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  1. I think the video really reminds us of from where we came from under King Power and the journey we have taken. It is great to show off especially to clubs who don't have a Premier League title to their name. However I think it needs moving off the screens next year. The round of applause is getting a bit Forest in my opinion over something that is now well behind us. It should be replaced with something that concentrates maybe on our exciting young players and looking to hopefully some future success.
  2. If I was to pick fault with the club at the moment it would have to be recruitment. Generally poor since lifting the title. Seem to have a success rate of 1 in about every 4 players signed.
  3. This story is like a junior football match scenario on a professional stage! Son goes home whinging about the manager to Daddy. Parent on the sideline airs their views about "how things should be done." I'm not sure at 32 Kasper would be happy with Dad doing it. However clear feeling shown and must be some truth in there. If that's the case then someone has to go. This time I think the manager wins. We have let the players get away with it too often.
  4. Puel has the unenviable task of trying to phase out the title winners mixed with woeful recruitment on the back of it. I think he has gone about it the right way. He has shown respect and all have had their chance to stay in the side. However only Vardy, Kasper and Albrighton are up to it. Vardy and Kasper are however big personalities and only a strong character can keep them in check. If there are any ring leaders I would expect these two would cause disruption in the squad. I would like to see both phased out in 19/20 as we evolve again.
  5. A lot of variables between now and 2 weeks time to suggest what team we put out. What I do expect from us as fans is to get behind the boys and the manager. Very much 6 points up for grabs in next 2 home games. Feeling more confident now Tielemans has arrived to try and drive us forward a bit more from central midfield.
  6. The trio could re-unite. All out of work now. Could see them somewhere like Ipswich Town in league 1 next season.
  7. I am going to stuck my neck out and say in 19/20 season apart from the obvious replacements for out of contract. I think we should cash in on Maguire and try and unite Benkovic/Soyuncu as long term CB partnership with Evans as the older head as cover and Amartey 4th choice. For me we will need to find a Vardy replacement and the Maguire cash could go a long way. I am also not against Danny Ward being given a go in front of the friendly ghost. He has clear ability and the club saw something in the 12m signing. Sorry Kasper and Vardy but sentiment doesn't run forever. I think clear competition for both and a spell out would see if they are prepared to put in that extra 10% or are just comfortable on bumper contracts.
  8. 1991 v Bristol City. 2-1 win if I remember correctly.
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