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  1. My season ticket is free for the Bournemouth game, needs to be collected and returned to South Wigston. FV £25.
  2. I use Mobdro for the football and they have TV and films on too, but I don't know what the content is like. I know GOT is on there but not if it's all seasons. Might be worth a look.
  3. Yes I'm enjoying it, really looking forward to the conclusion tonight
  4. I thought no deal was going to happen by law if TM doesn't get her deal through and the EU won't grant us an extension?
  5. Happy to recommend @Caroline Gearingas a buyer 😊
  6. The order of the channel numbers on Sky, and the BBC local news turning off on the HD channel
  7. Happy to recommend @Jaycolmam84as a seller, very helpful too 😊
  8. They look like the two blokes from Hawaii 5-0
  9. Yes I was going to say pretty much what Alf said too. I'm sorry you're both going through it at the moment, if it makes you feel even slightly better I think most men feel awkward in these situations, not all, but many. During my Dad's illness and then subsequent death there was very little anyone could do, but little things made a lot of difference. Making the dinner, doing the school run, doing the washing up, anything that you perhaps wouldn't normally do (not all the time btw, just when you can every now and then!) Even if she doesn't see it at the time, she will appreciate it. Random cuddles are also awesome, but that goes without saying 😊 Probably best to stay away from the joke thread though
  10. Derbyshire or the Lake District, easy enough to get to and plenty of space to be as rowdy as you like 😊
  11. Has anyone been to a Sandals resort and have any feedback, either good or bad?
  12. I can't make the match this weekend but I'm happy to lend my season ticket out free of charge, but please only to a regular poster here. You'd need to pick it up and return it to Wigston.
  13. I can't make the match this weekend so I'm happy to lend my season ticket out free of charge, but please only to a regular poster here, you'd need to pick it up and return it to Wigston
  14. We're going to Majorca on the 18th April, so I'm a little nervous about the outcome. Nothing to do than wait and see though. As far as I can see we may need the travel documents and the driving permits, which are cheap and easy enough to obtain. When my passport is up for renewal I will be applying for an Irish one as an Irish citizen, and for my children too, if it makes things easier in the future.
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