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  1. I do not think Maddison would have made much difference by the way we leaked 3 goals from just 3 attempts
  2. Diving ’cheating’ in football has now become an embarrassment and unfortunately it has become the norm. Years ago when there was a heavy tackle in the penalty area a penalty kick was awarded. Today its clearly the intention of many teams to ‘win’ a penalty and the skillset players employ is that the slightest contact with the opposition they will collapse screaming as thought they have been shot by a sniper. Several players including Kane, Sane have openly admitted that if they feel the slightest contact they will go to ground and win a penalty, to my mind this is blatant cheating
  3. When you just gently brush against someone in Tesco they do not normally collapse dramatically on the floor
  4. I think he knows in his mind what he wants to do, but unfortunately his legs don’t seem to know
  5. No awareness, first touch or technique like a rabbit in the headlights when he gets a pass
  6. I totally agree as I checked with the line up just to check he was. His problem is that his technical ability is not as good as he thinks it is
  7. I also in RMS but tempted to hang on in for the moment as they have 3 diverse companies and any one of them good turn up trumps. I use to have quite a few AIM shares but switched to main market more, too many flops, although some of my AIM shares have been a success like Boohoo which I bought a few years ago for 14p and are now worth around £3.60 ish
  8. Why did Barnes not take the penalty, it’s obvious from his body language he has lost all of his convidence
  9. The Euro matches are now taking their toll. Quite simply the players weekly training system has been dramatically changed. From last nights game there were many misplaced passes, Casper made errors even kicking out of play from a goal kick. I think tiredness and lack of preparation which they enjoyed before each prem game has gone. Selection was also strange last night, why not stick with the Thomas Barnes combination as it worked extremely well.
  10. We really do need a midfield general it’s a bit like headless chickens at times. We have a few very good players, we have a few good players, but not enough of either
  11. The a very generous opinion, Division 2 more suitable,. His passing accuracy is dreadful, What does he add to the team.?
  12. 5 minutes left and Maddison ambles to take the corner as though we were winning 6 nil. They had more tempo, intensity, ideas, Unfortunately this result is not a surprise
  13. Could be OK playing for a pub side, that’s his level
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