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  1. Had a dream last night that I was a boxer and Mysterious Girl was my ring walk tune. I also had Peter Andre’s face printed on the side of my car.
  2. People who start on a fresh toilet roll before the old one has been used.
  3. Using percentages is fvcking ridiculous. For all we know each area has done the exact same number of vaccinations, but Scotland has a fvck load of old people.
  4. My reaction seeing us being linked to a Sporting player.
  5. I know it'll probably cost a bit more now, but surely if we're going to buy him at some point, now is the time.
  6. On form, he HAS to go to the Euros. But he has no chance because of his age and his style. One of the biggest injustices ever that he doesn't have an England cap
  7. Iheanacho is bobbins. That's what you're not seeing.
  8. Schmeichel, Ricardo, Amartey, Cags, Thomas, Mendy, Choudhury, Maddison, Under, Nacho, Perez
  9. We'll be fine. He's looked off it since Newcastle. I wouldn't put Barnes up front, you'd lose too much on the wing. Bring Perez in.
  10. I had a dream last night that I pissed the bed. I was pretty impressed when I woke up and managed not to piss the bed.
  11. According to me, Mark Schwarzer had trouble keeping hold of the ball.
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