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  1. Being tracked by many big teams so I think it’s unlikely
  2. I think that the VAR effect second guessing everything
  3. Problem is if Rodgers played some academy sides and lost people would call for him to be sacked. So he can’t really win. Personally I would love to win the FA Cup even though we won’t be there to witness it. I did think some players like Youri and JJ should and could have been rested but Praet has been in and out the side so no reason why he wouldn’t have started.
  4. BBC iplayer or BBC Sport I believe not live on BBC
  5. These are here for the taking, just like Palace
  6. I like Maddison as part of the midfield three, now we have Ndidi back hopefully gives him more freedom to get closer to Vardy.
  7. Don’t know much about José Ignacio Peleteiro Ramallo AKA Jota but his stats don’t looks great and he’s 29
  8. I agree I think we are all frustrated with drawing to this poor team. IMO The starting 11 was good enough to win that game as showed in the first half. That’s why I think it’s harsh to blame BR but can understand those who do. I have never had the privilege to play top flight football so don’t know if two games in two games on top of a Europa campaign is too much.
  9. I don’t know. Maybe they would have rested a few more against United and played a few more today.
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