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  1. New 2018/19 home kit on sale soon?

    Surprised the kit deal hasn’t been announced yet , see Huddersfield and rangers have announced new kit suppliers recently to both from Puma to Umbro and Hummel
  2. Adidas

    think An outline of the Fox would be decent or embossed into the fabric or something like that
  3. Adidas

    Seen a few using this template .
  4. New shirt sponsor.

    Don't think you can advertise alcohol anymore
  5. Adidas

    The World Cup international team templates like Germany away I’d like .
  6. West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Lcfc.com have extended 19 minute highlights of the game
  7. Adidas

    Player version shirts also Ashley?
  8. Adidas

    True , they weren’t exactly all over the internet leaks though , more like close to the release date shoddy photos taken on an very old mobile phone type leaks! originally I was thinking more about the manufacturer being leaked if we aren’t re signing with Puma .
  9. Adidas

    I’m surprised it doesn’t get leaked. You see it every season with the top six teams.
  10. Adidas

    Any ideas when the club will announce a new deal? See florist are no longer with Adidas they have announced a macron deal.
  11. FA Cup 2018

  12. Morgan or Dragovic?

    Dragovic for me. Morgan has a decent game unlike Simpson who didn’t look great
  13. Ulloa - To Brighton on loan (Page 8)

    Gone to Brighton on loan !
  14. Westley Nathan Morgan

    Great picture!! Still can’t believe we won it !!