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  1. Plays in the super league for Cas Tigers...already moving to Wigan next season! Another Mitch Clark of course
  2. Is it ok for the ticket please. I can meet you there tomorrow if you dont mind
  3. Get in! Happy its sorted out
  4. Me and my dad managed to get our season tickets yesterday
  5. I did think the change of manager would lower the availability but hoping that I might enough up on points to still get one
  6. I have 63 home and 15 away. Just missed out last season so hoping I'll get one this time round
  7. Do people feel there will be many season tickets coming available for next season? I know a couple of months ago it sounded like no one wanted one but Rodgers seems to of changed that! I'm high up on membership points so hopeful I'll get one if they come available. 63 home points and 15 away.
  8. I watched the whole match in my front room...stood up for the second half as I couldn't sit down! There was a sonic boom that went over Yorkshire during the second half which people text me about asking if it was me celebrating. Was too full of emotions so just ended up going to bed pretty much straight after it as I felt the urge to lay down in the dark haha
  9. I was born April 7th 1985 so this is mine. Southampton 3 v Leicester City 1, 09 April 1985 Steve Lynex pen.
  10. Thank you for that! Sounds very similar to Cavtat/Dubrovnik which we did a few years ago. No real beaches there so you had to go island hopping for one if you wanted
  11. Thank you for that! Looked into Plitvice lakes and also going to krk. Probably through public transport instead of a tour as we dont normally hire a car while we are away. Will keep it as an option though for a couple of days. In Budapest we have only heard good things about it so decided to go for it. Dont have too much planned for it as such yet but the good transport linked will really help
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