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  1. I love a good dog, but most small dogs are a bit crap imo. Especially the little yappy ****ers. I like the proper dogs that you can wrestle with and that
  2. Good shout. Earthworm Tim (Castagne) GOAT Simulator (Vardy) Cags Bandicoot
  3. They need to get the ****ing orange ball out of the shed. Come on ffs
  4. I’d forgotten how much this sport annoys me at times
  5. 3 minutes is a ****ing joke. Not like it’d make a difference mind. Such a frustrating match
  6. https://twitter.com/madders10/status/1387104552915283969?s=21 Nice news EDIT: sorry, don’t know how to embed tweets on my phone
  7. Whose fault was that? Looked like Bottas turned in on Russell as he was passing him. Just seen more replays. Not so sure who’s to blame
  8. Fvck me... Wolves-Sheffield United. I think I’ll give that a miss
  9. We give Kasper a lot of flack for his distribution, but every time I watch Pickford, he seems to just lump it upfield with no address. So pleased he’s not our goalkeeper
  10. Anyone who still cares about this needs to give their head a serious wobble imo. It’s been dealt with internally. We’ve got a mega game this weekend, focus on that instead!
  11. He explained why post-match. Keeping them out of the squad is a bigger punishment than a fine.
  12. True. I take it back. A beefcake baby-oiled Forrest Gump then.
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