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  1. sdb


    Barnes would be wasted as a 10 imo. We missed his pace stretching teams so much in the last quarter of the season
  2. Danny Murphy is the worst. Like, literally, the worst. On what grounds does he get these gigs?
  3. Why did we have to throw away CL football? Twice?
  4. £30m would be money well spent. Absolute class and a player that would stop others from bottling it.
  5. Give them €25m, Fuchs and Bertrand. Thomas on loan for a year and James Justin until Xmas. Cheers c ya.
  6. sdb


    Fantastic short term and a nightmare thereafter? That's my personal take on it too tbh.
  7. sdb

    Patson Daka

    This is so exciting that it's clearly not happening
  8. sdb


    I've never got involved in this but there's an ash vinyl I really want. Only 1000 printed. Do a certain amount go to each store? Because I'm in Lincoln, which also doesn't have anywhere participating.
  9. Seen Kasper near the bottom of a few rankings tables recently. 22nd or 23rd in XG conceded in the PL. Basically conceded more than he should have by some distance. Thought he had a decent season personally.
  10. Wolves keen according to the twitter guy everyone loves.
  11. Olives, fish, sprouts. Other veg that used to be served boiled until people realised there were other things you could do with them. Can't think of anything I've gone off really, sadly. Mushrooms remain the food of the devil.
  12. No chance we get Hudson Odoi or Richarlson. The latter would cost about £90m!
  13. Agreed. RW is the position we most need to improve. No Ghezzal like risks, just get the man in. Clearly a massive talent.
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