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  1. I thought this had been discussed before and they weren't transferrable?
  2. Now that we've reached the final I feel I need more details to make an informed decision. Have any of the dishes been assembled on a shoestring, or have they had money thrown at them? Who are the chef's? Or is it like football manager where I am the chef?
  3. No, just sold out to Gold. The 500 for Silver will still be there.
  4. The Sevilla fans were equally as classy, they turned and applauded us as one. Unfortunately I think it is we who need to learn from them, hopefully next time we are in Europe we can behave with as much class as the European fans that I have seen have towards us.
  5. Just took my car to be cleaned inside and out. It was so filthy it was embarrassing, and I apologised to them. It's almost like driving a brand new car now though.
  6. Or try Gumtree?
  7. I loved the Good Wife, thanks for the heads up on the spin off, I haven't seen that. Also love Catastrophe, although I haven't got round to watching the latest ones yet. I like Grace and Frankie, that's pretty light hearted, probably a bit girlie though. I also love Orange is the new black, again probably more a woman's show though.
  8. From about 1 minute 15 onwards
  9. This is the first season Gold members haven't been able to buy at the same time as Silvers, it's because of the guaranteed tickets for each bracket which we didn't have before. It is a pain when friends and family have different membership levels, makes it hard to sit together. I didn't realise it had changed before we renewed ours this year and have my daughter on silver while the rest of us have Gold. My fault for not reading the t&c's, just assumed it would be the same as other years.
  10. I don't think anyone has said the Tifo or lack of is more important than the game, just that it's such a shame we have to have a club organised one, which historically have not been that inspiring
  11. 27
  12. I absolutely love this, best thing on normal TV at the minute imo. Agree that the plot is a bit far fetched, but very clever and always leaves me looking forward to the next episode
  13. I might have, not sure yet, if everyone sends me a DM I won't bother coming back and letting you know
  14. People who post requests in the tickets forum with no manners, don't people say please anymore? Also people who post saying they may have a ticket available, they don't know. Why not just post if it is available? Or do they just want loads of messages?
  15. All the way from Crystal Palace? Even for Jeff that's a stretch surely?