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  1. I’ve come to a bit of a standstill with working links to True Detective season 3. Anyone got any tips to watch this on?
  2. Salah and Mane to score Alaba & Fabinho to be booked £10 pays £670. Free £10 inplayer coming up
  3. Just watching ‘There & Then ‘ at Maine Road for the first time in about 15 years. Brillaint. OASIS OASIS OASIS
  4. No need to boo the player coming on though. ( not saying you did)
  5. Why they letting him go? 🤷🏻‍♂️ I dont know anything about this guy but seems weird they are letting him go when they are in trouble. Lots on here were stroking one off over Jardim potentially coming here but the guy is willing to let him go, what’s the story ?
  6. Ha. T-Mobile. When i was 18 (20 years ago) I took out a contract with One2One, I’ve never moved and always had the same number. Went from One2One to T-Mobile to EE
  7. https://www.redbet.com/en/campaigns/boosted-odds 100/1 Leicester for new accounts. £1 max bet. Winnings paid in cash. £10 min deposit.
  8. Whats that got to do with anything , he’s going Belgium. 🥳
  9. The Beatles the Verve the Jam Radiohead ocean colour scene the who
  10. Nice to watch my bets fail from 3pm then stagger down the ground extra wankered 🎉
  11. Am I right in thinking that if Chelsea get through our game against Brighton gets put back a day to the Wednesday?
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