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  1. Some sections of our fanbase, which pretty much summed up by everything to do with 100% LCFC on Facebook
  2. I have no inside knowledge but I'd imagine things appear to have stalled/stopped due to the tragic events last year. Let's not forget that the now crash site was an intended site for one of buildings so I'd imagine this is being redesigned in some way. The expansion is hardly a pressing issue under the circumstances, so I'd imagine this will be done when the plans and the time is right. We know it'll be done with class whatever.
  3. and when you take into account the fact that our fans still attended a preseason game at MK Dons after an attempted boycott, there really is no hope of action.
  4. I'd like him to stay away from anything to do with LCFC, especially anything to do with Vichai.
  5. UFS need to move to the middle of the South stand for any hope of their songs spreading. You really get a false impression up in that corner of what the rest of the ground can hear. From an acoustic/atmosphere point of view that corner is the worst possible place they could be. This is not a critcism of UFS btw, I like what they are trying to do.
  6. Did anyone say it should be stopped? In the same way you cannot stop any other type of crime. Punishment for it is a different matter though, surely you'd agree with that?
  7. I'd prefer it if we tried that after we have enough points to stay up.
  8. Your second sentence isn't exactly positive is it?
  9. Especially with Mike Stowell in the coaching team. It's not like they didn't know the treatment he'd get.
  10. I'm in agreement that people should be more patient under the circumstances and should trust the club to get things right, whatever their opinion on CP. But, this to me is another example of his poor communication skills. How he expects to bring some people onside with these sort of statements I'll never know.
  11. Ok so the away form is very good and home form alone sees us sitting in 12th position, but if we look at the away vs home tables for this season, it looks like lots of others teams are battling this home form problem. I'm not saying we should be happy with the way things are but this league has started to stagnate in terms of entertainment with pretty much 14 teams battling hards for those away points and setting up to counter attack, how else would we have those away wins? We may be an extreme case but struggling for home form vs away form isn't unique to us atm.
  12. I'm not sure fate really works like that, If Southampton had appointed Ranieri would they have won the League?
  13. I'm not happy for him to amble around and I don't applaud players who amble around.
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