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  1. Nice to see people at the very front standing up.
  2. It is funny and catchy but can't help but think other fans think why are they singing about Maguire?
  3. Once he gets 10+ goals a season he will be the best English midfielder.
  4. He's one of these players that will do absolutely nothing in a game other than score a hat-trick. Look at Harry Kane (and I'm not comparing Kane with Perez) he does very little other than score goals. When Perez starts finding the back of the net we will be sorted. On another note, what about that touch in the second half
  5. He gets more stuck in than he did a year ago. Didn't see him jumping into tackles like he did today.
  6. That rule 12 is an utter joke. How on earth can the handball rule be different for an attacker vs a defender? If that hits a Spurs players arm they don't give a penalty.
  7. Pretty much saying he doesn't try as hard as others in training.
  8. What does this have to do with Puel exactly?
  9. Choudhury and Ndidi masterclass protecting the backline.
  10. Some of you really do need to get jobs.
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