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  1. Chilwell probably a bit annoyed about that pic. Drinky really does look like he doesnt give a fook about footy anymore. Got a young Wayne Lineker vibe about him.
  2. sdb


    Thanks. Any players in your league that you think could succeed in the PL?
  3. Please. Ben's injury could scupper our whole summer. Hopefully chelsea move quickly if they are serious, and we can go from there. I'd rather he stay, but if he's funding our season, we need this doing ASAP
  4. sdb


    As has been said, always a worry when fans in the know slate the player, and a concern that our previously successful transfer model seems to be going out the window.
  5. I know this isn't FM 2013 but I wonder if they'd be open to agreeing summer 2021 deal now? They keep him a year longer and we can focus on RW & CB this summer.
  6. Keep Kele. Add OE by all means but selling a prolific goalscorer entering his prime is mental. Expecially with our no 9 entering his mid 30s and the real possibility of us being best in a 352 long term.
  7. Bit shambolic really. I know a lot of this was unforseen, but they barely stopped work on it and it's, what, already 2 months behind and looking nowhere near ready?
  8. Goosebumps!!! Ah, no. Sunstroke. As you were.
  9. That looks pretty close to me although I wouldn't be surprised if Brentford came up and did a sheff utd
  10. No chance this is true, but if so, straight swap for Henderson is fine.
  11. Frustrating in that he'd be such a good signing for someone and also worth a fair chunk of money, but his wages probably mean he'll leave here on a free next summer. Even if we were to play a different system and he chilled tf out, it could work. He and AS are gonna end up two of our worst ever signings if we're talking value for money.
  12. I'm currently pessimistic. The top 4 will establish themselves and move well clear of us, im fairly certain of it. Arsenal look improved and they will benefit from no Europe (depending on today), as will Wolves. I expect Everton to improve under Ancelotti and us to struggle with a tonne of games, unless we buy very well. Currently, I'd predict 9th or 10th. A centre back and winger that improve our XI would move us up a couple of places. Obviously it all depends on the mindset of the players upon return and whether or not the shambles of 2020 is allowed to fester amongst the club.
  13. How many strikers average a goal every other game despite being constantly rotated, and show no signs of dissent or dissatisfaction? All as they come up to their prime. You'd pay a lot more than £25 mill for a (gamble) replacement, that's for sure.
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