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  1. Hoping the downturn in player values will mean Chelsea are priced out of this. I don't want to look back at this squad in 4-5 years and rue what we could've had!
  2. PM me. Got 32,000 going spare.
  3. Totally irresponsible. But bloody exciting. Finally my life has purpose again!!! 🔥🥰🦊👀
  4. Hints that it's more down to his influence around that club that as a regular player. To be expected, but hope it doesn't lessen our pursuit of another CB
  5. I do wonder if there's a bit of a divide between our scouts/recruitment staff who want and specialise in young talents (and with a very high success rate) and the Rodgers/Congerton camp who are seemingly after more experienced players. Just a hunch but it would be such a shame to change what's been an incredibly successful strategy.
  6. Agree, if we can get him for under £50m. He has a winning mentality and resilience, along with PL experience. If Villa stay up then I'm sure we'll be unable to compete financially. Certainly a lot of exciting potential players in our weakest areas anyway.
  7. sdb

    Adam Lallana

    Happy either way with this one. Good player and he's been around the leagues best squad this year. Hopefully feels like he's still got a bit to prove. On the other hand, big wages, no resale value and it's not as exciting as a youngster being brought into the squad.
  8. sdb

    Corona Virus

    You're certainly loyal!
  9. I wonder if crowd noises and specific chants would be beneficial or totally distracting. I know it would probably be seen as plastic or something, but could be an extra % or 2 towards CL place.
  10. sdb

    Corona Virus

    This whole thing is starting to feel like some sick joke, to see how loyal people can be to a political party. I can see it, 3 months from now, Boris feeding OAPs rotting bats and The Daily Mail and Sun fanatics telling us all how caring and fun he is.
  11. Harsh, but even if he's an average PL footballer and immense athlete, how good is he going to be once he reaches his potential?! You could be describing Gareth Bale at 22 there.
  12. None of those templates doing much for me tbh. Being a kit designer sounds like one of the best jobs ever. Yet the results often look like the result of a team who'd rather be doing anything but.
  13. I drive past it to and from every game. It is a horrible junction and the slip road can only take a couple of cars (from off the fast lane). It does have the potential to cause an awful collision. There's a roundabout a few miles south but north, I cant even think. A lot longer. Although my memory is getting hazy 😔
  14. Regardless of political persuasion, I genuinely cannot see how anyone could look favourably at the government's response to this. Even if my Facebook feed is full of people expressing their sympathy for Johnson.
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