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  1. Absolute rolls Royce of a player and we’re lucky to have him, he’ll be one of those players who in 10 years you’ll be telling youngsters “he played for leicester you know...” on a couple of occasions tonight he was perhaps a little slow on the ball but I sometimes feel that’s because the players around him are too slow to move or to see the run they should be making. If Bruno fernandes makes that pass to set up a goal tomorrow we wouldn’t hear the end of it, simply sublime...
  2. Just as we’ve had a lot of performances recently where the majority of players have been on form, the opposite happened today. Too many off their game, almost seemed contagious. However I think we have to accept that in a season such as this that is going to happen, peaks and troughs. All teams are struggling for consistency, only Man City seem to have now found some and we are nowhere near their level...What is important now is a positive result on Wednesday, show a bit of character and hopefully we can stop the slump before it’s even really started. Before today people were praising our stre
  3. We weren’t great first half but not nearly as bad as some were making out, gotta cut the team some slack especially as that entire back four have come in without playing too much football recently and probably not once all together in the same defence... as others have said you always felt that we’d come back into the game and go on to win it. The best thing about watching us at the moment is that we always look dangerous going forward and that hasn’t always been the case in the past. So many players in great form at the moment and we have to take advantage of that whilst it lasts. I also feel
  4. Genuinely wouldn’t swap the combination of youri, madders and wilf for any other midfield 3 in the league right now... Youri defines the term ‘football brain,’ he sees the pass before anyone else has even realised it’s on... 💙
  5. Incredible athlete and player, you also get the impression his attitude is spot on and he’s obviously worked exceptionally hard with the coaching staff over the course of the season to improve his game. He’s gone from being a slight concern at the start of the season to one of, if not the most reliable performer in the team at present. Keep it up JJ!
  6. Has to be his most consistent run of good form he’s ever had in the team, including the title winning season. At the minute he’s standing out every game as one of the best players on the pitch, which really is incredible. The guy is a credit to himself and completely personifies LCFC...
  7. I think Brendan and the medical staff will do everything possible to get vards through this game, then he’ll be nowhere near the squad for the Brentford game. Unfortunately I think it’s becoming clear, particularly during a season such as this, that vardy is going to need to be carefully managed from here on in. Whilst I’m sure the club have known this for a while and will have their targets in mind, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see Harvey being given a few run outs in a striking position this season with a view to moving him more centrally as he develops...
  8. First half was strange because I felt we were a bit off the pace and saints looked a little sharper, yet at the same time I still thought we had control of the game and were the more likely team to score. I think it comes down to having wilf back in the team, even though there were a few loose passes he just brings such reassurance and much needed steel to the team. I also have to give a lot of credit to albrighton, I hadn’t written him off at the beginning of the season, but I did feel that he should no longer be starting games. Arguably this is his most consistent and best run of form in his
  9. Quite often people (and I include myself in this) wonder why he doesn’t start strong, try and win the game then take off the players you want to rest.... looks like this is the approach Rogers is taking today so fair play, hope it goes to plan 👍🏻
  10. There seems to be a lack of understanding of modern day football... if Rogers was to play some of the same players from the United game who then got injured today people would be bemoaning his lack of rotation and naivety. Anyone who has played/participated in any kind of sport/physical activity to a certain level know that 48 hours is far too soon to expect players to play again to the same level. Those that are will be operating at maybe 60-70%. I think we have to trust Rogers and the sports science team to manage the squad at this time, worked out pretty well last year...! Back the boys👍🏻
  11. Wilf is the difference between us being a top 6/7 team and potential top 4. I think a lot of people (myself included) forgot just how good he is. I said to a few people not so long ago that I don’t think wilf goes straight back into the team given the form of Mendy... very happy to hold my hands up and say I was very wrong. Mendy will still have a role to play, but Wilf gives the team that extra physicality we’ve been lacking at times, that bit of nastiness and giving fouls away in the right places at the right time. JJ must take a lot of credit too, he’s looking every bit the premier league p
  12. The Fulham game always felt like one of those games where we’d huff and puff but you just knew Fulham would score and we’d be up against it... I actually think the game tomorrow will suit us. Games at Bramell lane always feel like there’s lots of space on the pitch, and with how their cbs overlap you’d hope there should be ample opportunities for balls in behind for vardy/Barnes/under. I do hope Brendan takes the shackles off a little though, we have players who can hurt teams but at times it feels as though they’re holding back due to his instructions... would also be nice to see some fight a
  13. Aldi do some very decent little ipa’s at less than £1 a can...
  14. I think the performance was pretty much much what most of us expected, especially if you compare it to the wolves game first game of the season. I expected it to end 0-0, there wasn’t much to suggest otherwise until 90+ minutes. Disappointed Barnes didn’t affect the game more though, and yes its maybe easier to enter that environment as a substitute but gray had more impact in his 20-30 mins... if we beat Brighton that’s a decent return from the two games. Watched the game in the garden with a few mates and a few beers was simply delightful to be able to do that again!!
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