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  1. Chris Sutton is a complete and utter dick.
  2. Chilwell really poor today. Stray passes en masse...
  3. Not there but a Foxes fan on a stream
  4. Well you understood without the apostrophe so all is well...
  5. 40 points then we will see what we can do.............
  6. Absolutely mental. Three options.... 1. He`s/we`re flying 2. We´re playing the Eagles 3. He just a complete nutter I vote for No. 3 - Long may it continue.
  7. Maybe we are underestimating the draw of playing for City. A young side, players get opportunities - even if they are young - good management, a well driven club, financially stable basically ensured playing time and with much less pressure than with the former "big" clubs. And they are not necessarily paid peanuts to play here.
  8. Only the spurs guy on bold.dk found Vards a c... - and he is VERY bitter about 15/16
  9. Is there anyone in this team MUFC won´t be interested in signing? Yes change to a big and exciting club......
  10. Considering that we are normally better in the 2nd half - this could get very interesting.
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