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  1. Kasper Wes Evans Soyuncu Riccy Youri Wilf Castagne Perez Kelechi Maddison The party boys playing like wide 10s (and working their spoilt arses off) to support Iheanacho. Vardy off the bench to stretch the game, but he's just too far off for me atm.
  2. Our defensive line has been woeful this season, especially when Evans and Wes play together. Jonny lost his head this time last year and I fear it's happening again. Shame as he's been decent this season.
  3. It's mostly worked no? Bar man City who were always going to beat us, it was looking good. It kept Kel in the team and accommodated for the loss of Barnes. It didn't work today but with Soyuncu back soon, I'd stick with it, at least until Harvey is back.
  4. He's never been any special for us. Partly due to being moved around, but he's simply not all that. Was nice to pretend he's a game changer whilst injured but he's not.
  5. 100% this. The last 15 today give a glimmer of hope but the evidence suggests that we're just a bit nice and weak, mentally and physically. The approach today, like the run in last season, had to be seen to be believed.
  6. That is a shambles. Don't let Kelichi and Albrighton mask the cracks. In the reverse fixture we totally underestimated them. We played a high (& wonky) line, no press, no aggression, total lack of pace. 6 months later, they're flying, about to catch us, and we've got CL football on the line. What do we do..? Exactly the same shite as before. Who needs a week+ to prep when you're game plan is to do exactly what got you thrashed the last time?
  7. It's the exact tactic we used at home when we lost 3-0 so surely try it again 🙃
  8. We look so slow and so weak. I just knew they'd want this more than us.
  9. Worse than I feared. Absolutely zero mettle in this team and manager. Get Albrighton on and go 442. The game is gone but let's rescue some dignity...
  10. Hamza can't play football, regardless of any covid breach.
  11. It's more than that. It's 3 players deliberately undermining the clubs chances of success with outright stupidity. They've seen it happen elsewhere and knew the consequences.
  12. Wow. I was proud of our side having none of the selfish willy pullers you hear about. Kinda get it with Hamza as he plays football like he has zero brain cells, but surprised by the other 2. What a totally cowardly and selfish thing to do to the fans and their team mates.
  13. Bad day for us. But it doesn't matter if we do our job. Let's hope that's our mindset this time around. P.s. how painful is Chris Coleman to listen to?
  14. When you're in 3rd, 5 points clear, have just lost £67 million, need to renew a load of lucrative contracts and after throwing away an almost impossible lead the season before, yes. We need a winning mentality this time around. However hard that is for seasoned city fans (like myself). Before the season started, no, 5th would be seen as an outstanding campaign with almost zero jet spend. But the stakes are massive now and champions league revenue could significantly affect the next chapter in the clubs history. Get it done boys.
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