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  1. Fair point anything sounds good after a few beers😂 would like to see the leo chant return though
  2. To the old ulloa chant "Oh his name is youri tielemans Leicester belgian centre mid" Someone finish it off im crap at tbjs, think that ulloa tune needs to return was pretty much only original song we had
  3. Also worth noting we said the exact same at this point for both puel and shakey
  4. He did, about 20 times actually. Infact even though he's left he will probably leave again next week
  5. As good of a keeper as we are gonna get, if anything the questions should be asked of the goalkeeping coach not the keeper himself. 8 years of work from the coach and his kicking and commanding of the box is just as good as when we first brought him in. Surely this should've been worked upon.
  6. What a morbid season of football, brings back unwanted memories from October. Hoping for a miracle.
  7. Don't worry, it's only bout the 10th time he's left now
  8. Was bound to happen from the very moment we decided not to sign another playmaker. Obviously a player in there but we cant rely on a 21 year old to consistently provide chances in his first season in the prem.
  9. not sure what the point would be, though we know claude likes to give the youf-ei-game
  10. ahhhhh yes lyrical masterclass, will sound top draw in an away end
  11. his legs werent as skinny as we thought
  12. Him getting slated was predictable from the very minute we opted against signing another creative player, fella is 21 and we are having to rely on him and only him for creativity. He needs some help of course he's still gonna be inconsistent, which wouldn't be a problem if we brought in another creative player
  13. Ohhhh ehhh ohhh We got Jonny Evans Ohhh ehh ohhh He stole a fuchin taxi Ohhh ehh ohh He thinks he's playing GTA
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