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  1. VinceNoir

    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2002/03

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 91 seconds  
  2. VinceNoir

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Always Sunny is still churning out classics after 13 seasons. This season has been spectacular so far. Gotta be my favourite comedy ever. Started watching Bojack after a few reviews on here. Really enjoying it! Just watched the “fish out of water” episode which was brilliant.
  3. VinceNoir

    LCFC Adidas Adult's Stadium Parka

    Why would any grown man even consider wearing that in public? Regardless of the price. Baffling.
  4. VinceNoir

    Formula 1 2018

    Team orders
  5. VinceNoir

    Nintendo Switch

    Super Mario Party is where it’s at in terms of family games. If you want to hate your family that is.
  6. VinceNoir

    Nintendo Switch

    Just caught up with the Direct. What's your verdict on it? Luigi's Mansion is pretty cool. I loved the original. Animal Crossing has got the internet going mental, but I've never played it, so I'm not too fussed either way, apart from the fact that it probably means Metroid Prime is a 2020 release.
  7. VinceNoir

    FIFA 19

    Last year I felt a difference but this year just feels like the exact same game. Good to see the Alex Hunter mode is as shit as ever "Oh let me mum design my brand logo blud. It's gonna be great fam I swear". And a shout out to Anton, new Real Madrid coach. Still gonna buy it and still gonna play the journey.
  8. VinceNoir

    FIFA 19

    Is the demo out? Can’t seem to find it on the Xbox store
  9. VinceNoir

    Manchester City All or nothing

    Sign up and then cancel the subscription right away. You still get a 7-day free trial. Might be different in the UK though.
  10. VinceNoir

    Manchester City All or nothing

    Yes. Lots of effing and jeffing. Especially from Pep.
  11. VinceNoir

    Manchester City All or nothing

    It's really good. I watched it all in one evening. You're often in the dressing room pre-match, during half-time and after full-time, which is pretty cool. Especially after their home match against United in which they could have won the league. It gets quite intense. Pep seems like a madman, but he's obviously a great coach and you can see why players want to play under him. On some occasions though, I see nothing but David Brent You also get a good insight into several players outside of football, with a particular amount of focus on Vincent Kompany, David Silva and his prematurely born son etc., Agueros son demanding his dad to get Vardy's shirt(!!!). More or less every player is highlighted in his own little sequence. My main criticism is that it seems a tad disrespectful towards the other teams. For instance, when playing United, the narrator was all "Free-flowing beautiful football versus the bus". I hate United, but still a bit unnecessary to include that.
  12. VinceNoir

    Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    Thanks for sorting me out with tickets, @leicester1993. Really easy transaction. Appreciate it!
  13. Hi everyone. I’m not entirely sure how it works in here but here goes. My mate and I are looking for two tickets for the West Ham match on October 27. As far as I know they are on sale to all members today. We live abroad, so we are trying to avoid having to buy a £60 membership as it’s likely that we won’t make it over for another match this season. Any members able to help me out with two tickets? I can pay via PayPal and if that’s not a preferred option, it’s easy enough to do a bank transfer Thanks in advance.
  14. VinceNoir

    F1 2018

    This game is by a distance the best they’ve released. And it’s all down to the improved AI. Previously on a track like Bahrain you could easily stick to the inside going into turn 1 and pass like 15 cars without trouble. That’s not possible anymore. You really have to choose when you overtake. It’s just a joy to race. I did Canada last night in my career and I had an early pit stop because the rear wing was stuck (that’s new I believe!). Just as I stopped, an SC came out and I advanced to 3rd from 11th. Managed to fend off the field and create a massive Trulli train and then on the last lap Hamilton and Vettel took each other out and I won the race in the Williams. That genuinely got my adrenaline going and I ended up fast-forwarding the replay to the last lap to get the Hamilton/Vettel collision. As others have mentioned, the media bit seems a bit weak, but the gameplay itself is fantastic.
  15. VinceNoir

    F1 2018

    Whats your verdict so far? Hopefully going to pick up my copy tomorrow.