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  1. Second one, partially sighted? Missing bit of the iris?
  2. This was a post I wrote for @Raja while back: Car hire is really cheap, and is probably the best way to get around. They drive on the left like us but they drive like maniacs, there's very little roundabout discipline and apart from the main roads the roads are pretty narrow. If you do hire I'd recommend doing it through Zest and paying for the extra insurance, it's about £15 and means you don't need to worry if anything happens. The main companies are at the airport but there are plenty of horror stories about them ripping people off, I've hired in Malta using Zest plenty of times and never had a problem. Buses are modern, reliable and cheap. Apart from the express services though they take ages. Valletta is obviously amazing, you should try and get to the upper gardens at midday when they fire the cannons. The war museum in Valletta is superb, as is St John's cathedral. Marsaxlokk is well worth a visit, lovely fishing village with plenty of great restaurants. Near there is the Blue Grotto, take the boat trip into the caves, it's stunning. If you can take the ferry over to Gozo, it's a couple of euros each. You don't buy a ticket on the way there, just board the ferry, you pay on the way back, just buy the tickets from the terminal on Gozo. The Citadel in Victoria is beautiful. The hop on hop off bus is a good option for Gozo, they pick up right outside the ferry terminal. Haggle with them though! Mdina in Malta is also a must visit, as is the cathedral at Mosta. If there's a fiesta on while you're there go! They're fab, lots of food, music and fab fireworks, Malta has about 30 fireworks factories, they love them! Hth, give me a shout if you want to know anything more
  3. Maybe I've misunderstood, but I thought that universal credit included housing benefit these days, so a percentage of rent would be paid for, plus landlords are not allowed to evict at present? Universal credit is not a set amount, it depends on your family size, council tax, rent etc. Are you saying that these people are still working? If so why do they need to claim anything? I thought that grants of around £25k were also available to the self employed? While I accept it's not ideal, nobody is going to be made homeless like was previously mentioned are they? And if I had £16k in savings I'd be very happy!
  4. I thought the people in that situation could claim universal credit?
  5. Aren't they entitled to 80% of their wages from the government?
  6. I stopped watching that after the 3rd mention of Boris not attending Cobra meetings. This has been widely discussed and explained.
  7. I'm not sure where you got that from, but I disagree, as does all the information to the contrary below. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200622-the-long-term-effects-of-covid-19-infection https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2020/06/02/covid-health-effects https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-long-term-health-disease-covid-19-lungs-heart-brain-a9546671.html
  8. I'd like to say I've brought my cherry, but sadly not
  9. What, that some people in Leicester speak Gujurati?
  10. The problem with this whole 'just protect the vulnerable' is that initially many many people were considered vulnerable. Mild asthma is a big one that sticks in my mind, they were all classed as extremely vulnerable at the beginning, but we've since learned that different groups of people are actually more vulnerable. The whole situation has changed dramatically throughout the whole period, and it must be so difficult for those people who are making the decisions. Whatever happens people are going to be unhappy, but ultimately we are in this situation because people thought they knew better, that the rules didn't apply to them, and so they just didn't follow the rules that have always been set with the best of intentions for our society as a whole.
  11. Oadby and Wigston are also part of the lockdown, however we're in the Harborough constituency, which is also Conservative.
  12. Spoke to mine earlier, he's still happy for us to go. If we still wanted to go, obviously
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