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  1. Struggling to find one without it buffering tonight!!
  2. Can’t wait for the attacking options to come off the bench
  3. Think we are doing okay. Hamza isn’t good enough on the ball in tight areas so can’t progress the play. Bar his mistake he hasn’t done much wrong, or right to be honest. Think we got on top more when Youri dropped deeper, the guy is class.
  4. Rest all those that need it, Tielemans and Vardy to name two. Take the hit and play some youngsters.
  5. How is he still running, has hardly missed a minute for club or country is a seriously congested season.
  6. Arsenal done well today to counter balance how poor we have been. Without Aubameyang and Saka too fair play. I would take the hit in the next game and rest the majority of players.
  7. If this is true then that is absolutely shocking.
  8. I’m not disagreeing that Brendon should take some criticism, but that team should have been more than good enough.
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