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  1. Don’t think they would be deemed Covid safe
  2. People are the problem. I didn’t mention pubs I said people not wearing masks which is widespread at least in the area I live in.
  3. No hope for this city when so many of its population are point blank refusing to do their bit and wear a mask in public. They’ll probably be the same people cursing pubs staying closed
  4. Imagine José putting up with grays lack of effort and decision making 😂
  5. Went to Selhurst for the league cup semi with a Wimbledon fan who I worked with. Taking the pi55 on way home and told him I was going to a wedding in Ireland in (March or whenever final was held). I was gutted I’d miss Wembley. Ended up giving my 2 tickets to a couple of Middlesbrough fans ( good mates no trouble to be caused) and I had to watch it on tv. devastated to miss it and that equaliser just made me so happy. So that I could go to the replay and because my Boro mates would be gutted. great seats at replay aisle seats as they came down after lifting the trophy. T
  6. Can anyone explain the reluctance of so many people in Leicester do do their bit and wear a mask in public? There is a really low level of compliance in the Abbey Lane area at schools and shops. I just can’t understand. It’s not like people don’t know about it
  7. My experience is very different. I took my daughter to school last Friday where they ask parents to wear a mask on site. Quick count in playground 4 adults out of 16 wearing a mask. And some of those not wearing one standing together chatting. This lack of willingness to do their bit is why we are in such a mess. I also see it a lot in the local ASDA. Probably 1/5 not wearing a mask. All ages, all races. Just selfish ****ers all round. if those parents can’t show their kids how to behave for the good of society by wearing a mask for 10 mins I dread to think how they bring them up in general
  8. When wondering why Maddison doesn’t get called up for England. Remember this game. Poor
  9. Carry on lads. It’s going really well...
  10. Why are Leeds defending corners with every player when they have a man advantage? also can the press give over about three. They are an average team
  11. FLAN


    Ordered a pair of Adidas Terry Fox from Adidas Canada website and had them delivered to a colleague to post over to me. im now reeling at the cost of postage, customs duty and VAT...
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