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  1. Jamie wants to see more from Ashley Barnes
  2. Sorry I have sorted this now. Appreciate that!
  3. If anyone has one for this let me know. Thanks all sorted thanks
  4. Would love an adult ticket for Villa.
  5. Would love two adult tickets for this one if anyone has them spare. Let me know.
  6. Very pessimistic about tomorrow, of course hope I am wrong.
  7. You never know. Hoping to get my run out soon
  8. Absolutely agree if I wear my blue tinted spectacles.
  9. Newcastle to sit back. City have 71% possession. Atsu makes it 1-0 first half. City win 3-1.
  10. Match thread is gonna be dead then as no one know what’s going on, other than those who are there
  11. Performing better than Madders ATM though so potentially not a replacement and will also be snapped up
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