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  1. No one is suggesting that we forget all decisions for 'smaller' teams, that would be biased and a gross exaggeration.
  2. The irony here is you are clearly allowed to 'protect yourself' with a handball, but if your getting double punched in the neck you're offered no protection at all. Just ludicrous.
  3. I can understand not wanting to get hit in the face, but I'm afraid that it a possibility at any freekick. The easiest way of protecting your face in that situation is not standing there by choice.
  4. Having watched it several times it's hard to believe Ederson's cowardly action. He can clearly see the ball and Nachos run due to the direction of flight of the ball. Nacho is eyes on ball and has little idea where Ederson is. Disgraceful by Ederson and the officials, he has form for this and it's lucky he's not severely injured someone..........if you don't already consider giving someone concusion serious enough.
  5. Not content with trying to cut Barnes in half, now this.
  6. Funnily enough I spoke to a Villa fan after the game and he said "teams like us don't get those penalties, teams like Liverpool, Man U do"😂
  7. Well like it or not (intentional or not) the bias is clear. I also said I'm not one for conspiracy theories BTW.
  8. I'm not one for conspiracy theories but how can anyone argue against the obvious bias anymore?
  9. I think expecting us to get 20% of that atmosphere on a regular basis is fair. Let's aim high.
  10. I almost feel like jacking it in after seeing the Atletico supporters tonight, what an atmosphere they create. If only we could get 20% of that here we'd have some sort of home advantage.
  11. After some of the comments about the ticket pricing, it would seem some people are losing perspective about how much it actually costs for an individual Premier League ticket at the KP. £20 for the Brum game is not expensive in comparison.
  12. All of those stands appear to be constructed in the same way. A simple expansion added to the back of existing seating would be basically a separate structure with a new roof (see Cardiff City expansion), so no real reason why that couldn't be done on 3 sides. I have no idea what is planned but knowing Top like we do, it will nothing like Cardiff and could me much more complex.
  13. £20 is okay. If we get to the final there'll be 50,000 wanting tickets at 4 or 5 times the price. Let's hope they put a cup loyalty priority in place for previous rounds of we get there.
  14. It would appear only about 11/12,000 season tickets holders have bought tickets for the Brum FA Cup game, really poor effort, lets hope we can still sell it out.
  15. It was that way around at Filbert St and I've never got used to the change at KP
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