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  1. I loved the white socks against Seville in the champions league very smart that was
  2. Going to need to shift a sh@t load of these if Man U pay the fee we want !!
  3. Everyone’s to busy on the Tielemans thread!! Sorry I’m medium ?
  4. Oh dear this isn’t going to go down well is it!!
  5. Shouldn’t the own goal be on the OHL side
  6. Not the best are they! Look like old templates a bit like West Brom had a couple of seasons ago. The white shirt was much nicer last season imo . Down side to having the big brands like Adidas I suppose .
  7. Footy headlines have picked up on the team wear version of the pink shirt being sold for almost £40 less . Asking the question should leicester city have a bespoke Adidas kit or at least change the colours of the team wear versions to be unique .
  8. Didn’t notice a button down collar in the leaked photos either . Also so has the ironed on stripes and Adidas logo ,looks like different fit at the bottom of the shirt to like a authentic version .
  9. Wow that’s embarrassing from Sutton !!
  10. Back flip to! Never seen that !!:)
  11. You just pick them up at the ground . They have collection areas near the club shop .
  12. Does that happen often? Seen plenty of leaked lcfc related things on here in the past .
  13. Maybe he signed the new contract to increase or keep his transfer price high with the understanding he would be allowed to leave next summer if a substantial offer is made . Or maybe he’s going nowhere
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