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  1. There are players I don't like or think are shocking on occasion but I always keep it to myself at games. The word 'supporter' I can only assume is ironic for some people.
  2. All it is is the realisation that 100s of kids prefer to sit in all area of the stadium, the tickets which were a struggle to sell can now be freed up for all supporters. I'd imagine the alternative to this would be to force everyone bringing kids into the family stand.
  3. Personally I'd vehemently support any anti-rascism campaign but not one with links to BLM.
  4. Our net spend per season is usually around £20m, we'll have to ship out a couple of big players to finance those signings unless something is about to change income wise.
  5. The number of games on a small squad had a huge bearing on injuries. We were fighting on four fronts and something had to give, we were limping towards the line. It's pretty remarkable that we sustained any sort of form considering at one point we had seven players out and one on the bench who couldn't play more than 20mins. We can go easy on the cups next season (we've done both now👍), so we can hopefully keep a larger number fit and throw everything at the League.
  6. I think we've learnt enough over the years to not take anything for granted, that's what separates us from the ESL lot.
  7. We might not see another chance to get in the Champions League for many years. I hope we do, but it will take an almighty effort by everyone at the club to get another points total to get us near.
  8. They bring Bale off the bench, we bring on Perez, just about sums it up.
  9. As an adult member it was a frustrating situation seeing 1,500 or so tickets unsold a few weeks before a game which you couldn't access. I'm happy they've addressed it.
  10. I was simply pointing out that the previous game has nothing to do with the current one. Rodgers will have preached this to the players before the match. Not really a terrible thing to say, if you want that pop along to the Maddison thread.
  11. If there were any truth in the rumours about his contract (which I'm sure is BS) then what are the consequences of not meeting the criteria? Surely they can't be worse than having perpetually out of form player in your starting 11 a set number of times per season.
  12. This is where the monorail station is going.
  13. I think you only have to look at how well we have done and how many goals we have scored after going behind in games to see we're a better side when a positive approach is forced upon us.
  14. I think you may have inadvertently revealed that we're a much more dangerous side, and defensively more sound when the shackles are forced to come off😅 especially if you add in tonight's game and Newcastle.
  15. The question doesn't stipulate which Champions League spot, so I'd take winning the League again
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