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  1. No we don’t, we need to try and get the most out of him while he’s here. This could be a useful game for him to gain a bit of form for the upcoming games that’s Vardy’s gonna miss
  2. Same here. Never really got people following multiple teams but I’ve got a huge soft spot for Leuven now
  3. Why are people so shocked? Rodgers did exactly the same last year. Only thing I’m not keen on in playing two dm. Still think we’ve got enough out there to beat palace
  4. Impressive bit of kit this controller. Haptic feedback feels amazing
  5. You sound a bit under the weather to me. You should probably go home and rest 😉
  6. I didn’t get the choice unfortunately. Having said that yodel just emailed after I made my previous post to say it’s coming today so hopefully they manage to get everyone’s out.
  7. Me too. Looks like tomorrow from the email game sent me
  8. Can’t wait til an opposition player leaves a bit on him only for Cags to run the length of the pitch and flying headbutt the **** 😂
  9. That’s what’s so frustrating. He’s got so many of the attributes needed to be a great player in this league but he just can’t seem to put it all together.
  10. Based on what? He’s 24 now and has had extended runs in the team yet continues to fail to deliver. I think he’s ok as an impact sub but that’s about his limit
  11. Was he? Still not sure what he’s good at. Runs a bit and that’s about it
  12. I’d appreciate it if it hasn’t already been taken
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