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  1. snippet of Liam Gallaghers single sounds very promising.
  2. Stop badgering him.
  3. Since when has it become acceptable to bring out 3 new kits every year? I remember Man U used to get slaughtered for bringing out a new one every year but even then the 3 kits were on a staggered 2 year cycle.
  4. Wouldn't mind a trip to the birth place of Stella Artois
  5. Anyone been sentenced to 10 years yet?
  6. I was just looking on soccerway (which I'm not saying is 100% correct ) and spartak are 2nd and playing 7th but only 7 points difference after 7 games. Where you looking?
  7. Nice one. Downloaded it last night, took me a while to get to grips with it but was soon adding lots of places to the map.
  8. Payment for next season will start at the end of the month. This seasons payments was completed at the end of March.
  9. £10 on.
  10. Ha. Weird how everyone's taste it so different. I think the album is dreadful at the minute and Bless this acid house probably the worst track on the album Put your life on it one of the best.
  11. Thats correct.
  12. We drank in the ground last time too. Hppefully Ausden Clark drops us off in the centre then.