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  1. FoxesDeb

    How Was Your Day?

    Happy birthday 🎂 I don't want to worry you but the older you get the faster it goes too
  2. Where's the option for what we achieved? That was by far the best PL achievement imo
  3. FoxesDeb

    FA Cup 2017-18

    I'm rooting for Chelsea. Don't really care for either of them, but obviously have fond memories of Hazard's goal in our title winning season, so that's what swings it for me. But only because for some reason I have to pick a team whatever I'm watching.
  4. FoxesDeb

    The Royal Wedding 2018 (Harry and Meghan)

    Filling up? I've sobbed through most of it with a massive smile on my face
  5. FoxesDeb

    The Royal Wedding 2018 (Harry and Meghan)

    Well I'm watching it, and I think it's lovely
  6. If they include away points I'm on 63, but who knows? 😉 Home points are 42
  7. Do the away points mean anything? Not expecting you to have the answer, I'm just thinking out loud 🤣
  8. Home points or home and away added together?
  9. FoxesDeb

    Questions Thread

    How can anyone hear anything other than Laurel??
  10. I'm glad it worked out well for you, I use it quite a lot 😊
  11. FoxesDeb

    How Was Your Day?

    Make the most of it Congratulations and good luck
  12. As a member with 42 points I'd like to think that I would have priority over someone with far fewer. However this is LCFC, so it's doubtful
  13. FoxesDeb

    Kids on Holidays in Term Time.

    We're lucky in Leicestershire that the first week of the school summer holidays and October half term are different from the rest of the country, so we usually go then. If you book at the right time cheap holidays abroad can be found in the school holidays too. I took my two youngest, although one counts as another adult, to Majorca for 10 days in the Easter holidays this year for around £500. We went to Kefalonia for Spring half term week last year for the same price.
  14. FoxesDeb

    Questions Thread

    I don't think that's what @Beliallmeant....
  15. FoxesDeb

    Questions Thread

    I would imagine they'll send you the correct one, it's their mistake, not that you've changed your mind. I can't see that they'll be too interested in you returning the wrong one either, after all they can't resell it. But they will definitely have to replace it.