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  1. What's the leicester squad like? Bit geeky but I'd love to see some player stats and valuations
  2. Love that advert. Loveeellyyy!!
  3. To be fair if they can catch up and overtake us then they deserve to be in the top 4 at the end of the season. They look tired to me and the squad seems thinner than the last fee seasons. I'm sure he'll do fine but I'm really not sure trophies are gonna start filling those empty cabinets.
  4. sdb

    Xmas presents

    Ho ho ho! I know it's early but my family are frighteningly organised and already asking me what I want this year. I have no idea, so what are other people hoping for? Try and make them good so i get jealous and then request them myself. X
  5. If we paid 8 million for him then how much would it take to get him off us?!
  6. Been a strong decade. Has every 2010-20 kit been better than every 2000-2009? Bar 2004 which was quite nice. Found mine the other day and it is literally square!
  7. You'd think we'd not even entertain interest for first teamers in Jan. If we have CL football next season you'd hope that no one would want to leave, especially with that new training ground.
  8. I wonder if a fee was agreed? Must've been huge if so.
  9. Wow, how arrogant and spiteful is that. Sorry you had to sit on your arse watching your teammates getting hammered whilst we rose above you in the table. You got the move you wanted, move on!
  10. A few red cards and lots of dodgy defending please. Dont want liverpool winning. They'll crumble if they drop points I reckon.
  11. BR has done the impossible and given him a footballing brain. He finally could become a serious player (version 327). Seriously though, happy for him. Making such a good impact on games
  12. Even Shearer doesn't deserve such punishment. Sherwood really is the worst. I think he must watch Merson as pundit inspiration, and he does a bad version of that!
  13. I need 3 or 4 ideally! If anyone can help a brother. Family all in brighton for xmas so wanting to go. I can throw my boxing day ticket in if that helps! X
  14. I think he's the perfect fit for us. A club with CL ambitions, great young talent, secure ownership and the best facilities in the league on the horizon. Furthermore, he's got better job security than almost any other such club. Not sure why people are talking us down here. We're a special club at the mo and it'd take a huge club and ever larger pay packet to get him.
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