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  1. And it turns out to be Thracian arrested 14 times.
  2. Rules are for losers. The winner gets to be the next recruitment manager.
  3. Solution, he was behind this bush
  4. Time to play 'spot the player'
  5. Start saving for the FA disciplinary fine for when you become a pro footballer.
  6. The RSPCA is seeking a prosecution over his mistreatment of three tamagotchis, and a Furby has made a complaint of sexual misconduct. It never ends.
  7. https://trainingground.guru/articles/sormaz-appointed-as-leicesters-first-head-of-football-analytics
  8. Disposable BBQ sets, Mars bars and hanging baskets.
  9. Did that make sense to you when you wrote it?
  10. I’ve had girlfriends who were less bitter after being dumped than this Celtic lot. *sniff* We loved him and he left us even though he said he loved us too *sniff* He’ll do the same to you, you mark my words, he doesn’t care *sniff* Dry your eyes and fvck off. As long as he’s now giving us a portion we don’t give a toss about your failed relationship. Maybe we’ll all go out for Pornstar Martinis when he shacks up with that Chelsea slag, giving drunken blowjobs to bouncers in back alleys, but not quite yet.
  11. Both will go for less and would bite an arm off to play in a better league for more money, it’s totally delusional to think otherwise.
  12. The absolute state of Celtic fans.
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