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  1. Great on the deck. Might as well stick in halfway for all set pieces
  2. 3 more months of excuses for Rodgers then. He loves it.
  3. Mate he'll get tens of millions if he's sacked. That's his new idea.
  4. They tried (a bit) to win the game. Proved decisive. I know we have injuries and they've strengthened, but how depressing to compare tonight to that thrashing at KP in March.
  5. Second half particularly weak. I think BR is happy losing games when good players are injured. Seems to be a ready made excuse for him, but there's still good players out there. Fair play to villa. Organised and up for it. Hard not to be jealous. Controversial opinion but is Evans becoming a liability? I know it's sacrilege to criticise him on here but imo he's been woeful since Bournemouth.
  6. Do you think they've got a considerably better side than us?
  7. Not 100% But yes he is mikes off standard requiremed
  8. Yep. Just praying I find a decent first option.
  9. No. It's killing me missing out, but we all need to be united on this to prevent it ever happening again.
  10. I dislike Liverpool a fair amount, but I'm properly annoyed for them today. What the hell is football becoming?!
  11. Madness. Something genuinely dubious about VAR today.
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