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  1. FoxesDeb

    What grinds my gears...

    Pretty much, yes. I think she carried out around 400 engagements too though, I certainly wouldn't want her life.
  2. FoxesDeb

    What grinds my gears...

    She, and the rest of them, do an awful lot more than that. She's 92 and gets 2 days off a year.
  3. FoxesDeb

    What grinds my gears...

    Jesus Christ, silly season has moved to a whole new level this year. To think it used to be confined to the main forum. Roll on this evening and hopefully normal service will be resumed 😊
  4. FoxesDeb

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    What you describe is completely reasonable, unfortunately it requires a degree of common sense and courtesy. Something which I feel is lacking in many of the general public these days.
  5. FoxesDeb

    Man United away live on Sky One

    Sky have shown a few PL games on Sky One for a while now
  6. It isn't working for me either
  7. FoxesDeb

    Free will or Determinism?

    Wait, what? Jersey Budd is dead?
  8. FoxesDeb

    Free will or Determinism?

    Yes I think there has to be something else, and like you say it's probably the reason I believe in God. I really struggle with the idea that this life on earth is all there is.
  9. FoxesDeb

    Free will or Determinism?

    Where did I say that I think we are somehow special? All I said was that for me, I have to believe in something else. I like to think that God exists, and I try to live my life in such a way that I think he would approve. It doesn't mean I think the human race is special, after all, we are all God's creation....
  10. FoxesDeb

    Free will or Determinism?

    I understand what you're saying about our time on earth, I mean afterwards. What is the point of any of our lives if there is nothing better than this afterwards? I would really struggle not to just end it all if I didn't truly believe there was more to it than this.
  11. FoxesDeb

    Free will or Determinism?

    I have to believe there is something else, otherwise what is the point? Why do we live our lives to just die and there be nothing else? The complex world we live in didn't just happen by accident, something or someone made it. Imo.
  12. FoxesDeb


    Think I was your 7000th rep point
  13. FoxesDeb


    How would he know where the body was hidden if he hadn't put it there? It must have been him. Bastard
  14. FoxesDeb


    I love riddles. Must be because I've spent most of my life trying to understand bloke language
  15. FoxesDeb


    Haha yes ?