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  1. I have learned to decipher over the years, and make allowances for many factors which have become apparent
  2. The number of people purely focussing on actual deaths continues to astound me too. There is so much information coming out about the potential long term health implications for people who have been infected, even those who are not particularly ill, or even show no symptoms at all. There are studies which have found multiple organ damage, mental impairment, chronic fatigue, all life changing, but hey, they're not dead so let's all get back to normal. The long term damage is quite frightening if people could actually be bothered to read it, but sadly some seem to just want to bury their heads in the sand, or just look at the numbers of actual deaths. Unfortunately keeping this at bay as best we can relies on the majority having some kind of moral responsibility, which seems to be lacking in so many people these day. If we carry on like this it won't be long before the NHS is overwhelmed again, as is already coming close in France and Spain.
  3. I'm actually getting rid of the Clio on Monday, I think we spoke about it before. It's a 17 plate auto and it's only done 6k, it's still immaculate and just like new, I'll be sad to see it go but I just don't need it anymore. The Renault dealer on Abbey Lane has offered me nearly as much as I owe, so I'm happy with that, still going to be sad parting with it though...
  4. The Focus? I thought I needed something sensible, I'd just left my husband. The first Giulia? I realised the Focus was boring, and I'd always wanted an Alfa. The second Giulia? I loved the first, but it was getting too high mileage and the red wasn't bright enough! plus it was diesel which I'm not a fan of, and so I went for a newer, petrol, brighter red one. The Clio because I was meant to be downsizing my monthly payments, plus I fancied a change. I don't know really, I just like changing my cars!
  5. So, the first car, the one in Barnsley, I had driven similar elsewhere yes. It was a Focus, and although it was a lovely car, it was a bit boring so I chopped it in for my first Giulia. I didn't drive that at all, just bought it. When it started getting a bit high on miles I changed it for another one, again without driving it first. And my current car, the Clio, I had never driven one at all. I've maybe been lucky, but I've never had a problem and never regretted one of them. Houses, yes I probably would! We're looking to relocate currently, albeit abroad, and with the way the market is moving atm we definitely might end up offering before we visit. It's all about the research
  6. I have done similar, maybe you should target women! I love cars, and have been through a few recently. The first one I bought without driving first, I had decided exactly what model I wanted. But I knew what colour, what engine, and what spec. Unfortunately what I wanted had to have been chosen as options by the person who ordered it new, so it was very difficult to find. I found it in Barnsley though, at a great price, and bought it without seeing it. The same when I bought an Alfa Guilia, and most recently my Clio. I spend a long time deciding exactly the model and spec, so when I find it I know it's what I want. If I've driven one locally I know what to expect, and I'm not bothered about driving the actual car. I think you would need to be the best, or very close to the best, price on the internet though. Oh and I am also exactly the type of person who would buy a house in the way you describe too
  7. Well I wouldn't buy a BMW from anywhere because I don't drive like a cvnt, but I take your point. And maybe the point you make around pricing will change in the future. But I think companies probably have bigger concerns at the moment, and at the end of the day if you're receiving the same service that you were previously, is it really that big a deal atm?
  8. I'm not sure why people working from home is a problem, I've been doing it since March and I didn't suddenly forget how to do my job, just the way I did in the office. If people perceive it as less professional that's on them
  9. The underlying health conditions have included obesity, normally managed moderate asthma, diabetes and pregnancy. People who would not normally have died of these conditions alone, and would certainly have been expected to live more than 'a little longer'. I don't disagree with your point regarding the excess deaths though.
  10. The underlying health conditions were not necessarily going to cause any of those people to die at the time they did had they not contracted covid though. Millions of people live with underlying health conditions, you can live a perfectly normal life, and have a pretty good life expectancy, with many underlying health conditions. It's not these conditions that killed these people at the time they died.
  11. Well we called it lockdown, but we were allowed to go food shopping, allowed out to exercise, and allowed to go to work if you couldn't work from home, so not really what I thought of as a proper lockdown before it happened
  12. Yes 'lockdown' really annoys me too. We haven't ever really been locked down, and we certainly aren't now.
  13. That's incredibly unlikely given that it's not actually a symptom...
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