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  1. Title Winning seasons mementos

    I took my shirt from the title winning season to matches from early April when I thought we could actually win it and started to get it signed. Took me till November to get near enough all the players that made an appearance that season which is now hanging up on my wall. I did birch's run the day we had the presentation which Is also signed by the birch which I haven't found a spot to put in the house just yet Then got the usual bits like a flag and a programme from the big games.
  2. What are you listening to?

    TTNG - Disappointment Island
  3. Slimani Just before they scored the first.
  4. Would anyone on here be interested in a West Brom ticket? My shifts have changed so will be pretty hard for me to get there now Block A1, £26. Can meet at the Liverpool match
  5. Boxing

    GGG should of had the win. Can't see how you could get 118-110 for either fighters on a scorecard but felt he did enough for the win overall.
  6. 1 adult ticket for Bournemouth available as work have changed my shifts. Can meet at either Liverpool matches to collect.
  7. Drinkwater signs for Chelsea.

    Being a good player for us over the years but players do move on. It's alot of money for him and we have held out for an amount the club was happy to accept. Overall the window has being quite a good one for us so hopefully the players we've signed perform
  8. Ulloa new contract

    Strange one as he wanted out 6 months ago..plus he's not close to a starting role :/
  9. Chelsea - 9th September

    Got my ticket this morning. Im still not a massive fan of the new membership system but buying tickets on your mobile is a lot better than before
  10. Welcome Kelechi

    Its offical...get it merged!
  11. Membership 17/18

    Thank you for letting me know
  12. Membership 17/18

    I cant enter for the Brighton match either. Hopefully it gets sorted out but going to give them a call tomorrow
  13. My first match was in 1994 and still go to this day. Even though I was born in Yorkshire and still live here i get to as many games as I can home and away
  14. Chester Bennington.

    Big part of music for me growing up as it was high school years when hybrid came out. Probably one of a few bands that shaped my music taste still to this day