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  1. The Cummings leaving no10 through the front door has to be the most obviously staged pr stunt my eyes have beheld.
  2. Doesn’t matter how educated you are, you vote based on how it effects your daily life, I imagine a lot of the now broken communities in the coastal areas that had there livelihoods desecrated by the eu greatly reducing there fishing quotas need to look that far into it.
  3. I voted to remain but the majority of the voting general public wanted to leave. Respecting, accepting and honouring the outcome of any democratic vote is always the best thing for any society.
  4. Placed a coin on a rhinoceros’ backside and walked off.
  5. Yes it seems to have had the woke treatment
  6. Anyone seen the new high fidelity series on STARZPLAY?
  7. The shows been dull for years in my opinion, only tuned in when Danny Simpson was a contestant, would love ‘They think it’s all over’ to return.
  8. What kind of people are they? People who have the right to voice there disapproval to something because they live in a democracy maybe. Would all the people of Evington approve if the plans were for a synagogue?
  9. It was also worded as saying a place of worship which is likely to prompt even bigger mass gatherings during the time of a pandemic, in a city which has already faced lockdown on one occasion.
  10. Obviously there must be demand for one which is a good reason alone but whoever started the petition deems this to be impractical, warranting a debate like in any in any other good democratic society.
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