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  1. Remember watching Elliott away at Villa Park in what I remember as 1998 and he was immense. An absolute beast. So composed on the ball. Very similar to Vardy as in a late bloomer to top flight football, but full of quality. Most importantly he is a Fox through and through and stayed loyal until his body couldn't hack it any longer.
  2. It is sad, but if every Premier League player was to donate a weeks wage the crisis in the lower leagues could be solved with all of that cash.
  3. The leagues are every clubs bread and butter and must be finished in my opinion, even if Liverpool are lifting the trophy whilst people are having their Christmas dinner. The other competitions may have to have a year off in my opinion. As for international football that is pure luxury and can be parked as long as required. Southgate can hang up his waist coat and wait for the inevitable Mourinho dummy out at Spurs.
  4. We had some poor Premier League players, the likes of Lee Marshall etc, but remember that was the top flight. It was the dross that ultimately ended with our drop in to league one where truly our worse players were. Similar at the start of the 90s in the Pleat era. My only exception was Junior Lewis. A league 2 player well out of his depth in the Premier League.
  5. Andy Lonerghan says it all! Good keeper for Shef Wed, but by the time we got him it was like having a wheelie bin in goal!
  6. Pressman Kaebi Moreno Worley Clapham Bori Jarrett Lewis Hamill Hammond Futacs
  7. There is no doubting Stringers love of the club and his commitment to LCFC. That is admirable. The quality of the Monday programme is what gets me. It is like a university radio show. The intro of 20 year old Oasis track mixed with Champions League music and the Vichai chant reminds me of myself aged 13 pratting around on a school holiday. I could have invented something similar. The maturity of some of the topics of conversation is at that level too and not much chance for live debate.
  8. I think international football goes right out of the window. All of those wasted weeks between Aug - Dec devoted to it can be got rid of straight away as we look to catch up in my opinion.
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