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  1. Can we go 90 mins without conceding a corner of free kick in our third? Because that has to be the aim 😅🤮
  2. I think a lot of people have forgotten how to judge any striker that isn't lighting fast and plays on the shoulder. The team will need to adjust whilst Vardy is out and some fans might need to adapt to a different type of football too! Perez is a downgrade but still very useful.
  3. Is it a 2 game suspension? Because they play tonight
  4. Just Allan I think. And a few fringe players.
  5. I'm angry with Kelichi Iheanacho and you all should be too if you support lcfc. Post about it before a ball is kicked to prove your minerals.
  6. Strong side. Let's hope there's an extra layer of cotton wool on some of them.
  7. Surely that won't matter now we know he isn't coming back. I'll see if I can find their squad for this week somewhere
  8. Games to goals ratio cannot be taken seriously 😅 he literally comes on in the 88th minute every game at the mo!
  9. Iheanacho has become a bit of a scapegoat whilst there's currently no one to really blame for anything. He's a good finisher, far better player than many realise and seems content playing 2 mins per week as second fiddle to a superior player. Would people prefer a Tosun or Murray or Kamara? Those misses at Palace seem to have cost him his whole reputation for some people on here. What I would say is that we'd be better off having a striker that has a similar style to Vardy. Rodgers has a very set way of playing and the change of system between vardy and kelichi is perhaps too much
  10. Probably only one first teamer by the time we meet
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