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  1. Only Leicester

    20 year wait for a new stadium met with relegation, administration, promotion and relegation.
  2. Shakespeares Tactics

    To be fair yes he was pretty bad but the manager was asking him to play a game he is useless at, who do you blame? If at some stage we work out how to play further up the pitch and actually put crosses in, he will score goals as he did for Sporting.
  3. 4 Games In

    Having watched our attempts to limit the opposition vs Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal I can't see us picking up points against last seasons top 6, therefore it's hard to see past anything other than us scrapping away for points on the bottom half. Hopefully we can integrate these new signings and find some magic.
  4. Does anyone else have trouble signing in on mobile? PC logs on no problem. Mobile login says no to my email address.
  5. Drinkwater says farewell

    Honestly once a player chooses to leave our club I no longer have any interest in them. Wouldn't wish the guy any harm, just not bothered either way.
  6. Lcfc plane tracking topic

    Flown over Stamford Bridge again, let's hope they gave Drinky a parachute.
  7. Last man standing?

    He will come on to counter the opposition bringing on another forward player at 0-0, we'll lose a creditable 2-0.
  8. Ulloa new contract

    No apology for going on strike in the statement. LCFC setting a great example to other players.
  9. Membership 17/18

    Ok yeah that's cool, you confirmed what I thought, cheers.
  10. Membership 17/18

    Can any kind person answer this one for me? I have a membership with less than 20 points so have to enter the ballot, my friend has a membership with over 30 points, how do we get tickets together? It appears that anyone with priority has a cutoff date to buy tickets, which is before people who have entered the ballot get their chance to purchase. Does the member with priority points need to enter the ballot to enable us to but tickets together? I can't get my head round it.
  11. A little bit disenchanted

    With hindsight lots of things have been done wrong since 2015/16. We've been hoping to cling to some of the magic, but last season it became ever clear we needed a new direction and new enthusiasm, although again we seem to be clinging on to the past success and failing to replace players to move things forward. For me that's where my slight disenchantment comes from.
  12. Leicester City's 2017/18 kits thread

    Got to admit this is funny, what a balls up
  13. Comparing O'Neill LCFC Vs Ranieri LCFC sides

    Other than saying I'd like to have seen Heskey and Vardy given a run together I wouldn't be able to choose. Different teams, different era, both achieved, leave it there.
  14. Expand the stadium? The poll

    I believe they had plan to rebuild pretty much the whole stadium in the style of that stand, taking the capacity up to near 60,000. Crazy talk considering they had rebuilt the ground over the previous 25 years.
  15. Expand the stadium? The poll

    That could well be the plan, the 10,000 could involve 2-3 sides which might be done in stages. There is no reason to assume from the information we have so far that it will be done in one shot.