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  1. Short corners

    There's a place for short corners. Anything that adds variety is useful. But there has to be a number of alternative strategies for them that have to be practised and well understood by the team. When we opt for a short corner it seems to be aimless, unpractised and not understood. they. Equally, we seem to have no strategies or planning for our long corners. As many have said, our delivery is usually atrocious and we do not appear to have a number of different options for our corners. Movement in the box looks random, not planned. In summary, you have to wonder whether we devote any time at all in training to set pieces, either in defence or attack.
  2. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    How can you possibly say it's what "we" voted for. The vote was simply on whether we stayed in the EU or not. You have no idea which of the particular implications of leaving the EU had the most sway in voters' intentions.
  3. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    Yes, cos it might go to pens, and you know how good we are at them ...
  4. Mahrez being booed?

    We benefit from the closeness of the squad, and should trust in the instincts of the players. If they have accepted Mahrez back into the fold, then so should we. If Mahrez is booed then that is tantamount to booing the whole team, and I can't see the team being impressed by hearing booing from their own supporters no matter who it is directed at. . . . . Oops, just seen the comments that the booing came only from the away support, so forgive my pontificating.
  5. The "do they mean us?" thread

    That was my thought every time Simpson passed poorly or failed to support the attack ... but we got there in the end,
  6. FFP Champions 5 - 1

    I may have misread Puel's explanation of the halftime change, but I thought he said that the switch to 4 at the back was intended to stop Man C exploiting the space on the wings, which was precisely contrary to the effect that it actually had (according to the Been analysis that you've just quoted). Oh dear!
  7. Daniel Amartey

    Not injured according to physioroom. Inexplicable.
  8. Puel

    Remedied it to the extent of being overrun, letting in 4 more goals, and having no forward-going threat at all.
  9. WTF was Puel smoking at half-time???

    Great post Gerbold. I have posted something with a similar take (but not as lucidly) on the "Puel" thread. Granted Puel cocked it up with his HT change, but i thought our performance in the first half was commendable and many comments on here don't give credit for that.
  10. Puel

    There have been some very negative comments about the contributions of our players. I thought, after a sticky start, we grew into that first half and were coping very well with them. Man C were a very well-drilled, remorseless machine, making it v difficult to have more than a second on the ball all over the pitch. Yet we tried manfully to play ourselves out of trouble and into attacking situations with quick, accurate passing. We couldn't quite match Man C, but they have been playing like this, rarely under pressure, all season, and are super-confident (as well as other advantages associated with playing at home). I was looking forward to our competing similarly in the 2nd half. I expected we would probably wilt under the pressure as the 2nd half wore on, but was still hopeful of sneaking a point or 3. Then the crazy subs and different formation that changed everything, and the individual defensive errors ... Nevertheless, I felt there was no lack of effort by the players and far more skill than many on here have given them credit for. I certainly believe that Puel has got us, on occasions, playing a crisp passing game that we wouldn't have thought possible before.
  11. Vardy miles too good for City

    Yesterday he was working off scraps, had one and a half chances. The one real chance wouldn't have been a chance but for his speed of thought and action to put himself in prime position. Once he'd done that, his decision-making and execution were peerless and he made as clinical a finish with it as you would expect from the highest class striker, and all that against the most expensive players in the league. Vardy not clinical, not a proper finisher? What planet are you on?
  12. Puel

    Couldn't believe him replacing 3-5-2, where we were competing well after a shaky start, with 4-4-2, which immediately gave MC the ability to overrun us in midfield. And Simpson didn't have the mobility/flexibilty we needed (can't see why Amartey's been dumped). Was stupified, and still watching with mouth agape, as MC took advantage of our disarray and scored immediately. Given Puel is a very thoughtful manager I found this an inexplicable ht change. One other bone of contention is the way he sends the team out not fired up so often at the start of halves, and it has cost us. I still think he's a good long-term appointment for us while we're in this transition stage, and am hopeful of him bringing us through it and into a good state over the next 2 years. Just feel that he occasionally comes up with decisions that are impossible to understand, that defy any logic.
  13. Well done the Thais

    TheFox1. Someone said that Vichai's personal wealth stands at £5 billion. He's probably in the right ballpark. Do you think that anyone on here, unless their personal wealth comes close to Vichai's, can be in a position to criticise Vichai's financial dealings?
  14. Wasn't it said that there never was a formal bid anyway, just 3 enquiries with an offer price to test LCFC's reaction?
  15. Hope he isn't depressed as well!