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  1. I’m concerned by the lack of height we have in both boxes. we offer no threat for our corners
  2. Not as bad as Chilwell. He was utterly terrible
  3. Ok jeez. The transfer window shuts and already. Thread for January
  4. Why can we never shift any of our dead wood. Season after season. FFS
  5. Totally agree. We are fine with what we have at present.
  6. Praet is quality. Jeez we will have some talent on our subs bench.
  7. we will also have to pass on a big chunk of change to Hull City
  8. 80m??? bonkers. we should still decline the offer though. make em dig a bit deeper in their deep pockets for an extra 5m.
  9. This deserves its own thread surely. 100+ pages on Bale to Leicester only for him to then sign for Juventus.
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