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  1. So it was YOU that invited the Algerians? :)
  2. After the Lord Mayors show comes the s..t wagon
  3. Calm all day - not so much any longer
  4. For at team expected to "being up there" losing 8 home games does not really warrant a "manager of the season.....
  5. With his present form and showing he wouldn´t get anywhere near the first 11 of MU.
  6. The intro to the match on DM....
  7. To the team... When we expect nothing we get plenty - when we expect plenty we get nothing...
  8. As I see it a slight sense of insecurity seems to be creeping in here. After having lost to Man City (expected....) and West Ham having beaten Wolves (expected??) our form is still good. Apart from the Arsenal match we have done what we could. Injured players are coming back and we should be relatively comfortable being able to make it over the line and finish 3rd. Of course there will be "rocks on the path" of the run in - but that goes for all other teams as well. Chelsea a good example of it. I don´t see why we shouldn´t be able to pick up several points in the last 3 matches - we have done
  9. I think they are two different issues really. The FA cup has prestige but no (not a lot at least) money. The ECL has prestige and money (although not a cup in the cupboard). Playing in the ECL makes us more attractive to class players and boosts the finances - which I think is very important for the next couple of years. So its really a no-brainer - ECL. Im living in Denmark and have followed City since the sixties - and one of the biggest and most pleasing things I ever (unexpectedly) experienced was winning the League. Was there for the run-in (West Ham) and attended the ECL in Copenh
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