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  1. I know this is early but is anyone unable to go to Man City away? My brother us at uni there and be good to get him a ticket for a match. Can meet up at the Athletico Madrid match.
  2. Ive got the usual programmes and papers from around the time of winning the league. I started getting my shirt signed from the squad when it got close to winning the league. Took me 6 month's to get them though and its now up in my house
  3. Great news..saw them leaving yesterday
  4. I have done the run the last few years and would be more than willing to join in again for good causes
  5. Not the massive draw I wanted but weve a decent chance of getting through!
  6. For a 3pm kick off the players start to arrive at the ground from 11 if that helps anything.
  7. Mines just arrived today
  8. Where abouts do you live? I live in pontefract and have quite a few signatures at home I can look through later when im home.
  9. As a fev fan can say hes a good signing for you guys. Will probably be at us again though with the dual reg happening again!
  10. Oh what a day! Only just about finished crying with joy haha. Does anyone happen to know the foxes foundation raffle number that won?
  11. Tickets are still available on Lcfc direct if people need them.
  12. If anyone cant make any home matches or has spare tickets/references can you please drop me a PM? I have the money waiting but tickets just dont get to general sale Simon
  13. Is anyone able to ger two tickets for the Stoke or bournemouth match? I can transfer the money straight over.