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  1. Think this was from footy headlines when the new templates came out for 21/22 just looking at what we might have from them .
  2. Good timing scored as soon as I found a stream
  3. Vardy has his own if I remember back from an interview a while ago ?
  4. I subscribe to his channel to after watching a few videos on the irradiated zone . He’s just recovering from COVID 19 was the last video I watched
  5. Was mentioned a few pages back yes
  6. Yeah also more pictures on footy headlines to from Adidas us site
  7. Agreed they definitely don’t! How about miadidas? The club could use this to make a more bespoke kit .
  8. Ricey if we’ve altered the kit to look like this it’s even worse 😂 the sleeve cuffs could have been so much better. There is a close up pic on footy headlines which shows the detail much better
  9. Agree the cuffs just look forced and ruins the kit for me .
  10. Bordeaux away , I’d imagine the sleeves could be like this?
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