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  1. He has a future here but more in a Ferdinand/Phillips sort of role from next season. Need another striker in and let him go 3rd choice.
  2. Can always rely on fellow bottlers Spurs to mess up. Good result if stays like this.
  3. They have fcuck all up front and we choose back 5 basically. Club from top to bottom has let us the fans down big time in the last 24 hours in behaviour, selection and attitude.
  4. Think we will struggle to hold on to Ndidi and Tielemans to be honest. Could see Youri attracting a lot of attention in the summer.
  5. The best free transfer in Premier history? Never had a sniff of an England call which is so unfair. Should have been called up in 2015-16.
  6. Man U to win opens up a comfortable gap between us and 5th with Spurs reverting to type today.
  7. Delighted for him at the moment. Superb form. We still need another striker for me though in the summer as Vardy will start to decline shortly unfortunately.
  8. I hope Tavares doesn't suddenly disappear again now. Thought he gave a good account of himself and I would start him again to be honest.
  9. This will be the day that the other 80 odd clubs in England and Wales may as well wrap up. There would certainly never be another story like ours and in 2016 we gave all of those 80 odd something to dream of.
  10. Personally think Ricardo should not be rushed in to 2-3 games a week. I would rest him and bring on at full back for Castagne on the hour mark. Another who has had his injury problems. Under needs to step up. Give him a full 90 to see what he can do. With Castagne and later Ricardo behind him he has quality support.
  11. Apart from the obvious absentees through injury I would go as far as taking some others out of the limelight for this. Thought Matt Piper made some good points on Radio Leicester post match that there just isn't the energy levels left needed to play how the manager wants. We will need to be up for a scrap. I would try and be nice and solid and look to come away without defeat and stop the rot. Kasper Castagne Amartey Cags Fuchs Under Mendy Hamza Albrighton Tavares Ihe
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