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  1. Yep just seen that Geoff seems a bit of a mystery was told he had passed away from someone who lives near him in Goole hopefully it was wrong and that he's ok
  2. Yes he was very well known down at Grace Road for a good few years fair to say he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box
  3. Sad news that Mark Ginger Sanderson a well known supporter of the club in the 1980s has passed away aged 57 RIP Mark
  4. Brian Davison didn't play has an OS either
  5. Sad news a legend of the club for over 30 years.Sadly know he's struggled with his health in recent years he could barely walk the last time I saw him
  6. Strange thing to say most sides have already cancelled the contracts of overseas players for this season.Cant see any live sport played until we have all had our mandatory micochipped Bill Gates vaccine tbh
  7. Forgot to say Gloucestershire announced the other week that even if no cricket is played this season they still expect to break even
  8. They should be ok received extra money from the ECB all staff have been furlough and they will save money from not hosting championship matches which they make a loss on every match played.They would have made good money from the 2 Concerts though. and of course the T20
  9. Martin Henderson must have been worth about a Fiver
  10. Not sure if it's been mentioned elsewhere but what are people's thoughts on the Bill Gates mandatory id2020 vaccine?
  11. Yep he was I regret the fact I lost touch with him knew him well from 1999 to around 2003.Have to say looking at his photos on Facebook he aged quite badly the effect of booze I guess.What do you think made him go down that route he hardly drank when I knew him
  12. Thanks for the info mate.Yep he must have changed I went to his 18th birthday party at the cricketers he barely drank all night so very sad
  13. 12 months there already got starting to get back to normal in China
  14. Why ifs it's only £300k Top will spend more then that on clothes
  15. Yep asking people how they feel about there verdict outside a court such a serious crime and the cases were all ready over before you say he jeopardise them.The other cases all minor offences from years ago
  16. Love the way the BBC covered the story and just referred to Tommy as a man Passing by.The guy won a major award in the Danish Parliament a couple of months ago and guess what the BBC and all MSM totally ignored it
  17. 3 scumbags youths coughed into the face of an elderly couple good job Tommy Robinson was on hand to deal with them sure the press will find a way to blame him again
  18. Don't think that will happen but your savings are covered up to £85k
  19. Thing is though most counties apart from a couple lose money from hosting championship matches so they won't really be that fussed about matches not being played.The Blast however is a lifeline for Clubs so they will be desperate for that to go ahead.Lets hope things are improved by July the club host 2 sell out Concents around that time as well
  20. That's the same everywhere Knighton Park packed this morning inc a football match
  21. You have to feel sorry for Philip Schofield he's just come out and now been told to stay in
  22. We might win a few games if that happens none of our boys got picked up for the hundred
  23. Good point think the likes of Surrey and all test match ground clubs will struggle even more then we will.Surrey have a huge budget and the loss of test match money plus 7 T20 games which all attract crowds of 20k could bankrupt them
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