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  1. Never confident at Old Trafford regardless. Hopefully can get the three points. Mata still has glimpses of quality but certainly not the player he once was.
  2. You could say if our defence wasn’t so poor we would have won 5 0 all what ifs
  3. As much as I wanted Maddison to play, Barkley played okay going forward. We scored 5 goals so attacking wasn’t an issue today. Not sure defensively Maddison would have offered anything different as that isn’t his game.
  4. 31/48 ran out of time didn’t get some current starting 11
  5. Hughie has no power in his right hand. Just means fighters walk him down. Shame as he has a good jab.
  6. Watch Green Street should give you a decent idea of how to act/what happens on match day.
  7. Should beat this team comfortably on paper. Worrying if we can’t tbf
  8. I’m not sure how anyone could argue that wasn’t a foul tbh
  9. Pace and direct running is what we need - HB
  10. Will be a good fight, hoping Yarde can come through it. Kovalev is a very good fighter but think Yarde will take it. Not sure if I’m thinking with my head or heart though.
  11. Very harsh. Over rated potentially but to drop our best player from the previous game would be very harsh.
  12. Should be happy with a point at the Bridge but think we deserved more!
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