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  1. Pérez very frustrating. Does some good stuff then ruins it by being knocked off the ball or a bad pass. I think Tielemans has been good in last two games
  2. I felt Justin was ignoring him as an option a lot. Saying that I think generally would too
  3. Not a fan of Gray but felt he kept putting himself wide for the ball and being ignored by Justin. Didn’t do much wrong tonight
  4. Miserable? I’m pointing out how pooor a player was. Way below standard required. Lost opportunity because of poor quality touches and passes
  5. Barnes. Should have been subbed he was so bad
  6. Why does he have to try and emotionally attach himself to everything?
  7. Just said to my son a half decent player with all that space would cause havoc. He just doesn’t know how to attack
  8. Chilwell. Random smash forward first touch
  9. Sounds like a crap channel 5 show
  10. Whilst I am annoyed about what I’ve seen, there are plenty of people in all communities who are picking and choosing what they decide to abide by. My own family is guilty of that. What I don’t understand is how these taxi drivers in particular have done this throughout and nobody has done anything about it
  11. Walking the dog at Abbey Park last night there were quite a few groups of BAME/Eastern European men, women, children gathering and not social distancing. Large group of men playing football (and have done so consistently) many of whom are taxi drivers (cabs are all parked in car park) again not distanced. Saw one guy who regularly runs at the park who was getting threatened by one of the group, assume he had challenged them on the gathering. Also as we crossed the bridge an elderly man and woman were being confronted by another bloke who threatened to kill him as we walked by (briefly stopped to make sure nothing kicked off). The lady (crying by this point) told me the guy was accusing them of taking photos of the group (footballers). So it comes as no surprise that certain communities are being hit harder given they continue to ignore the lockdown. God knows what increases risk these taxi drivers are causing.
  12. Don’t disagree about the availability but let’s be honest here his crossing is woeful regardless
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