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  1. No. Calling him a cheat is simply stating a fact.
  2. Would like it please. Have PM'd you. Thanks. Can you confirm it?
  3. Can't you show him some brotherly love and point him in the direction of Man C or Liverpool? Looks like he's not very aware of Prem league reality.
  4. Thread on Red Cafe suggesting they may be in danger of relegation.
  5. Absolutely agree with this. It's a shame there isn't a job out there for him in that capacity.
  6. That 2nd goal was only possible because our players switched off, in shock, after the unfairness of the first goal. He didn't dribble pst competent footballers but shell-shocked zombies.
  7. That's one of my personal annoyances - seeing a defender turning his back on a shot. So unprofessional. If Chilwell had stayed facing Aurier with his eye on Aurier's kicking foot and the ball right up to the moment of impact then he woul have been able to block the shot.
  8. .... and no one is really sure it was the correct decision. Well, I am, and i'm sure many others feel the same.
  9. Thanks. Not quite the dictionary definition I saw, and either way it doesn't fit the context for me. But hey-ho; fair dos.
  10. We did ok there last season under Puel.
  11. I wish it would go back to daylight. Surely clearer to see on the freeze frame both for officials and viewers. However, that doesn't alter the fact that the margin could still be just as small as that today - the rule chooses a line and that's what you have to go by, no matter how small. It's rather like the freeze frames for sprinters breasting the tape. It has worked well there for years and been accepted that the margins may be infinitessimaly narrow.
  12. How does Sissoko get away with his routine off-the-ground 2-footed lunges from 6 feet away? Even if he takes the ball first it's irrelevant; anyone competing whole-heartedly for that ball is liable to have his ankle broken.
  13. Can you explain what you mean by your use of the word "litigate" in this context? I would like to understand the point you're making.
  14. We only drew when we should have won. How can you say it "worked out" when we dropped points unnecessarily?
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