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  1. Still got my blue & white inflatable football which I didn't take the home leg after the balloons got cancelled. I'll take it Villa Park
  2. same gaffer/decor etc as Crows Nest. It works at Crowies but can't imagine it does in studentville.
  3. Liking The Big Moons new album.
  4. You don't need the crowd giving you stick to know you've just done a crap pass.
  5. Heard ironic cheers in the FIRST HALF when he completed a pass. unbelievable. That'll help the lad get his confidence up.
  6. I thought it was alright 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Got mine this morning but seemed a bit of scramble when them lower blocks finally opened. 'seats no longer available' or words to that effect kept coming up. Thought sales would make it past today to be honest.
  8. Got some free tickets for Cage The Elephant next month in Birm.
  9. Guessing we ain't getting many tickets for this?
  10. Easy home game as always please.
  11. Similar to me. I loved going night games, Pump & Tap or Black Horse with his mates. Pub & Marios after the game then back home getting into a cold bed & having school next day. Probably why I got 0 grades A-C
  12. Plus singing QUE SERA SERA at the end for a good ten mins or so
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