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  1. Easier said than done in a diesel automatic
  2. Thanks, I will try music magpie. My local charity shops don't want them, the same as books, my books end up in the recycling bin. It must be my age but it seems a real shame to bin the music I have loved so much, it's just so accessible online now that I have no need for the CD
  3. So I should drive the whole length of, say, Milligan Road, at around 5mph?
  4. What do people do with old vinyl records, CD's and DVD's? I have no use for them, they don't seem to be worth anything, do I just take them to the tip? It seems a shame to just send it all to landfill but I can't find anyone who might be able to recycle them.
  5. I drive a fairly small car and I need to brake for speed bumps. If I didn't my suspension would have been fvcked a long time ago.
  6. I hope it goes well for you. There shouldn't be any shame in representing yourself if it's because you can't afford representation otherwise. Anyway, good luck 🤞
  7. The Shires in Peatling Parva does an amazing carvery
  8. Have you looked on Ancestry? It's possible that she or her mum is part of a family tree on there, which may help. If he is her father and went to register the birth he will be named on the certificate, I think you can view them online these days. I think it would be unusual to give her daughter another man's surname, I still use my married name although I'm divorced, but if I had a child with my new partner but didn't marry him, I would give the child his name, not my old married name. I suppose it depends if she stayed with the father or not, if it's not your wife's dad....
  9. What are the different opinions? One for eradicating potentially fatal diseases, and the other for putting vulnerable people at risk of dreadful illness and possibly death?
  10. No. Nothing to do with the way I vote, but I have 2 sons, one of whom will turn 16 next month and one who is 19. It scares me slightly that my eldest will be able to vote, my other son wouldn't have a clue. Plus I could probably persuade him to vote however I told him to, so it wouldn't be his vote at all.
  11. It must depend on the store then, there's plenty of space at the Tesco I use for trollies as well at the self-checkout
  12. Maybe CCTV could flush out the perpetrators? I hope it all pans out for you, anyway
  13. The small trollies with only a few items are acceptable, no?
  14. Just an ordinary Valentine's Day. It explains why my 2 youngest share the same birthday, 3 years apart
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