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  1. Because I am Clive (Brisfox is not my real name-sorry to burst your bubble)
  2. Received the following from the ticket office this morning Hi Clive Thank you for your email I can confirm that the match tickets will be emailed out today by 5pm Kind Regards Amanda
  3. Ticket in the Leicester Section on Sportsnet, they are asking £750 with no guarantee you will even get in
  4. It does say on the email that tickets will be sent out in "a few days"
  5. My mate Artwell went to the game (I blagged him a ticket) dressed up in Blue and White. He didn't realise that he wasn't supposed to go on the pitch when the trophy was presented so started wandering around taking selfies with all the players including Vardy, Mahrez and Shinji. He even got to hold the trophy. When the payers left the pitch, he followed them into the dressing room and even went to the after dinner meal with the team. Everybody assumed apparently that he was Kante's cousin (Artwell is from Zimbabwe) and nobody asked him who he was. Best bit of blagging ever!
  6. If you are lucky enough to be going to the game, you should get an email from the club confirming your ticket details. One of the conditions of having a ticket is that you complete a track and trace form - the ERP Consent Form(see below). Make sure you click on the link and submit it to the club or you won't get your ticket The Print@Home Tickets will be sent to you after you and the whole of your party has completed the ERP Consent Form, the link for this is below. After completing the consent form you should expect your tickets to arrive via email wi
  7. You have no chance. All tickets have names on and you have to show photo ID
  8. Feel your pain but if you had gone to away games (appreciate not always possible), you would have enough points. All those wet Weds nights in Stoke and Burnley have paid off
  9. This company had bad reviews on trustpilot
  10. Just seen on the internet that there are websites offering Cup Final tickets at hugely inflated prices. It’s so sad this happens when there are thousands of fans who are desperate to go but there are people who are making a killing out of this because they have access to tickets that are not available to genuine fans
  11. I have a couple of questions for City fans First is , considering how few tickets the club is likely to get, what is the fairest way to allocate them? My own preference would be on the basis of matches attended in the past ( the priority scheme). The club might consider a ballot but that would possibly see some who have never been to an away game getting a ticket while others who have followed the club home and away missing out. Thoughts? If you can’t get a ticket, would you travel to Wembley just for the atmosphere and find a decent pub? Finally, how much w
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