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  1. Least amount of supporters standing?

    Then do something about it. start your own atmospheric club with chest thumping chanting champions. Can’t do any harm can it? Fvck it, I’m gonna start my own. Right I’m calling it errr TGS. sounds alright ? The Group Starter... Anyone can join But all must be loud, able to clap and push pineapple, shake a tree! 1 2 3. who’s with me
  2. Why is Gray Starting

    I think his time is running out. Yesterday wasn’t ideally the game for him to start in the role he did, with stoke sitting so deep it limited his space thus limiting his best attribute - pace. But he should of been far more involved in play than he was. It’s down to him to make space and show desire and willingness to get on the ball, showed little sign of any of these things yesterday. Im all for giving players time to settle/adapt and lets be honest, the best of our current first team needed time, got it and improved significantly (Mahrez Vardy). But with both of those players the improvement was gradual but visible and obvious (vardys timing, link up. Mahrez tracking back was non existent) but both worked on their weaknesses and vastly improved their performances and increased their worth to the team. Grays weakness is common among young ‘flair’ players and that’s knowing when to pass and when to dribble. He constantly gets it wrong and it’s frustrating as hell. Riyad still does this also but he’s got better and also has shown on numerous occasions he IS capable of beating 2+men. Gray hasn’t improved in his weaknesses and I don’t know that he will. It seems harsh but I say give him till the summer to show a desire to improve and if he doesn’t then loan him to Bournemouth with the hope he has a good season because if we sell him on current form we’d get 17k and a cortina from Barry fry for him
  3. Don’t CHEAT!!

    Wolves really? See, this is what I mean. Ive got a memory like a fvcking used teabag. Full of holes and mashed
  4. Don’t CHEAT!!

    Memories come and go and fade with time, especially as age catches us up. Definey mine it seems. Anyway I was reading an article in the rag that is the sun (not mine honest!) about Derby and how they seem to collapse every season in the later months. It goes on to say that they have conceded two goals in their last two games which is as many as they had conceded in their previous 15! I thought wow, that’s pretty impressive. A quick glance at the table and I see Wolves at the top with a record of P33 W22 D7 L4 Derby have lost 6 and in 4th. So I start to drift back to our championship winning year remembering the highlights such as the sublime face smash goal from Chris wood at Watford and his screamer at Burnley. But when I try and think how the table finished, it becomes a blur. so WITHOUT looking it up!!! (Cuz I’m bored...) Can any one tell me how the table finished. For instance, I think we lost 5? But who to? Bournemouth was one I think. i remember the hangover defeat to Brighton clearly but don’t remember any of the others. 102 points? But can’t remember if that was my target or what we achieved!! Anyway if anyone would be generous enough to indulge me with their memories of that season, I would be most grateful. (but only if you DONT CHEAT!! Then you deserve genital warts and a season ticket for the city ground) Thanks in advance 👍
  5. Thorgen Hazard

    So zero fvcking info on Thorgan and a landslide of insults for little Ahmed. Can we just speculate on a potential signing without trashing previous ones. From the little I’ve seen of Hazard I think it would make sense. Has great technical ability and can pick out a pass with ease. Wouldnt be as spectacular as Mahrez but he has the potential to be just as effective for the team. Gerrimin
  6. FA Cup Quarter Final -Who do you want?

    The legendary, spurs thumping Rochdale. obviously
  7. Mahrez being booed?

    It sounded as if it came from the away end to me. all Leicester fans that I could see and hear were applauding. That being said there’s always a handful of balloon heads so...
  8. LCFC v The Blades FA Cup scoreline prediction

    A swashbuckling and flamboyant 5-2. A Harry hat trick and a 32 yard screamer from big Wilf. Plus og or 0-0
  9. Sheffield United Pre Match

    A long time ago, there was a thread thats title was something along the line of ‘who do we have to thank for our success’. I posted that we should thank my 5 year old daughter. The very first game I took her to was the dire 0-0 v Leeds, the first home game in the season we won the championship. I won’t go in to too much detail but she hated it, and we left early. As we left I told her ‘ so much for you bringing the good luck with you’. To which she replied ‘give it some time daddy!’ Confused I asked her what she meant. she then told me she had brought some of her magical dust and had left it around her seat. Many months later after clinching the title I told her that her dust had worked and she casually said’ told ya! It’s strong stuff!’ I had wrote in my original post that I would take her again when her dust was required again. My daughter is now nearly 10 and I’m bringing her and her little brother (for his first time) for this game. Ive asked her to bring the dust with her and after half hour of persuading her it’s not too childish at all, she agreed!!!! So, I’ve got this one lads no worries, mark my words. As Holly says, it’s strong stuff!
  10. Man City Away Match Thread

    For a minute I just thought Appleton said we have 2 outlets with pace in Fuchs and vards. Im hoping he said fousse.... else we’re fuched
  11. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

  12. So, to sum up- Man city offer 60 million on deadline day plus Roberts . Ungrateful little Leicester reject said offer. The mongrels of the mainstream media see our ambition as greed and form a narrative. Riyad becomes an employee on strike and goes awol. LCFC are accused of forcing Man City into ‘panic’ buying! Man city!!!! LCFC are accused of holding Riyad against his will. 30% of foxestalk never want to see Riyad play for Leicester again. (Those that voted, that is) The fountain of knowledge that is sky sports news report that Riyad is depressed and a close friend says he feels let down and betrayed by club, but so called close friend doesn’t say Where Riyad is or when they last spoke. Sky sports news do not reveal ‘friends’ name, therefore no corroboration = no story. Obviously he has been absent but nobody in the media had a clue what was going on and just speculated, and most fans just lap it up. The way I’d speculate is to say that Riyad genuinely thought a deal was close, only to miss out through our owners resolve and Man City’s under evaluation of him. Obviously disappointed Riyad was given some time to get his sh1t together. And now he has. No betrayal. No conspiracy. No depression. No ‘close friend’. MSM is only to be believed by the gullible and the desperate.
  13. We shall not be moved

    A chorus of Andy kings song in the 10th minute for me. Just to show respect and gratitude to a loyal servant whilst adding extra cheese ...
  14. Next up.. Peterborough.. (A) F A cup.

    Not sure how many autographs I want off our lot....
  15. Next up.. Peterborough.. (A) F A cup.

    I agree in principle about our squad being capable and should beat them, but it’s risky to have a defence that have never played together whilst having a midfield that have never played together that includes a debutante. I would like to see - Jakupovich simmo Huth Harry Fuchs Iborra Silva Gray Albrighton Shinji Kelechi with Gray and Albrighton interchanging throughout. Just less risky I feel and gives some much needed game time to Huth, Silva , etc. We can bring the insulin once we can see the win.... Cant be messing about, I want to go Wembley