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  1. Cunningfox

    Chilwell is amazing

    People criticising Chilwell over his poor crossing yesterday, you could say the same about Mahrez and Simpson. None of them beat the first defender. Only Albrighton got decent crosses in. I honestly like the kid. He gets the ball forward quickly and links up with Albrighton well. There were moments yesterday when he did a superb job marking Willian, and there were other moments when he got caught out. Good left backs are hard to come by and it's one of the hardest positions so I think we're doing ok with Chilwell and with age and experience he'll get better.
  2. Cunningfox

    Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    Exactly.. incredibly bad advice to put in a transfer request when his agent would have known the two clubs were probably £40m apart in their valuation.
  3. Cunningfox

    Mahrez has asked to leave

    I'm puzzled by Mahrez's attitude. If he was persuaded to stay another season but knew he would be in the shop window this summer, he had every reason to keep his value high, not for Leicester city's balance sheet, but for his own ambitions of playing at the highest level. Yet he does out there and basically does sod all most weeks. If I were a manager of a top European side which is where Mahrez wants to play, I'd definitely look elsewhere. Mahrez is incredibly talented, the most gifted player I've had the pleasure of seeing in a City shirt in 40 years, but he's proven that unless his head is in the right place he brings absolutely nothing to the team and that's a big risk with 40/50 million or whatever he's supposedly worth.
  4. Cunningfox

    Ode to Spurs

    Off the pitch incidents at Villa Park 82 and Wembley 99 leave a sour taste to this day but on the pitch we've usually had some great games and although we didn't often win, we weren't often outplayed. Last season however it was almost assumed by most that little Leicester would fall away and while we left everyone else eating humble pie many connected with Spurs including fans, radio presenters and pundits alike just began the abuse and anti-football statements. The sense of injustice they all felt and the arrogance that the title should have been theirs leads to me taking great pleasure in Spurs not spending a single night top of the league in the last two seasons in particular. It'll probably all be forgotten next year but this year I'm loving it.
  5. Cunningfox

    Shakespeare offered managers job

    Probably been said already.. great coach, understands the current squad. Perfect choice to end of season. Beyond that we need to look elsewhere for someone who can work in the transfer market (although maybe that's not so important with Rudkin ready to f**k any deals up!)
  6. Cunningfox


    Don't listen to people associated with Man Utd, they have a warped view of football but none more so than this fool. Why is it that nobody can see that Ranieri was saved by LCFC. We have brave owners who brought him back to the Premier League despite his tattered reputation at the time. Our league win with Claudio at the helm enhanced our expectations and his reputation immeasurably but it was followed - as we know but nobody in the media can understand-by the most staggering decline in results and performance this division has ever seen. Again the owners saved him and hopefully the club by making a brave decision before he had the stain of relegation on his CV, and it's true didn't spend a single day in the drop zone (although for those complaining about the timing of the sacking, without playing a game, had we kept him for five more days he would have taken us into the bottom three). Claudio can now walk tall into many more clubs than before as a member of that exclusive club of eight Premier League winning managers. I don't buy into this poor Claudio philosophy. I say lucky Claudio.
  7. Cunningfox

    A view from a non-supporter

    Please don't use this as an argument to validate your own opinion. The fact is you don't watch lcfc and we do whether we agree with the decision or not. I know plenty of fans who think it's a mistake to sack Ranieri, and I can listen to their point of view because they actually watch the games. Along with most of the media and fans of other clubs and romantics all over the world, your view is irrelevant.
  8. We've heard it for weeks.. even Savage comes out with it.. that because we are 'Little Leicester' we should accept failure. I find it insulting to be honest. Personally I would build a statue and give Claudio the freedom of the city for what he did last season.. and I wanted him to be the one to keep us up I really did but the weeks are passing by and nothing is changing. He clearly couldn't do it.. but everyone thinks we should just carry on sleepwalking into relegation. The performances are consistently the worst I can remember and if I owned the club I would have done the same.
  9. Cunningfox

    3 players you are most disappointed in

    The three so called superstars are the biggest let downs for me Vardy. We've seen very little of the harassing defenders, the diagonal runs, in fact running at all has been limited this season. He's been happy to stand on the shoulder of centre backs waiting for that wonder pass to come which often doesn't, leaving him redundant. Mahrez. The skills and tricks are still there but the attitude and application are missing. Maybe he's been doubled up on for some games early on but anyone with an ounce of grit and determination would keep plugging away. Mahrez just vanishes instead. Drinkwater. I think Danny has been trying to do everything in midfield, trying to be our playmaker while shielding The defence. In the end he has done neither role very well. His confidence was shot a long time ago.
  10. Cunningfox

    Leices 3-Derby 1 AET

    We know what Gray can do and he did it in abundance, but Benny was the real positive for me tonight. Grew into the game and showed plenty of calm with his tackling and blocks, and some accurate and cool distribution from defence to midfield. Just so refreshing after the aimless hopeful hoofs up to Vardy we've been used to.
  11. Cunningfox

    How do YOU define a Leicester 'legend'?

    I don't know if there is a consistent formula for legendary status but my list would include the following Banks Worthington Weller Birchenall Shilton Lineker Lynex Tony James Steve Walsh Matt Elliott Izzett Lennon Claridge Heskey Then nobody until April 2014 but since then I would include everybody involved in the great escape and our Premier League title.
  12. Cunningfox

    What gigs are you going?

    Depeche Mode in June at Olympic Stadium
  13. Surprised so many rating Albrighton so low.. he ran his socks off last night defending all over the pitch and getting forward well. Lacked a bit of quality at times but the goal aside I don't think Mahrez was any better.
  14. Done a quick count on lcfcdirect.. Looks like around 350 left
  15. Cunningfox

    CL Draw

    Good old UEFA efficient as ever. Thanks for the info.