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  1. 3 at the back allowing 1 more body to get in the oppositions penalty box please. Maddison from the bench again. Kasper Evans Morgan Soyuncu Ndidi Tielemans Albrighton Chilwell Perez Iheanacho Vardy
  2. Just suffering due to not injecting fresh blood in to the squad to build on a great start. Wide man and target man missing. I think Morgan and Fuchs staying is baffling if they expect to be playing next season. We need to cull half this squad and start again in my opinion. Too much down tooling. I think Brendan said before lock down they have only worked with the same set of players since getting the job. I think he is desperate to put his mark on the squad. I only hope it is not Taylor Mk II.
  3. Even harder to get an understanding if it is never tried. In my opinion it is worth a change, especially to rest one or two, try something different and give others a chance to stake a claim for a regular place.
  4. For goodness sake Brendan, please shake it up and try something else. Every man and his dog know how we are going to set up and play. Just do something else!!! I would actually play our captain for a game and see if he can inspire a bit. Go 3-5-2 but use Albrighton and be more direct from wide areas and get bloomin bodies in the box. I would rest a few who have played so far. Kasper Bennett Morgan Soyuncu Albrighton Ndidi Chilwell Praet Tielemans Iheanacho Vardy Subs: The rest
  5. Maybe Brendan's biggest fault is loyalty to the old guard. Maybe instead of giving Fuchs and Morgan another year to sit around he should be sweeping the decks. This lot down tools when they have had enough. Maybe Vards included.
  6. Massive, massive opportunity missed in Jan to inject some impetus in to the squad. Needed a wide man and a target man striker to give us that plan B. Ryan Bennett on loan only was not business of a team looking to cement its position. We will have the close season to get new blood in and it feels very Tayloresk with this slump going in to it at the min. I hope for goodness sake that Rodgers and Congerton dont blow it on rubbish....
  7. We need another way of playing. A plan B.
  8. I hope that we treat it as a bit of a "free hit" and Brendan shows some bottle and releases some of the shackles and picks an attacking side. We need to get scoring again. A good performance here could give us needed confidence to get going. I would like to see: Kasper Justin Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Perez Maddison Praet Barnes Vardy
  9. Brendan has one way of playing. It got found out by Christmas. He has not adapted. He appears too much of a footballing snob to have a target man to pump it up to and hold the ball up as a plan changer. We have been crying out for that all year in my opinion.
  10. In my opinion for Man U to overtake us they need to take 20 points in their last 8 games, especially with our superior goal difference. I would expect us to take at least 11 from our last 8. Just 3 wins and 2 draws and that will be too much for them to catch up. We need to get the wide men involved more. Something I think Brendan will address at the end of the season by getting new bodies in to the club in that position. Maddison also needs to get in the box more to help Vardy or Nacho. For Brighton I would play Gray and Perez for Barnes and Albrighton. Rest the same.
  11. What was the lino looking at?!!! Or was it wrong half?
  12. They aren't a natural progression any more from us in my opinion. There are only 2 clubs in the Prem that can further better us and they are Liverpool and Man City. We have been better all year, have a better manager and sooner rather than later a better training ground. They can FOAD as Nigel once said.
  13. Which season would we be recruiting for? Seems a bit of a premature thread to me.
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