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  1. Mahrez to .......................?

    Seriously? I wouldn't begrudge him almost any move except that. All this "I want champions league every year" bollocks then joins bloody arsenal? There's every chance that they won't get champions league for the foreseeable future with the way Spurs, Liverpool and United are shaping up.
  2. foxhateram's Optimistic Bus

    I think you may be right. Just have a funny feeling that tonight may be the pivotal moment that sparks our resurgence. Good performance tonight and a win on Sunday and we're laughing
  3. If Ranieri goes, manager suggestions

    Laurent Blanc?
  4. Chelsea at home.. Thoughts!

    Yep, SS1
  5. January transfers, wish list, available etc.

    He's out for another 4-5 months still
  6. January transfers, wish list, available etc.

    Nor sure about Naismith but I'd like Mirallas who can't get a game for Everton either at the moment.
  7. Confirmed: Ranieri new manager

    Reading this thread prompted me to check how Cambiasso is getting on at Olympiakos. Looks like he's only played 4 games for them!
  8. Very tough but I think Drinkwater for me. Just keeps us ticking so effectively.
  9. Newcastle away, next up.. Very early thoughts...

    Couple of players wishing him luck on Twitter so I reckon he'll start.
  10. Next league game.. Baggies away.. Thoughts?

    I think that's a bit naive. They've had 5 clean sheets already this season and if they set up to frustrate us, it could be a tricky afternoon.
  11. Gokhan Inler

    Yep, Lloyd wanted longer.
  12. Gokhan Inler

    Didn't Morgan sign a 3 year deal last summer?
  13. Nugent to boro?

    Genuinely sad about this. In an era of players like Mills and Beckford he was a shining light for me. While high earners like that were being shipped out by Pearson, it's easy too see why Nugent was kept on. For me, he epitomises everything that has brought about our recent success. He's a grafter with considerable skill to boot and a proper team player. He seems a really nice bloke too. I know he's had his critics at times but in my opinion he's been fantastic for us and I genuinely wish him every success at Boro.
  14. Mario Balotelli

    Not really, just trying to look at the whole picture. I personally don't think you can read too much into last season and think he could be a success if he gets the right move. He certainly looked a decent player when playing regularly for Man City.
  15. Mario Balotelli

    Yes, and I commented on his career as a whole. Is that difficult for you to understand?