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  1. Can't imagine it's much fun at Roma playing in front of 40,000 empty seats every week. At least the new place will be more a reasonable size, if it ever gets built.
  2. Got to admit this is funny, what a balls up
  3. I have no problem with Mahrez wanting to move on. What I do have a problem with is him and his agent cooking up statements for the media trying to pressurise our club into selling cheap. This club has been good to him and vice versa, but trying to apply pressure through the media is a low blow.
  4. Other than saying I'd like to have seen Heskey and Vardy given a run together I wouldn't be able to choose. Different teams, different era, both achieved, leave it there.
  5. Slimani was signed in Aug 2016
  6. I believe they had plan to rebuild pretty much the whole stadium in the style of that stand, taking the capacity up to near 60,000. Crazy talk considering they had rebuilt the ground over the previous 25 years.
  7. That could well be the plan, the 10,000 could involve 2-3 sides which might be done in stages. There is no reason to assume from the information we have so far that it will be done in one shot.
  8. Great news and I hope it comes to something. Finding a place to put it and moving people at the King Power could be a problem as we seem to have some of the most obstinate fans in the country.
  9. Isn't that 70% somewhere in line with the percentage of the 'white' population? if not then maybe the high percentage is due to similar reasons why there is a hugely disproportionate amount per population of Muslims in British and European prisons.
  10. After having a few days to think on this I'm convinced Riyad is building his part up a little bit too much here. He is basically stating that he is too good to play for Leicester City now, even though no bids for him appear to have been made. His level of skill would suggest that he is good enough for those CL teams but at the moment his performances are well short of that. After watching Atletico close up it is clear to see what makes a world class player, not only amazing ability but also the desire to be the best player on the pitch no matter what your teammates are doing, at the moment Riyad doesn't have that, his mood and application is a reflection of the teams performance. As fantastic as he can be, I'll be amazed if anyone bids over £25 for him atm.
  11. The only one of these games that has been talked about that I wasnt at was the Newcastle 7-1. Fecking jinx.
  12. I hope I'm wrong with this but our record in the last few transfer windows suggests another failure wouldn't be a surprise. I fully expect us to be scratching around for players again.
  13. Let's be fair, it's a football shirt, they're all pretty bad, this one is just slightly more bad. Admiral were the lasy decent ones, but that thinking could be entirely down to the fact I was a small child at the time.
  14. Imagine how excited you might be as an Everton or Stoke or Southampton fan etc if you were about to sign Mahrez cos he's not good enough for Leicester City. Forest syndrome is clearly setting in for some.
  15. The rule is clearly there to stop a player dribbling the ball toward the goal. The referee has misinterpreted it, Mahrez didn't 'play' the ball twice, it hit him. Goal.