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  1. I still have one ticket available if you know somebody who is really deserving
  2. Like most people I am so grateful to our brave doctors, nurses and medical staff in this health crises. I would like to say a small thank you on a personal basis. If you would like to nominate an NHS worker for a free ticket ( I have 5 to give away) to a Leicester City home game when footie restarts then email me at clangley@ psafinancial.co.uk This closes at midnight tonight 30th March) Please nominate somebody who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. You can’t nominate yourself. Let me know why the person deserves the ticket and I will pick the best ones. I would apprecia
  3. Contact Rachel Green at the training ground
  4. I just paid £10 for the link and it doesn’t work.
  5. "The unkindest cut of all" Marcus Antonius Julius Caesar Act 3, scene 2, 181–186 How about that for linking 2 random posts? Brilliant, huh?
  6. Just a reminder that the game kicks off at 7-30, not the normal 7-45.
  7. I have been in Istanbul for a few days and have discovered the following Leicester City are very well known and liked over here The locals love Soyuncu as much as we do We pronounce Caglar’s name completely wrong They we’re very impressed with the 9-0 Most of the young people here want to move to England or Germany How the war in Syria is presented in the media, Turkey is the good guy( no surprise) Anybody else have views from abroad?
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