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  1. Just looked into this and got this message.
  2. They left that late. Last kick of the game.
  3. Guessing the club have the tickets then and selling arrangements must be due anytime soon then.
  4. I downloaded 'Puffin' browser for my iPad and used that instead of Safari if I wanted to be able to select seats when booking tickets with my iPad.
  5. I read that as 'Drayton Manor' couldn't get my head round the logic behind closing it
  6. Might be going this.
  7. The Horrors in Budapest November.
  8. Sportsmania still works
  9. Probably equals €51,000,000 at the current crap exchange rate.
  10. All be slung at the bottom of your wardrobe in a years time anyway and be drooling over some computer wiz kids template of a possible new design with £50 at the ready.
  11. Yeah. Can have it added 'at no additional cost' if you want.
  12. Just been out for a meal, i ordered snails, took forever to come out.
  13. isaidyes
  14. San Francisco 5 nights Vegas 4 nights St Lucia 7 nights. This time last year, was amazing. Didn't ever wanna go back work.
  15. Mine was the 4th reply. always remembered replying to it with some words to that effect but didn't know exactly what. Didnt realise this wasn't the year we won it. I was right then.