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  1. Gazza M

    Maguire future

    Would not be as big a loss as Mahrez. I think we could replace him to be honest. Not that I would want him to go.
  2. Gazza M

    Arsenal away next😳

    How silly! Remove Iborra lol!!!!!!!
  3. Gazza M

    Arsenal away next😳

    I am intrigued how we go with this one. Depends obviously on how everyone comes back from the internationals. At least we get a slightly longer rest period to get them rested and ready to go. I would try something a bit different .Would try Ricardo at RB again as that is what we got him in for. Let him get some time there. I would keep it compact. Kasper Ricardo Maguire Soyuncu Fuchs Iborra Albrighton Mendy Ndidi Chilwell Maddison Vardy Subs: Ward, Evans, Amartey, Silva, Ghezall, Iheanacho, Okazaki
  4. Gazza M

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    I think he must be enjoying his football, playing every week and doing well. No need to come back and sit on our bench.
  5. Amazed we are back on this thread again. Such fine lines between success and failure. We were doing well and on top before Wes got sent off. If we had kept 11 men and won, we would be praising Puel for us being cemented in the top half.
  6. Gazza M

    Nathaniel Clyne - Reported January target

    Occasionally see Macia off somewhere, whether it be West Ham or Villa in recent times on FT. Surely huge question marks to be asked if we are abandoning Ricardo at RB already. Some of the recruitment in this guys reign has been very questionable. I think maybe we let Macia go and mess up Villa even more! Nothing wrong with Clyne. Would be a good addition. We know he can defend, but why so soon after signing Ricardo? Maybe paper talk putting this together with Puels Southampton past.
  7. How many times do you see a CB get a yellow in a match? Nearly every game one of them will for either side. That doesn't equate to subbing them off. The defender has to be careful. Wes was stupid. Reminds me of an old bloke in Sunday league constantly fouling the young 21 year olds out of frustration aa he can't get near!
  8. I was at the match and thought we were going to turn it around. We were on top and then Wes did what he did. What was concerning was once down to 10 men we lost any threat at all. I have seen games when the 10 men put up a fight and make it hard, but we offered zero. It's times like that when you maybe throw on a target man to cause a bit of chaos and I think we need to invest in a physical presence as an attacking option. In summary, thanks Wes, it's been one hell of a blast, but time to sit it out on a more perm basis. Surely he knows in his heart he is done at Prem level. Puel grow some balls and drop him after suspension!
  9. Gazza M

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    I think this is a game we will win if we play anything like. Everton are in transition having only appointed a new boss back in the summer and have not showed signs of much form so far. I would expect we remain unchanged from Newcastle in all honesty.
  10. Gazza M

    Adrien Silva

    I certainly wouldn't commit to a perm transfer but I honestly think he would be worth a punt on loan, with an option to buy at a set fee so those ba*tards Chelsea don't try and crank up the price in the summer if he would be decent.
  11. Gazza M

    Adrien Silva

    I would be open to a Drinkwater return on loan in January and maybe let Silva go as he is having zero influence at the moment.
  12. Warnock basing his team on the Sven revolution! Bamba, Cunningham and Peltier in the squad still. Neil Danns will be thrown on next!
  13. Gazza M

    The OH Leuven Thread

    This might be the end of Nige if he gets the boot here. Could be 3rd time sacked by King Power! 4th if you include the false one just before the great escape!
  14. Positive play with some solid defending please. A clean sheet would be a huge shot in the arm for the teams confidence.
  15. Gazza M


    Wet Spam written all over it! They love to throw money at things to add to their collection of white elephants!