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    😂😂 I never saw the resemblance before you mentioned it. Now it's all I can see He answers to ewok better than he answers to his own name 🤣
  2. daventry_fox


    Finally managed to get a decent picture of all 3 of mine together. I had to bribe them with treats 😂😂
  3. Exactly how I should have worded this topic ??
  4. I don't know mate I'm seeing more than a few of our lot saying we're a bigger club than Manchester United. I don't know whether to be embarrassed about those claims or find them funny. Like I said yesterday it's funny when it's arsenal etc being idiots it's not so funny when it's people wearing a Leicester shirt. It's like a kid throwning a tantrum in a supermarket you brush it off when it's someone else's but when it's your own you just want the ground to open up. Probably not the best analogy but it's the best I've got ?
  5. It's more 100% lcfc and live, breath, love Leicester city where the worst of it occurs. The east Midlands one is actually a good laugh every now and then.
  6. Yeah that's why I give it a day or 2 after a bad result before I go online and comment. Knee jerk comments are definitely the worst offenders. I'm in a east Midlands banter group on Facebook called the forest, Leicester, derby warzone. It's a laugh generally but most of our lot on their take things personally and don't understand the concept of football p*ss taking
  7. I usually just scroll past unless it's Leicester related, arsenal though are another level, but I don't care how cringey they are I'm not associated with them
  8. Mate 100% lcfc, and live,breath Leicester city on Facebook are the worst offenders. I don't know why I still even follow them. I just can't bring myself to leave the groups it sometimes entertains me some of the rubbish on them
  9. I probably do I don't really take notice of people's names on there I just see the comments and cringe accordingly
  10. I've seen Sean from enderby mentioned a lot on here but I have no idea who he is. Can someone enlighten me? I've seen his name mentioned twice in this thread alone
  11. I'm not on Twitter I don't really understand how it works to be honest. A few I saw the other day suggested we try to sign Gareth Bale ??
  12. Yeah true, I only really take notice of ours
  13. Does anybody else cringe at the state of our fans on social media? Some of the comments I read is just embarrassing and it now looks like they're trying to start a rivalry off with man utd. Why can't our fans just thank a player when they move and move on?
  14. If vardy or anyone else had missed those couple of chances it will be "it's only pre season it's all about fitness" How many sitters have we seen Barnes miss yet he gets spoken about like he's the future of English football. And gets a free ride because he's young up and coming. There's little over a year difference between them
  15. How many times have we written off a player got rid of him only for him to come good. We nearly did it with vardy. As far as I'm concerned if Rogers is willing to give him a chance then so am I. He's a confidence player that much is obvious. He came with a lot of hype, for a decent fee and got frozen out as soon as he came to the club. He has never really been given a chance as a starter. He only gets given 10-15 minutes which for me isn't enough to grow into a game couple that with the fact he routinely gets booed by his own fans when coming on. There's no wonder really it hasn't worked out for him here (so far) I honestly believe if he can get a good run in the team or at least enough time from the bench to actually grow into a game. We will then see the best of him.
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