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  1. That thing will sell loads I’m sure. Especially in Japan with their handheld market. It’s a bit odd launching a handheld only device under the Switch brand. Completely defeats the “Switch” purpose and could end up causing the same level of confusion among consumers as with the Wii/Wii U.
  2. Very surprised to see BOTW sequel! It looks dark. Fingers crossed there’s proper dungeons. Otherwise that was a fairly dull presentation...
  3. Cheers If it’s a direct sequel built on the same engine as SMO I can definitely see it before MP4, unfortunately. Given the news that they changed studios and started over, I’m not expecting MP4 news until next year at the earliest. We will see though. Hopefully it won’t be 30 minutes dedicated to one game like Smash Bros last year.
  4. Ah, thanks for the heads up. Will watch that. No chance in terms of the last two mate hope I’m wrong though! Maybe a Mario Odyssey 2 announcement?
  5. Just finished Chernobyl. Masterpiece. Hope Jared Harris bags a few awards, he was class.
  6. Did you only watch season 1? It gets much better from season 2 and from season 3-8 it’s just absolutely unreal.
  7. Dennis Reynolds is definitely one of the best characters in a tv show.
  8. Imagine traveling halfway round the world only to sit miles from the pitch, watch a complete bollocks performance and then witness one of your players casually walk off the pitch at 4-1 down. The mentality at Arsenal when they’re up against it is absolutely poisonous.
  9. It’s on HBO Nordic over here. Dunno if there’s a U.K. equivalent. Also, I see your profile pic is a dog (nice btw) so you might want to miss parts of episode 4.
  10. Wow, episode 4 of Chernobyl was pretty harrowing. Tough to watch.
  11. How ****ing good is Chernobyl?
  12. I’d love to be proven wrong but this just feels like it’s gonna be so dull.
  13. Yeah, mine started doing that about 2 or 3 months after I got the Switch. It was infuriating reaching the top of a cliff in Zelda only for Link to suddenly charge off in a random direction. I never bothered getting it fixed though. I picked up the pro controller instead and it's a dream to use. There are a few tutorials and tips out there if you want to fix it. Nevertheless, it's totally unacceptable that the pads are so flawed. And very unlike nintendo as well.
  14. Well, it’s your lucky day mate cos you can watch both. Barca is tomorrow
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