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  1. slymunn

    Name this Leicester team

    Davy klassen?
  2. slymunn


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  3. slymunn

    Advice needed

    As above it is at the Wat Thepsirin Temple. Not far in from the main centre really. Closest sky train is the National stadium and about a 20 minute walk from there. The actual temple where Kun Vichai is isn't the one that was shown on tv though. Its just round the corner from it in the same grounds
  4. slymunn

    Chelsea (A) - 3pm, Sat 22nd December

    I have two tickets in SL4 and don't think I can get to the match now. Can meet up at the Spurs match if you are going?
  5. slymunn

    Brands Brands Brands

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  6. slymunn

    The Funeral

    Thank you for that! I use the forum more to keep in touch with things I can't always find out in Yorkshire..so don't always feel the need to post a lot if that makes sense. Just how I was allowed to be a part of this shows how great the whole family and King Power are and will be to the fans
  7. slymunn

    The Funeral

    I some how ended up at part of the funeral..well later on in the evening when other people are allowed to pay respects. Went down earlier in the day and ended up on Sky Sports talking to Rob.. he was actually really nice and had a decent chat with me and my wife. Went closer to the temple where Vichai is and spoke to security/king power staff as I had a shirt I wanted to put down as I couldn't make it to the King Power before flying out to Thailand. I think they thought I came over especially for this so told us to come back at 8pm. We did but then got told 9 but was allowed to help yourself to the free food and drink that the King Power staff who came down for Vichai. Signed the book of condolences and then into the temple. The walk over the water to it and then to see the room and urn was just incredible. Hard to put into words but put my shirt down and paused for seconds and as I turned round, told to wait for a photo. A man came over and took our photo and said it's ok to turn round....As we did Top came over and said thank you for coming to pay respects. Had a little chat/handshake and left. Most surreal moments of my life.
  8. I fly out to Bangkok on Saturday and there till Tuesday before going to Chiang Mai. Hoping I can get to it while I am there.
  9. slymunn

    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2002/03

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    What's that thing called quiz.

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  13. slymunn


    I'm a Leicester fan who travels down from Pontefract so will be doing a similar drive to you! There are a few streets around the Narborough Road that you can drop on if you are early enough. If not and park in a car park around the ground if you wait till about half 5 and the traffic usually isn't too bad
  14. slymunn

    Seanfox’s Pop Culture Polava

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