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  1. Not quite half a century is it? 2000 was the last cup final we played in.
  2. slymunn

    The gym

    The gym I go to is in one hour slots. Then shuts for 10 minutes for extra cleaning then opens for another hour slot. I don't mind as I used to go at 7am till 8 before all the restrictions. Its opening at 7am again so it works for me. Only change is the sauna is still shut. Can manage with that for now looking forward to getting back into it.
  3. Little Wes is in the world youth team of the year 🔥
  4. I think if Mendy was taller he would be want we need for rotation. Just feel we miss the height that Ndidi gives us at set pieces. From previous transfer rumours is sounds like Tarkowski, Eduourd, Mcgregor/Maitland-Niles and possibly someone like Thuvain. Sounds around the 50/55 million in transfer fees if that was to happen. Then signing on/wages.
  5. He signed a two year didn't he in the summer? I just think Mendy and Hamza are not trusted 100%. If Brendan could move them both on for a midfielder he wanted I think he would do.
  6. Hamza, Mendy and Benkovic could be sold if you wanted to make a little bit. Plus the fee for Under would be put aside for if he was to be made permanent? Morgan, Fuchs, James, Jakupovic are out of contract. Slimani, Gray and Silva also left for small fees and wages off the bill from the start of the season. Got KDH, Iverson and Sowah possibly to move into the squad next season. Frees abit up to possibly the money to get 3 more players in?
  7. Thats it. 20k extra is just over £1 million a year. Then whatever the signing on fee is. It's nothing compared to signing a new player and then paying possibly 100k a week to them.
  8. His time on the pitch has also being inconsistent. Give him a run of games and you can see what a player he can be. People didn't really rate Cags during his first season before he got a good run of games.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3552228604903052 New deal. Great news!
  10. I don't think I could do 1k today if I tried after yesterday 😂
  11. I went out for my first 10k for months today. Knew I should be better than my previous 10k pb on strava from my current 5k times. Managed to take just under 4 minutes off it which is a lot more than I thought I would! Hoping for 46 minutes and ran a 44.36
  12. Sounds good. The enjoyment is the main thing and comfy feet will help with that. I bought some running shorts a while ago and they don't fit my phone in my pocket properly. No phone for me is no music so I've had to go back to older shorts. Don't look/feel as nice but I'm more comfortable with my music on zoning out Looking Forward to seeing how you get on with it.
  13. Last year was the first time I ever did a 10k run. Struggled to keep focus from 7k onwards. I get an hours break at work so can get a 5k in as they are around the 22 minute mark. Just keep seeing my 10k pb at 48.24 and know I should be able to take a couple of minutes off it. Dont think I've run more than 6k in a run this year which is my only issue!
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