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  1. Indeed great player captain of the Derby side that pushed the foxes for the title in 1996 if my memory serves me right
  2. According to the Kim Jones forum we are signing Ed Barnes from Yorkshire who has been on loan at Derby this season
  3. Wrote off Northants to early Tom Taylor on fire
  4. Durham and Northants set to lose sadly Somerset on top against Gloucs
  5. Sadly no Dearden and the run machine Rhodes both signed up for another 2 years
  6. Tom Taylor playing for Northants today bit of a surprise
  7. According to the website we need Birmingham to bat Northants.Not sure if that's a mistake because we have a better run rate then them or if they go on games won before run rates
  8. Dearden no chance Swindells yes Welch S Evans too early to Judge A Evans looks useful Mike going to be a top player Davis may make a career as an average County pro.You forget to inc Rhodes a future England player
  9. Leaves us with a slight chance of making the QF although need a few results to go are way on Sunday
  10. True but in a run chase you need to be able to move up a gear like Ackerman does so well Dearden and Rhodes never looked like they would be able to do that
  11. Just reading some of the comments on Twitter Harry you played a blinder last night Harry you have been amazing for us I understand people not wanting to say anything nasty to the guy on Twitter but to post comments like that beggars belief
  12. Is that just for last night or for his performances over the last 3 years?
  13. The one positive thought Welch looked useful
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