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  1. Quality those guys!!
  2. As long as they don't leave it like wolves stadium waiting for the next phase that doesn't happen
  3. Yeah they look decent , can't see them in the store
  4. How many can we pack in the chopper!!;)
  5. Take it back and complain simples
  6. Agreed, for me it's the quality of the kit as well as the design.
  7. Stinks of last minute poor organisation to me.
  8. Yep , that would be fair .
  9. 15/16 wasn't bad
  10. Got the third kit yet !! 👍
  11. Thought they might , puma obviously aren't bothered otherwise we wouldn't be using Genesis by now. German brand ?;) if it's bespoke maybe umbro. Not macron I hope
  12. it's definitely going to effect sales!! I won't buy it with it done so badly .
  13. Agree, I don't mind a sponser but at least try and make it work with the shirt colours.
  14. The club haven't even bothered to announce the sleeve sponsor either?? Off topic but barnsleys new away top by puma is a lot better than our template .