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  1. Even when we are losing we play at a pace as though we are winning
  2. The main problem is it’s a pretty uninspiring bunch of candidates to select from, surely there’s got to be someone else in the party who is better than this lot.
  3. We seemed nervous on the big stage for such an important game. Technically, tactically they were in a different league and completely destroyed our normal game. They had more intensity, we had no time to pass accurately they were one us every time and our normal structured game plan did not work. Unfortunately BR did not have an answer and I don't think we had one corner which demonstrates our attacking wing backs were stifled. The penalty awarded was typical case of diving and it saddens me that this cheating part of the game must be practiced behind closed doors at many clubs. The only positive outcome from the match demonstrated that several of our key players are not yet ready for the big transfer moves touted by the media and I think the same would now apply to BR as well.
  4. He won't go to Arsenal, because if he jumps ship so soon at LCFC his reputation would be shattered, He knows after Celtic he needs to achieve something quite special here and if it all goes to plan, then he would probably be wanted by a major European club
  5. Unfortunately Söyüncü only brushed the guy who dived as soon as he made contact. It is disturbing to hear players, media talk about winning a penalty as opposed to a penalty being awarded. As Kane said as soon has he feels contact he goes down, surely this is basically downright cheating intentionally making contact to WIN a penalty
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