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  1. I’m just waiting for an 87 minute penalty from Milner.
  2. Gearbox mount snapped and wheel bearing buggered on my car. I put the blame down to the never ending speed bumps, in New Lubbesthorpe, which I go down twice a day. Won’t be going down there any more.
  3. Heard some lads today singing ”you’ve got to pump it up, the scouse will fvck it up” Which I quite enjoyed
  4. Who remembers Portugal v Uruguay in the World Cup and people were complaining about the fact we'd brought him
  5. Now you're moaning about people moaning about people moaning.
  6. People in front of me, leave 6 or 7 mins before half time, come back 5 mins after the second half has started then leave 5 mins before the end. Getting on for a quarter of the game they are missing for christ sake.
  7. When you get a weekend of slip ups, others tend to slip up. Top teams win today.
  8. It's not even worth my time going through this thread. The bloke just says stuff just to make news stories. I doubt he even belives it himself, just keeps himself in a job. The same with Savage.
  9. Just hoping they don’t sack the manager yet.
  10. Would it be possible to add a confirm button to the site read button, as it is annoying when you accidently click it and you lose your place in every thread.
  11. I've calculated the amount of a life you have; 0.
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