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  1. I agree. But my point remains.
  2. Well is it not causing more panic saying 10 deaths from 600 cases rather then 10 in 6000? I don’t know but I’m glad I don’t have to make these decisions.
  3. What is frustrating how we all thought China and other countries such as Iran were under reporting cases and covering the issues up. I still read in the news “The number of cases in the UK has risen to X” when we all know they don’t test everyone who shows symptoms. So this figure is incorrect. Two of my good friends have been told, one by their GP and another by 111 service, that they more than likely have the virus however wouldn’t be tested. They were given advice to self isolate. Are the government playing it down to stop panic?
  4. I’ve already booked to go Moscow at the end of April. Now undecided if I should cut my losses and not go and pay £150 for a VISA as I’m guessing they won’t refund that if shit hits the fan. Also don’t fancy getting to Moscow and being told to stay indoors for 14 days.
  5. The part that I don’t understand is that China has the smallest number of new cases after such a dramatic rise. Either they are covering something up or it isn’t as contagious as first thought. I see posts on here, some concerned and some not so much and it really depends where you source your information and your thought on the media I guess. Personally my gut feeling is that I don’t think it will effect 60% of the UK population but will still have a large impact on society.
  6. Restaurants don’t attract 30k people, not the ones I go to anyway. I’m not agreeing with playing behind closed doors is the answer, but I certainly don’t know what the answer is. It is clearly difficult on what to do and how to contain if it is that infectious it will spread no matter what. I was planning to go Russia in April and certainly do not think they are going to let me in.
  7. Thanks @Aus Fox great post, gives a little bit of optimism for the final year 10 games. We should best Villa and I believe we will, let’s hope we can kick on from there.
  8. Not a great half, but it’s 0-0 so let’s hope we push on in the second half. I would bring Gray on 😐
  9. Anyone been Russia recently? The VISA is causing me pain. It asks for historic passport numbers, which I have certainly not kept! Also places you have travelled to in the past 10 years. During that time I have been travelling around Europe in an attempt to visit every capital city. Without any social media it’s going to be fun retracing my footsteps on the exact dates!
  10. I do hope you are correct. I just don’t think Fury has the power to do so. Desperately want Fury to win, but I can see Wilder winning by KO. Don’t think Wilder took the first fight seriously as this one and hence was taken by surprise. Its hard to call as Fury has by far the best mover and technically skilled fighter for me in the division. But likewise Wilder has that one punch power. We saw against Ortiz he can lose every round without getting out of 1st gear and lights out all of a sudden.
  11. Would be fantastic to get a win, we are very capable of that if we turn up. Can see them scraping a win though.
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