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  1. daventry_fox

    Favourite type of dog

  2. daventry_fox

    Favourite type of dog

    Usually occurs when food is around 😂
  3. daventry_fox

    Favourite type of dog

    We rescued a cane Corso cross, beautiful dogs.
  4. daventry_fox

    Favourite type of dog

    Bertie my cane Corso and ridgeback cross and Skyler my staffie
  5. daventry_fox

    The Crinkly Video Gaming Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 93 seconds  
  6. daventry_fox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    My unpopular opinion: ed sheran is not the second coming of Christ the media and sheep out there will have you believe he is
  7. daventry_fox

    Disgusting, or just business?

    If people are willing to spend this money for their kids to be a mascot, then they're the ones to blame. If your kids keep pestering you to spend it you could always say NO. There's kids in this world that have to walk 500 miles a day for a glass of clean water. So just tell your brat to get a grip and stop being a little tw@. Remember clubs only charge this money because people pay it.
  8. daventry_fox

    Southampton fans must be loving this

    It was only about a month ago everyone on here was buzzing about the possibilities under Puel. Now there are calls for his head. I actually hate our fanbase at times. We must be one of, if not the most fickle bunch of fans in the country.
  9. daventry_fox

    Players you forgotten had played for us

    Peter canero, Danny coyne and Nicholas priet
  10. daventry_fox

    LCFC Women

    They should form and set up their own club like all the men's teams once had to do
  11. daventry_fox

    Countries Picture Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 28 seconds  
  12. daventry_fox

    What would you like to forget?

    I remembered that colided with Peter schmeichal wasn't it? That was an horrendous injury.
  13. daventry_fox

    What would you like to forget?

    I was playing football in Turkey around 2008, me and a defender from the other team went up for a header and i just heard him scream. he must have landed awkwardly and his whole leg below the knee just gave way and his leg looked like it was made of rubber. the ref took one look a threw up at the sight of it
  14. daventry_fox

    Would you date a Transsexual?

    it won't be long until people start saying they identify as a cat or a frog or god knows what else. I've noticed as soon as something begins to get socially accepted something new pops up, when homosexuality began to get accepted, pansexuality all of a sudden sprouted out of nowhere. when trans started to get accepted all of a sudden gender fluidity was a thing. It is becoming a bit of a joke really isn't it. It's like people have to create something to push the envelope and its starting to come across to me as attention seeking. Don't get me wrong I don't harbour any ill feeling towards the trans community, i feel that the whole issue is being forced down peoples throats (puns i've got them)and that in turn is breeding hatred. In any walk of life if people feel like they are being forced something they will resent it. I also find the LGBT movement the more letters that get added to it makes it look more and more of a joke. What is it now LGBTABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. And you can read whatever you want in the media but lets be honest your genitalia is what defines your gender, otherwise the terms pre or post op wouldn't exist.
  15. daventry_fox

    What are your views on abortion?

    If somebody wants to have an abortion then that's their perogative, let them get on with it. It doesn't effect my life what Joanne bloggs down the street decides to do