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  1. Apart from the obvious, 2nd half versus chelsea away we were sublime, and same with liverpool away 2nd half we deserved something from that game
  2. Just what we need quality player in a poor schalke side
  3. Oh wow I should’ve expected this by far the best team and the performance much improved , we just need the ball to bounce our way and we win, never a pen btw
  4. 1 squad battles win away from a prime icon pack, hope i can avoid nakata , litmanen and any gk
  5. Got kaka in the mid sbc
  6. Ea servers down ffs
  7. Using the daily mail as a ‘source’ as bad as indykillia or sean
  8. Apparently he does but can’t say for confidentiality
  9. @first4lcfc what are you boys playing at not getting sean on
  10. Going to be tough but we play like we did 2nd half we should win
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