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  1. Matt Targett’s got a real punchable face
  2. Incredible album. Their level never drops!
  3. Run the Jewels just released RTJ4 two days early Time to get involved.
  4. Yeah I agree. I like verdant too but Deya edges it for me. Their new release Saturated in Motueka will be available on their website in the morning btw. Looks delicious
  5. @blueredswed come on blue
  6. Had this the other day. Absolutely sensational dipa! Deya make some amazing beers. I’d also recommend the latest tipa from North to any beer lovers out there. Possibly the best beer I’ve ever had.
  7. They'll be full price like all major Nintendo titles. I read somewhere that 3D World Deluxe will be sold as a separate game while HD remakes of 64, Sunshine and Galaxy will all be on the same cartridge.
  8. Same. It takes a while to find its feet and I can understand why some people stop after season 1. Season 2 has some good moments with the introduction of Frank, but it truly takes off in season 3. Season 3-8 are five of the best seasons of any comedy show ever imo. I always tell people to start with The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis. If you like that episode, you’ll like Sunny
  9. Everyone who hasn't done so already needs to watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Leftovers.
  10. New Run the Jewels track released on Instagram last night. Can't wait for RTJ4!
  11. I jumped on the Animal Crossing train cos of the hype and reviews. Never really understood the series before, but it's been a few days now and I'm well into it. As a father of a 1-month-old, it's the perfect game to just completely chill out with when there's a spare moment.
  12. No surprise at all but still pretty gutted about it. We need Des to set up one of those amazing Fifa/PES tournaments from years back Stay safe!
  13. Inevitable really. From a selfish point of view, I'm a bit gutted as I have tickets for Denmark-Finland which I was really looking forward to. But pleased to see that common sense prevailed and that it wasn't moved to the winter.
  14. Another blatant yellow for Mane not given 😂 Just hacked down Lerma from behind.
  15. How has Mane escaped a booking there? 😂
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