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  1. One draw and the lyrics been changed to 'were' so negative.
  2. ha same near Glenfield Road.
  3. It's like buying a pack of Space Raiders these days.
  4. Villa is Monday night. Nice gap between the Fa Cup tie & that league game.
  5. Just watched that Northampton game. Kill me.
  6. Going Villa but cba to collect a scarf. any photos of them? What's the problem?
  7. Can't be arsed with that Witton Arms. Any other pubs worth going? even if it's meant just for home fans.
  8. It was very quiet. Almost like a minutes silence.
  9. Best I ever done was win the LDV Vans trophy with Crewe.
  10. Watched 'Tell Me Who I Am' last night. grim ending to the weekend.
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