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  1. 90s Football Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 121 seconds  
  2. What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    It's 25 years old to be fair
  3. foxhateram's Optimistic Bus

    I think you may be right. Just have a funny feeling that tonight may be the pivotal moment that sparks our resurgence. Good performance tonight and a win on Sunday and we're laughing
  4. If Ranieri goes, manager suggestions

    Laurent Blanc?
  5. Chelsea at home.. Thoughts!

    Yep, SS1
  6. Confirmed: Ranieri new manager

    Reading this thread prompted me to check how Cambiasso is getting on at Olympiakos. Looks like he's only played 4 games for them!
  7. Very tough but I think Drinkwater for me. Just keeps us ticking so effectively.
  8. Newcastle away, next up.. Very early thoughts...

    Couple of players wishing him luck on Twitter so I reckon he'll start.
  9. Next league game.. Baggies away.. Thoughts?

    I think that's a bit naive. They've had 5 clean sheets already this season and if they set up to frustrate us, it could be a tricky afternoon.
  10. Ranieri's first signing?

    Completely forgot about Paintsil, what a terrible signing he was.
  11. Retained List

    With the option for 2 more if he makes more than 5 appearances.
  12. Predrag Radosavljević (aka Preki)

    Klinsman/Bradley with Preki as assistant I reckon
  13. Predrag Radosavljević (aka Preki)

    Odds would be shorter than that if they knew something
  14. What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Just started Dying Light. Playing through it coop, really enjoyed it so far.
  15. Pearson Sacked

    Automatic promotion with West Brom. Finished 6th with Schalke despite a poor run at the end of the season. He may well have something to prove but he's hardly shit.