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  1. As I see it a slight sense of insecurity seems to be creeping in here. After having lost to Man City (expected....) and West Ham having beaten Wolves (expected??) our form is still good. Apart from the Arsenal match we have done what we could. Injured players are coming back and we should be relatively comfortable being able to make it over the line and finish 3rd. Of course there will be "rocks on the path" of the run in - but that goes for all other teams as well. Chelsea a good example of it. I don´t see why we shouldn´t be able to pick up several points in the last 3 matches - we have done
  2. I think they are two different issues really. The FA cup has prestige but no (not a lot at least) money. The ECL has prestige and money (although not a cup in the cupboard). Playing in the ECL makes us more attractive to class players and boosts the finances - which I think is very important for the next couple of years. So its really a no-brainer - ECL. Im living in Denmark and have followed City since the sixties - and one of the biggest and most pleasing things I ever (unexpectedly) experienced was winning the League. Was there for the run-in (West Ham) and attended the ECL in Copenh
  3. Newcastle have been shit for the last couple of years. Their football is boring and they have turned into the "new" Stoke. They´ll drop .....
  4. His positioning, timing and anticipation skills are second to none. He doesn´t move until the last moment forcing attackers to finish maybe where Kasper wants them to finish.
  5. Used to hate Friday games - until we hammered Southanpton - then my perception changes 180 degrees. Hopefully the same happens tonight.....
  6. I do agree! We seem to have this "underdog" position and feeling that everytime one of the "big" clubs lose players og manager they will immediately come for ours. We are (seemingly) establishing ourselves in the top 5-6. Have a young and ambitious squad, a state of the art training centre and a very bright future and the best owners in the game. Why would BR want to go to Spurs or Arsenal for that sake? Bigger stadium? Higher ambitions? Better owners? Less toxic? Better pay?
  7. Southampton were top of the League not too long ago. Shows how quickly the rot can set in.
  8. Or we just underestimated them big time....
  9. I do like the fact that Hamza gives us some hardness in midfield. Hard tackling aggressive - If only he could avoid the most "wild" tackles he could be a real asset
  10. Heavy metal football is what Liverpool suppossedly play......Vards does it well
  11. 0-1 down when for a shower. Out 10 mins later and we are 3-1 up. Maybe I should shower a little more during matches....
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