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  1. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

  2. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    On days like yesterday when 2/3 players are on him straight away he’s gotta learn to play the first touch pass, as we all know he can do. It doesn’t always have to be the perfect through ball, just need to keep it simple at times and retain possession. He didn’t have his best game but few did against a team that is far and away the best in the country (maybe even Europe) Their movement off the ball is right up there with Barcelona at their best and it’s what all possession based teams should aspire to. That being said Kompany should of walked and the ref bottled it.
  3. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    People will always criticise him for the mistakes he makes because 90% of them are avoidable. I rate him, don’t get me wrong but I bet the article you read didn’t include his tackle/ blocks/ interception stats. As a defender these are far more important. He is good but far from the finished article. btw I’ve not looked at said stats but I’d be surprised if he’s in the top 5. Some might say as a big team these figures would be lower anyway, but that would also indicate that a defender could have a high passing success rate as well (few teams play a high pressing game against M.city) . I just think ‘defensively’ he’s naive, going forward, he can be exhilarating....but so can Amartey
  4. Leeds Post Match Thread

    He was the same at city, and for Nigeria. In the training pictures I’ve seen he definitely seems happy. I think he’s just naturally moody. (like a Nigerian Morrisey) in fact a Man City mate of mine told me a Kelechi smile is as rare as rocking horse sh1t...
  5. Claude Puel - Contender

    Ok, I accept he wasn’t the best example to use but the point still stands, no experience doesn’t necessarily mean instant failure.
  6. Claude Puel - Contender

    Yes because that champions league didn’t really happen just because of subsequent management failures...
  7. Claude Puel - Contender

    All the management gurus on here do make me laugh, no to Giggs because no experience can someone tell me how much experience Matteo had when winning Chelsea their first ever champions league? What about the vast premiership experience O’neill had when we signed him? No to puel because he’s dull but yes to fvcking Dyche!!! Absolutely baffling. Just admit you know as much about what it takes to hire a successful manager as you do about being a professional footballer (very little, like me). And please, for the love of God, stop telling all that will listen, who will and won’t be any good because unless you’re mystic meg, you know bob all.
  8. Next City Manager?

    Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, sitting on our bench. Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs as old as Judy Dench you should’a seen him play, but now he’s going grey, Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs... Never thought it was an odd name till I typed it over a few times. Could be an instant success as it easy as an instant failure. His personal success as a player and the contacts he must have may well go in his favour, not so much his experience. Very few world class ex-players go on to be great managers. It seems the average ones have something left still to prove. (To themselves and professionally) That being said, some (pep, poch, O’neill To name a few) are great managers who were all very successful as players. I think he has a ‘football ‘ brain and technically (and literally trophy wise) he’s one of the best the premiership has ever seen. I know he can’t be trusted with his brothers wife but that’s about the only negative about him I can think of. Seeing as I am not his brother, no bother. Giggs and Appleton might just work, I would welcome him.
  9. Newcastle, Palace & United moved for Sky & BT

    They are hoping to televise the demise to the masses that despise us. fvck em
  10. Next City Manager?

    I started supporting us in 87 and there is no way I was ‘ incentevised’ by performances on the pitch. As I’ve said on this forum, football is a sport SPORT!! Therefore when you pay to watch it, the only thing that should be GUARANTEED is competition. Not your bloody entertainment, that comes as a byproduct of your passion for the SPORT! If the most important element is entertainment then there’s obviously so many better ways to spend your 500 pound a year. And somebody please tell Jose that he’s an entertainer because last night was the second time in a week that his half a billion pounds worth of ‘entertainers’ has sent me sleep (I agree with the rest)
  11. Next City Manager?

    I’ve noticed he always seems to be biting his lips when on the touch line, seems to be a nerves thing. no need to give the chap stick about it
  12. West Brom Post Match

    What baffles me is our total inability to show the qualities that this squad obviously has. I watched the players warm up and when they were split into two teams and told to play one touch possession play, they looked so sharp. Intricate passing, sly flicks, tricks and backheels, honestly, it was impressive. Then its game time and they show absolutely none of these attributes whatsoever. It's as frustrating as watching Ranieri in his second season, instructing Vardy and co not to press, instead setting illusive 'traps' that our defence couldn't/wouldn't/didn't carry out effectively. We only have two ways of playing under shaky. Either lump over the top to Vardy or pass between defence and midfield with backwards/sideways passing with no players seemingly even trying to find space in advanced areas which inevitably ends with us losing possession 9 times out of 10. We should have 2/3 players that are nearest to their teammate in possession, making themselves available to receive the ball, yet this only happens in our final third/back four. Its frustrating as hell to watch when they keep the ball like fvcking Barcelona in the warm up! My only positive from yesterday was I got let down in buying a ticket off a mate for Swansea
  13. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    Bring it on .... Those that don't have the stomach for the fight, don't go to The fvcking restaurant
  14. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    This whole saga really has pissed me off. It absolutely wreaks of an amateurish set up and it's all compounded by our totally lacklustre performances from our nonexistent midfield. im a positive person when it comes to my club but there is fvcking nothing at all positive about this sorry mess. An explanation of some sort from the club would be welcome but I'm not even expecting that considering the obvious shower of shite that's running our recruitment. Fvcking farcical fiasco
  15. Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    I have to giggle at some of the comments regarding shaky. We weren't good enough on the day and it was our worst performance (definitely first half) this season. Shaky says in his interview- We were poor first half and we had an honest chat at halftime. He goes on to say when 3/4 players aren't 'at it' you're always going to struggle ( I could name 7). When asked the question, (that's the important point) QUESTION.. he honestly and absolutely fvcking correctly said yes he would of accepted a point at halftime. He didn't say that to the ****ing team at halftime you absolute cretins. If any of you wouldn't of said the same, you either weren't watching the game or a bare faced liar... As regards to this self entitled bull sh1t that a lot of our fan base has succumbed to. ' But it's Huddersfield, a newly promoted team, we should roll these over' Absolute bollocks. They're a good team, anybody can see that. We all know how the midfield has been hampered through James being injured along with Iborra, the sale of Drinkwater and the ridiculous loan of Mendy , all topped off with the calamity of the silva saga. And yet foxestalk cant see why we are struggling in midfield and blames shaky. He takes a point away from home with a severely weakened side with 2 mainstays of his defence missing, a weakened midfield, and a striker making his full debut, and gets slated. the mind boggles. Find some perspective ffs