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  1. 300/1 to win the league, 150/1 to be relegated
  2. My favourite bernie moment was seeing Bernie argueing with a lamppost on Raw Dykes Rd
  3. Looking for 2 tickets for Liverpool. 07826748824
  4. I have one adult ticket in the away end. Email me at clangley@ psafinancial.co.uk
  5. It is always pretty loud in the Kop and you couldn't hear the Spuds at all
  6. Just looked at the bookies rating us as Premier League winners. Currently you get 300/1
  7. I agree with the fact that the club themselves are to blame (Bury FC are now a dead duck), however, the fans are blameless and it's them who I'm interested in helping. Remember, others came to our aid in times of need 17 years ago. Any money raised should go to AFC Bury or whatever a new club is called. So guys and gals, do we help or not?
  8. Like most City fans, I watched with dismay at the fate of Bury going bust, likely to be followed by Bolton Wanderers in coming weeks. I can only imagine what the fans of these clubs are feeling this morning. It is only 4 years ago this week when a second string Leicester City side containing a player by the name of N'Golo Kante (whatever happened to him?) beat Bury 4-1 in the League Cup at Gigg Lane. It is only 6 years since Leicester beat Bolton 1-0 to clinch the Championsip at the Reebok Stadium. How things change. Leicester fans of all people can relate to how the fans of Bury and Bolton must be feeling this morning. The question I have is, what could be done to help and should we help? For Bury the only way forward would appear to be a Wimbledon/ Newport County type set up with forming a new club in the lower leagues. The same applies possibly to Bolton within the next 14 days. Could we , for example, hold a special "Birch's run" at a forthcoming City game. Would City fans support this? The money raised could be given to a new supporters trust for the 2 clubs to help them get back on their feet. Your comments, positive and negative, would be welcome. Some may think "Tough luck, that's football" others may want to help out. What do you think?
  9. A few nights ago I had a really weird dream. I was breastfeeding a baby seal on a tram (I’m a guy by the way). This was followed by another dream where I was snogging Liz Hurley(which was great!). Alas the second dream has as much chance of coming true as the first. This got me thinking. Have you ever had a weird dream involving LCFC? I once dreamt I scored a Hatrick for England in the World Cup Final but we lost 7-5 to Brazil (so close to glory)
  10. It was under my coat but not under it enough, if you get what I mean
  11. I wore it because I’m an idiot. Enough said
  12. Moving on from games that you didn't get to, it got me thinking about games that I didn't get to see all of. The one that springs to mind is Crystal Palace away in 2016. I couldn't get a ticket in the away end so, being an enterprising kind of guy, I researched about how to get a home ticket. I soon found out that the only way was to join the Crystal Palace supporters club. A ticket was acquired and entrance was enabled. I sat through the game in the Holmsdale End and sat on my hands when Mahrez put City ahead. All was well until halftime when a steward came up to me and asked me "Are you a Leicester Supporter?" I had to answer in the affirmative and was promptly shown the door (I was quite happy about this as I thought I was going to be arrested). Somebody had spotted my Leicester scarf under my coat. We won 1-0 anyway so I didn't miss anything.
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