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  1. Jamiebux

    Welcome Danny Ward

    12.5m 🤢 Seems a lot given he’s basically 3rd or 4th choice. Plus 20% sell on fee 🤮
  2. Sure it was just for 1 season , You would think it would already be on the shirts when it was released if it was for more than one season.
  3. Jamiebux


    True but Cahill especially and the others have a few seasons top level experience to maybe warrant higher earnings .
  4. So this guy slates Cardiff’s away shirt 3/10 and yet Wolves away 10/10 and it’s the same template and almost the same colour!! Muppet
  5. I’ve got last seasons black shirt in a large and I tried the new away top in a large and I’d say the Adidas shirt was a better fit so I’d stick with the same size.
  6. Jamiebux

    George Hirst

    Because he will be a leicester player in 6 months
  7. Jamiebux

    George Hirst

    They really haven’t taken this well have they !! Some of the comments on there ! Wow 😲
  8. Jamiebux

    James Maddison

    Sky says it’s completed
  9. Maybe the club will bring more options of shirts our like the Bayern Munich ladies replica I shared in the future. Still early days and very little to buy so far .
  10. Any ideas itks on the 3rd shirt ?? template and Colour etc .
  11. Yeah it’s one of the best18/19 Adidas kits ive seen that and the green Germany away shirt .
  12. Just seen this Bayern Munich ladies replica jersey on Adidas website. So I’m sure this type will be also available.