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  1. Some Blue tinted opinions on here. I wouldn't put Ricardo, Evans, Maddison or Ndidi anywhere near a top 6 side. Mahrez was our stand out talent. He doesn't start often for Man City nowadays. Big jump in my opinion.
  2. Ricardo defensively still has much to learn in my opinion. Another goal down his side with ease v West Ham. So a no from me in top 6.
  3. Very early to predict a line up. Based on recent performances Gray is going to do really well to get in. I think Barnes starts next time.
  4. Gazza M

    Papy Mendy

    Sell sell and sell again. Let Hamza step up.
  5. He needs a run of 40 games or so. Let him go out to the Championship on loan. Maybe his level.
  6. I don't think he will be allowed to leave. This time next year maybe a different story. I think 1 big player a year should be our selling policy. Maguire for me will be the one as he has performed on the international stage.
  7. Hard to predict what the scenario or situation the club will be in come August. The striking position is hardest to work out. I would bite the bullet and sell Maguire and use the money on a Striker who we would have no problems starting and come August may be sharper then Vardy but at least on his level. We could rest one in turn or play both if required.
  8. If that was to happen it would be deserved by them and you hold your hands up. We have lost 15 games in the league so far this season. By no means are we capable or deserve to be going to Europe in my opinion. I want Brendan to have a full preseason with a probable new look squad and hit the ground running in August. In my opinion we will finish 9th anyway after our tough fixtures to come.
  9. Hope Watford win the cup and put us all out of our misery. Lets re-group over the summer and come back and qualify for Europe in style.
  10. I don't think there is any need for knee jerk reactions after one bad result. I do think he needs to pick a side with players who are going to feature next year now. We could perhaps have a bit of sentiment maybe v Chelsea last day with a farewell to Fuchs, Simpson, Okazaki etc. If fit I would like to see Albrighton start ahead of Gray and Jonny Evans come back for Morgan as Morgan/Maguire doesn't work. Would expect it to be high scoring as both sides nothing really to play for.
  11. I think Hamer looked like a bloke who hasn't played much in 4 years for them. I see his level in the Championship and I'm sure he will be a bit sharper after 20-30 matches in a row.
  12. I meant pay off to terminate his contract, otherwise we may have another two years of him earning off us.
  13. Personally think we will give him a golden handshake at the end of the season and he will either quit or slip down to league 1 or 2. His body is just not up to it.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if an agreement with Harry behind the scenes. 65 m would be good business for us. Chilwell for me not for sale at any price. I think we should only sell one big star a year otherwise we are heading for Southampton territory.
  15. I think the league cup is the one. It's that comp that gets you in to Europe automatically and one where the top 6 offer you more of a chance with weakened teams.
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