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  1. 2 English goal scorers (3 with Bertrand) How often does that happen these days in a premier league game? Im happy and proud in the direction we’re heading regardless of difficulties along the way. Top by Xmas...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  2. But we’ve only failed in perceived expectations by excitable fans. Not results. The rest is hyperbole
  3. Very few posts make me laugh out loud. This is definitely one 😂
  4. I agree, hope it cripples them. Dont know about fines but their board asked permission from the premier league to play 3 more games at Wembley and were successful. The NFL game that was scheduled, has also been moved to Wembley. So you would think they should suffer some sort of financial punishment, not sure if it would be spurs or the contractors that would be responsible for it though.
  5. It failed its vital safety test last week meaning they can’t open on time, can’t even have their ‘dry run’ till it’s sorted and even then they have to re-apply to the council. Their fans have been told they will be playing at Wembley till at least October 9th ? I think. 😉
  6. So the new stadium has failed vital safety tests.... Their fans are royally pissed that they now have to play their next 4 games at Wembley. It happens in construction I guess especially billion pound projects, but it does seem a bit underhand to inform their STHs a couple of days after their no refund policy in their T & Cs 😂👌🏻 ( they knew last week ) Apparently a lot of their fans bought last season Wembley season tickets just to jump the waiting list. Now it looks at least a quarter of the season will be played at Wembley. Suck it up ffs, it’s hardly the Ricoh. At best end of October is the word 👀 All seems a bit spursy to me..
  7. He made 87 passes on Friday, more than ANY player on the pitch. He had 99 touches. He’s still young and getting better each year. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Puel has told him to be braver in his forward passing as he’s trying more adventurous passes than in the past. Obviously these come with more risk, its the 5-10 yards misplaced passes that are more notable as this happens too often for someone of his capabilities. Hopefully he will continue to improve and reduce his mistakes. In two years time a brave and confident Wilf, will be the envy of the league, be patient.
  8. There has been countless examples of proven quality players failing to adapt in the premiership. Most promoted teams try to add 2/3 minimum, players that have experienced the league. Not sure how much prem experience the wolves squad has though I know it’s not a lot. I feel a good start for them will give us clarity of their potential. That being said. Everton bought expensive experienced proven players and had to sack the manager. I think more often than not, anymore than 5/6 first teamers are going to need 15/20 games to be a ‘team’. I think they will scrape 12th. Just ahead of United. thats Manchester not Newcastle...
  9. was he not the guy who did the article about vardy being such a vile racist that he should of been banned? also, isnt he a spurs fan?
  10. Not all are over priced though. not if you ‘make’ them internationals. Jamie and Harry prove that.
  11. ? I know, I know but a little Swiss bird tells me that he’s been instructed to shoot on sight as they believe that is ?? only weakness- their keeper. Allison probably gets into most national sides but you’ve got to admit, he ain’t on the level of most his teammates. Anyway if you thought that was funny I’ve also had sterling and Kane to both have 4+ shots on target at 80-1 too!!! Even ****ing more hilarious, I’ve had Wahbi Khazri to score first and England to win 3-1 at 200-1. First week of the World Cup is always filled with hope and optimism( and silly bets!)
  12. Jesus and Seferovic both to have 3+ shots on target / 80-1 with skybet. all over that like a west ham scout with a list of Leicester targets
  13. His very first goal against them is indicative of his natural ability as well, first time control then 2-3 touches before ‘passing’ past the keeper. He has a variety of goals against top top opposition, even better than king Harry. Southgate should find a way to accommodate both against the top teams imo
  14. The goal he scored against Liverpool, the volley against West Brom, the volleys against Chelsea and the sublime back heel against Germany. Just those five goals show that he absolutely is a natural finisher and match his goals to shots ratio against sterling, and tell me that nonsense again. The stats, the facts and what we see week in week out helps form my opinions. Wtf does Danny fecking Mills base his on ? I wonder.
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