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  1. MOTM is actually WOTM = the ref - shes been very very good. Wish we had more of this in the PL
  2. and with the ref that doesn´t take the attention and lets the game flow. Like in the "old" days.....
  3. He doesn´t bring anything at all when he opens his mouth. Strange how imbecile you have to be to become a commentator...
  4. McManaman is such an idiot to listen to. He brings absolutely nothing!
  5. Strange but Michael Oliver was the ref when Vardy scored his first hattrick against Man City. Must be his favourite ref :)
  6. Most footballers are - more intelligent than Gray
  7. Mendy seems to be ticking quite well for the first two matches.....
  8. 3 players from the highest ranked team in the world play for us. A good feeling in all the moaning
  9. With Kasper, Tielemans, Praet and Castagne all playing in Copenhagen almost 20% of the players are City players. Our Belgians are playing well and Castagne will surely be a bonus in defence.
  10. A strange feeling that he is leaving - maybe because he is (was) homegrown. I was never a big fan as he seemed a reasonable full back when on the offensive - although his crossing left a lot to be desired. Defensively he in my opinion didn´t fit the bill. Not very physical and seemed to shy out of stamping his authority on his direct opponent. Remember Willian giving him a serious run around. So I think its a good solution to get rid and get in "new blood".
  11. Smack these media darlings on Sunday and we shall see this at the KP again.....
  12. Best performance: Signing his first Leicester contract!
  13. If the players follow FT I f..... well hope they realise the utter disappointment and dismay from Sundays debacle and that they put in a serious shift for the coming 3 games. If not this could become very toxic, and maybe they should be slightly pleased that they "perform" in an empty KP...........
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