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  1. Half time 1 nil to Brighton who really should have made the scoreline a lot more comfortable, a couple of good saves from the keeper keeps it at 1 nil . Some nice football from both sides at times , Alves looks a good player and the likeliest to get Leicester back into the game .
  2. If anyone's interested in this kick off at 6pm , being played at the Amex , not sure if it's free to view for you guys on your streaming platform but it is available to view for free on the Brighton and Hove Albion official website .
  3. And there we have the typical Brighton and Hove Albion performance, take the lead drop off and head for the cliff face , from a now fading memory the only poor performance of the season i can remember was v Leicester away , the rest we've either been in the game and lost to a sucker punch or been completely on top and drawn the game . Overall we were the better team in the first half but failed to score that elusive 2nd which has been the story of our season then when you switched from a 3 to a 4 at the back we failed to counteract and it cost us yet again . Not going
  4. If there happened to be a betting company called Unlucky , then Brighton would be their choice of team to sponsor . In all my years of watching football I can't recall anything like what I've seen this season watching us play like Brazil up to the penalty area then turn into a pub team in front of goal . Yes we've had some rotten luck but also been very poor at times , trying to be too clever , walking the ball into the net , when a simple thump on target would have done . No Lamptey, Webster , again is a big miss but Veltman has been a more than capable replaceme
  5. Dire game to watch and can't really say either team deserved to win it over 90 minutes but that's football , only takes a second to score , only good thing for us was no extra time and a run out for the fringe players , Justin's injury looked pretty bad , good player that boy hope it's not so bad as it looked . Gutted but well done and good luck for the rest of the season .
  6. It will probably look like this , but it's hard to second guess Potter as he does like to play around with formations. Walton gk Veltman White Dunk Burn/Karbownik Bissouma Alzate Moder/Kedrah Mac Allister/Gross Trossard/Izquierdo Connolly/Zeqiri
  7. Not a chance Potter will play our strongest side for this , mainly due to injuries , March ACL and now Webster ankle , the latest first teamers to be injured , add Lamptey Propper Izquierdo to the long term list , plus whatever body parts Burnley managed to clog out of us on Saturday that Potter hasn't disclosed and our team will be a long way short of a league starting 11. We recalled 3 of our loan players for cover and it looks like they will be needed , 2 of them have not yet played a single minute of Premier league football. Our results have perked up a bit reward
  8. Regarding what sort of team Potter decides to put out I'm convinced he pulls names out of a hat pre match . We have a thread on this very matter on our forum where you score points for trying to pick a Potter line up , it's ridiculously hard to get more than 6 correct . We're in the relegation mix but it just doesn't feel we are likely to go down because of how we are playing, which in the main is very good , we just can't convert the chances , of which on average we have 4 clear cut chances to score per game ! . Potter will field a strong line up but we've
  9. We've been playing quite well and just when it looks like we will score one of the posts makes a brilliant save or the crossbar drops down a whisker , for the neutral Lamptey is a breath of fresh air to watch , absolutely everywhere at 36.7 kph , if we could finish we would be right in the mix , sadly we can't and our defending from corners and free kicks on the edge of our box has been in the main schoolboy . Not sure how you will line but have a rough idea ,Potter seems to pick his line ups out of the hat so no doubt another few suprise starters for this one , can't say i'm over
  10. No not really , expectations were low to start with so anything was a bonus really , we run a prediction league and out of over 300 entrants only 5 had us down for a win , iv'e a feeling if we had of scored the penalty we would of stopped trying to play and the inevitable would of happened and a loss would of been the likeliest event , i can't speak for all Brighton fans but nobody iv'e spoken too is that unhappy we didn't win that one .
  11. Not exactly a classic was it , interesting the differences of opinions on our main forum than here , for obvious reasons the point for Brighton was invaluable and the way it was earned has little consequence , it was very noticeable how little Chillwell got forward , this must go down as a bit of managerial nous from Potter , handing Lamptey his debut , as Brighton supporters we knew very little of his capabilities but he did a fantastic job mostly , I'm not sure how quick Vardy is but Lamptey simply had the pace to nulify most of his movement in and around the box . From my point
  12. Not sure it's worth us showing up looking at the confidence of the posts but we will hopefully make a good game of it , Potter is slowly getting his message across to the players of the style he wants to play and from a fans point of view it's good to watch even if the results haven't been kind in most cases . Saturday's game v the mighty Gunners was a reminder to all that there's no easy games so even a #teamlikebrighton can put in a shift and pick up the odd suprise or two , this game is vital to both teams for different reasons and on paper it looks like a home banker , but if t
  13. If driving definitely head for Lewes station car park , from there you can hop on the train to Falmer 5 minute ride for free , there's plenty of pubs in Lewes to keep you occupied , don't try and park anywhere near the stadium unless you book a space (£15) , you will be towed away . If going into Brighton itself stay away from the two pubs nearest the station they're a bit territorial , but some decent away friendly pubs within a short walk under the tunnel , The Albert is really nice , good beer and grub and friendly bunch of home fans .
  14. Dunk suspended , Trossard Connolly Montoya all struggling with injury , Trossard is a huge miss for us if he fails to make it , although he has been coming off the bench recently after returning from the same injury , Dunk of course is a huge loss for us and iv'e no idea how we'll play at the back , probably a flat back 4 with Balogun returning , if i was going to pick a time to play Brighton away then this would of been it . We've been very good to watch going forward this season even if we've been a little to courageous at times , the style of play is totally unrecognisable from
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