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  1. That hurts, so much. I loathed Holloway with a vengeance, but I did think he'd keep us up. I watched the match itself on a dodgy stream, and was almost in tears at the end. Afterwards I went to my local bar, where the guy serving was a Florist fan offering sympathy I really didn't want. How was I to know that it wasn't so much the end of an era as much as the start of something very special.
  2. I think that rule was dropped a few years ago. It’s now something vague like ‘a reasonable amount of time’ - or, consistent with not wasting time.
  3. How do you know it’s a woman? They might be named after Jackie Milburn. Still sue them for breach of copyright though.
  4. And we have fewer key injuries and a couple of better players in the squad. And we’ve beaten Man U, Spurs and Chelski this season. It ain’t last year, it’s this.
  5. Anyone else getting iffy picture quality on Sky? It was crap against Palace as well but don’t have problems the rest of the time.
  6. And he could have scored a bucket full of goals against West Brom in the previous game. One of these days - hopefully in the Cup Final - he’s going to put it all together and hand out a proper hammering. Brilliant player.
  7. I don’t do Twitter or any of that gobshite Zuckerberg’s crap so it won’t affect me. But I think it would be far more effective if they boycotted (say) Facebook completely until they introduced effective policing, and say they would do the same to other platforms after two months if they didn’t improve. Their share prices would drop like a stone, and that would concentrate minds. This gesture, however, is just that - a gesture.
  8. This piece by David Conn in The Guardian has some good and practical ideas: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/22/after-the-super-league-fiasco-five-reforms-that-could-save-the-game?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  9. Totally agree. His anticipation of danger and his clean tackling are fantastic, but I also love his runs out of defence. One of these days he’s going to top it off with a wonder goal: be brilliant if it happened at Wembley on 15 May.
  10. Savage was nothing like Vardy. If we had a Vardy in those days (imho we didn’t) it would have been Steve Claridge. Savage was a bit-part player.
  11. Well, that was very pleasing, wasn’t it? 🥳
  12. Ok, just read the previous comments. WTF?
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