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  1. Could we try Justin at RB and Ricardo RW? Looks like Justin can do a decent enough job and out wingers are the position that we need more from.
  2. Worried we will drop from the top 4 now, only thing to save us is the inconsistency of others. Of course hope I am wrong.
  3. Frustrating when another fan tries to make money off tickets
  4. I would like to see another winger and CB and hoping they come out the blue like Perez. If I remember correctly that was completed pretty soon after the link broke. Anyway we are where we are in the league on merit so no reason to panic.
  5. Chilwell ain’t a wingback. 1v1 so many times for him to pass backwards. Their right back must have had one of the easiest games he can remember.
  6. Played OK Chilwell is not a wing back as he does not run at his opponent when 1V1
  7. From a neutral I would be saying home win all day long. However we are Leicester just hoping we can take a good enough lead into the next leg. Come on you blues!
  8. Hopefully get a couple when the clock strikes midnight
  9. Hope you’re correct. Gray in a midfield 3 is frightening
  10. If Mahrez doesn’t go down he doesn’t get the penalty, which almost forces players to go down under minimal contact. For me it was a penalty anyway.
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