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  1. I’d love to be proven wrong but this just feels like it’s gonna be so dull.
  2. Yeah, mine started doing that about 2 or 3 months after I got the Switch. It was infuriating reaching the top of a cliff in Zelda only for Link to suddenly charge off in a random direction. I never bothered getting it fixed though. I picked up the pro controller instead and it's a dream to use. There are a few tutorials and tips out there if you want to fix it. Nevertheless, it's totally unacceptable that the pads are so flawed. And very unlike nintendo as well.
  3. Well, it’s your lucky day mate cos you can watch both. Barca is tomorrow
  4. I’m all for Real going out but that just sums up how shit VAR is. One thing is that it takes theee minutes, but why aren’t there cameras at each end of the pitch to get a proper angle of whether a ball goes out of play or not? Just stick a ****ing go pro on the lino’s head. On another note, Tadic has been unreal!
  5. The most frustrating game I’ve watched in a while. I’m still struggling to understand how Barnes missed that chance in the 2nd half
  6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 72 seconds  
  7. Can’t believe how the ref has missed that. Clear penalty
  8. SMP is good, but it's frustrating because it has the potential to be so much more. I certainly find that there is a huge lack of content and it seems like the boards were all built for partner mode, as they're just too small for traditional Mario Party. The mini-games are great though and it's great fun multiplayer, so I'm sure you'll have a blast with your daughter.
  9. Yeah, I grew tired of World of light so quickly. Smash is all about the multiplayer for me. And it’s probably the best multiplayer game on the Switch.
  10. Well done, Ricardo! I would’ve said Son hands down, but he’s not even nominated
  11. Ffs Sterling. I’d have loved it if he scored that and went all Adebayor on the Liverpool fans
  12. Kompany blatantly called Salah a pussy as he walked by Yellow card the right call for me
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