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  1. Just a quick google search of one of the girls he had round his house and I would be investigating why on earth he'd pay two grand to bone that.
  2. Enjoyed Sunderland till I die but the access they get on there is sh*te. Pretty much just a documentary on the life of Sunderland’s owners. I know the manager/s have been against it but would’ve been nice to see some dressing room footage. Not got a patch on all or nothing.
  3. Unlikely, but a team could end up with 15 or 16 games at home in a 19 game season. That would be very unfair.
  4. I think the losses which are the issue go back a few years, which means Man City would still get punished. I think FFP rules may get waivered this year though as most clubs will be making a loss, especially those in the EFL.
  5. These apps need to do a lot more to verify ages. I’ve been on two tinder dates in the space of the last month and both times the birds lied about her age. Makes you feel proper noncey. I’m 20 so the youngest I’d go is about 18, these two girls in particular have said they are 18 on their profile and they’ve told me they’re 18. Turns out both were 17, nowhere near turning 18. Luckily I didn’t do anything but just really gets on my wick when girls do this.
  6. Better Call Saul is dead easy to watch, don't really have to pay attention for it to make sense.
  7. Vardy for me. Still can't get over he's never won the award since he's been here.
  8. Considering that's from the away end, maybe not
  9. You may see players on 3 month contracts.
  10. I wouldn't mind having an ACL now, at least it's something to do.
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