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  1. The Supremes - Stoned Love Oasis - Slide Away Morrissey - Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? The Beatles - We Can Work It Out Eric Prydz - Pjanno Arctic Monkeys - Piledriver Waltz The Notorious B.I.G. - Long Kiss Goodnight Elvis Presley - Stuck On You
  2. Really enjoyed the album. Been waiting for it a while and it didn't disappoint.
  3. Both sound decent anyway, so good enough. Booked in. Knew I could count on you.
  4. Taskmaster back May 8th.
  5. As said, Barcelona is amazing if you haven't been. Loads to see and the weather is lovely. Also would mention Porto, Budapest or Rome. All fantastic.
  6. If you're looking for breakfast somewhere, try this place... http://www.lasandwicherie.com/ Absolutely insane sandwiches.
  7. This sounds quality. Any other decent recommendations for Manchester? Down there this weekend.
  8. Started watching this after seeing your post. Two episodes in and loving it, thanks.
  9. Like others have said, the charity works for me seems a big lead that hasn't really been solved. The conclusion I came to was that they were involved somehow. They have never been tracked down to provide an alibi. Seemed very unusual to me as their story did not check out.
  10. Harris has fitted in incredibly well, they'd be my pick too. Embiid is so dominant.
  11. Watched it yesterday. Just wow. What a complete scum bag he was. Pleased to see efforts being made to raise money for the Bahamian caterer/.
  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 149 seconds  
  13. I'm not surprised, it just annoys me. I think it would be effective to simply ask the precise question.
  14. Why do MP's asking questions give the PM so much wiggle room to not answer a question? Prime example yesterday was when someone stood and said "We've still not had a date from the PM on when the vote will be held?..." then babbled on about something completely irrelevant that let May throw out the same nonsense she had throughout the day. Surely it would be more effective to just say "When will the next vote be held?" and sit down and let her answer. She obviously wouldn't, but it makes her look more ridiculous than wobbling on about nonsense just for air time, which allows the point to become clouded. If May can't answer, the next person should just ask the exact same question until it's answered. Yesterday was basically the same four answers given to 50 questions.
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