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  1. Did that make sense to you when you wrote it?
  2. I’ve had girlfriends who were less bitter after being dumped than this Celtic lot. *sniff* We loved him and he left us even though he said he loved us too *sniff* He’ll do the same to you, you mark my words, he doesn’t care *sniff* Dry your eyes and fvck off. As long as he’s now giving us a portion we don’t give a toss about your failed relationship. Maybe we’ll all go out for Pornstar Martinis when he shacks up with that Chelsea slag, giving drunken blowjobs to bouncers in back alleys, but not quite yet.
  3. Both will go for less and would bite an arm off to play in a better league for more money, it’s totally delusional to think otherwise.
  4. The absolute state of Celtic fans.
  5. He does realise that his team is like fusing cheating at Football Manager with playing in League 1, right?
  6. May have been promised he’s allowed to boot Kasper and Vardy out the door too. It’d be high on my list of wants before I took a job here just to get a grip on the changing room.
  7. It’s not like it’s a real treble.
  8. Set up the first team squad as an anarcho-syndicalist collective, where all matchday plans and signings are decided by the collective on an equal vote basis. This could even include voting on in-game passing and shooting opportunities, which would encourage a higher level of responsibility on the pitch. Down with the managerial class, living off the backs of the workers and contributing nothing. Alternatively, temporarily, give the job to Casper. I’ve no idea if he’s up for it or would do a decent job but it seems like a laugh. Possibly make one player “Manager of the Month” every month. Or, if neither of these are flyers, have an invisible manager. That would genuinely shit up the opposition.
  9. Damn. A setback to my wicked plan to see us revive third tier glory days. I’d have gotten away with it too, were it not for you meddlesome, booing, heckling, chanting “Puel out” kids.
  10. Maybe people were justifiably upset to discover the Kop isn’t going to be swapped with the Family End? Whatever, its good we thrash this out because because nobody has ever posted anything about booing before.
  11. Yep, short answer. Cloud size relates to air flow, coil type, coil size, juice type and power setting. Smaller clouds tend to come from builds set up for mouth-to-lung vaping. This generally means higher nic/salt nic juices with higher ohm coils, lower power settings and a restricted airflow. Holding your breath for a tiny bit will reduce vapour down to almost nothing.
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