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  1. I’ve long felt the tunnel should be on the opposite side of the ground. Another missed opportunity
  2. I can handle his confidence issues in front of goal. A single goal at home will probably wash this away. What I can’t understand is his complete lack of understanding / willingness to shift his position to support the team. He’s either 5 yards away from Chilwell killing his space or ahead of him but with an opposition player between them cutting out any one twos On Saturday in particular he was invisible when we didn’t have the ball. No pressing or even urgency to move into a defensive position. Albrighton needs a run to show Barnes what he should be doing despite having less natural talent
  3. I’m not a singer but these UFS lads do a great job. My 13 year old always asking me what are they singing dad. Keep it up.
  4. I own very little music form those artists. Thank god
  5. Pretty obvious they don’t want the ref getting more stick after changing his mind looking at a screen. As of now the decision gets changed by someone outside the stadium
  6. He isn’t even good in the air!
  7. Mine and the wife’s “song”. Still love it (and of course her)
  8. Weirdly I think I just saw Kaputska kicking a ball across the river in abbey park. His mate filming it. Looked just like him and was in lcfc training kit. He did have 33 on though which hasn’t been his number?
  9. Impeccable? Didn’t make much effort to close down McNeil for the cross. Stood off and dangled his foot out.
  10. Instagram and into grans could be worked in somehow
  11. My dad is over 70. He got soaked at the game. He left at 4-0 to sit in the car and warm up. He doesn’t care what time you arrive or leave.
  12. FLAN


    I’m still amazed how one footed a top level professional can be. I was amazed he actually made a decent pass with his right yesterday. Can’t remember him ever doing that before
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