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  1. its not like he hasn't managed in the PL before and we are taking some random Scottish manager as a gamble.
  2. Peter Taylor could win trophies in the SPL for fack sake
  3. Great appointment yeah. big coup for us.
  4. Peter Reid or then people would have been moaning about how defensive he sets his team up. Rodgers will have us playing possession BUT with good attacking intent unlike Puel.
  5. just cant win with some people...... if we drag things out and take an age to appoint someone people moan...... if we act swiftly then some still moan only Leicester fans
  6. HAHA not at all sour. hilarious.
  7. Brendan gives Sterling a bollocking in training haha
  8. Surprised Peter Reid hasn’t been mentioned. Usually he is on the list
  9. What a come down...... beautiful Monaco, to dreary Lesta. Lol.
  10. ..... like Iheanacho has done you mean? Lol
  11. Are people really writing this guy off already after 30 mins of football. Jeez when will some people ever learn. Unreal.
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