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  1. We’ve seen how good Gray can be. Not very
  2. Apart from the fact he is mimicking all the worst parts of Stringer. I have nothing against Stringer but he is increasingly trying to be a media personality and a lot of his act just grates. Just do a proper job and people will listen and rate you. And Owen Palmer whatever is like a little puppy reign to copy him. I think he could do much better being himself
  3. FLAN


    Ha ha. Not that sort of journey
  4. FLAN


    I work from home for a company that specialises in journey analytics - I work with some big companies but all US based . I have to go to Florida next week to meet a new client. Unfortunately I fly Tuesday after a weekend in Manchester in a stag do. I hate having to travel.
  5. Went for this. Very good quality so far so good! thanks
  6. All that analysis and can’t say the names properly??
  7. 30 years since The Stone Roses album was released
  8. Didn’t he sign a new one when Bournemouth were after him? Probably here to keep James company
  9. Apart from that a great asset 😂
  10. Can anyone recommend a decent local turf supplier?
  11. Looked for a gardening thread without any luck planning to returf lawn at 40m square. Anyone recommend a supplier? A lot of local ones via google look pretty dodgy
  12. Anyone know how many left? I’m waiting to see if it moves again. When would they actually confirm it?
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