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  1. S'what comes from finishing early for the week and about to head off to the best cafes Netherland has to offer while this country descends into a spiral of hate and anarchy.
  2. I think this whole debate ignores an important point, there’s be a paradigm shift and many still haven’t latched onto it. “Plucky” Leicester stole a title win and mounted a great escape. Posing the question “are we in a title race” maintains that mindset. I’d argue those days are now passing, if not gone. The stated aim of regularly challenging for European places has come to fruition. We are where we are because of a consistent approach to achieving a target - something that will continue and see us becoming a mainstay in the top 6. And, by virtue of that, a title challenger each season. I think it’s time to stop thinking about us as the try hard club that invariably cocks it all up. The loveable underdog era should be consigned to the history books for the time being. I only see us getting stronger now, and that should strike fear into the established pack. Genuinely think we are destined for great achievements over the next decade.
  3. Sounds like you expect truth, honesty and impartiality from them? Good luck with that.
  4. Most people on here wanted Vardy kicked out the club during his first season. The FT brains trust isn’t the best at times.
  5. Are you in charge of the government's nursing pledge?
  6. Marco Silva looked liked a dead man walking as the fifth went in. His number has to be up now.
  7. I can't see Liverpool letting this slip now, they are so good and brimming with confidence. Boxing Day is going to be a cracker.
  8. NowTV is £20 a month if you take advantage of the special promotions. Amazon is a tenner a month for the Prime service - with TV, films and footy thrown in (effectively) for free. Given the cost of a ticket for the game, I don't get how anybody can bemoan the price of these streaming services. Stats in split browser, commentary switchable to ground-only, and Le Saux and Hargreaves were quality tonight; a league apart from the shit experts on other channels. All told, exceptionally impressed with Amazon tonight.
  9. The lack of confidence comes through with the passing stats. You're a far better team than this, something a decent manager could turn around...the only problem is how many managers are you going to try out this season before you find one?
  10. Stepping into a side 2nd in the Prem, Justin didn't look remotely out of place. Really looking forward to seeing more of the lad.
  11. The buggers aren't waiting for the post-match interview to finish. Call themselves fans? Pfft.
  12. The fans leaving early thread explodes!
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