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  1. Stop. The. Clock. Long overdue and the only way this will stop.
  2. The Staircase is well worth a watch. The Great Hack too. Fyre Festival documentary is also incredible.
  3. I thought the two episodes after the break have been absolute garbage. Why do the writers think we want an episode dedicated to Paz? Complete waste of time.
  4. The Lathums. Can't wait to see what they do this year.
  5. If you drink wine I'd definitely head to Corkbuzz (https://www.corkbuzz.com/). We had a great time there and had our own sommelier. Riverpark was a fantastic restaurant we went too as well, great views over the river (https://www.riverparknyc.com/). We went in September and did a few rooftop bars, not sure what good they'd be in March but these were all class... https://rainbowroom.com/bar-sixty-five/ http://www.havenrooftop.com/gallery/ https://theknickerbocker.com/dine/st-cloud/ https://www.1hotels.com/brooklyn-bridge/taste/harrietsrooftop
  6. Kelech has certainly put himself in contention. But I don't like the idea of starting him in one of the wide positions. He's just got a goal and assist coming on and playing central, don't think shoehorning him in out wide will do much for his confidence. Maybe let JV grab his goal and give him 30 if the game is looking comfortable.
  7. Rockets v Clippers tonight, will certainly be worth a watch tomorrow morning.
  8. If Channel 4 ruin Taskmaster I will make it my life's work to shut them down.
  9. Curry has broken his hand. Shame for the league.
  10. Yeah, flew with them to LA from UK and from Miami back to UK. Absolutely no qualms, good service for the price. Entertainment not as good as Virgin, Emirates etc though.
  11. A few of my favourites I've had the fortune to take... Kangaroo in Brisbane. Central Park in New York . Doors off helicopter ride over NYC
  12. Getting married in August next year so starting to look for honeymoon destinations. I saw a couple of pages back that someone recommended Mauritius which is somewhere we've considered. I think what we will do is maybe a week somewhere of chilling out and relaxing and then come back for a bit before going on a 2 week stint somewhere. I've seen earlier in this thread people talk about Philippines and Cambodia - I assume these places are well worth a visit and there's plenty to do around there? My partner and I prefer to be moving about doing stuff than just chilling all day. But for the first part we like the idea of just living in luxury for once. Any suggestions for either leg of the honeymoon would be appreciated? Especially more detail on Philippines and Cambodia.
  13. We went to this place when we were there for the Atletico game. Was really good, food class too. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g187514-d9719664-Reviews-The_Stuyck_Co-Madrid.html#photos;aggregationId=101&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=188257347
  14. Agreed on Manchester. Best part of the UK for me. So many unique areas. Colossal for getting hammered too. Out of your cities listed at for your trip, I've been to Budapest and Split. You will not be disappointed in them. Fantastic cities.
  15. After finishing Stranger Things, which I thought was excellent again, I've started The Boys. Really cool concept and two episodes in I'm already hooked. Also started Arrested Development as not seen that before. Seems to have slipped through my fingers. Any good?
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