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  1. brisfox

    Visiting cities from our European tour

    Nah, not so keen
  2. This week I came back to Copenhagen, last visited 2 years ago during our Champions League campaign. It really is a lovely place and the people are among the friendliest I have ever met. Just wondered if others had had similar experiences when they have gone back to Brugge, Stockholm,Madrid,Seville,Los Angeles or even Glasgow.
  3. brisfox

    Arsenal away - Mon 22 Oct, 8pm

    Looking for one ticket. Message for me if any come available. Thanks
  4. brisfox

    Potential Problems With Selling Tickets On

    If you sell on a ticket you get banned for 5 years if you get caught. The choice is yours
  5. I met Fuzz Townsend (Car SOS, ex drummer with Pop Will Eat Itself) in Watford Gap services. He was on his way back from delivering a car to Northampton
  6. Met Nigel Farage at a UKIP meeting in Northampton. He was very nice but smoked like a chimney and drank a lot (shock). A lot had a long chat with Paul Nuttall who became UKIP leader after Farage. Really liked him, we talked football (he is a big Liverpool fan) for about half an hour.
  7. My cousin and I were in Liverpool doing the Beatles tour. We stopped in Penny Lane to takes some photos and who should rock up but Paul McCartney (with James Corden). They were filming carpool Kareoke. My cousin (Lance) got to met the great man and he was really nice. As he shook hands he introduced himself by saying "Hi, I'm Paul" . Lance replied, "Yeah, I know who you are". I got to take photos of them and the story even appeared in the Daily Mail. Funny thing was, Lance had met Stella McCartney (Paul's daughter) the week before in London. It was very surreal taking Paul's photo
  8. brisfox

    What if watford do a leicester

    5000/1. Wait, hang on.......
  9. brisfox

    England at KP Tickets

    Still not received mine either
  10. brisfox

    Arsenal Away

    I will be at Arsenal away, as always
  11. brisfox

    Drug Taking at games

    I lived in California where drugs laws were liberalised. It made a bad problem 1000% worse
  12. I was in Lille on Saturday and noticed that there were several people indulging in pretty heavy drug use (lines of Cocaine). Call me old fashioned but I find this disturbing. Yes, it's their life but they must be crazy. That stuff will kill you (it cetainly kills heart muscle). I speak as somebody who has a daughter who has destroyed her life with this stuff.
  13. We left to get the train. The alternative was stay in Lille overnight. The last Eurostar left at 8-30 and we had to clear customs and also get an UBER from the stadium. At least we made the effort to travel rather than being like you and watching on the internet. It cost us £200 to support our team and I didn't go there to get drunk (I'm teetotal).Not exactly what you would call a fair weather, part-time supporter.
  14. I doubt that there were any City fans who missed the train. The last eurostar was set to leave at 8-30 so we had to leave the game after 50 mins to get to the station ontime and there were many others who did the same thing. If you stayed to the end you would have missed the train even if you got a Taxi immediately. The ground was 20 mins drive from the station. Didnt see any trouble but I did see alot of police vans with sirens. Good turn out by City fans, there were about 1200 there.