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  1. Gazza M


    With Praet out injured, we will need a replacement for Choudhury in if he was to go out this window in my opinion.
  2. Gazza M


    Allardyce publicly saying he is looking to change his squad. Choudhury and Nacho must be contenders...
  3. Think Brendan had a look at him against Villa and decided what we kind of already knew about his ability.
  4. Gazza M

    Ozan Tufan

    We do need some violence in the squad. Sick of the modern footballer (Maddison in mind) who need their arse wiping if someone from the opposition taps them. Probably need a physical striker more than anything in Jan though in my opinion.
  5. I think if and when he moves on it would be abroad more likely than in this country. Arsenal have 0 ambition, Chelsea he has already been there and can be toxic. Couldn't see him at Man U because of his Liverpool connections and of course he has had the Liverpool job and got fired. Man City and Spurs are plastic big clubs.
  6. It will be a weaker team but Brendan won't do a Puel and put dross out that disrespects the comp. Ward Castagne Evans Soyuncu Fuchs Mendy Under Praet Perez Albrighton Iheanacho
  7. Great signing for Jakupovic himself. Got 3 years on great money from the LCFC charity player club we became under Shakespeare and Puel. Signed and went straight to 3rd choice behind Hamer FFS! I have been calling to get him off the books for 18 months or so. No need for 3 senior GK at any club in my opinion.
  8. Gazza M


    Totally agree. Thought he was awful whenever I have seen him play.
  9. What a Shite set up. Like an annoying table of middle aged northern slobs at breakfast at a Premier Inn talking about events from their past.
  10. Chelsea starting to realise we had their pants down with Chilwell yet?! Castagne all day long in our squad.
  11. Newcastle have a big ground. They splashed money in a time when not many clubs had a lot 25 years ago. They won fcuk all.
  12. No need to rest players for this. If they can't play once a week there is something wrong. Maybe a start for Soyuncu to get 60-70 minutes.
  13. Get Albrighton off and Under on. Need more direct threat from the right. Marc has been in space 2 or 3 times and couldn't beat the first man.
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