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  1. sdb

    Maguire to UTD

    Would rather keep but that's a fair price in this market. We must have faith in the 2 youngsters then
  2. He's got flaws but no major ones and I don't think anyone in my 25 years following us comes close!
  3. sdb


    Motm for me yesterday. This system will suit him so much more.
  4. Kasper is miles ahead of any keeper we’ve had over the last 25 years. His distribution needs to improve but it doesn’t help that he’s no one with a physical presence to aim for.
  5. Sign him or he dies?! Intense but could work! Would love him to sign. He’s not Kante level or anything like that and I don’t know why he can’t last 90 mins, but the type of midfielder we need and with plenty of improvement in him too.
  6. Our most exciting player already. Streets ahead of Gray, Diabate and possibly even Maddison for me already. Seems very grounded too which is a massive plus.
  7. I’m getting seriously annoyed by it now. embarassing that our new manager come see onto the pitch to applaud and 30% have long since disappeared. That said, it took me an hour to legit out the car park so maybe I’m the embarrassing one!
  8. His stats are good for a first season in the prem. still needs half a second too long on the ball for me, if he can work on that for next season he’ll be far more prolific
  9. Agree, although they're all very close to being as good as we claim imo. If Ndidi learns to pass, madders quickens and chilwell's deliveries improve, we've some outrageous talent
  10. Actually think he's got a lot to work on, but someone who wants to break lines and can think positively is good with me!
  11. This. I never got the criticism before this season but wow, it gets worse and worse. I sometimes sympathise due to the lack of targets but today's wasn't really excusable
  12. Not his best today I thought. Seemed to struggle adjusting to the system, like a few others. Agree that Gray has earnt a staring spot now, but it's a tough call for who he replaces. Maddison slows the game too much for me and so I'd personally go him.
  13. Not read the thread yet. Very disappointed with the players today. Appreciate a new system and the time it takes to adapt but 4 or 5 looked like they'd never played the game before. The last goal was Wolves away all over again. Some of our players just seem a bit thick and the reinstatement of Wes as the back was as harmful as I feared. Onwards and upwards anyway!
  14. Great player who'd be great for us but £40 mill for any injury prone player seems daft.
  15. Mixed feelings but more because I'm unsure what our next steps will be. I'm hopeful that I can start going to games with a sense of excitement and anticipation again.
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