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  1. I started losing mine in my early 20s. It did bother me a lot at the time because I had long hair. Best thing is just to embrace it mate. I shaved the lot off and I’m not bothered at all now.
  2. Would that mean that Perez is being signed to play on the wing or would we target another winger?
  3. On the baby or the sex?
  4. @martyn Might be something in that. Badger’s sett in French = terrier. Martin Terrier Lyon winger?
  5. He’s proven his worth this season. Good option to bring on to see games out and adds some important depth to the squad at dm.
  6. So good to see us playing at the level we all knew we’re capable of. Midfield bossed it. Tielemans coming in has allowed Maddison and Wilf to shine again and actually play to their level.
  7. Malcom worth another look? Barely featured for Barca.
  8. Exactly what we’ve been crying out for. The midfield had much better balance today
  9. Chilwell needs to take much more care with his crossing
  10. Time to give him a fair crack then Claude!
  11. The **** is that? Nice to see he’s taking it seriously
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