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  1. Dissapointed, and persuading myself there is more important things to worry about, then get yet another text of Friends taking the piss and feel dissapointed again. Cant quite believe what I saw last night.
  2. I think anything would have been worth a try tonight
  3. Yep 100% agree Maddison should NOT play ahead based on that shower
  4. Yep 4 more of them will make my season 😂
  5. Mate your lucky your at Work dont bother watching any highlights just forget we played Newcastle United tonight
  6. Maddison has been sloppy slow giving the ball away cheaply and doesn't deserve an England call up pathetic, and still remains on the pitch
  7. Mate it's close call, but that Fulham game scarred me for life, not as bad, but there is time yet to equal that performance
  8. A couple off issues with your post : 1. You need to be excited to knock one out nothing exciting here so far. 2. Having a drink would only cause more anger at the performance. 3. What stage slash minute of the first half performance did you get on the optimistic bus? Summary - I'll get on the optimistic bus when we pull level with 20 mins left to get a winner. However I do admire your optimism
  9. To be honest our performance is diabolical, Newcastle aren't playing any better.
  10. Game over I think, not sure what's going on, BR seems happy to keep it like this i can see us conceding more.
  11. This performance is really ruining what has been a shit week, sort it out please.
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