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  1. Southampton fans must be loving this

    Some managers doing decent jobs in the Championship and yet clubs go for tried and failed multiple times.
  2. Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    I would go for: RB Dragovic Lascelles (Newcastle) Shakiri Fraser Forster (pressure Kasper) Get Mendy and Slim in and have a good run out in pre season.
  3. Name a better option than puel

    When we have had loss of form on the last two ocassions, the manager has paid the price. Now for me, it's the players turn. Too much player power. I would sell off or long term loan: Morgan Simpson Fuchs Kasper (Friendly ghost at set pieces and crosses) James Ulloa Musa Huth Benny Hamer Plus obviously Mahrez likely to go. I would also maybe have another look at Slimani and Mendy in the summer and see if they can find form. I think it requires something this drastic to lose the "down tools" approach and attitude and I'm backing the current man to do it and get right.
  4. Name a better option than puel

    Close thread. Get behind the man we have.
  5. West Brom away pre match thread

    They have no choice but to go all out for the win. Let's go back and do what other teams are doing to us at home. Solid and keep it tight and let's hit them with pace on the counter. Kasper Simpson Morgan Maguire Fuchs Iborra Ndidi Mahrez Okazaki Diabate Vardy Subs: Jakapovic, Dragovic, Chilwell, Silva, Albrighton, Iheanacho, Gray.
  6. Puel

    So, so, so bloody typical of impatient society in 2018. He has been with us five months for fuchs sake!!!! It's becoming common now nationwide to be acceptable to have the new manager bounce and then the first signs of a bad run and then get rid. The ones to go this time are the players in the summer for me and maybe Appleton and Stowell as they aren't Puels choice on his staff. It's not like we are losing match after match. We are 8th in the league and have been in the top half all of Puels reign pretty much. We are still in the FA cup. Leave him alone and let him stamp his mark in the summer please folks!!!!!
  7. Puel-come to the future

    Gray for me has slipped backwards. I think he thought job done after a few decent games when Puel arrived. If his attitude doesn't improve, he won't play in my opinion. I'm not sure he is even that good.
  8. I think our Japanese friend will be back in, probably for Gray. Don't expect many other changes, possibly Iborra for James.
  9. Chilwell vs Schlupp

    Most annoying was Schlupp played in the Palace side who tought us a lesson earlier in the season at home.
  10. Let's not kid ourselves. Leo and Slim weren't pulling up any trees when here. Target man yes, but better than those two. Didn't really matter who was up there v Stoke. We were delivering crap in the box all match and getting the ball up there from back to front in slow motion. The Stoke defence had plenty of time to organise themselves.
  11. Puel-come to the future

    Are the players ruling the ship again? I hope Puel has the authority to stamp out the cliques that we're there. Would deffo give him a good summer to get his squad together. My first move would be Harry Maguire gets the arm band.
  12. Adrien Silva

    Still nobody stood up and accepted responsibility for the 14 second debacle. Still the likes of Rudkin and the Head of Recruitment don't comment ever to the fans. FFS these are stealing a living. We have made two decent signings since lifting the title in Nididi and Maguire. We have signed approx 10 poor players. When are they going to pay the price? 1 in 5 guaranteed starters is pathetic. You can't go on like that. The players are ageing (Morgan, Simpson, Fuchs) or stale (Mahrez, Kasper, Okazaki) and need phasing out with ready made class. If we carry on we will just dilute until the club pays the price with relegation. Silva for me looks consigned to the list of bad buys, but feel sorry for him how he has been handled.
  13. Puel-come to the future

    The Mahrez thing may have had a bigger effect on the squad than we think. I think we have gone backwards since. Puel needs to maybe try a different set up for a game or two as we seem to have evolved in to the insipid England 4-3-3 with no movement off the ball and plenty of sideways and backwards passing. I just hope the players don't down tools like they did for Claudio and Shakey. Mix it up Claude in the summer please. Let's get 6 or 7 new players in and get a new identity, Captain everything.
  14. Paddy Gerbrand, Joe Hammil. Two Levien superstars.
  15. Year ago today that Claudio's 'dream died'

    I'm afraid the truth hurts. We were pathetic in the league under him last year. You can't deny that. I like many went to many matches in 15/16, did the whole street parade thing and basked in the atmosphere and will remember forever the season....but time to look forward. Yes it was a year since he got sacked for 6 months poor, poor league football. I'm afraid the dilly ding dilly dong stuff died on me long before he was shown the door.