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  1. Have to disagree. Our owners' ambition is for us to become a regular top 6 team so we must see Arsenal, and the other traditional top teams, as our competitors.
  2. Which is exactly what he's got at the moment.
  3. Lemar would be nice. Could let A*se have Mahrez as a consolation prize.
  4. So it's ok then, that he took the greedy option, rather than taking the more honest approach that would have left him in control of his destiny now?
  5. If Mahrez wanted out now then he shouldn't have shown it by coming to some sort of informal agreement, which doesn't seem to be binding, but by signing a contract for a single year. By signing a 4-year contract (no doubt for purposes of greed and insurance) he technically, and legally, committed himself to us for 4 years. He should expect no other outcome than that we will let him go on OUR terms, not his..
  6. The worst thing for the club in this is the "not knowing". It doesn't help us to plan the preseason if, at any moment up to the end of the window, Mahrez might suddenly leave and we have to scramble for a replacement. Could we not publish an ultimatum - we will not entertain any bids that come after the deadline we set e.g. in 2 week's time?
  7. It's not just to prove a point, but to ensure that we don't get our pants pulled down on every deal over the next 2 years, which could cost us millions. If Mahrez is forced to stay with us then there's a risk that he won't learn from it and will be a corrosive influence, but I think that will be a v small risk. The odds are that he will reassess his situation and accept reality. No-one wanted him badly enough, that was because of his own shortcomings, he let us (and himsrlf) badly last season, he will possibly have p*ssed off his teammates. When he takes stock he will see that the only way forward for him is to knuckle down, start afresh, rehabilitate himself with the squad and staff (esp at training). He is in a far better place than he could have hoped for, given the quality and ambition of our signings, which negates his inferences that he suffreed from lack of quality in the team around him last season. And I'm sure he'd start with a clean slate with Shakey in charge.
  8. If it's true that it's 25 mill rising to 29, does anyone think that we've maybe managed to exclude the buy-back clause in the agreement? We might have been in a position to do that with W Ham backing out and leaving us as the only serious bidders. Also, people on here have often talked about smokescreens. I wonder whether the recent revival of our interest in Deeney may have been exactly that, given the coincidence of the timing and the fact that, had we pursued Deeney as an alternative, Man City would suddenly be faced with the prospect of no suitors for Iheanacho.
  9. ... and Premiership winner, and member of the team that progressed further in the Champions League than any other British team. His price should be going up and up.
  10. Can't help noticing that last Summer we had Ranieri here, this Summer we don't.
  11. If you have huge pulling power in the transfer market, then I see no risk. Why would Man City doubt their ability to do this?
  12. Agree with this, and hope that such an acquisition might sway Mahrez (and others?) into thinking it would be worth staying with us.
  13. This has been said several times in this thread but I still find it hard to believe. Surely a club with Man City's pulling power will have no difficulty in finding a suitable replacement, and could afford to let Icheanacho go immediately.
  14. Agreed. Hope he is back to full fitness next season. Callabinho suggested that DD's excellence in the previous season may have been enhanced by being alongside Kante, and there must be some truth in that, but we shouldn't forget his performances alongside Matty James in our promotion season, albeit in the Championship. Actually, that can be looked on optimistically for next season. A fully fit DD, and a rejuvenated James (which is not guaranteed but could well happen), in addition to Iborra and Ndidi as our prime contenders, would see us with a good amount of ability, flexibility and cover in our midfield next season.
  15. The profit on what we paid for him is irrelevant. That's looking into the past. We have to look out for the best interests of the future of our club in respect of being able to kick on and progress post-Mahrez, so the issue in setting the fee should be "how much will it cost to replace/upgrade him", and not a penny less..