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  1. sdb

    Yohan Benalouane

    We’d do well to get £0 for him.
  2. sdb

    Leo Says Farewell

    No premier league title without this man. We wouldn’t have even been in the league to challenge for it. Definitely a club legend, and actually a bargain at the end of it all!
  3. sdb

    Mirror madness?

    Would be a shame as it looks like we’re building something for the Long term and the very early signs are positive, BUT if we go into game 5 of the season playing 442with Morgan and Amartey and without a win then it’s hard to see him staying. Wouldn’t fancy these 2 though.
  4. Pereira looked great going forward but so so defensively. With the obvious absence of a proper right back, surely it’s another reason to go 3at the back...
  5. sdb

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Looked lightweight to me and totally switched off for their second. That’s his man who scored the decisive goal after all. Early days though, certainly won’t write him off based on that and he did some nice things too.
  6. Pleasing display and just a few brain farts away from a great result. Wes and Amartey are not starters though, in case that still isn’t clear. Good to see some of the younger players look more authoritative and confidently though, and get 90 mins at OT.
  7. Oh Danny. Got worse as the half went on...and he gave Utd a penalty 2 mins in!!
  8. Not a premier league quality player in all honesty. Would still be sad to see him go but he should do so for his own good.
  9. sdb

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    Tonight is different, but if we start the season in a similar way to how we played throughout the first half of 2018, then he won’t get time to build the club long term. Way better balance and far more ambition on the pitch required for me. Fingers crossed!! In the meantime, fully backing him.
  10. Schmeichel Soyuncu Evans Maguire Pereira N’Didi Chillwell Silva Maddison Vardy Iheanacho would be happy to see Albrighton in as a wing back and Iborra in if Silva can’t cut it, but if things gelled this would be my XI. Subs: Ward Albrighton Wes Iborra Diabate Gray/Monaco lad Okazaki
  11. Yeah there have been pics of Evans training this week. I’d prefer him at 50%over YB.
  12. Good time to be playing them but still think they’ll batter us. I’ve literally had nightmares since Saturday about our starting centre halves.
  13. sdb

    As a new season starts....

    I was Luke warm about Ranieri and remember hearing Cambiasso was leaving outside Sincil Bank one sunny evening in pre season. At that point I was sure we’d go down. I do remember having a genuinely really good feeling about this little French midfielder we signed though. The fact our scouts were clearly adamant we signed him. What a season. I get teary eyed every single time I think back, even now. this season, I genuinely think we have a very plain (at best) manager that our squad don’t want at the helm. Coupled with a bloated squad with lots of unhappy fringe players, I don’t think we will do that well, which is a shame given the talent we have in our ranks.
  14. sdb

    Caglar Soyuncu

    I’d imagine that depends on the club and player involved.
  15. sdb


    If Utd want him that badly I’m pretty sure they’d reluctantly go upwards of £80mill. Be gutted to see him go but he was worth half that a month ago. I think anything above that and we’d have to accept. He’s not Ferdinand or Stam.