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  1. That sums him up very well at the moment. It all started to go wrong with that tackle v Liverpool and the flak he got from Klopp. Looks to have lost his confidence, and his way, since then.
  2. Thanks for that. Very helpful. Hopefully makes it easy for a dinosaur like me to watch the match.
  3. I think it's harsh to exclusively blame Hamza for the Villa goal. If our back line had squeezed up closer to the forward play then there wouldn't have been such a gap for Villa to exploit and their attack could have been snuffed out earlier by our back line pushing up and winning the ball that broke. Hamza may have been sent on to inject more energy in the midfield and to contribute to the attack, in which case he was perfectly justified in being up there. If we had gone all out for a win in the last 10 minutes then we would naturally been squeezing up and denying them space to get possession
  4. But gross statistics are meaningless. The issue that posters are raising is the similarity of the injury being to the same muscle, and one that hasn't seemed to be an issue in the past.
  5. I think it was badly worded in the article and the policy is to "minimise the risk". There's no way any incoming transfer, especially from a different league, can be without risk.
  6. Do you really believe this to be the case? My memory of the Bournemouth match - but I may be having a memory glitch - is that we were all over them in the first half but missed chances, then Rodgers brought off Iheanacho and our game fell apart.
  7. Agree with both those comments. Walker's foot is at shoulder level. As for Aguero's arm round the lineswoman's neck - surprised the ref didn't have a word.
  8. I can't help feeling that Chilwell lost his mojo with us from November to a much larger extent than our other players, and I suspect some tapping up by Chelsea players during the England meet-ups.
  9. It hardly takes a special skill to concede a penalty against Man U!
  10. In times past, when we've had a reduced squad we've just got on with it and players have stepped up to the mark. I don't see why this can't happen on Sunday. I think some contributers are overly pessimistic about our player's abilities and mentalities. In spite of his obvious shortcomings with age, Wes (the older) has a wealth of experience, determination, and a much-needed presence on the field. Fuchs is still just a wonderful player with many of the same attributes. As for little Wes, I imagine his comedic personality will enable him to fit in well with the squad; he appears to
  11. My thanks to the Foxes Trust for their coming out quickly with this response to the proposal.
  12. What needs to happen now is that one of the non-big-six clubs, e.g. us, puts forward a counterproposal which retains all the positive parts of this one but without the negative bits, and especially it removes any clause which gives unequal voting rights.
  13. That's an exciting prospect. Castagne strikes me as an intelligent player who will understand how to act as a foil and support for Barnes, and will bring the best out of him.
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