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  1. FFS that tippy tappy between Mendy and Ricardo sums us up at the moment. Needs more movement and a bit of creativity.
  2. Very nice tribute to him from Louise Taylor in today's Guardian: sounds like a decent man.
  3. Fookin hell. I grew up when if we made it past the fourth round of the FA Cup it was a miracle.
  4. WTF are we doing taking a free kick on the halfway line and working it back to Schmeichel? FFS!
  5. Seems too obvious to say, but we need to up our tempo. When we do we’re the match for anyone.
  6. A pedant writes: they didn’t have red cards in those days. Allen should have been sent off, but again, in those days players got away with really bad tackles. And it would have taken a very brave ref (a contradiction in terms) to “spoil one of the great national sporting events.”
  7. I do wish the commentators would shut the fvck up from time to time.
  8. Right, that’s you banned and ostracised.
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