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  1. Me too. Is Bernie still around, and will he be there tonight singing "Shit ground no fans"?
  2. We all look forward to the video you'll doubtless be posting at full time...
  3. Your original post said " He will improve and represents very good scouting as he was an unknown to me." My point was that as Praet was/is a member of Belgium's international squad, so finding him didn't represent particularly good scouting. My apologies if I offended you.
  4. Praet's been in and around Belgium's international squad since 2014, and has eight or nine caps. Hardly the same as Mahrez/Kanté scouting.
  5. So you should. She kept her flag down - it was ref who gave the corner.
  6. Ah, you clearly know my little secret, although to be fair it's more like two inches.
  7. I may be wrong but I suspect it's more to do with their mothers being not wishing to lose their surnames. The ref's assistant yesterday, Sian Massey-Ellis, did the same thing. Incidentally, I thought it was ironic yesterday how much fuss Pearce made when Massey-Ellis flagged a clear offside when Brentford had the ball in our net, comparing her speed of decision-making with VAR. Maybe someone should ask Richard Keys and Andy Gray if they agree. Although why bother.
  8. Agree entirely, although this is tempting fate. The thing is that Rodgers clearly wants to win everything, which is fine by us, after years of having managers who didn't give a flying one about any of the cups.
  9. The voiceover on that video is fvckin weird! Makes it hard to listen to and difficult to take seriously.
  10. I watched it on TV and nearly spilt my beer in the first five minutes, when we could easily have been 2-0 up, and 4-0 at half-time wouldn't have been overly flattering. However, by the end of the second half, I was glad we managed to hang on, although I think we were pretty safe overall. One thing that p!ssed me off was Jonathan Pearce's 'commentary'. Hasn't anyone ever told him to speak clearly instead of mumbling? Half the time it sounded like he was talking to himself, like that bloke who used to sit on the bench near the Clock Tower. Should take lessons from Jermaine Jenas. Still, it was good to watch one last cup-tie at this Famous Old Ground - did anyone know Brentford are moving to a new ground next season? Or that Griffin Park (the Famous Old Ground) has a pub at each corner? It's famous for that. Apparently.
  11. Comment from someone on The Guardian’s live feed: “On the Stateside feed, the crowd goes silent at certain moments and Americans are getting to hear individual Burnley fans thoughts on their team. I especially liked “now why would you ***ing do that. F***!” Spreading their name far and wide.
  12. The ground looks to be only about 80% full. We almost filled the KP for the Third Round of the Cup against Wigan - shows how firken dreadful Burnley must be week in, week out.
  13. There’s one Toon fan who wishes Hamza had done a proper job on Ritchie.
  14. Sympathetic non-gamblers (like me,and lots of the posters on this thread) need to write to their MP and urge real and positive action. As I and many others have said, advertising and sponsorship must end, along with incentives to gamble and using credit cards for gambling accounts. Let’s do this!
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