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  1. Why is this even a thread? Not been any links?
  2. Only just realised this was on 70 minutes I'm
  3. Away kits clash? Literally no point of a third kit.
  4. Put it this way, personally I'd much rather be in with the 'lads' than sitting sitting down for 90 minutes not making a noise. However, you've paid for your ticket so people can behave how they want.
  5. The only thing which was a fluke in that season, which was nothing to do with us, is that all the big boys were off it all at the same time.
  6. The bloke is a bit thick to be honest. Just listen to him co-commentate on BT. Talks utter nonsense.
  7. Nothing sweeter than big Wes scoring a late winner to shut up the 15 year old Burnley fans giving it large
  8. Maguire has to be the rare occasions when someone gets a 1. Everything he did was wrong
  9. I've not seen it back but at the time I thought it was soft. He was just behind him and was clumsy. Given the ref a decision to make though.
  10. For anyone who doesn't quite understand, Burnley have just signed Aguero, in NFL terms.
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