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  1. Fair point the Durham side was full of local players with no overseas player.We had 3 South Africans 2 Aussie's and a kiwi.The only local players we had playing Wells and Hill are both useless
  2. Shiv Thakor seems to be showing plenty of form at the moment
  3. Anyone following this tournament this started yesterday.Grace road will be hosting 7 of the matches inc England on Tuesday.Be interested to see what kind of crowds they attract. Understand Leics earning 25k per game from the ICC for hosting the matches.
  4. Not quite untenable no.As with Piper last season will probably use the family reasons line again
  5. Yes he gave a reason for the increase but then says there was a prize freeze for the previous 3 years which is simply not true.If Dexter leaves the club in the next few weeks He's going to be in a very embrassing situation.
  6. Khan also said there had been a freeze on membership prices for 3 years before the huge increase this season.The guys a total liar
  7. That's the same at every county ground not just Leicester
  8. Understand Neil Dexter will also be leaving the club shortly if my sources are correct
  9. Regarding Tom Wells totally agree should never be anywhere near the first ream.Adil Ali deserves a run in the side
  10. RIP to Trish Springett wife of Lewis our number one fan of many years who sadly passed away today
  11. The same has I heard from various people high on drugs and still received a payoff from the club
  12. Yep so much looking forward to watching Leics 2nds playing Staffordshire in the height of summer while our best players are playing in the new comp.
  13. Who's going to be playing is it a Leicester legends side?
  14. Murphy has always denied this Used to see him in Wigston quite often seemed a very nice guy
  15. See your mate making a threat to LCCC giving them 7 days to come clean on why Keith Piper was sacked.If not he will reveal all