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  1. Vardy's 10th at Newcastle was offside, imagine that 🤮
  2. Knocky's pen at Watford? Most likely..?!
  3. Forcing his way into the XI. Which is great, but quite a conundrum when trying to maintain a balanced side.
  4. More of an impact player at the moment. Clearly a PL player already, fast, strong, plays with intent. Just seems to drift in and out of games, which I guess is typical of a player at that age and in that position. Always love to see him join a game with 30 or so to play and think he's our most dangerous winger already.
  5. Marc's reaction didn't really help the cause 😅 I guess he knew he'd given the ref a great chance to won them the game
  6. The Perez high foot was a killer. Flicks it over VD who's late and crouching, we're like 4 on 2 and the ref absolutely bricks it and blows up
  7. We need to find a system that allows us to be dangerous against these sorts of teams. A draw would have been a great result, but the ref was giving them anything he could. A clumsy challenge like that, however soft, and poor Mane rolling about was like porn to that nob.
  8. sdb


    Not a great system for a full back, he had near enough no support at all against 2 world class players. He was so poor, but most players would've been
  9. Wow I actually feel sick. What a pathetic penalty all round.
  10. Sickening. The ref will be absolutely buzzing. ****. How is that ever a pen.
  11. Chilly has had an absolute mare today. Pass completion must be <20%
  12. Not sure the balance is quite right. Vards will need a little help at some point. Uphill from here, but we can do it...
  13. My internet has gone down. Fml waited all week for this
  14. Midfield is a dilemma! So many options. Happy with pretty much any obvious selection (I.e. Wilf starts), but do hope Albrighton gets in ahead of Perez for this one.
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