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  1. sdb

    Nathaniel Clyne - Reported January target

    1000% yes. Him and Ricardo down the right could be sensational. ive heard why he vanished from the Liverpool side though and it’s a tad concerning
  2. Only read this page but assuming I’m in the minority thinking we were the better side. Wes was a walking red card all game and should have been saved at time half time. Still think 352would suit our squad down to the ground but broken record there. Chillwell was outstanding again. Can’t be easy running games from left back but he keeps doing it.
  3. sdb

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    20% empty on 42 mins and 30% on 89. What a kick in the nuts for the players when the game finishes, they look up and a third of the fans couldn’t really be arsed.
  4. sdb

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    I absolutely was, I don’t think you’ve read the post, or looked at when I joined this place. It sounds like you weren’t around when we won the league 2 years ago by your reasoning? Mediocrity is fine in many ways, but when you’ve had better and don’t see it ever being even remotely close again then there’s a sense of melancholy.
  5. sdb

    Gray ??

    I don’t dislike either player but looking at the team sheet yesterday and seeing that combination as our right side was very underwhelming. As for Gray, great on the right running at people, his work ethic has improved noticeably, but he still has to work on his vision and variety of play. He shoots when there’s a pass on, drifts out wide when there’s gaps in the centre, hangs back when there’s space in front to be attacked. He’s got all the ability in his feet, if he can get it all to click then we’ve a gem, but we’ve said that for years now.
  6. Player of the season by far. Surely half our attacks start with or involve him in some way. Crazy for a LB.
  7. sdb

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    I feel like we’re an aging man who’s settled down with the best he realistically do before it’s too late. We’re destined for a life of safe, secure and slightly underwhelming mediocrity. Puel is fine, our young players are blossoming and our key players are playing every week. Long term the infrastructure of the club is sound, but you can’t help thinking life could just be that wee bit more thrilling.
  8. Pretty impressed with us today but both goals looked very preventable to me and we do look toothless without Vardy.
  9. sdb

    Our Internationals 2018/19

    Harsh on Chillwell for me
  10. sdb

    Liverpool ( H ) Pre Match

    Exactly what I was about to say. Total myth. He’s a great finisher and not a lot else. Can’t see him ever being anything but a no.9. If we want to get the best out of him then we need to accept that our attacking midfielders are going to have to be allowed more freedom to create chances in the box for him.
  11. sdb

    Southampton (A) pre match

    THink games like today, especially this early into the season, will really indicate where we’re aiming for this season. It’s a winnable game, but will we set up happy with a draw, or turn up expecting the worst (like 2 seasons ago) with the most vague of game plans? Will be disappointed if we don’t try and take the game to Soton today.
  12. sdb

    Gray ??

    So little end product. If he can seriously improve in that area then he’ll be incredible. He has everything else, including exceptional work rate if Friday is anything to go by.
  13. sdb

    Leo Says Farewell

    No premier league title without this man. We wouldn’t have even been in the league to challenge for it. Definitely a club legend, and actually a bargain at the end of it all!
  14. sdb

    Mirror madness?

    Would be a shame as it looks like we’re building something for the Long term and the very early signs are positive, BUT if we go into game 5 of the season playing 442with Morgan and Amartey and without a win then it’s hard to see him staying. Wouldn’t fancy these 2 though.
  15. Pereira looked great going forward but so so defensively. With the obvious absence of a proper right back, surely it’s another reason to go 3at the back...