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  1. Maddison didn’t deserve to start or stay on. Wilf off ha to be the most bizarre sub this season to leave us totally exposed. Ricardo isn’t up to it at the moment all of the above is on Rodgers
  2. Burnley are giving tickets away free in a ballot for ST holders for their home game
  3. Not unless you have the same name I guess?
  4. I’m gutted. Never though it would go as low as it seems to be and I can get in at 3pm. Just can’t face going without my son (14) to something like this when we always go together. Such a shame
  5. This under 16 ban is weird given most kids are doing two tests a week for school
  6. Is it the same coach company as used for Madrid away in 97?
  8. Spoke to a mate today who has the points but isn’t going due to the bus demand. Probably be a few others like him
  9. You wouldn’t believe how often I read my reply before posting it!
  10. Amazes me how often you see typos in online articles. There’s a thing called spellcheck now lads.
  11. On a par with Jason Bourne as a journalist. I remember asking Bourne why he wasn’t asking the club for their stance on the Offside Trust when clubs were starting to back it. He basically said he didn’t know what it was - this was a massive story at the time
  12. Lane7 is horrific for service and drinks choice. App for orders constantly going down
  13. Hard to believe it is 14 years ago and she would have been 18 now seems to have gone very quiet again but I guess cooperation is greatly affected by the covid situation
  14. A bit hard to miss. Age is a bad thing
  15. Where was the club shop? I really can’t recall it
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