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  1. Amazing first half. Ricardo and Barnes obvious highlights but Soyuncu has won everything! What a half he’s had. Really strong half from Chilwell too which is great for him.
  2. Been ill for a few days and started watching The Leftovers on HBO. Slow-paced but quality so far.
  3. KDB is a joy to watch. What a player
  4. Forest just been skanked by VAR who had the old lines and pixels out
  5. Don’t play too much these days apart from FIFA and F1. Those series aside, I’ve only put serious hours into these five: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Portal 2 Rocket League Breath of the Wild Super Mario Odyssey Any recommendations welcome 👍 Something Zelda-like on Xbox or Switch would be nice to check out.
  6. Poor start by Youri. Rubbish atmosphere and all
  7. Team - Title winners Goal - Although Vardy's vs Liverpool meant more emotionally, his volley against WBA was far more technically skilled imo. I'd even have that in the top 5 of all PL goals scored this decade. Honourable mentions to Knockaert's brace and Wood vs Burnley. Enjoyed those a lot.
  8. Ooooh they’ve missed a Partridge opportunity there
  9. We have to get at these in two weeks. Terrible at the back
  10. If the ref had given that, there’s no way VAR is overturning it
  11. Yup. Maybe it's already been pointed out earlier in the thread, but I can't believe how there was only 3 minutes added on. Without trying to sound like an obsessed nutter, I'm quite certain there would've been at least 4 or 5 minutes added if the same thing was happening at Anfield, Old Trafford etc.
  12. What’s the connection here? I googled it and found a photo of Nas holding an Everton shirt and that’s about it. edit: quality album btw 👏
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