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  1. This 10 times over. Also I would hope (expect) we would not just fund a two year rehabilitation to get a player in peak condition in probably the prime of his career, to then not even give him the chance he has not only strived for all that time but also warranted. And to top it all off we sell the poor fvcker to Derby???? not having that
  2. 10-1 on to me basically means the only way this falls through is if the Yoda looking evil imp that is Levy pays more than us. That will never happen. Mainly because he's a cvnt. He is also shrewd. But mainly just a cvnt
  3. 7-1 on sky bet £31750 max stake if interested and confident. and minted.
  4. James for king on the bench and kelechi instead of deeney and I'd be happy with that against the tougher opposition in the league.
  5. My understanding is that it's because any money spent before July 1 will be counted in last seasons spending. So tomorrow we'll announce Kelechi for 27M. Sunday we'll announce Gibson for 17M. Monday will be the time we announce Delph on a season long loan. Tuesday we announce Gylfi for 33M plus add ons. Wednesday Rudkin prances into training shouting 'Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball...... Thursday I put down the crackpipe
  6. Without a doubt in my mind I can say say honestly that he's the best most talented player I've seen play for my beloved blues. At his best, he is amongst the best in Europe. The issues with us 'fans' is (and always will be) is attitude and performance. If one of theses things dip, we can except it as the other will compensate If a players form plummets and they look disinterested, disheartened and apathetic APART from the glamorous prestigious games such as the ECL or top end premiership ties, then not only is it obvious that his heart is not in it but also that the ship has sailed its course. I don't feel anything but immense gratitude and a very slight tinge of disappointment at Riyad. The latter only coming from the apparent 'come and get me plea'. The irony of it for me is, the probability of us already receiving a bid for him would of been higher if he had of kept his mouth shut and interested parties assumed he was happy where he was... Anyway end of the day Riyads on his way so what d'ya say come what may. sorry, had a beer
  7. It's more his ability to turn defence into attack quickly as did Kante so effectively. At Nice he had an average pass completion of 84% at an average distance of 19 meters, so yeah he may not get tons of assists or goals but he initiates attacks quickly which is what we lack imo.
  8. The short time we got to see Mendy was also while Claudio was having his brainfart of employing the tactic of sitting back and setting traps in our final third. The theory being that that was when our counter attacks had more impact as it leaves more space for the forwards. Anyway... that is why Vardys work rate seemed to dip, as he was no longer the initiator of the high press. This as we all know was ours and Claudios downfall, especially his stubbornness to not at least try to go back to what had previously worked so well. When we signed Mendy I was under the impression he was an AM with the ability to pick a pass and quickly turn defence into attack, therefore the attributes to suit our high intense pressing game. Under Shakey, if he's used that is! I believe he will know exactly what is expected of him and those expectations will play to his strengths. For this reason I think we need to see what the lad can do, at least till January then reassess.
  9. Boo hoo, I didn't say you weren't a fan. Just somebody who lacks the ability to see what James can bring to our side. The very fact you have lumped him in with king tells me as much.
  10. Why are you slating matty james? Now back to full fitness and more streamlined than ever! Did all the running so cambiasso could shine. Was so much better than Drinkwater was last season so why single James out? Hope he plays every game next season and shows all the doubters how wrong they are. Ffs. One of our players gets a serious long term injury ( potentially career ending) and our so called fans won't even give him a chance AFTER he's proved to be physically and mentally strong enough. Great 'support' that
  11. Are you thinking of ME? baby?
  12. So even if we're shite all season and get relegated. We still get to finish our season at Wembley... Nice.
  13. So no matter what happens, even if we're relegated we finish the season at Wembley. Nice. wrong thread....
  14. The stalkers of squaka are not posting what they ought to... Fwiw I'd take Hoedt as well
  15. Wearing only a dog sh1t hat, y-fronts and a smile is more attractive than united...