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  1. It seems that way to me. Cant complain with our 2nd half yesterday though. Created plenty of chances.
  2. I think depending on the opposition he will be alternating with Choudhury. Hamza v big sides, Praet when we can get away with more attacking intent.
  3. Quite encouraged by the 2nd half. I have a feeling the players got to grips a bit with the new tactics Brendan is deploying. Can see why we weren't in a rush for an old fashioned winger or big target man. It is going to take them a while to get to grips I think. Chance for more points coming up.
  4. 2 points lost. Would have taken before kick off though. They are poor by the way.
  5. Chelsea are nervous. Let's get at them!
  6. Dare I say it. Let's play a possession based game and make them chase us about and knacker them out. We just need to offer a bit more pace and width than we did against Wolves.
  7. They are going to be keen for the win and Lampard is under pressure already. Certainly going to leave some gaps so I would definitely get Barnes in for pace on the counter and to offer a bit of width. I wouldn't play two defensive CM though. I would let Ndidi just sit and the others be allowed to express themselves a bit. I would drop Perez for Albrighton, again for a bit more width. We were too defensive v Wolves and I think Rodgers got that wrong. Kasper Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Tielemans Ndidi Albrighton Maddison Barnes Vardy Subs: Ward, Morgan, Justin, Praet, Choudhury, Perez, Iheanacho
  8. Amartey needs to go and play 40 games somewhere. Loan him out.
  9. We know where we are on hand balls. No grey areas of accidental/intentional. If it hits your arm as an assist = no goal.
  10. I'm starting to think the same to be honest.
  11. Their side today on paper looked poor. Not sure why Kante didn't start for them. Long may it continue in to next weekend.
  12. Gazza M


    Get the thread in early, only another 12 months to go. Should hit a 1000 pages by then!
  13. Surely we are working towards finishing the season with Benko and Soyuncu as our preferred partnership......
  14. Heard that James got another injury in preseason training. Surely he is finished. Maybe get him involved in coaching if he is going to stay taking the cash.
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