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  1. I'm not so sure Borthwick was a highly sought after coach, so was the fitness & conditioning coach. They should be able to coach the players well, also the salary cap will affect other teams too so its to early to say who will be relegated.
  2. Another frustrating watch last night!, i'm not here to knock Chilly but last night his decision making was poor. He frustrates me when he goes forward and then just gives up and passes backwards, then doesn't bomb forward when he has 10 yards of space! Also his crosses seem to be to high without anyone to head on to, he's at his best when he gets to the byline and whips a low, fast cross across the box for Vardy to latch onto.
  3. For those in need of a cricket fix, you can watch the 3 day England intra squad match for free on the ECB website
  4. She might as well speak in morse code.
  5. Lingard doesn't fit our current transfer model (buy develop and sell on for profit), also been regressing for 18 months doesn't help. Also for a 100k you want a productive player and i just don't see that happening. Plus he sums up everything wrong in a modern day footballer (Jlingz brand etc....).
  6. I used to listen to him on LBC to get a different approach to topics from that of Nick Ferrari, in the end i just kept getting infuriated with his way of handling callers. He once wouldn't allow a man to discuss a revolutionist approach to something, kept cutting in and in the end cut him off, lost all respect for him after that. Turbo twat.
  7. Its like listening to Diane Abbott mumble her way through an interview. Shocking.
  8. Watched the Pianist on Netflix last night, cracking film and deservedly won an oscar for Adrian Brody. 8.5/10
  9. I was cleaning my car out yesterday and found an adult fox membership card belonging to a Ben Meadows. From memory i found on the floor near the stadium during a game and must of fallen out of my wallet whilst driving home. Supporter No: 6x5x4x Is there anyone on here who's knows him? or could help me return his membership card to him? Thanks
  10. watched bridge of spies last night, not Spielberg's best work but a good film overall. 7/10.
  11. i'll leave the negotiations to Rudkin, shame about Soares i'm sure he's kept Ricardo out of the Portugal line up?
  12. Comments from football fans who have to state which club they have affinity for: 'As a XXXX fan, blah blah blah' 'blah blah blah and i'm a XXXX fan' nobody cares who you support when making a passing comment.
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