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  1. Gray got to be thinking what’s this guy done to keep his place. Not that I’d have Gray anywhere near the starting 11
  2. More composure in final pass and we’d have won in second half
  3. 20 mins too late to get him off
  4. If we score the next 3 I agree
  5. Our back four have too much of the ball
  6. Zouma playing out against you is a bad sign
  7. Surely this game demands the work rate of albrighton over Perez who I thought was average last week?
  8. I was wondering about the cashless situation and how they expect anyone under 16 to purchase food or drink??
  9. His finishing ability is massively over talked by some city fans. Could be wrong but I doubt he will make much of an impression up there
  10. I’m thinking king won’t suit that league at all. A lot of hustle and bustle and he is way too pedestrian for that.
  11. I stood almost the entire half time break because my son wanted a drink The speed at which queues for the same kiosk are differently served just proves it’s all about the staff. I could see people who joined queues after me being served way ahead. Why have they stopped the guys selling just beer from mobile units? That at least took some of the queues away. Haven’t seen them for a while
  12. Spotted a tweet earlier about Clarence Seedorf and misread as clearance... so how many players can you make a minor change to and make them sound rubbish? Clearance Seedorf Roberto Careless Ina Rush yes im bored!
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