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  1. Yes I agree the competition is in a better position, but our title win was only 5 years ago. I'm just highlighting that Passion and determination played a part then, as it will now.
  2. In fairness we won the Premier league with exactly that, "Passion" and about the same amount of money, I agree at the moment injuries are hampering our consistency.
  3. Fair result, was a hard watch, Really baffling Subs, Kasper some great saves, least we didnt lose, we go forward...
  4. No we have been margineley better, hopefully the goal will give a bit of lift, and open Burnley up a bit for Vardy or Nacho, come on the foxes
  5. Everyone has a different take on things, and I like reading all views as sometimes it does make you think, and on occasion sympathise with someones point of view. I respect BR for what he has done in 2 seasons, and do think he has over achieved with what he has available. As a manager the praise and criticism go hand in hand, he could be the highest paid manager in the world it wont change our injury stats or the inconsistency caused by the injuries, but what I admire about him is his graciousness in defeat, and an acceptance of criticism for team selection (Slavia P
  6. Perez wasn't contributing much when he was match fit, Under is all we have, and hasn't had as much game time to be seen as worse than Perez, but again time will tell if indeed he gets the starts.
  7. Wonder if Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Ian Wright are up for a game next weekend
  8. Please dont use Under as a scapegoat for this one, it seems pointless to be honest
  9. I'm not suprised, thought we'd loose given the circumstances, around injuries, and some players out of form, concistency is our Achilles heel, still proud of the team, we are still a working progress, just hope we can keep our good young players, and recruit some decent young players to come in.
  10. He wasn't great, but wasn't as bad as your making out.
  11. Be great if Perez is Fit, but I'm not sure he will change much in whatever role he is put in, his form pre injury wasn't great
  12. Exactly this, we all recognise we didnt play well and have to deal with it, but overall this season, we have plenty to be pleased about as Foxes fans, onwards and upwards
  13. Good dignified post match interview from BR, no excuses. Quality manager onwards and upwards.
  14. I think they wanted it more than we did tonight, wasnt a great team performance from the Foxes.
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