult Arsenal ticket 17/3/18, West stand A1 row EE £30, prefer PayPal and postage.
  14. josh_baskin