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  1. Just hoping he picks them at the weekend
  2. Having listened to the clip the club put out I can’t imagine how tedious it must have been pre game and half time to listen to Puel and then Morgan talking
  3. Had he jumped he’d have clipped the ball over
  4. Did you see him fail to get off the floor for Deeneys header? And having Morgan central of the 3 just kills any ball play
  5. Well given Morgan is weak in the air I wouldn’t bother
  6. the system we played with a screen of 3 CDMs didn’t help with that at all
  7. Well he had a point about Chilwell. He honestly can’t be considering the placing of his crossss at all
  8. Gray has had too many opportunities now without making any forward progression. He needs to be a bench player only. He was appalling yesterday and just kept on repeating the same mistakes over and over
  9. Ffs just get him gone. He’s embarrassingly out of his depth against any sort of quality now. Can’t believe Rodgers is suggesting this. Playing him was clearly a mistake last week and he now wants to keep him longer.
  10. Came here from playing in France didn’t he?
  11. No more players from Portuguese teams please
  12. Sadly with him bringing Morgan back in (inexplicable if he’s watched him at all this season) I highly doubt he will drop Schmeichel after one game. He should be dropped as he is constantly playing poor balls out and putting us under pressure
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