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  1. Odd of Puel to play a 3 at home to Southampton and then 2 away at Wolves. I've not problem with them in a 3 with someone more creative, like Iborra or Madders deep but as a 2 it's a none starter. Negative and crap!
  2. I don't often write on here but read a lot. I'm Puel out, sick of him and feel we're going backwards under him. I was just thinking about Top and his priorities. Surely his Mum, Brother and Sister are his priority after just a few months of losing Vichai. Then if there is a second priority it has to be the core business that is King Power. We are just a hobby and not in danger of relegation. Do we just have to suck it up and accept it's not great but not life and death and hope the right thing gets done in the Summer? If we can tolerate this sh*t to the summer hopefully there is a better chance of getting the right man? Just my two penneth worth!
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