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  1. Only been using it over the summer for Sky Sports channels but been fine for those.
  2. Sounds like jaslcfc has been employed by the club.
  3. Jon Hopkins been quality
  4. Won’t bother ordering my mates tickets now for cup games. Will all do it separately to get our moneys worth. 🤗
  5. Got Rock City tickets this morning.
  6. One of the first pubs I ever got served in.
  7. We stayed within the Dubrovnik walls for 3 nights then got boat to Lopud about half hour away. Stayed there for about 10 nights. Well chilled out there. sunj beach is nice on the island.
  8. Heard that on the radio yesterday. Can’t believe it’s never been done before.
  9. I only noticed it at the Chelsea game. Rarely leave my seat at HT. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Was just thinking this now and reminding myself of the words
  11. Loved Hotdog @ Junction 21 & Goodbye Cruel World @ Flaming Colossus. Krystals on a Thursday night when I was starting out when I was about 16/17 has happy memories.
  12. Correct. July 1st is first payment.
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