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  1. I envy you. Complete opposite for me, I hate cooking and honestly start dreading dinner time the closer it gets. I love eating food, so it's a shame really, and even though I'm reasonably good at it I just see cooking as a proper chore.
  2. Had to order our Chinese from somewhere we've never used before. If I'm not seen again it was the Chinese that finished me off. The food, not the virus, obviously.
  3. Does being too fvcking lazy to cook count as a valid reason?
  4. FoxesDeb

    Corona Virus

    I'm still not sure about these figures, I know of quite a few people now who have it, it's pretty apparent from the symptoms they have, but as they are managing at home they aren't part of the official statistics.
  5. We've used TJ's in Aylestone a couple of times, and it was business as usual, normal delivery times.
  6. FoxesDeb

    Corona Virus

    And there's been plenty of them here over the last few weeks
  7. I think I need to get on Money Heist, I've never seen any of it
  8. FoxesDeb

    Corona Virus

    If money allows, definitely stay at home
  9. Yeah maybe it felt like it just wasn't measuring up to Breaking Bad and that's why I didn't stick with it. I remember Narcos took me a couple of tries, I very nearly gave up on it. Now one of my all time faves.
  10. FoxesDeb

    Corona Virus

    I'm definitely with you on the guilt thing, I'm working from home though so I don't get the luxury of having all the time to myself 😊 I'm a bit different in that I don't want to return to the office either. Seriously though, we're all doing what we can, and what we need to do in such an unprecedented time. No need for guilt. I got quite emotional this morning watching the nurse on the BBC breakfast programme. Everyone was thanking her, and she was overwhelmed by the lovely gestures that she has received and just kept thanking everyone else. If you're staying at home you're saving lives and helping the NHS. Not much more anyone can ask 😊
  11. I still think Bloodline doesn't get enough of a mention anywhere, I thought it was great
  12. Yeah, I started it and enjoyed it as far as I can remember, I'm not really sure why I stopped. Everyone else now raving about it recently is telling me that I should go back to it
  13. FoxesDeb

    Corona Virus

    That implies that some people don't already do that
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