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  1. Newcastle (A) pre-match

    If you're travelling up north to watch the match, snow is forecasted, have a safe journey.
  2. Our most intelligent player?

    I think Kasper, because of his Dad's wealth, I'm guessing he had a private education.
  3. Mendy is our best hope

    I'd like to see Shinji in midfield, he'd cause chaos.
  4. Attack for Swans

    I'd like to see King for this one
  5. Stoke City (h) post match thread 3 - 0

    No matter where we finish at the end of the season, what a ride Ranieri and the team have taken us on )
  6. 1 win in 7 games

    Spot on
  7. Man City.. At home... Up next.

    I work in Blackburn....they love him
  8. Big Jacko

    Tragic, I'm so sorry. RIP young man
  9. The Winning Ranieri Strategy!

    We've gone from last season's 'nothing to lose' mind set to this seasons 'everything to win'
  10. Inler

    what about there, their & they're? Just saying...
  11. Please no more WLY

    Same for some of the posts on here, embarrassing.
  12. Who's your hate team?

    This is why sport is so divisive.....
  13. Vardy and England

    hes never going to be overly effective when his England team mates won't pass the ball to him.
  14. One Craig Shakespeare

    no, not after the match when Nugent & Wood scored against them...