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  1. Well Robbie Savage said he is🥴 even though at this point he's not won anything in England other than a promotion.
  2. I know we have injuries but have they been working on moving the ball backwards 70 yards to Schmeichel in training? We're brilliant at it.
  3. I'm not sure we need another Europa campaign. £1.5m total for the 8 games we played isn't going to progress the club. The only point of being in it is winning it, we won't have the squad for that unless we first have the financial rewards of several Champions League seasons.
  4. A decent point with so many players out. We seem to have perfected the art of getting into good positions out wide and then moving it back 60 yards to the central defenders......and repeat.
  5. Tbh after about 5 games I was cursing our luck and saying we just need to get through this season, when you consider the injuries it's remarkable that we even made it into the top 4.
  6. Definitely, this is part of the problem chasing a top 4 place, you could inadvertently end up in the Europa League🥴 with extra games and no significant extra income to invest in players.
  7. I think the training ground may be a sign that our main source of players will now be through development. Some seem to have the idea that the training ground itself will attract world class quality signings, even if that were true sadly we don't have the money required to sign them.
  8. Arsenal won't have an easier game all season. Enough chances for Nacho now please, let's stop feeling sorry for him and ship him out.
  9. If we can go second half without conceding then we still have a chance. Any ball into our box is a massive threat these days so we'll do well to stay in it.
  10. Cowardly tactics in both games. Deserved nothing.
  11. Sorry yer, I know what I meant😂
  12. Sold Chilwell and all of a sudden we have 4 players who can play on the left who are as good if not better in that position than Chilwell. I don't think there is any doubt at all it was the right deal for us.
  13. Everyone is talking about Grealish but Dean Smith and Villa have spent over £1/4bn net on transfers in 2 years, they should have more than enough cover to compete with us. We completely outclassed them in the first half, brilliant stuff from us yet still missing, Justin, Praet, Fofana, Perez and others carrying injuries.
  14. I'd imagine the answer is to target racists rather than racism. Like you'd target a murderer not murder? If kneeling was going to solve any problems then we should just simply do much more of it. At the moment the main problem seems to be with social media, especially as fans aren't actually in the grounds. Maybe some sort of player/fan protest against Twitter etc would be a start, because these divisive racist trolls need locking up. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1399981/Footballer-Lyle-Taylor-news-BLM-Marxist-group-take-the-knee-football
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