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  1. I don't know I've just always liked them, I can't explain why You could say the same about anything really I suppose. Why do people feel the need to watch love island is the biggest one I don't get
  2. Probably, but I would be constantly worrying about the shark eating the turtle I would never rest 😂
  3. I had the crest on my left bicep. It looked good when it was was fresh. But when it healed it was miss shaped and just awful my wife hated it so I eventually got it covered with this My advice: don't get a tattoo done on a seafront while off your head 😂😂 Also never get a tattoo done at a place you can just walk into they're generally crap.
  4. Breaking the law and just outright being a bellend are 2 completely different things. And as for snorting coke, it's their career they're potentially throwing away! Not mine, yours or anybody else's. if you seriously have to remind your kids that rape, murder and paedophillia are wrong then you've dramatically failed as a parent. You're talking as if drink driving and speeding is exclusive to footballers. Again being a knob and a criminal is 2 completely different things
  5. 🤣🤣 are you serious There's a slight difference between players cheating on their wives/ drinking to much and rating hotel rooms. And out right becoming Genghis khan So when someone says to you I don't care what you do the first thing you think of doing is rape and grooming kids? I think that says more about you to be honest
  6. So other people should pay the consequence because someone they don't even know exists decided they want to have kids? I had heroes growing up Gascoigne was one of them I'm not an alcoholic, I've never hit a woman and I've never taken chicken to a serial killer. We blame these celebrities for their behaviour, and then give the media you know the ones that are actually exposing kids to jack Wilshire smoking etc etc a free ride Edit: obviously I meant within the law
  7. Fair points. I just don't think it's right that a footballer or anybody else should have to think twice about living their own life because George and Susan in Surrey decided THEY wanted to have kids. To me as long as these player's are performing on the pitch then they can do whatever they want off of it.
  8. Teaching children right from wrong is the parents responsibility nobody else's. The term role model when talking about celebrities was made up by lazy parents. The same lazy parents that sit their kid in front of YouTube because they can't be bothered to entertain them, themselves.
  9. That first question I ask myself daily and also find myself thinking quite vividly about nooses. It's only when I think about my wife and stepson possibly finding me I snap out of it. I've been to see a Dr about it who has told me i have depression but as a whole I usually feel ok within myself. Its just these thoughts. I struggle a lot socially even commenting on here I find myself lurking rather than commenting due to shit self confidence I guess. Sorry if this goes against your post it just seemed like a good place to talk about it. It's really best not to try and think about the point of life and stuff I guess
  10. I get what your saying....I'm a massive offender when it comes to this 😂😂😂 I get they're. It's there and their it confuses the fook out of me 😂😂
  11. That's what this place is for. I'm rubbish at explaining things so I don't think I'm getting my point out the way I want it to.
  12. My issue isn't that they shouldn't be allowed to fund one, it's that they appear to be pressured into funding them. Most clubs have been in existence for over a hundred years. If they wanted to fund one so bad they would have done it and pushed it by now. My other unpopular opinion is why have an unpopular opinion thread if people aren't allowed to express their unpopular opinion on the upopular opinion thread
  13. I really enjoyed this episode. I think the lighting was great it gave it a sense of what it would have been like at the battle. I agree with a few in here though I do think a couple of 2nd tier characters should have been killed off.
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