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  1. ...but, but, my half and half scarf said we’d win by 2020 goals
  2. The sooner we’re actually properly shit and the moaning fvckers in this thread go back to “support” Chelanchestersnal Untcity the better. Fvck your halfandhalf FM2020 opinions.
  3. You get the distinct feeling many are really happy they can have a good cry and moan. Anyway, this forum right now...
  4. Great thread, would read again. 7.9/10
  5. I have a feeling this is all Sky's influence, as they'll be using footage to promote all of their PPV fight nights for the next six months
  6. I hope Mahrez loses his slippers, breaks all his light bulbs and will forever have a carpet covered in Lego bricks.
  7. Next week will be the very first time I've wanted Villa to win
  8. If Man City were on fire I'd bring a bag of marshmallows and a pointy stick
  9. Their pressing is excellent, their passing superior to ours, but the sooner that tinpot, Third tier, blood-money funded, bunch of w@nkers fvck back down to where they belong the better.
  10. If people think there was a halcyon time when faceless men sat in boardrooms striving to make the game more accessible to the common man, and placed community before profit, then they’re sadly deluded and have scant grasp on the history of the game. But there was a better time, and it has fvck all to do with danger or the hardness of fans - the 80s were seriously shit for an away fan looking to enjoy a match. There was a time when you could arrive at the ground and afford to go through the turnstiles, when the game kicked off at 3 every Saturday, and you could stand. The people who ruined this weren’t sitting in board rooms, they were throwing darts from one pen into another. Hooliganism killed the game because every normal thinking person in society knew it was an abhorrent way to behave. The violence and boorish behaviour was toxic within society and those who hanker for that as some kind of return to football’s soul are either challenged or just fvcking dim. I love and hate fan villages, half and half scarves and clappers in equal measure - but then I’ve always been a football tourist. I’ve travelled to see foreign teams I admired, I’ve gone to games of the local sides wherever I’ve lived, I loved that shit. Football is what it is, it evolves. Hankering for a golden era is like pretending the 1960s was best for music or that everywhere in England used to be in competition to be used as a picture on top of a chocolate box. There are things in the present I dislike, there’ll be aspects in the future I’ll loathe, but I still get enjoyment from watching ‘the game’. And, for me, my greatest enjoyment would come from watching us when we’re shit again. Sorry.
  11. I don’t communicate, I dictate. It’s the thing I’m best at. I won an award for it at school. I’m in the top ten of 2016’s People To Watch list compiled by Dictators Monthly. I see your fictional proposition and I run over it in a tank made from knives and pointy teeth. Then I laugh and drive over any nearby pets. See my threads such as ‘Daggers’ Positivity Tank’, ‘The Post Match View From The Tank’, and ‘Why I'd Let Nigel Pearson Drive My Tank’. There’s more than one reason to visit FT.
  12. I’ve no intention of perpetuating a debate over fictional definitions or false propositions.
  13. Because when we were in the second and third tier we had plenty of "fans" wearing Premier team tops. Gatekeeping? No, I just have precious little time for the flood of supporters the club gained when we suddenly weren't dogshite.
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