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  1. Same here, I just press mine again though and it works
  2. If you're in Leicestershire you need to make use of the first week of our school summer holidays in July when he starts, we always finish a week before the rest of the country so it's still cheap. Same goes for our October half term but I think that's going to change in the future.
  3. I'm not really sure how any of this is relevant to what I said, maybe you quoted the wrong post. But I certainly disagree with the bit in bold when we have people booing
  4. From what I can see the only people taking the piss are our supposed 'supporters' who do any thing but support..
  5. Maybe it signifies that only a very small section of the fan base were aware that the petition existed.
  6. Probably like the ones on Little Glen Road in Wigston, they drive me mad too.
  7. Not quite the same, but many years ago I regularly used to drive an old Fiesta 950 on the A47 to Peterborough and back. I'd always hang back before overtaking on the odd bit of dual carriageway and let the obviously faster cars go before me. It could have taken me the whole stretch just for me to not quite make it 🙄
  8. I always eat my breakfast at work, simply because I don't get hungry until about half 9 at the earliest. Getting up at an earlier time makes absolutely no difference. I'm not convinced that this makes me a moron...
  9. I genuinely think many people have absolutely no idea of how to drive on the motorway. I'm convinced that much of our motorway congestion would be reduced if people could just drive as they should
  10. Definitely felt odd watching it cosied up in the warm eating chocolate rather than with a glass of something cold. So far Callum seems the nicest, but then I look at him and see Dele Ali which makes me think cvnt
  11. If nothing else can we please stop assuming that everyone who wants to stand all game, sing all game, and generally help create a better atmosphere is male, young, and a new fan?
  12. OK. So apple crumble, half and half cinnamon. It's about ready now anyway, if you want Yorkshire pudding please come and get them
  13. Malta is my absolute favourite place in the world, when are you looking at going?
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