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  1. starts today on Eurosport can't believe it's a ranking event but always worth watching.
  2. Good point Tom Wells averaged about 80 in club cricket in Cornwell last year
  3. Would be better off looking at the likes of Ollie Rayner Mark Footitt etc proven players looking for a club
  4. Remember former Leicester player Mick Duffy playing for Oadby Town in the early 90s all 20 Stone of him
  5. Our problems aren't that bad problem seems to be we have a CEO that don't want to spend any money.The fact she cancelled the old players day last year to save £500 says it all really
  6. Leicestershire refusing to beat any other side from Sept 2012 to June 2015 was a noble act
  7. Not officially but think they will be played at Kibworth
  8. No we finished bottom of every competition last season and go into this season with an even weaker squad it's a disgrace
  9. Couple of points disagree we play at a Minor Counties ground ok GR no Trent Bridge but it's as good as most County grounds as far as crowds go we get more then Derby Northants and are on a par with Gloucester and Glamorgan.To say we went slightly backwards under Khan must be the understatement of the year the guy was a total disaster and the club lost Millions under His leadership..Finally Northants and Gloucester have shown what can be done with a good coach and good recruitment.
  10. You can still get them at the training ground although a few players drive out the back way.They have a sign on the gate that the players won't stop for autographs but most days they still do
  11. Just put it on EBay mate should get a few bids
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