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  1. Don't really give a fvck what his chant is, as long as he ends up here tbh
  2. We have to sign him now, if only because every time I read his name I sing it in my head, followed by he's magic, you knowwwwww
  3. I need 2, I'll take them off your hands it you still have them, sounds like it will be easier than buying from the club!
  4. Can you please stop posting these well observed balanced opinions, it goes against everything I've come to know FT transfer threads to be
  5. The way things are around here atm you wouldn't have to try very hard and you could break the whole forum tbf
  6. No, but I seriously doubt it
  7. Am I allowed to now ask the Algerians to politely fvck off to the Arse? Their constant love for Mahrez and not City has been nauseating. One club, LTID.
  8. Have you not been following the plane tracking thread? I thought we kept trying to drop him off in Darlington
  9. He disappointed me last season, but so did many things LCFC related. I will miss the heart stopping, edge of my seat, will he produce a moment of magic though. I love him, and I'm sad he's going even though I realise it's probably for the best. Onwards and upwards though eh
  10. Decent
  11. It's taken about 4 hours but was well worth it. Pure comedy genius some of it. Somebody needs to link to some more classics like that.
  12. I'm sorry but I laughed more than I should have at this. I wish you the best of luck, sounds like you need to do what's best for you rather than everyone else though....
  13. Humble Bee Farm in Yorkshire is fab, and Peppa Pig world near Southampton has accommodation and is also great for small children