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  1. Wonder if Thomas has gone to the Netherlands as it probably is a more ball playing division than the Championship and League One?
  2. Schmeichel, Ricardo, Soyuncu, Evans, Fuchs, Choudhury, Praet, Tielemans. Maddison, Vardy, Iheancho.
  3. It's starting to ruin it for me now. Football about emotion and you don't know whether something is going to happen or not. You think oh sh*t we've conceded a pen, then it's overturned. You never know whether to celebrate a goal or not. Constant intervals in play remove any sort of passion. For the sake of a few dodgy decisions, I'd get rid just to have that emotion back.
  4. Backwards by the looks of it.
  5. Whenever we break, nobody’s within 40 yards of the person with the ball. No wonder we go backwards and hoof it.
  6. Does this actually any value to the fans? Not for me personally.
  7. Any club uses that song, copying Liverpool, deserves an instant 30 points deduction.
  8. I do like Chillwell but he never shows up in the big games. I'd take £60-70m in the summer.
  9. Is this for the Southampton players after they've donated all their wages again?
  10. Praet ineffective. Tielemans sloppy. Fuchs all over the shop. Wrong shape.
  11. Only just got my wireless mouse, dropped my laptop with the receiver in and bust it. I would normally just buy a new one but seems silly seeing I haven't even used the mouse. Is there anyway I could get a new receiver for the wireless mouse?
  12. Got to be Vardy away at Seville just for the pure limbs, followed by stampede by the Spanish police.
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