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  1. Good effort on Maddison’s boots there.
  2. A mate of mine told me that you have to put on your dipped headlights on when it’s raining in Sweden. How the fvck am I supposed to know when it’s raining in Sweden?
  3. Get in there Rotherham. Puts Derby and Coventry in a mess.
  4. PSG look amazing going forward at times, but not putting their chances away. Not so sure why Bayern are playing such a high line.
  5. Crash/fire on the A47 nearly made me miss my hair appointment at half 9 today. Had to reroute and gun it on the M69 and run to the barbers once I’d parked up to make my slot
  6. Not saying he’d win it, but definitely should be in the mix for player of the season.
  7. Was an unusual off day from Wilf today. Lucky not to get sent off.
  8. The man in your profile picture knows the formation...
  9. People are overacting here saying they never want Maddison play for us again
  10. Crossed my mind today that we haven’t had a penalty in a while considering we were getting one every other week at the start of the season. Wonder what we’re going differently.
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