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  1. The three matches we have lost have been agains Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool - away. In all of these matches we have actually offered very little and I can only see 2 reasons: Either the players (apart from a few) have too much respect and are "scared"? Or our set-up and maybe mental preparation is not right? If we want to be at the top this has to be sorted out. To me it seems that the same players "disappear" in these matches and this falls back on BR. I would have thought that a professional footballer would thrive in these "top matches" but somehow we disappear and seem afraid. Am I wrong?
  2. I dont think anyone is expecting 9 goals. But we are 2nd ffs and should expect better if we want to be up there.
  3. It seems that you need to have a completely ridiculous haircut to get into the England side.... Doing their best to look stupid
  4. Its SKY - forever bumming Manchester United...
  5. Chris Sutton is a complete and utter dick.
  6. Chilwell really poor today. Stray passes en masse...
  7. Not there but a Foxes fan on a stream
  8. Well you understood without the apostrophe so all is well...
  9. 40 points then we will see what we can do.............
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