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  1. Don't think their will be the club have said they get less people though the gate at Weekends and they make more money out of the Corporate hospitality during the week
  2. Memberships now available and reduced from £159 down to £99 and now the cheapest in the Country great value for money
  3. Not sure it's a good move for him can't think of many batsman who have found runs easy to come by at TB in the last few years
  4. No Geoff got it right Bullhead did indeed marry Hansies sister he used to go out with Mike Turners daughter before that whos now married to Lawrie Potter
  5. Don't really follow Rugby much but didn't Tigers have 6 England players at the WC?
  6. Could be George Ferris was even quicker great guy as well
  7. Your not wrong think he took around 70 maybe more but not at a great average about 32 I think bowled a massive amount of overs .With the championship being cut to 12 games from 2021 can't see many bowlers getting anywhere near that amount in the future.
  8. Another great signing announced by Derby.Just had an Email from Ben Kitt they don't even have enough money to sign him for next year can't say I'm looking forward to next season
  9. Derbyshire sign Sean Abbott as overseas player for next season.Counties seem to be signing players on a daily basis atm hope we at least try to compete also why are we one of the few clubs that haven't got membership tickets available yet don't make sense you would think the club would want the income Asap
  10. Good news though we made a £66k profit on the Elton John gig hopefully make enough for an OS player
  11. The Dutch bowlers Glover and Van Meekeren looked very useful today must be worth looking out hope Ackers puts a word in
  12. Actually about 400 there but agree looks ridiculous in a ground that big 2 more ex foxes Nobby O Brien and Preston Mohamson also on comms.Some useful players on view hope the Country are looking at a few would come pretty cheap
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