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  1. Instagram and into grans could be worked in somehow
  2. My dad is over 70. He got soaked at the game. He left at 4-0 to sit in the car and warm up. He doesn’t care what time you arrive or leave.
  3. FLAN


    I’m still amazed how one footed a top level professional can be. I was amazed he actually made a decent pass with his right yesterday. Can’t remember him ever doing that before
  4. How good is the broadband? Need it as I work from home and virgin is pretty decent but they are charging me over the odds for tv
  5. Based on his stats why would anyone pay anything like that money?
  6. I managed to get two tickets in the ballot for one of the Wembley semi finals. Anyone else get lucky?
  7. I just happened to notice it here more starkly. Nothing more. No agenda. Chill out. I’m just asking if it is wise to post something as fact without having evidence to back up (unless there is some).
  8. Isn’t it a little dangerous to suggest in writing he is an alcoholic?
  9. If anyone has any at the last minute. Let me know please. Thanks in advance
  10. Yeah not easy to weave them in...aside from the obvious use of girth now
  11. Ooh, Johnny do you know what you’re worth?Ooh, Evans is the best on earthStay with Leicester and we’ll come firstJohnny Evans is the best on earthOoh, Evans is the best on earth if only only more words rhymed with earth
  12. Did this happen today? I’m happy to join in if it provides any level of comfort for the family of someone who has died, but I didn’t notice anything happen
  13. I need both at same time so no good for me at the moment. Thanks for asking
  14. Anyone have a feeling for wether this makes it to all season tickets? My sons birthday the 6th so I’d like to take him
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