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  1. FLAN


    Latest Adidas Spzl range a bit disappointing. I’m a big new order fan so wanted it to be better than it is. Also very expensive
  2. Totally different challenge for wilf and I’m sure they will target him he’s decent in the air but it isn’t his usual position so I’m sure they will cause problems
  3. FLAN

    Wesley Fofana

    Time for Puel and Wes to kiss and make up?
  4. FLAN

    Demarai Gray

    Not a great sign (for him) not to make the bench. Was there any talk of an injury? id like to see him leave as he clearly isn’t motivated to improve here
  5. Imagine if Barnes made a wide run to help his full back out....
  6. Don’t mention him. Can’t get over allowing him to score last season
  7. Football is a good medium to get the message to some people otherwise ignorant to it
  8. “Like we won’t make you sign Gray if you give us Brookes”?
  9. Wonder if we will get any more of these?
  10. Oh yes....you can see how much I know about him 😂
  11. We’ve got Fofana, Fofana, Fofana, yeah yeah We’ve got Fofana, Fofana, Fofana, yeah yeah to the Kate Bush tune Babooshka
  12. The revolution will be televised
  13. FLAN

    David Brooks

    To get a regular game
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