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  1. Haha I'm no Adele, but I can join in, and I can clap, and most people near me didn't bother with that either. One bloke near me took great offence to the Cambiasso song though......
  2. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part, I loved every minute of it. People gave me fivers and tenners, including Bournemouth fans. I met some great characters, and some lovely soul had been collecting his coppers and gave them to me in a little sandwich bag :-) It's definitely something I'd like to do again next year.
  3. Pretty much this. But I would also add Mahrez to the crap list, I thought he really looked like he doesn't care anymore, and I thought Chilwell had a good game. And why does nobody sing in G1 near the back? SK1 are loud, but nobody joins in.
  4. Booked a last minute week to Kefalonia. Anyone been and knows what we must do or should avoid? We're hiring a car and want to drive up the mountain, and I was thinking about a boat trip to Zante to see the shipwreck on the beach.
  5. I don't post much, but I spend far too much time reading, and I genuinely love your posts, they're like a breath of fresh air to what can sometimes be a very stale forum. I wish you, and Worthington, all the best. I guess the only point to this post is really that I couldn't read it and just scroll past without saying something. It's amazing though how people you've never met can make you feel differently about everything :-)
  6. That's the Daily Mail though, so it's got to be complete rubbish printed only to convince us to vote UKIP, surely
  7. Forgetting the rubbish start we had, I will be happy now if we can finish 9th, to better Chelsea's finish last season. We did ourselves proud in the CL, and not too long ago I was trying to come to terms with relegation. The real icing on the cake for me would be if we beat Spurs and in doing so Chelsea win the title from that game, if nothing else but to mirror what happened for us. I think it will be done by then, and it doesn't really matter, but all in all I'm just looking forward to moving forward next season now.
  8. Maximum of 7 European spots available to English clubs
  9. @the-blue-wildabeast was very friendly and met as arranged. Thanks again, great seller, below face value too, much appreciated :-)
  10. I thought this had been discussed before and they weren't transferrable?
  11. Now that we've reached the final I feel I need more details to make an informed decision. Have any of the dishes been assembled on a shoestring, or have they had money thrown at them? Who are the chef's? Or is it like football manager where I am the chef?
  12. No, just sold out to Gold. The 500 for Silver will still be there.
  13. The Sevilla fans were equally as classy, they turned and applauded us as one. Unfortunately I think it is we who need to learn from them, hopefully next time we are in Europe we can behave with as much class as the European fans that I have seen have towards us.
  14. Just took my car to be cleaned inside and out. It was so filthy it was embarrassing, and I apologised to them. It's almost like driving a brand new car now though.
  15. Or try Gumtree?