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  1. What is Chilwell actually good at? I honestly couldn’t tell you
  2. Just highlights how poorly the rotation has been handled in recent weeks that we’re having to resort to mass changes
  3. Don’t get this disrespect argument. Surely it’s more disrespectful to ease off because you’ve taken pity on a team?
  4. Perez scored the winner. Let’s hope history repeats itself
  5. I’m actually pretty confident going into this. Yeah they will sit back and frustrate but Rodgers has faced this exact scenario most games when managing Celtic. As long as we move the ball quickly we’ll have too much for them.
  6. Check the audio mix in party settings. He might have to create a party to access the settings though
  7. I started losing mine in my early 20s. It did bother me a lot at the time because I had long hair. Best thing is just to embrace it mate. I shaved the lot off and I’m not bothered at all now.
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