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  1. 12 months there already got starting to get back to normal in China
  2. Why ifs it's only £300k Top will spend more then that on clothes
  3. Yep asking people how they feel about there verdict outside a court such a serious crime and the cases were all ready over before you say he jeopardise them.The other cases all minor offences from years ago
  4. Love the way the BBC covered the story and just referred to Tommy as a man Passing by.The guy won a major award in the Danish Parliament a couple of months ago and guess what the BBC and all MSM totally ignored it
  5. 3 scumbags youths coughed into the face of an elderly couple good job Tommy Robinson was on hand to deal with them sure the press will find a way to blame him again
  6. Don't think that will happen but your savings are covered up to £85k
  7. Thing is though most counties apart from a couple lose money from hosting championship matches so they won't really be that fussed about matches not being played.The Blast however is a lifeline for Clubs so they will be desperate for that to go ahead.Lets hope things are improved by July the club host 2 sell out Concents around that time as well
  8. That's the same everywhere Knighton Park packed this morning inc a football match
  9. You have to feel sorry for Philip Schofield he's just come out and now been told to stay in
  10. We might win a few games if that happens none of our boys got picked up for the hundred
  11. Good point think the likes of Surrey and all test match ground clubs will struggle even more then we will.Surrey have a huge budget and the loss of test match money plus 7 T20 games which all attract crowds of 20k could bankrupt them
  12. But that's always s been the case.My dad went into his hospital for a minor operation 7 years ago but picked up a water infection that he couldn't fight as he was week after the OP and passed away
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