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  1. He won't go to Arsenal, because if he jumps ship so soon at LCFC his reputation would be shattered, He knows after Celtic he needs to achieve something quite special here and if it all goes to plan, then he would probably be wanted by a major European club
  2. Unfortunately Söyüncü only brushed the guy who dived as soon as he made contact. It is disturbing to hear players, media talk about winning a penalty as opposed to a penalty being awarded. As Kane said as soon has he feels contact he goes down, surely this is basically downright cheating intentionally making contact to WIN a penalty
  3. The dark horse in the scenario is Man City who I suspect will put in a high and acceptable bid at the very last minute so tactically they will weaken LCFC. We will not have the opportunity to find a top level replacement and they have an advantage. I also suspect the top 6 sides are all just a bit wary of what to expect next season and we could be the surprise package with a talented young squad. To prevent last minute effort the club should officially announce a cut off date.
  4. The whole problem is compounded by the way the Premier League clubs operate which is food & drink for Sky. For example Maguire signed a 4-5 year contract months ago, but actually the majority of players who sign these long contracts have no loyalty to their clubs and at the first opportunity, big pay rise they are off. Surely it would make more sense to have 12 month rolling contract which must be adhered to
  5. It’s desperate reporting because without Maguire, Lukaku, Progba & MUFC they have absolutely nothing of interest to discuss
  6. I cannot imagine Pep paying £80 million for Maquire when he thought he was too slow and could be exposed prior to our game with mc
  7. The problem is that we have a reputation of selling our best influential player every season e.g. Kante, Marhez and now it looks as if Maquire will go. Why do we have to sell our advantage and give the advantage to the likes of mc
  8. A salary cap like premier league rugby, then you might have a level playing field
  9. If we do have the ambition to challenge the top 6 clubs, then we operate they way they do, keep all the best players and pick off the best players e.g Kante, Marez when they need it. If we sell Maguire, Chillwell and Maddison, then obviously we don't have the same intent and happy to remain a wealthy mid table club. However, I'm sure Rogers when he took on the job would have been assured that the best will stay, otherwise he would not be here.
  10. Do a Levy and stick £200 million as a starter
  11. He only has to look at what’s happening to marez spending most of the games sitting on the bench, his choice
  12. I've always admired Kloop, but blaming snow on the pitch for the result, then clearing at halftime just the half they were attacking, very poor sport !
  13. He would be an excellent buy with valuable experience to assist our younger players
  14. He sometimes (not often) makes strong direct runs at goal with the ball, then stops with no idea what to do - rabbit in headlights comes to mind. Technically he's not anywhere as good as I was expecting for his price tag.
  15. I thought the Puel style was working to a certain extent, but it’s not now. The intensity, ball retention has virtually disappeared, they never look like scoring. There is quality in the players many are internationals, so what’s gone wrong, unfortunately I believe it’s Puel
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