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  1. Travis Hackett

    Great story, warms my heart.
  2. Some balance in the media ....

    I think this is the best article I have read regarding this whole sorry episode. I am very sad it ended like this, but in all honesty I don’t know what else the owners could have done.
  3. Next England Manager

    No way the FA will pick Southgate......I am right aren't I, please say yes. Safe hands Manuel Pelligrini. Taking a chance Alan Shearer
  4. Plastics

    I think its as much a celebration of the city of Leicester as well as the football club. More flags the better I say. Just nipping out to put mine up, hope the neighbours know I'm a city fan.
  5. Where is Dave Henson?

    Just brilliant, great to see Filbert Street took me back. Took my 5 year old Grandson down yesterday after school, as we walked to the stadium I was trying explain to him about the old ground and where it was. He just looked at me gone out and pulled me faster to the King Power. I guess every generation has their memories. His will be of the new home, mine are of the old one.
  6. To cash out...

    I am not a gambling man so can't offer advise about odds or what ever. But I know one thing, if this is as it seems to be a lot of money to you then cash it in. If we don't win the league you will look back and say if only. Take the money mate and consider what a great season on and off the field it has been for you. All the best with married life.
  7. Old Trafford Parking

    Thanks guys, looking forwards to seeing her run but not the parking.
  8. Old Trafford Parking

    My daughter is running in the up coming Manchester marathon and as the race finishes at the stadium and I can book a parking place, I was wondering if anyone had any advise as to which stadium parking area would be the best to use. I have never been there before so have no idea which area is best. Thanks Foxes
  9. The "do they mean us?" thread

    My apologies if this has been posted before but I thought this posting on a QPR forum just showed how football fans can (at times) appreciate when another so called “smaller” club tries to break the strangle hold of the bigger ones. In other words a Leicester love in. http://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/queensparkrangers/forum/163798/we-are-all-foxes-now./#19
  10. Ex-Leicester City player news

    RIP Marton
  11. Ranieri's first signing?

  12. Marcelo Bielsa?

    A voyage into the unknown, but a fantastic appointment. I'm all for this.
  13. Martin O'Neill

    I'm 65 and remember most of the old managers. And there is my point, Martin O'Neil is one of the "old managers" it’s time to get away from the past and look to the future with a younger man, one that wants to make his mark. Not appoint someone that has no need or desire too.
  14. Who do you want as next boss

    I think Glenn Hoddle would be a good shout. Not as a manager just coach. That way the rest of the staff could stay in place. I still think he has a lot to give and of course we would get sexy football.
  15. Predrag Radosavljević (aka Preki)

    God you lot are sad, how could you ever think this was likely to happen. Jeez