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  1. Chris Woods doing well for a 60 year old goal keeper there!
  2. Could Southgate have picked a more out of form bunch of players on one pitch last night? Saying he is at a match every week, seems a closed shop again in terms of form v big club scenario. To think Rashford and Barkley was our go to men from the bench.......
  3. He will keep going until he falls of his perch old Claudio and why not, football is his life.
  4. I think the media forget we aren't in the Burnley, Norwich, Sheff Utd bracket nowadays. Hopefully soon we wont be Everton or West Ham either. Fcuk off! We don't have to roll over whenever the likes of Utd or Chelsea choose to decide they want players.
  5. I'm sure when they go away on international duty the likes of Chilwell get tapped up by team mates from the bigger clubs. He has got to improve though if that is what he wants to aim for.
  6. I thought he was excellent yesterday. Great energy levels.
  7. He hasn't achieved anything yet. Just won a few games. I don't believe he is top of a Spurs or Man U shopping list. He needs to qualify us in the top 4 or win something first in my opinion.
  8. Peter Taylor saying he needed to "rally the troops" and we need to "dust ourselves down" at the end of every game which seemed like a stuck record for well over 6 months until he inevitably got sacked!
  9. Try to flog in Jan and release if no takers. Amartey can stay as reserve CM and then flog him too next summer!
  10. Don't understand these people who arrive after kick off, disappear on 37-38 mins, arrive back on 50 mins and bugger off before full time. Surely there is a more cost effective way of blowing 50-100 quid.
  11. I saw him once talking and shouting at a big screen tv on his own in a pub at 11am when I used to deliver booze in and around the Loughborough area. Seemed pissed out his face. Very sad. Never worked out where he got his money from either.
  12. Essential we do in my opinion. Before the season started I thought Abraham would have been a good shout not knowing Lampard would start playing him. If Sarri was still there may have been better chance. It is an emerging talent that we need to find as a long term replacement. We need to pay whatever it takes. The guy at Norwich doing so well is a bit in the Vardy mould I think.
  13. I would snap your hands off. We are only a Vardy long term injury away from mid table in my opinion.
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