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  1. TheStig

    Premier League Years

    Spurs away convinced me it could happen. Incredible feeling and very grateful to have experienced an absolutely unbelievable season.
  2. TheStig

    James Maddison

    He is
  3. TheStig

    James Maddison

    We´ll need to offload some of the "benchers" shortly.....
  4. TheStig

    James Maddison

  5. TheStig

    James Maddison

    He is slightly pale so won´t take the sun. Leicester is not sunny - deal done
  6. TheStig

    James Maddison

    Like Musa and Slimani.....:)
  7. TheStig

    James Maddison

    .......but then he´ll be back in the Championship the season after the coming
  8. Who are the "big 6" then? Man City - Man Utd. - Arsenal - Liverpool - Chelsea - Tottenham........ When did Arsenal last win anything apart from the FA Cup? When did Liverpool? When did Tottenham? There cannot be a "big six" when half of them have won f... all. Its a myth for the armchair fans. Let them break out of the league and play each other 8 times a year. That would be interesting or? In my opinion all teams should get the same share of the spoils - whats happening now will result in the PL ending up like the Spanish League (Barca + Real M), Germany (Bayern M), France (PSG) - is that very interesting. A suggestion could be to wage cap (like in the US NFL) which evens out the competition and makes it at least difficult to buy a league win like Man City are doing these days.
  9. Yes they would. And goodwill and brand value added and eventual debts deducted.... so the value would be pretty high.... Its incredible really going from administration - League One to this. Who would have dreamt of it?
  10. In other businesses than football you´d make a calculation of the avg. of EBIT (Earning Before Interest and Taxation) and multiply this by 7-10 - but this is football so who knows?..........
  11. TheStig

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Just get it over with. Every f..... week it is reported that "next week" its gonna happen. Its probably not
  12. TheStig


    Could Kaspers relatively bad form this season be down to the fact that he seems somewhat overweight and maybe untrained? 2 weeks before the World Cup he doesn´t come across as lean and mean...
  13. TheStig


    Zidane is out of work - get him in!
  14. TheStig

    Jack Grealish

    How can Grealish be valued at 40 Mill when Mahrez is somewhere between 60-80 Mill.......? He has won nothing, proven nothing and seems to be " a bit of a lad".... Don´t get it.
  15. TheStig

    Riyad’s Destiny Bingo

    which is 75 mio partisan Algerians.....