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  1. What’s the earliest you think we will be able to see a band? I have tickets for new order in November but really not sure it will go ahead all these festivals jumping up and down to happen in the summer seems far fetched
  2. There’s a massive Eastern European supermarket on Buckminster road now haven’t been in, often wonder what wonders are in there
  3. FLAN


    Ordered two c/W of the TRX Vintage. Sent all blue back as not as nice as the TRX Spezial. Kept yet blue/yellow also sold a few pairs on eBay that I hadn’t worn and got cheap - made a few quid only so many pairs you can wear
  4. I only read the first few lines. That’s what I was laughing at. I didn’t read the serious part underneath as I assumed it was just e same story
  5. Just put the phone down having booked in for next week. They called me im 49 and assumed it may be due to my history with epilepsy but I have been clear for 14 years 🤷🏻‍♂️ see above post about my daughters also
  6. My two eldest daughters (20/18) have been contacted for a vaccine jab. They both have absence epilepsy which is a relatively minor ailment and controlled by medication. I was surprised they were a priority
  7. This is so true and the pandemic has made it worse. What excuse can you now use to not join a late evening call? I work for an Israeli company but most work is in US so the end of my days is quite late
  8. How Boris Johnson was considered the best option to be prime minister. Both by his own party and the general public
  9. Local testing coming my way tomorrow apparently. If you take one without symptoms do you have to isolate? I can’t see anything on council website about that
  10. Remember when people were telling us he’d be a real asset to teams on the premier league or championship?
  11. Just watched MOTD for our section. Only heard complements?
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