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  1. The only one of these games that has been talked about that I wasnt at was the Newcastle 7-1. Fecking jinx.
  2. I hope I'm wrong with this but our record in the last few transfer windows suggests another failure wouldn't be a surprise. I fully expect us to be scratching around for players again.
  3. Let's be fair, it's a football shirt, they're all pretty bad, this one is just slightly more bad. Admiral were the lasy decent ones, but that thinking could be entirely down to the fact I was a small child at the time.
  4. Imagine how excited you might be as an Everton or Stoke or Southampton fan etc if you were about to sign Mahrez cos he's not good enough for Leicester City. Forest syndrome is clearly setting in for some.
  5. The rule is clearly there to stop a player dribbling the ball toward the goal. The referee has misinterpreted it, Mahrez didn't 'play' the ball twice, it hit him. Goal.
  6. Yes, and I think it's pretty much common knowledge now that the list will be put to better use by replacing the current scheme with a cheaper points based system. A much better idea to encourage those who want tickets for the glamour games to turn up for cup games etc.
  7. Genuinely didn't think he could do anything funnier than the dives.......
  8. Super Leicester if you're having those thoughts during your holiday in Skegness.
  9. Anyone who thinks this is the end is in for a pleasant surprise.
  10. The owners have been brilliant, no doubt, but that doesn't mean we have accept anything and everything without question. Just for the record, MM was the owner when we won league one wasn't he?
  11. Fast turning into the Rungnado stadium.
  12. So you got the bit about where to congregate but didn't see the bit that said "under no circumstances tolerate any form of anti-social behaviour".
  13. Thankfully fans like you are in the majority. I just wondering how much it would have taken for someone to organise a couple of people in Hi-Vis with a bin bag to pick up the stuff that was being dropped by these pigs? I know they shouldn't have to do it, but you only have to look at festivals and the mess left behind at Viccy Park last year to realise peoples brain drops out of their arse when they've been drinking.
  14. Maybe a way to deal with this would be for LCFC to hire security and start to clear the square when told to by police, anyone who doesn't want to leave will be a sitting duck for police and get whacked, fair enough?
  15. I have sympathy with innocent people getting attacked but put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the idiots who behave like vermin.