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  1. I'd prefer it if we tried that after we have enough points to stay up.
  2. Your second sentence isn't exactly positive is it?
  3. Especially with Mike Stowell in the coaching team. It's not like they didn't know the treatment he'd get.
  4. I'm in agreement that people should be more patient under the circumstances and should trust the club to get things right, whatever their opinion on CP. But, this to me is another example of his poor communication skills. How he expects to bring some people onside with these sort of statements I'll never know.
  5. Ok so the away form is very good and home form alone sees us sitting in 12th position, but if we look at the away vs home tables for this season, it looks like lots of others teams are battling this home form problem. I'm not saying we should be happy with the way things are but this league has started to stagnate in terms of entertainment with pretty much 14 teams battling hards for those away points and setting up to counter attack, how else would we have those away wins? We may be an extreme case but struggling for home form vs away form isn't unique to us atm.
  6. I'm not sure fate really works like that, If Southampton had appointed Ranieri would they have won the League?
  7. I'm not happy for him to amble around and I don't applaud players who amble around.
  8. Obviously his form is bloody frustrating, but what happened to this 'Leicester City family' thing that was being talked about just a few weeks ago? Some people just don't get it. While he's a City player I won't jeer bloke, why would any of us.
  9. I thought he had a really good game tonight. Encouraging signs from him.
  10. Any progress in terms of points is very hard to see. We have 4 pts less than this point last season, OK Mahrez is a massive loss and probably easily accounts for those lost points. But we should also remember the awful start we made last season and still found ourselves in a better position after 17 games. Personally don't see any evidence of progress, but I trust those running the club to make an assessment of the entire situation and get it right.
  11. Watch it again, Evans and Ndidi are covering and neither picked up Alli because Ndidi goes to the ball when there is no reason to do so.
  12. I think you're right he absolutely knew he'd lose the ball if he'd turned towards the goal, but that certainly isn't true of every other striker.
  13. In the first half he did receive two decent balls in the box, both times he turned away from the goal instead of making the defender work.
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