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  1. I still feel like this today. I've spent every waking minute watching clips, highlights, looking through the pictures, but somehow I still feel a bit dazed. The league win was different, I suppose because there was a much longer build up, and it was such a relief to finally get it over the line. This just still feels surreal, like it's happening to someone else
  2. Quite a few couples have been vaccinated at the same time, one has napped and the other hasn't, and the one who did hasn't suffered any significant side effects while the other has. Lots of my colleagues at work know people this has happened to. I think it's also pretty well reported that sleep helps with your immune system, so I guess that might have some bearing on it? Obviously could be a complete coincidence, but worth a try
  3. Let's get this fvcker done, come on you beautiful blue bastards
  4. This is bringing back the feelings before our games from about February onwards in 2016. Too many feelings all conflicting, sick, excited, nervous, impatient, expectant, fearful, emotional, I just don't know what to do with myself!
  5. Great idea, especially as Ric's not the only one I'm happy to go halves with @Collymoreif it can be done @Mark?
  6. You probably already know this, but try to have a nap, I've heard many people say it can make a big difference to reducing any side effects. Obviously set an alarm though, just in case
  7. I'm not sure which is easiest, registering for a new account and risking a ban, or tracking down your address so I know which letterbox to put the shit through if we lose. In the spirit of wanting us desperately to win the cup I'll go for the former. It was nice knowing you, fellow FoxesTalkers.
  8. No experience whatsoever, but Christ that sounds awful so I hope you get it sorted soon!
  9. I can't bring myself to look anymore, how many we on @Ric Flair?
  10. How is it relevant whether she's white or not?
  11. Yeah with hindsight maybe my reaction was a bit emotionally charged, but it's really close to home for me, and even if he hasn't read it here, it seems a bit insensitive to question something which Panini presented as a fact and so should be taken as such
  12. Seems unlikely to you? It actually happened! I know 2 young people who did actually die as a confirmed, direct result of the vaccine, so with all due respect, please keep your thoughts that it 'seems unlikely to you' to yourself.
  13. I was just about to post similar, he needs to send them an invoice for wages
  14. Not block it, and tell the van bloke he's a cvnt. The only time I'd say different is if it's one of those junctions where you have to move forward else you'd never get to go.
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