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  1. Are we allowed to say negative things about lovely Brendan? Had a thread cancelled tonight. It was slightly sarcastic but some truth behind it. 2 average holding midfielders played together on a regular basis. Generally plays with no wingers. ( Did today and selected Gray ahead of Allbrighton and Barnes) No positive forward signings. But says all the right things to the press, just what we / they want to hear. They are facts. I like Rogers and think overall he has done ok bit we shouldn't hold back when criticism is due. Let's hope he learns quickly and gets the best out of this talented squad.
  2. Don't often talk football with the wife (closet Liverpool fan). I mentioned Vardy's greatness and she compared him to Mo Salah. I said he's better than Salah. I got a silly look. Am I being an Ostrich?
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