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  1. Foxy harry

    New chants and songs

    Ohhhh ehhh ohhh We got Jonny Evans Ohhh ehh ohhh He stole a fuchin taxi Ohhh ehh ohh He thinks he's playing GTA
  2. Foxy harry

    New chants and songs

    Little james😂😬👀sorry
  3. Foxy harry

    Bring back Shakespeare

    its also worth thinking what would've happened had shakey stayed, he signed those players to suit his plans and systems, not claudes
  4. Foxy harry

    Bring back Shakespeare

    I apologise to anybody offended. Completely out of order. MODS please ban me
  5. Foxy harry

    Bring back Shakespeare

    I think overall iborra has been great for the 10m we spent on him and people are quick to forget that nacho is still very young at 22. I think there could still be a player there. Where we slate him for the signings of musa and silva etc we should also credit him for the signing of maguire.
  6. Foxy harry


    Needs a song that will stay forever, going on up to the spirit in the sky gonna go there when I die when i die and they lay me to rest gonna go and give vichai all the best Not great I know but could be worked upon
  7. Foxy harry

    Who’s this trialist?

    On Yb29 Instagram story? Can’t find anywhere to post so mods merge if needed
  8. Foxy harry

    Are the losses easier to take since the title win?

    Whenever we lose i feel more disappointed now because it feels to me that we missed our chance to establish ourselves as a massive club in the summer of 2016. I always think about what could have been.
  9. Foxy harry

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    every player has that moment when they realise that its time to retire, I think wes had that moment when richarlison ran past him with ease saturday. I would not be at all surprise if he tells puel this is his final year and to phase him out
  10. Foxy harry

    Goal Music - has it gone?

    i was always under the impression that was the start of their jazzed up kasabian music
  11. well if we sent caglar up there wed have the same problem when he came back with a thick glasweigan accent
  12. Foxy harry

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Wouldnt even say Hamer was exactly a "bad" signing, was only ever going to be backup
  13. Foxy harry

    What if watford do a leicester

    Do Watford not start like this every year?
  14. Foxy harry

    £1.1m go-karting track to open in Leicester

    Good thing schlupp never got a go there, his driving could've had the place shut down