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  1. 5-0 away from home at half time not bad for a team ranked 17th on xG eh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Really? The most useful thing the stat told me, is people go to a game watch the game and have to wait until they see a bunch of data before they can work out who has or hasn't had a good game. I'm not saying they're useless as they play a pivotal role in those that decide teamsheets, training, systems/formations, player roles and the like. Nutrition plays a pivotal role to yet none of us are discussing the players eating/drinking routines. Fans that rely on stats are basically admitting they don't really understand what they were watching on a Saturday
  3. I agree, Its just a fad. You don't need statistical data to know whether player X should have scored a certain chance or not And I don't know about anybody else but I certainly don't need statistical data to tell me not to scream shooooot at Johnny Evans when he's 30 yards out with the ball
  4. It can, but it's doesn't really matter at after the final whistle. As the result can no longer change. I always use Spain as the example their passing stats were through the roof both passes made and completed. Then when you actually watched them play you realise just how missleading those stats were. As most of them were 2 yard passes that actually lead to absolutely nothing or even lead to them making any progress up the pitch.
  5. Why are penalties the same? Say for example you have been awarded a penalty. On the pitch you have (prime) Matt le tissier with a record of 48/49 And Michael Owen (prime) with a record of 2/8 who do you want taking the penalty? XG is all about historics so surely le tissier should have higher xG from the spot than Owen. And surely you would pick your penalty taker based on this
  6. Saturday's game him and Chris wood were both chasing a ball that was going directly in front of where I was sitting. Seeing them both run reminded me of that scene in Jurassic park where the T-Rex is chasing the jeep πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love the guy though and hes an important presence around the club I would love to see him involved in some capacity when he finishes playing
  7. This πŸ‘πŸ‘ but as of the start of this season its just a new fad for people to jump on
  8. Great but of selective quoting going on there. Ignored the part where I explained why I thought it was shit, based on the expected save stat that weirdly nobody bangs on about. I agree performance based stats are hugely beneficial to managers, coaches and the like. But none of us are selecting the team week in week out are we. As If you can't tell a good player from a bad player without having a spread sheet in front of you
  9. Someone's opinion differs from yours they must be bitter and weird right? Great input to the discussion there buddy
  10. Yeah the difference being they all have input into match day squads etc etc etc. We don't so yeah it's pointless information to be debating
  11. All stats are pointless...except the goals scored stat.
  12. It's something for the football hipsters with their top knots and borussia Dortmund shirts on to feel smug about while they're sniffing they're own farts. the sort of rubbish a "But he's good on FIFA" idiot would spout. It's just a pointless stat. At the end of the game player X either took the chance or he didn't. Does it really matter if he had a 30% chance of scoring while a pigeon is flying within a 100 mile radius. Yeah vardy for example may have a 75% chance of scoring a certain chance, based on similar chances, but de gea could have an 80% chance of making a save because he's saved 80% of similar chances. But nobody goes on about xS (expected saves) Or expected defensive recoveries etc etc
  13. Where's this xG crap all of a sudden sprung up from? In 20+ years of living breathing football this season is the first I've heard it. Surely "expected" goals is more speculation than statistical. I mean part of the beauty of football is you never know what to expect
  14. I get the feeling because he came in for a for a lot he's being shoe horned into the squad. I think he prefers to play centrally
  15. I'm not going to lie I couldn't help but laugh when they got dragged down and digged
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