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  1. I would think not much better than Hamer to be honest.
  2. Said it before, but loan out to a championship club for first half of season. If he starts tearing it up we know we have a player on our hands and get him involved after Jan!
  3. For me shows why we need to freshen things up throughout. These players are living in 2015/16 and will be a long time after retirement. Support for a guy who was bang average last year based on now history. Your only as good as your last game in football. Leicesters last 38 league games were good enough to finish 12th. We are better than that. It's time the players stopped seemingly calling the shots. Back on your perch Wes please. Hopefully the new gaffer can get some discipline in there, some fresh faces and form a different team ethic.
  4. Could it be Shakey trying to get together new backroom team, why the announcement is taking so long?
  5. Tom Lawrence
  6. Could be a blessing in disguise. It means Albrighton can play on his favoured right foot and Gray can get a run. It could also mean the emergence of Tom Lawrence. With the cash we could reinforce the defence with some quality that it badly needs.
  7. If it gets announced this week, we must get behind him and let's hope for a much better pre-season. Want to see some signings that will add to the squad, not make up the squad. Also want to see the players in pre season doing more fitness training and playing more matches, than sight seeing and picking up awards. It was pathetic last August when Claudio was saying we are about 80% after the Hull match. I was at the ground and bloody humiliating as defending champions of the league title.
  8. Kasper will only leave for one club. As for Zieler, I think we should get rid. Hamer for me is a more than capable 2nd choice. Baffling how he was ushered down by old man Schwazer, plus the young Danish keeper we have.
  9. I think if Shakey was getting the job, it would have been announced yesterday. So they appear to be unsure.
  10. I've got a feeling we may be making a move for Silva from Hull. His contract expires now and he has good experience at quite a young age. Maybe Cambiasso as assistant after their link at Olympiacos?!
  11. There is a lot of sentiment in what Danny is saying here and memories of an incredible season last year. But finally after full time today, we can draw a line under all of that and look ahead. There is a chance that neither will be starting for us next season to be honest. For me Mahrez needs to go for the good of everyone. Himself and Damari Gray especially. I think Shakey deserves the job now, so give him the time to get some fresh faces in and build a side with his own brand of football, not Claudios "Rob and Run" style. If we keep the likes of Kasper, Drinky, Vardy, Gray, Ndidi, Huth for next year, we have the spine of a good team. Around that, I really think it may be time for some change. I think as a club we may have been too guilty for looking back this year and not forward. We should have packed Bocceli and Ranieri away weeks ago before the match for example. Maybe a bit of revolution required now, not evolution. Mahrez especially as come to the end of the line here. Let's cash in and move on.
  12. This is a big game really for Shakespeare, he needs to bounce back after the awful performance on Thursday. I think we will have enough to see of Bournemouth at home. We owe them one as they are quickly becoming a bit of a bogey side. 2-1 City. (Vardy, Slimani)
  13. I am starting to feel a fresh opinion and ideas may be needed. I'm sick of feeling like the players rule the dressing room.
  14. I think as technology and media exposure has increased over the past five years, they have almost become redundant. We all know now on match day if your not there you can get an internet stream of the match. Stringer and Bourne are woeful. They will be in that job forever as nobody else would have them!
  15. I think he fits the bill. A younger and hopefully better version of Huth/Morgan now. I seems our sort of defender.