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  1. Martin Cockshaw says: Leicester City are planning a summer move for Romelu Lukaku. Man Utd are keen to move him on and he wishes to stay in England. Would be a win/win/win scenario for all three parties. Romelu is a dedicated pro and a great guy.
  2. Where have you got this information from?
  3. Kasper should know better, he a Was that last part Danish?
  4. What about if he values his own ability?
  5. I agree and it was a clear penalty
  6. You can’t blame Puel for picking the team 🤔
  7. I can’t see them pulling the plug anytime soon, I saw him training in Bannatynes gym last night. The tight bast@rd wouldn’t have signed up for a 12 month contract if he thought he was going to be sacked 🤭
  8. And they are great at head butting!!
  9. You only have to look on here for a start! Do you go to the games?
  10. Has he not already lost the fans? Or the majority of them?
  11. Your not pulling the wool over my eyes, that league is as bent as a nine bob note!!
  12. Can’t believe your only 38! I thought you were a lot older.
  13. “Iffy” would be an understatement, he’s looking very lightweight all of a sudden!!
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