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  1. A couple of years ago we would have lost this. The air of superiority oozing from a team that knows it has quality is becoming more and more apparent. Absolutely wonderful to be part of a confident City side - long may it continue.
  2. Big Dan probably spoke Danish with Frank........no big deal really. They know each of from the Danish league.
  3. Some serious ass kicking probably took place at half time..... good on you Brendan!
  4. I suppose to be a "glory supporter" there needs to be some glory. That has not been the case in the northeast for a very very long time. So there is a natural explanation to the fact that they don´t have them - they would be there if and when the "glory" came back.
  5. So we get a Nobel price??
  6. No no thank you! - he is a luxury player. Shows no passion, disappears when the going gets tough. Has never made a tackle in his life and look uninterested most of the time.
  7. Anyone to post Maddisons interview please?
  8. The constant pressuring - running at them and quick ball movement is a wonderful to watch. We are a class act! Keep it up in the 2nd half. Up the City
  9. I actually disagree. They create nothing up front. They play with tempo and movement - but not impressed
  10. The sign of an "in form team". Winning when the play isn´t functioning. We have had more chances and are 1-0 up. Seems Ok to me so don´t quite get all the moaning...
  11. Well more fortress I should hope...:)
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