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  1. I wouldn't consider Birmingham as abroad.
  2. I hate the rules of doing the 92 with it needing to be a competitive game. Just because it was a pre season friendly doesn't mean I haven't been.
  3. It's being used as a Video Assistant Lineman at the moment.
  4. "We don't care about them and that will still hurt them no matter how many trophies they win" is a personal favorite.
  5. Annfield having an amazing atmosphere is a pure myth. Have a sing song at the start, moan at every decision and that's it.
  6. Still annoyed about this. Frustrating too that we have to wait 2 weeks to put it right.
  7. Got no time for the bloke. Utter narcissist.
  8. I think Klopp has to be blamed partly for creating an agenda against Hamza. Cvnt.
  9. He's alright but he is the weak link in the side at the moment.
  10. I really don't see the point of VAR. You have to pretty much shoot someone for it to award a penalty and literally not even brush a player for a penalty to be overturned. Needs to get in the bin.
  11. Also, Jürgen, I wouldn't exactly call it good sportsmanship to be telling your players to boot the ball away every given chance. Happened far too often throughout the game it had to be a tactic. No difference to professional fouls.
  12. If that's a red, every professional foul is a red. Yes it's a foul and a yellow but he didn't go to hurt the player. Studs down etc.
  13. I reckon I could get a gig in French football. Absolute farmers league.
  14. I don't think Praet can be dropped for Maddison if fit. Barnes or Perez for me to be dropped.
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