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  1. Andros Townsend...

    There will always be that goal v Luton.
  2. Sheffield United... Away.. Tuesday.

    GK: Jakapovic LB: Chilwell DC: Maguire DC: Benny RB: Amartey ML: Gray MC: King MC: Ndidi MR: Albrighton SC: Slimani SC: Musa Subs: Hamer, Huth, Drinkwater, Mahrez, James, Okazaki,Fuchs. Mix it up, but we need to make sure we don't slip up. I would keep one or two usual starters in and some big guns on the bench too. If things go well, maybe Huth and Drinky may get some game time as they recover. Rest Morgan, Simpson and Vardy for weekend. Assuming Kelichi will still by unfit.
  3. Brighton Post Match 2-0

    Professional performance today, beat what was put in front of us. Brighton didn't really test us to be honest. They looked toothless in attack. Maybe could convince them to take Ulloa!
  4. Amartey to Stuttgart

    I would push this through if I was the manager. Got to move a couple on. I would rather get Mendy up to speed and see if he can offer something instead, as Amartey will not pressure the first choice central midfielders for a place. Ulloa and Musa to follow next out the door please.
  5. Chris Smalling

    In my opinion, if that's what he wants he still needs to strengthen the defence then, as if anything happens to Maguire, Huth and Morgan playing together for an extended run could be a disaster nowadays. It has everything to do with Shakey. He must decide which areas he wants to strengthen. I want him and the club to get the quality in now so we aren't pi**ing about in Jan.
  6. Chris Smalling

    If we are serious about competing with the top 6, we need to strengthen still. If we don't, we will struggle for top half as Wes is getting worse and Huth is probably going to do the same. Smalling for me. Wes cost us big time a week ago. Too far off the pace. Come on Shakey, get our final signings done!
  7. Andros Townsend...

    Townsend could work here for us. He lost his way through injury I believe after shining at Spurs and for England 3 or 4 years ago. Made a bad career move going to a shite Newcastle squad and now his face doesn't seem to fit at Palace. He has got excellent dribbling ability and very good in set piece situations. Only 26, so could get the best years out of him. I would take a risk and get him in.
  8. Slimani

    Slimani is going nowhere. He will be vital to us this year up top with Vardy, Shinji and Kelichi. The strikers we can afford to lose are Ulloa and Musa.
  9. Drinkwater

    Although we have plenty of central midfield options at the moment, we certainly don't have many quality options there. We couldn't afford to lose Danny at this late stage of the window. We need him back and fit playing for us.
  10. Arsenal post match 4-3

    For me Shakey brought on Amartey too early. I was just waiting for that sort of tactical change. Very Pearson to be honest. We were hurting them on the front foot and it was giving the defence a breather. You can't play that defensive away at Arsenal and soak up pressure for 20 mins and get away with it. I think he realised that and brought Kelichi on. Obvious to anyone he should have replaced Shinji on 70 and kept 2 up top until the last 7-8 mins and then maybe brought on Amartey and King or Chilwell to sit and took off James and Mahrez/Vardy. Very naive. Criminal not to get at least a point. What a confidence boost that should have been and a statement to the big boys. What I learnt: We need 3 more players: Mahrez replacement (Townsend will suit us. Great delivery.) Morgan has regressed (new CB required to partner Harry. I would go for Gibson, let them use Huth and Morgan as guidance in the background.) RB cover for Simpson. (Debauchey from the Arse is doing nothing. Maybe season long loan.) Then bin off some dead wood. Ulloa, Benny, Mendy, Musa etc and of course Mahrez going to. We need to remember Shakey is new and like anyone new to a job needs time to develop. What would worry me is if we repeated the same naive mistakes again and again. I am confident if we attack like that week in week out we will win plenty of games. Just need to get smart at the back if we want to challenge the top 6.
  11. One more signing

    I don't think we will be getting any more CB cover. Benny seems to have really fitted in since the start of the year and has the right attitude. I think we will be going in with the four we have now. I think we will be looking at RB cover and a Mahrez replacement (if required.)
  12. Matty James and Drinkwater not doing their jobs. Liverpool walking through. Luckily we have Ndidi and Iborra who I'm sure will do that better in a real game against the big teams. I think even more evidence of playing 3 in midfield away at big teams. Let's face it, it's like an away game!
  13. Sam Johnstone

    I would think not much better than Hamer to be honest.
  14. Harvey Barnes

    Said it before, but loan out to a championship club for first half of season. If he starts tearing it up we know we have a player on our hands and get him involved after Jan!

    For me shows why we need to freshen things up throughout. These players are living in 2015/16 and will be a long time after retirement. Support for a guy who was bang average last year based on now history. Your only as good as your last game in football. Leicesters last 38 league games were good enough to finish 12th. We are better than that. It's time the players stopped seemingly calling the shots. Back on your perch Wes please. Hopefully the new gaffer can get some discipline in there, some fresh faces and form a different team ethic.