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  1. Braga! Gutted no one can go cos that stadium is unreal
  2. Gotta say this guy's pronunciation of player names is turning me on a little bit
  3. Anyone playing Mario 3D all-stars? Clocked 64, now I'm onto Sunshine. That pinball level is a right cünt
  4. Giovinazzi just went full on there! Mental
  5. It’s alright but there’s so much focus and attention on José. Also, It’s depressing when they show the little clips of the league table. Can’t believe we were six points ahead of Manchester City at one stage
  6. I highly recommend the Pro Controller if you're ditching your plan to leave the Switch with your niece It's a great pad for big games such as BOTW, Skyrim or Mario Odyssey, whereas the joycons are too small for an adult's hands and still suffer from drifting issues.
  7. GAMMA tap takeover in town today. Decent selection of neipas, dipas, stouts and sours got you nice and steaming
  8. Evil Twin are terrible for this and I’m convinced they just took the piss at first but it’s suddenly become a thing for them and their brand. They’ll literally just go with some random sentence and there you go beer name sorted
  9. Class as always from DEYA. Best I’ve had from their ‘Saturated In’ series. Simcoe is really interesting - piney at first but then it hits you with a tropical and juicy punch. Do any of you lot use Untappd? I’m snetuka on there. Feel free to add
  10. North have played a blinder with this NEIPA. Perfect for the summer heat 😍 A real hoppy bastard
  11. 27 fouls and six bookings for Atalanta. Quality
  12. Deya and Verdant bundle on the way! Scandinavian prices though 😭
  13. Not sure if already posted, but this is quality imo. Up there with Nigeria's 2018 effort. If Arsenal were a hipster club, it would fly off the shelves.
  14. The more I think about it, the more I’m ok with a narrow United win or draw. If we know a draw is enough to finish above them, we all know Brendan will set up for it and we’ll eventually buckle. But if we have to win, our players will be fired up and we’ll have nothing to lose. This United team and their manager are weak mentally and we can totally get at them. Imagine Vardy flying into that Justin Bieber kid or Lindelof in the first minute. They wouldn’t recover. Imo the only result we want to avoid tonight is United winning by 3 or more.
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