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  1. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    Precisely. I’m glad that you have also noticed the perilous position the club is in. When will everybody wake up?
  2. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    Truly staggering that a team safely tucked up in a mid-table position, with nothing to play for, doesn’t play. I’m pretty sure this is the first time this has ever happened in the history of football; I’m behind all of these people demanding we change a manager because this should never happen again. It would have been so much better if we had been battling relegation for the entire campaign so, clearly, yet another manager has to go. I can’t begin to imagine what goes through the heads of players who hope to pass a transfer medical in the summer, out there playing like “ooer, I hope I don’t get injured or anything”. Has any other team ever played like their heads were on holiday? I very much doubt it. This is Puel’s fault entirely. I’m surprised at the muted response. We should be organising demonstrations in the car park and refusing to accept any further free items (bar beer) until the situation is resolved to all of our satisfaction. Finding someone that makes everybody happy might be tough but we can do it if we actually try. I think we should get Paul Ince in. People are morons.
  3. Safe standing - time to act

    IMO, it was better when Terry Wogan was alive. Even Larry Grayson was better than this.
  4. Motorbikes are brilliant

    S’why the 900 is going. Roads round here have gone to pot and as one of them has to leave the garage, it’s going to be the one without long travel suspension. Running three bikes has bled me dry - mainly from the young’un ploughing the 125 into a succession of inanimate things. Don’t have kids. Or, have mine.
  5. Motorbikes are brilliant

    It was. Went to have a look at the new Speedmaster, only the demo was covered in rust which is hardly a great advert for the thing.
  6. Pathetic that loyal internet stream watching fans are getting nothing. He could have sent us a case of Hobgoblin or something each.
  7. Motorbikes are brilliant

    Yes, I can see how my single comment would be too much to over-sensitive types. When you’ve finally finished crying, try the mute function. You’ll find out how to use it in the instruction manual underneath your scooter seat, in the compartment reserved for dignity and testicle storage.
  8. Motorbikes are brilliant

    Anyone who’s ridden a bike for any length of time appreciates that having the piss taken out of your machine is one of the many joys of ownership. If you’re too up your own arse to appreciate a bit of harmless fun then I pity you. Are you this prissy irl?
  9. Motorbikes are brilliant

    Pretty sure this thread was about motorbikes. If we’re allowing burger vans in it then it may as well be opened up to include invalid scooters, wheelchairs and space hoppers.
  10. The main priorities, clearly, are the positions of the Kop and the family end.
  11. No, I am the raciest. A racy, sexy hunk of love meat.
  12. Puel

    Get out more.
  13. No. I believe the correct response is to say that you actually kiss his mother with your mouth. On her vagina. Then he says something like, “but she died from cancer of the aids.” And then you say, “I know, don’t judge me for my sexual preferences, you bigot.” If people insist on messing up simple, straightforward eFights then I’m going to have to report you all to the internet.
  14. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Totally agree, it would be smashing to have him back again.