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  1. Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    I have to giggle at some of the comments regarding shaky. We weren't good enough on the day and it was our worst performance (definitely first half) this season. Shaky says in his interview- We were poor first half and we had an honest chat at halftime. He goes on to say when 3/4 players aren't 'at it' you're always going to struggle ( I could name 7). When asked the question, (that's the important point) QUESTION.. he honestly and absolutely fvcking correctly said yes he would of accepted a point at halftime. He didn't say that to the ****ing team at halftime you absolute cretins. If any of you wouldn't of said the same, you either weren't watching the game or a bare faced liar... As regards to this self entitled bull sh1t that a lot of our fan base has succumbed to. ' But it's Huddersfield, a newly promoted team, we should roll these over' Absolute bollocks. They're a good team, anybody can see that. We all know how the midfield has been hampered through James being injured along with Iborra, the sale of Drinkwater and the ridiculous loan of Mendy , all topped off with the calamity of the silva saga. And yet foxestalk cant see why we are struggling in midfield and blames shaky. He takes a point away from home with a severely weakened side with 2 mainstays of his defence missing, a weakened midfield, and a striker making his full debut, and gets slated. the mind boggles. Find some perspective ffs
  2. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    To the tune of silver lining. So we sing where's our silver lining? Fifa let him go! You corrupt bastards must despise him to watch his career go ....down the toilet.. Still fuming about this. fee for this fee for that...
  3. Chris Wood - Cashback ?

    exactly what I thought as I read the title! That partridge fella has a lasting effect. I was in a restaurant once when a chef very politely asked me to smell his cheese... My response was to spit my wine out through both my mouth and nose. back of the net...
  4. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    They was also average at best for 40 minutes
  5. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Il take that bet are you sure you're not a united fan? all pre season games??? You underestimate our own ability that's YOUR problem not mine.
  6. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Same as Man City last season, 3rd at best, probably 4th . City looked absolutely formidable for 8-10 games last season but the weaknesses at the back were obvious to all ( except pep) I except Jose has better game management ( premier at least) than pep but that only goes so far. We'll see but I think last season and the previous season has taught SOME of us something. maybe not others.
  7. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Ffs. im only 5 or so posts into the page and it's 'Wow united' then the above post. Did you actually watch both games they've played? They are strong going forward , compact but absolutely vulnerable at the back. Just because they haven't had anyone running at the might of Bailly and fvcking Phil Jones don't be thinking they're invincible. mark my words they won't make the top 2 I would be willing to back that up with a bet if you like?
  8. Our Legacy

    And to think at one time it could of been 'Eiffel fvcking tower' How far have he come? We come! How far can we come? Have we! Jeez. How far have we come? Cant get my mind out the gutter.
  9. Has preseason been planned well?

    I just think it was because it was more competitive, higher tempo fuelled by a hyper excited crowd that generated a good atmosphere. Compare that to the games back home and it makes a massive difference. Im not too worried, the games so far have all been about gaining match fitness, which has seen most of the squad get much needed minutes. The next two games should be used to finalise what shaky thinks his best eleven/formation is.
  10. Optimism for the new season.

    I don't know, in a strange sort of sadomasochistic way I'd quite like it. If he's going there, then I'd say playing them first, before he has a chance to settle will probably be to our benefit. We can see how our players that know him inside out deal with his qualities. Everyone that believes he will be so much better with more attacking and skilled players around him get their first insight into that theory. I think if we get it out the way first game, then come the home game he will receive a warm welcome, regardless of how his season is panning out for them, which imo he deserves. The problem of course is Arsehole probably wouldn't play him against us
  11. When will Kelechi Iheanacho be a Leicester player?

    It will be spectacular. He will walk out to a crescendo of noise at halftime on to the kenilworth road pitch, the hosts agree to a firework display to welcome our new signing,(that's within their budget) So as kelechi walks out there's seven children writing 'WELCOME' in the air with their sparklers. He comes on second half for last ten minutes, does his metatarsal, out till December. Foxestalk meltdown measures 4.9 on Richter scale
  12. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Against Man City, West Ham away stoke etc was pretty much the same qualities and tactics as the previous season. But you're right we didn't see it enough. Man City played to our strengths, I know but no other team hammered them the way we did for the first half hour. The main problem last season for me was when the opponent was stronger in the centre - we struggled. I believe shaky will now play a 3 in the middle against those superior sides. James, Ndidi and Iborra may be a bit too defensive but I genuinely think most midfields would struggle against it. In time I may well be proved to be wrong and way off the mark as I have many times in the past, but now is a time for most Leicester fans to be happy and genuinely excited by the upcoming season. Never in my time supporting this club have we been in a healthier situation. Just don't get the negativity when the transfer business hasn't even been completed, let alone a ball being kicked.
  13. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    The same boring style that won the league?? in the three years we have been back we have finished 14th, 1st and 12th, which suggests we are the most unpredictable team in the league. So I predict anywhere between 5th and 14th.
  14. 1st game and 2017/18 fixtures.

    So even if we're shite all season and get relegated. We still get to finish our season at Wembley... Nice.
  15. Membership 17/18

    So no matter what happens, even if we're relegated we finish the season at Wembley. Nice. wrong thread....