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  1. How do you get 20 of the same player , always wondered
  2. Am i missing something or hasn’t BR categorically said he’s happy in leicester
  3. Rodgers didn’t come out and say he was happy at leicester
  4. Any ideas what were getting from the black friday promo
  5. Had my first icon pull baby lehman
  6. After an amazing start can’t get another win now
  7. I had the cam version and he was quality! currently 7-1 best start so far was 6-0 until i met mr.jousy
  8. Some quality pulls going on
  9. It’s laughable that some idiots wanted him dropped
  10. You didn’t have to quick sell, you can list duplicates , I’m guessing the mega pack was untradeable that’s why you couldn’t list
  11. Got ricky p from player selection so can’t complain, waiting for some jammy sod to get messi
  12. Signed up for the first time
  13. Hat trick and assist in first fut champs game and one was on his left foot into the bottom corner
  14. Smart move , something i noticed with the sbc’s for bayern and psg you didn’t need the full 11, i imagine it will be the same for man city and liverpool
  15. Been stockpiling on prem players for the hopeful announcement of vardy being potm
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