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  1. 1-3. It'll be similar to the Chelsea game, but this time we will be clinical and finish the job.
  2. It feels exactly like last year's version to me although finesse shots are far more OP. Volta is shit. Arguably worse than the atrocious Alex Hunter mode.
  3. Ffs we should’ve won that!!! Happy with 2nd half. Maddison was unreal apart from that miss
  4. Albon and Gasly switch seats. Harsh on Kvyat really!
  5. Dunno if this ended up being your final team mate, but I’d settle for just one of those two keepers and free up some money to strengthen elsewhere. But who knows, you might be onto something 😎
  6. Decent start for me. 41 points for three players! Happy to see the Origi gamble paid off, but I’ll probably have to ship him in two weeks once Mane is back.
  7. Nice one. We just have general admission tickets so hoping to watch from different parts of the circuit over the course of the three days. Looking forward to check out Budapest as well. Been twice but never as an adult.
  8. Off to Hungaroring this weekend. Anyone ever been? First time watching a GP live so I’m well looking forward to it although it’ll be tough to beat the last three for entertainment!
  9. It’s great this. Time to install sprinklers at every track.
  10. That thing will sell loads I’m sure. Especially in Japan with their handheld market. It’s a bit odd launching a handheld only device under the Switch brand. Completely defeats the “Switch” purpose and could end up causing the same level of confusion among consumers as with the Wii/Wii U.
  11. Very surprised to see BOTW sequel! It looks dark. Fingers crossed there’s proper dungeons. Otherwise that was a fairly dull presentation...
  12. Cheers If it’s a direct sequel built on the same engine as SMO I can definitely see it before MP4, unfortunately. Given the news that they changed studios and started over, I’m not expecting MP4 news until next year at the earliest. We will see though. Hopefully it won’t be 30 minutes dedicated to one game like Smash Bros last year.
  13. Ah, thanks for the heads up. Will watch that. No chance in terms of the last two mate hope I’m wrong though! Maybe a Mario Odyssey 2 announcement?
  14. Just finished Chernobyl. Masterpiece. Hope Jared Harris bags a few awards, he was class.
  15. Did you only watch season 1? It gets much better from season 2 and from season 3-8 it’s just absolutely unreal.
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