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  1. FoxesDeb


    I'm really feeling down. I don't really have any friends to speak of, obviously I have colleagues at work but I don't really have any one that I can talk to properly. I should be really grateful for what I do have and my partner is great, but I just think sometimes I really need to talk to a friend. I'm so envious of those of you who have kept in touch with your friends, mine have all moved away or we've just lost touch. No point to this really other than to say that even when you live with someone you can still be lonely.
  2. When I need to upgrade my daughter's season ticket for the matches she can't make what price do the club charge? The uplift to full single match ticket price, or the difference between the child and adult season ticket price? Also when she was a member there was a limit on the number of times we could upgrade to adult, does this apply to her ST now too?
  3. You can relocate for every game, but you'll need to do it over the phone or at the shop because you can't buy online for children on their own. The ticket office will be able to advise you with a seat for your season ticket that has free seats around it, but there's no guarantee that they'll be free when you come to buy your children's tickets so you still may need to relocate. Hth.
  4. Yes if one is, you both are
  5. Just got mine for my daughter
  6. The Imperial War museum is decent if that's your thing, it's free too
  7. The Shining Full Metal Jacket Brief Encounter Saw (the first one) Love Story (The Ali McGraw and Ryan O'Neal one)
  8. I'm really sorry to hear that 🙁
  9. They should have used one to cut the paper straight
  10. Took my car to the garage thinking it needed a new exhaust, and found out that it actually needed a new catalytic converter. Cost me £530, it's only 5 years old and done less than 80k. I should have kept my Alfa 🙄
  11. I think this is how it's referred to these days. My partner and I have moved in together, in fact it was nearly a year ago now. He has two children and hopefully after the court hearing next week they will be able to spend alternate weekends with us. At the moment we only have them for the day, every other Saturday due to the distance, and because their Mum has made it very difficult, even though he's a great Dad. They are both quite happy when they are here, they get on well with my children, and they seem to like me, we've had some fab times together and we do so much more together as a family than they do at home. They are permanently tired though, mainly because she has them doing every after school activity possible, and especially the youngest, who is 5, gets a bit emotional when it's time to go back home in the evening, she says it's because she misses her Mum. I'm worried it might be a problem when they finally spend the whole weekend with us. Does anyone else have any experience of trying to make this kind of thing work?
  12. The older I get, the younger people seem to be when they die. Frightens the life out of me, it really does. RIP.
  13. FoxesDeb


    We visited Juno beach last year, very moving looking out onto the beach just trying to imagine what it must have been like. The photos below were taken at Juno, the monument is pretty breathtaking
  14. I know someone who says 'etc' in every post he makes 🤔
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