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  1. Was a joy to watch and probably the best match at the Masters for some time, shame someone had to lose.
  2. We've lacked a decent spinner since Graeme Swann, we won't win in India unless we start bowling more attacking lines and with more consistancy.
  3. I sometimes struggle to sleep whilst suffering from high blood pressure/Anxiety, i find a combination of listening to classical music, writing down some thoughts (to get them out your head), meditation or taking a light dosage of Ziclopalone or Dizapam (Docs prescription).
  4. Is it as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University but has moved on and is now working for the U.N. at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning?
  5. BBC political correspondent Jonathan Blake: he's got a face you really want to punch, its probably the overly stylish glasses and sharp haircut that does it.
  6. Danny Dyer used to be funny, shame the BBC has bled his cockney accent to point of annoyance.
  7. I see Brett Hutton has re-signed with Notts! Gotta love Peter Moores admitting he's a better bowler now than when he left. Just re-enforcing the stereotype of the Notts academy failing to produce their own players and letting other counties develop them instead.
  8. Damn you Dak! There goes my unbeaten fantasy football record
  9. Think Brett Hutton could be a good option as an experienced bowler, only 27 is localish having played for Notts & Northants and a very good bowling average of 26.84 in FC (58 games). Still think were missing a frontline red-ball spinner but we probably don't have the playing budget for this luxury due to covid.
  10. I love it how the neighbour called it within 10 minutes of the program starting!
  11. Anyone who can keep Dearden and Rhodes out of the team is welcome in my opinion, think were still short of an opener to replace Horton even if we get Malan in i can see him only playing for part of the season if SA come calling.
  12. Agreed but could see Lawrence holding out for a few reasons: Most NFL ready QB since Andrew Luck Jets needing multiple drafts/free agency to improve their roster to a competitive level It's happened before as mentioned with Manning I can see a situation with them giving up the top spot for a crazy amount of draft pick like Houston and getting multiple first rounders, there are still some very good other QB's available for the upcoming draft in Lance & Fields too.
  13. I know we get use to bias from Gary but i believe Jenas has a genuine hatred of Leicester and way we tried to put Harvey Barnes in the transfer window was the last straw for me. i just fast forward when he speaks on MOTD as i don't believe he can offer any genuine insight at all.
  14. Jenas is probably the worst pundit on the MOTD, only equaled by Martin 'spot the bleeding obvious' Keown.
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