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  1. Wont be out of work for long. Can see palace tapping him up soon as possible, will be plenty after him for sure
  2. Game time benefits any player
  3. Brighton becoming lethal infront of goal soon as they play us imagine my shock
  4. I think vardy is far from finished as a striker, but maybe done as a lone striker. Vardy just doesnt seem to have the relentless energy to lead the line by himself anymore. Might be more a case of finding him a partner rather than a replacement. Hard to say this early as he is coming back from injury and is not getting as much service due to madders and barnes being out.
  5. Really hope they dont stick with it when fans come back the to KP though
  6. I think he can be effective when we are seeing games out, good sub to bring on and cause some unrest. But that is all and should not be playing (let alone starting) in games where we have more possession and are pushing for a goal
  7. Good at what he does, but what he does wasnt really needed tonight
  8. Have we actually created a chance as of yet? Must be the easiest team to defend a lead against
  9. Incredible lack of urgency for a 2nd leg Europa league game at home. Almost feels like a league cup game
  10. In fairness I've not watched large amounts of la liga so havent seen much of him, always rated him as more of a wing back than in a back 4 which is where he plays at Atletico I assume. The other 3 much better examples
  11. Not even surprised any more, England wont win anything if we keep employing yes men like southgate. The obvious bias towards the "b*g 6" players is incredible. Mount ahead of both grealish and maddison is absolutely criminal. And you just know had JJ been fit the likes of trippier would have the nod ahead of him.
  12. I think players like this are important to any squad, nice to have someone we can bring on to roam around and just cause a bit of unrest really, good in terms of seeing a game out. Bit of nastiness cant go a miss, especially when we can sometimes just be a bit too "nice" he is still young plenty of improvement room too. Always felt hed be perfect if Brendan ever wanted to use the Mourinho tactic of using a player who's sole purpose is to mark the opposition's main threat out of the game (Herrera sticking to hazard springs to mind) I know I wouldnt want Hamza following me everywhere!🤣
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