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  1. As a one off I'm keen, as we lack a bit of experience in that area. However, I hope it's an exception to the rule given our success with youngsters
  2. The way he was playing I'd just get him back out there! Good news though.
  3. Just win. Please! That's what I'd go with. Maybe with Fuchs if a shift is needed at some point. Agree with the game plan. We can't outplay man city.
  4. Feel for Chelsea a bit here. So many decisions have gone utds way.
  5. Mahrez! He's gonna waste 2 years He's gonna waste 2 years He's gonna waste 2 years To the tune of...blue moon?!
  6. Wow. That is a guaranteed red for 90% of players. Brushed under the carpet very sharpish!
  7. As good as injuries and suspensions in this game would be for us, it's still so sad to see Ngolo downbeat 😅😪
  8. Agreed. He'll grow out of it in time. Or immediately if he joins us 😅
  9. I actually think Grealish has a sense of that about him, which is why I think he'd be so good for us. As has been said, his form over the last couple of months has probably been too good for us to stand a chance, but I'd hope we go all out for him. 3 key areas for summer: Top class winger and CB, ready for the first team. And a young holding midfielder with potential to support and eventually replace Ndidi.
  10. sdb


    People saying he was unlucky with the red. Perhaps, but he made a decision whilst on a yellow that was always going to reduce us to 10. What people are forgetting is how lucky he was with the disallowed goal. That was really half hearted stuff. Thought he played well otherwise! But can't see him improving enough for where we're wanting to go.
  11. Fitness seems to be the issue. When he's 100% he's class, but often he looks tired or rusty.
  12. His distribution is actually ok for me. Obviously an exception at one point last night, but always a risk when asked to play that way. If he had a more physical presence to aim for he would look a lot better. Angling every kick to a slender 6ft left back is never the ideal.
  13. Happy with a draw. Back 4 excellent. Hamza just too ill disciplined to hold a place at this level. Harsh red but he's always got it in him. Pray for Wilf.
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