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  1. What are your views on abortion?

    This is true as I’ve asked both the NHS and BUPA if I can have my son aborted. They both said no. The beer-stealing lanky twat has a stay of execution until I’ve chatted to Dignitas.
  2. Foodbank - Tomorrow

    I like that you added a final sentence critiquing the previous four, saved me a job.
  3. Leicester City negotiate Ahmed Musa loan

    It’s not their fault if the emptor didn’t caveat.
  4. Steve Bruce wants Ulloa and Amartey on loan

    Madness. There’s no way Iheanacho can cope at that level.
  5. Standing on a proper terrace

    Peterborough was bloody awful, quite how nobody died amazes me. Tiny exits, piss all crowd management, the crush was ridiculous. Possibly one of my all-time least favourite terraces.
  6. According to Google our Rival is...

    Cov is that kid in class who you aren’t allowed to laugh anymore, the one who has a full-time classroom assistant. Cov isn’t a rival, it’s a charity case. The sheep aren’t much better. There’s only one and it’s Notts Forest, and people who don’t like it written that way are a bunch of Covs.
  7. Fleetwood Town (A) 0-0 FA Cup 3rd Round

    Could be worse, we could have lost to Forest.
  8. Fleetwood Town (A) 0-0 FA Cup 3rd Round

    You ought to post more often, this kind of measured thinking doesn’t get demonstrated on here often enough.
  9. Who's your current favourite player?

    Current favourite player: Larry May. Always has been. Favourite current player, on the other hand, Shinji.
  10. I genuinely believe that corporate greed will maintain tickets at stupid levels, with the trite justification that it’s on par with Alton Towers or a trip to Cheddar Gorge. It means nothing to television either, they can simply focus on crowded sections and play crowd sound effects (like they did over the tannoy at Forest the one time I was dragged to see them in 99).
  11. Joey. https://youtu.be/ZL-9_Srmmfo
  12. The celebrations that greeted Matty’s penalty... Incredible day, amazing season, fantastic weekend away - worst ever hangover.