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  1. Why is @ealingfox always so confused?
  2. I'd forgotten all about it, I can't remember how far I got into it but it was getting boring, not worth going back to it?
  3. FoxesDeb


    Keep talking, we're all listening and here to try and help x
  4. Same here. I just can't justify it this time.
  5. Contraception is never 100% reliable. Maybe she hasn't always had the choice. But if she's using abortion as her form of contraception then yes, that is pretty shameful.
  6. £5.99 for what, 120 minutes?
  7. Hard to believe this was 4 years ago already
  8. Now there's a band I haven't heard mentioned in years
  9. He called Dele Ali a weapon though, and that made me smile ☺
  10. You do hear it sometimes, I've certainly heard bastard on both Eastenders and Corrie
  11. I hate the evolution of language where it is wrong. Can I get is one of my personal pet hates
  12. Yes it is absolutely matters! It grinds my gears daily. But then maybe it just says more about me.. 😊
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