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  1. Hopefully be more solid when Evans comes back in and Ndidi moves into the midfield.
  2. 😂 night shift to blame!
  3. Over the moon if it’s £15mil can see it being a little more
  4. It’s been that bad Elliot has made it more entertaining
  5. Can you let the players know if you get an answer
  6. Was thinking this myself. Was hoping Barnes would kick on this season and he still might. But the two pre season games I’ve watched he’s slowly going backwards
  7. I know it’s only a friendly, many players missing, but that front 3 could well start a few games next year and that ain’t good for my health.
  8. Never thought about it like that, well put.
  9. He should get more goals as a RW/RM rather than a RB though so wouldn’t really say you can compare that. However I wouldn’t necessitate argue with you that he is just class in general.
  10. Ricardo is the best winger we have at the club, but is far better at right back.
  11. Another performance from Gray which makes me fall into his trap of believing he can deliver. I get sucked in every year to be slowly let down
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