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  1. Simon spelt really badly. At the Everton match 07/05/2016. Its my Facebook profile picture and think they are linked.
  2. I booked 4 nights in Nice for Novemeber at half time. Needed something to cheer me up!
  3. Its probably the same person with loads of ebay ads trying for the same football.
  4. How will I know if I've won? A: Prize winners will be notified by message in their 'My eBay' inbox, or via the email address (if provided) within 15 business days of the end of the Promotion Period. So it could be another couple of weeks before we find out as it ended on the 14th?
  5. I had a quick look through and didnt see them answered.. I will do a double check in future!
  6. 3. Middle age spread 8. High explosive?
  7. Thank you they are around a bronze at my age range though! Haha Its strange as I've never really just gone running before lockdown but had decent fitness from football and the gym. But ended up with pretty good times as you say and keep slowly chipping seconds off as I'm getting more into it. Overall I don't think its someone's speed again anyone else's but improving yourself which is the best thing..plus the enjoyment of doing so. Seen recently you have brought your own times down which are great achievements on a personal level
  8. Is there a site with these standards on? I'm 35 and just running till the gyms open again. But I think knowing these would help motive me more towards staying with running as well when they do. My pb's are currently 10k - 48.45 5k - 22.52 Mile - 6.52
  9. Bobby Robson? Cup winners Cup in the late 90s.
  10. Thank you. We have 5 each week on the pub quiz we did before lockdown so you get used to picking up little bits. I worked out down ING by saying it out loud to myself 😂 and kind of went from there!
  11. 10 Downing Street? X - 10 down ING.. STreet?
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