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  1. What are people’s thoughts on offsetting the disappointment of your team losing, by betting against them?
  2. It’s all fun and games until you’re in the background for the entire video, completely losing it with the ref definitely didn’t happen to me at all.
  3. Ian Nacho


    Has anyone got any recommendations for a decent barber within Leicestershire with a decent booking system? Been going to the same barbers since I was 3, which is in the lockdown zone, and with things going the way they are, I doubt they’ll be open any time soon. wasn’t sure if it warranted its own topic but seeing at it may help someone else why not.
  4. Not a huge goal difference swing. Only 3.
  5. It already was in our hands to be fair before tonight but it just means two wins and draw against Utd should be enough, that’s if they don’t bump up their goal difference.
  6. The most competitive league in the world it’s utter sh*te.
  7. Iceburg lettuce is a complete waste of time. May as well have a glass of water.
  8. I’m still fuming. All this nonsense about a style of play which the fans like is total crap. All the fans are concerned with is if the players care.
  9. Can’t bring myself to watch football after last night. Probably won’t watch any games until our game Thursday.
  10. He’s still Benaloune with a Cruyff turn in my eyes
  11. I can’t see us winning another game all season.
  12. After the second I was still watching but was that shocked I just wasn’t paying attention anymore. Completely forgot Fuchs made a huge mistake.
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